Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 227

Succubus vs. Incubus

A bedroom organized like a woman in the kitchen. The room, which is not narrow, is full of a mature woman fragrance. The huge bed in the center was big enough to be said to be disproportionate for a single woman. But thanks to that, four people can be on top of it.

Under dim lights. A naked man is lying on the bed. But his appearance was somewhat abnormal. In any case both arms are stretched and fixed in the recesses of the sideboard of the bed with handcuffs.


His firm body is thin, but the main points have adequate muscles. Three beautiful women sit around him, smiling happily as they look down at the man. Beyond the gaze of the three people there is a gigantic pillar standing uprightly from the crotch of the man, from the base to the tip something like a red tentacle wraps around it and it can be seen with magic eyes. Every time the interior flashes like sparkling red, the man who is agitating shakes.

“No, it’s still great…”

“Yeah! I won’t forgive you if you do so at will!”

Cecil and Mariko snuggled close to Kenichi´s body from the left and right, while laughing, licking his nipples with their long tongues since a little while ago. A red aura appears from their body, which is the evidence that they are succubus and which erodes Kenichi´s aura which is now fully reddened. Because magical power is overflowing also at the tongue, both of them are enjoying to make Kenichi´s body cramp by painting it with saliva.

And around the crotch, Juri a super popular AV actress came up and enjoyed Kenichi ´s squeal with her tentacles since a little while ago. Her expression stained red in excitement is obsessive and very beautiful and seems to be able to make her fans ejaculate just from seeing it.

“AraAra…. The invincible Ken-chan becomes a virgin boy again in front of us, ordinary girls…. Uhuhu, funny…”

Because they are precisely grasping the state of Kenichi´s excitement with the black wave, they can manipulate that pleasure freely and aggravate. When he seems to ejaculate, they weaken their tentacles and play with him again after the fire is quenched after a while. It’s a dubious pleasure to completely control the ejaculation of a man, excitement is so violent that ecstasy blood burns than ever.

“Aaa!!! Ikuu! Ikuuu!!”

“Not good! It’s still not gooodd!”

“Aaaa!!! Fo, Forgive it…”

“Uhuhuhu…. Regretful!! Im sorry about that…”

When the ejaculation impulses rise, all three weaken their caress and overcome it. A brutal cooperative play unique to devils who understands the state of their opponent as they see it. There are three succubus who make a man drunk even if it is Kenichi. It is also unlikely that Kenichi whose magical power was sealed raises a miserable voice in this very precise and brutal torture.

“Already…already let me down…. Please, I asked…”

Like the days before he fused with the devil, Kenichi entreats the expression of an underdog. Now that the magic is no longer available, confidence and bullish as intermediate imma from the very heart of the frightened expression is not felt a trace.

“What are you talking about? You’re not doing anything…just cumming when you have your nipples licked, are you really a bad guy?”

Now, while also stirring up the excitement with a tentacle wrapped around the penis, Juri throws a mockery contempt gaze. She got the ability to use the same power as a real devil and she abuses it and Kenichi curses while being intoxicated by that power.

“Th, That…. Already letting it out…Juri…”

Kenichi´s aura as he is surrounded by three succubus, is now dyed red as if it were burning. In this state even if it is a normal man who already ejaculated, the voice continues to be burned endlessly until the heart breaks.

“No. It is punishment for Kenichi as he has violated a lot of girls severely so far.

Today, we will drop you into pleasure hell”

Juri, announced it with a cold voice and reaches out for Kenichi´s dick.


A thin cold finger wrapped around the strong burning colt. That much sweet feeling. Instantaneously trying to open the ejacular valve, the finger closes tightly just before that and tightens the root tightly. Because of that Kenichi cant ejaculate, he only is able to tremble his body vigorously.

“Araa… Juri, S…”

“Ken-chan, pitiful…. You are trembling with cold sweat…”

Both Mariko and Cecil say gentle words, but while they see Kenichi´s agonizing expression, they are also excited about sexually enjoying the current situation. All three stimulate the point Kenichi feels mercilessly with their fingers and tongue.

“If you look at such a miserable face, I’ get horny…. Aaah…Ken-chan…kiss me…”

Cecil who is a longing admirer for teens girls and as charismatic as a fashion leader, says so nd overwraps Kenichi’s agonizing lips. Opening her pink lips, she immediately make a rich deep kiss.

“Hey… drink more, my saliva…”

This small devil who has ruined many men in the past two years since she merged with an succubus at the age of 20 said that and let the high viscosity saliva drip down towards Kenichi who opened his mouth. The body fluid of a Inma becomes a powerful aphrodisiac which arouses sexual desire, as well as having a sweet taste for the opposite sex. While knowing that in the head, Kenichi who loves the body fluid of a woman squeals and swallows it down his throat.

“Uhuhu…. My saliva is so delicious…. This pervert…”

After drinking plenty of aphrodisiac, their tongues entangle around each other. Techniques that many men have been kissed just by kissing are used against Kenichi who gives off a melancholy voice.

“Well then, I will blame you here a lot…”

Mariko Asano, a super-luxury call girl and active race queen, begins to blame the upper body of Kenichi in earnest. The poor man bends the back and reacts when the chest is groped with the finger while his nipples are licked and are occasionally biten lightly which gives a strong stimulation. Because the aura is dyed in red and the erogenous is the max, the nipples are more sensitive and easy to feel than by a woman and the transcendence technique which captivated a lot of men is used without mercy.

Anyway, there is no squid like this because she understand everything by the wave motion which part of the body is stimulated by how much strength. It is no wonder that Mariko is visited by, the presidents of companies and entertainers, as they become absorbed by the exquisite pleasures provided by Mariko. There are countless applications for marriage and invitations from mistresses, and there were also chaplains who stacked a staggering amount of bills in front of them. But Mariko doesn’t want anyone of them. Except for one man.

(Aaaaa!! Th, This is…aaaaaa!!!!)

Kenichi was unable to escape because his arms were handcuffed and he was the one who writhes by Cecil´s and Mariko´s attack. He is licked and sucked by their mouths and tongues and both nipples are stimulated skillfully by their fingers and the pleasure and the excitement felt from that let the brain boil.

In this case one plus one stimulation isn’t two, but it swells up to five or ten. In the daytime, Kenichi´s whole body was licked and served in the same way by five university students, but such a stimulation seems to be a pleasure of another magnitude. The position is reversed and Kenichi knows those three females have also the power of an Inma and he realizes that he has the same power at the same time, and shudders from the threat. The pleasure that is spinning is so terrible that it is violent.

“Now…. Then, I’m seriously bullying too…”

Among the hundreds of people who debut as AV actresses a year, Juri boasts with overwhelming popularity and presence throughout the group. Her beauty and perfect beautiful style comes through the screen. And, her huge breasts not suited to her slender figure has urged the ejaculation of tens of thousands of men. Kenichi before fusing with the Inma also and he was indebted many times to her outstanding beauty and body.

Not just for viewers. The actors who co-starred in the videos drowned in Juri´s perfect body without any exception. Ignoring the industry rules of not doing it absolutely, everybody wanted to know her private contacts and sometimes dogged to become a stalker. In addition to her body that was originally given from heaven, she has the magic of an succubus which is a narcotic for a man and don’t want to leave from Juri´s side anymore.

If they know that the popular Juri only dedicated the man who is lying in front of her with an miserable voice in her heart, they will go mad with jealousy without exception.

“Ken-chan, I will give you your favorite reward…”

Her white thin fingers wound around the root and slowly moves up and down.


The intense stimulation directly applied to the penis, Kenichi shake his body while kissing with Cecil. The aura, which is stained red by red tentacles also flashes violently to match the movement. The red tentacles that wound around Kenichi´s body wriggle actively to encourage further activity.

“You get so excited just from a handjob…. You´re really a pervert…”

In fact, Kenichi isn’t particularly miserable or weak to the pleasure. If he uses his magic and techniques in earnest, he quickly becomes a gigolo accustomed to women no matter how.

Juri who knows it is still excited by the taunting despises. She wants to bully him because she loves him. Because she loves him, she want to abuse. She want to see the miserable face of her beloved Kenichi. Perverted sexual desire which makes Juri´s body more burning.

“This reaction by a handjob, what would happen if I do a blowjb? My blowjob feels really comfortable, Ken-chan knows, I wonder if you can withstand this from now on… ”

Juri licks her pretty red lips as she says that. She is pretending to be cool, but she is excited enough to become it only by it when she thinks that this great penis can be tasted by her mouth and vagina.

“Because I can’t seriously give a blowjob when its someone else, today please be prepared for that much…”

Actually, if Juri really becomes serious, if the opponent is a veteran AV actor, it will be instantly killed even if it is a veteran AV actor, although sexual energy can be obtained both in shooting and private, sufficient pleasure hasn’t been obtained. Both Mariko and Cecil are the same, so all three expect today to be able to enjoy themselves as much as possible.

As Kenichi’s penis is a murderous weapon, any virtuous woman will be captivated by a single blow, but Juri who is a succubus has a nightmarish pleasure organ for men. A sorcery that squeezes a man’s spirit and uses it as food for the succubus so that Juri´s magic power increases.

(It, it is impossible…can’t bear it…)

The pleasures given by the three people rage inside Kenichi´s body. The stimulation without a way to escape mixes synergistically and runs through the whole body as a storm. Kenichi can’t tolerate the sweet stimulation that doesn’t let him walk over the cliff.

(Th, this….This is terrible, there is no way I can win…)

While falling into the pleasure like hell, Kenichi is hit hard. As usual, with the overwhelming black wave of the intermediate Incubus and red tentacles, he can kick off their powerful magic powers as they are only half-devils, and reverse it in no time. But now that his power is sealed, he is powerless right now.

(Already not good…. It is irritating to me…)

Now that Kenichi lost his magic power, he lost his confidence to respond to it and he is back to his weak mind. His original self admits defeat since a little while ago and is raging to escape the dizzying pleasure.

“No, no, it’s definitely not a good deal until I say it’s good!”

Juri said coldly as if reading Kenichi´s inner heart. If she loose her hands that she skillfully handles then she will face it in a rigid manner.

“Today you do according to our order, do not forget the position of our meat vibe!”

Saying so in a tone that she talks to Kenichi, Juri stretches her long tongue that extends like a snake and lifts the throbbing and pulsating penis from the root.


When the soft and hot meat is pressed against the throbbing and pulsating meat pillar, a huge amount of electricity has flowed in from it and the cry of pleasure is raised again with the blocked mouth as it is. The cunning tongue moves exactly as if it knew Kenichi´s weaknesses, slowly but obnoxiously wandering and crawling along the bow. Compared to Ruriko’s monotonous and hasty technique, Juri chooses the most appropriate place of hardness and pressed against sensitive areas depending on the location, so the resulting stimulation is from a different dimension.

“Ah, that’s good. Because I want to suck it to, I will replace you soon…”

While fingering with the fingers, Mariko who is licking the neck says so with envious. She occasionally sucks strongly. A thick dark kiss mark is attached on Kenichi´s neck and chest.

“I want to kiss…. I love to kiss you…”

While cranking up her dark blond hair, Cecil repeatedly touches her lips again. According to her words, this popular model likes kissing astonishingly and she is a kissing devil as long as you´re together with her.

Three beautiful women who gather around the naked Kenichi serve orally while wearing clothes. At first glance it is a sight that is not different from the usual Kenichi, but its contents are 180 degrees different. Kenichi is now a poor sacrifice for three fierce female succubi which have power, an existent being accused unilaterally and being overrun.

His black wave does not respond at all even if he tries to turn on his power. Kenichi who can’t use his magic power is an ordinary man who can’t do anything to this wonderful pleasure.

(Aaaaa…there is such a pleasure…it’s too amazing…)

It’s the magic used by an Inma like himself. Violent and unreasonable overwhelming power. The horror of the power of an Inma can be understood for the first time, Kenichi really realized it now in his head that was paralyzed by the sweet pleasure.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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