Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 228

Reverse rape

Kenichi continuously receives pleasure from the three succubus. If its a normal man, he would already be dead, but Kenichi who fused with an Incubus and can use magic has already a close experience of nearly over a year.

Since the 32-year-old Kenichi who was subservient and timid fused with the Incubus, he ravished a great number of women that cant be experienced even if its a normal man during his whole life and has explored every corner of their bodies. Multiple harem play is natural and he has continued to live a harem life with beautiful women which ranges from elementary school students to housewives. Thereby, doing it at the same time with 10 or more beauties, his stamina and energy is outstanding even if he had an orgy all night. As an incubus that appeared in recent years Kenichi has come to have unparalleled power.

Moreover, Kenichi in the meantime has preyed 5 succubus which are the same kind as himself. In addition to Eto Sayaka, a black gal and Shiho Fujiwara a teacher he met at school, the other three are Mariko, Cecil and Juri who are in this room and all of them were weak half-devils who were obsessive when being fucked by Kenichi and their bodies and minds were corrupted like any ordinary woman. However their bodies and magic power improved drastically through sex with Kenichi.

However, the standpoint is reversed now. Now that Kenichi´s magic is lost, he is at the mercy of the three cunning and wicked succubus and he is just a prey which sexual energy is squeezed.


You can hear the muffled voice of Kenichi. Although Kenichi gives a cry of pleasure, it becomes a miserable sound because of his blocked lips and it slowly loses power in this quiet room and decays. Covering it is a water sound mixed with a female groan.

“Hey, please put out your tongue more…. I will suck it even more…”

On the big bed the wholly naked Kenichi is knee-standing and continues to raise a moaning of pleasure since a little while ago. The black-haired beauty with black underwear on white skin is sucking Kenichi´s mouth and deep and violent kisses are exchanged. You can see her pink tongue many times and you can see that this beauty is eagerly stirring inside Kenichi’s mouth. She is also fingering around the nipples with her thin fingers.

“It’s hard to lick when you move. Hey push out your butt properly…”

A beauty with brown hair buried her face into Kenichi´s butt and repeatedly licked the back hole with her tongue. Attaching saliva from the anus to the testicles below it, this beauty wearing red lingerie used her tongue and mouth and there is no sign to loosen the blame at all while spreading the hips with both hands. When the tongue occasionally enters the back hole, Kenichi let out a moan to the pleasure that let sparks scatter in front of his eyes.


The tip of the long penis towering from the crotch as Kenichi is knee standing is eaten by the red mouth of the blond beauty with pure white skin. This half peculiar cute pretty woman wears blue underwear and caresses the huge penis with both hands and her mouth while being on all fours on the bed. Her graceful cheeks are greatly dented and the pink tongue which is visible occasionally is extremely nasty as it crawls around the glans and seams.

All three holes of Kenichi are stimulated by these three women to rise the pleasure for Kenichi. Therefore, the stimulation without a way to escape becomes a storm which blows in the inside of Kenichi´s body and the brain which is burnt becomes the whirlpool of pleasure which goes mad.

“What a pathetic voice. That’s why you used to make girls cry…”

After french kissing enough for the brain to melt, Juri stops coldly. While doing so, she twists the nipples and let Kenichi feel pain.


It becomes a spice and Kenichi can’t stop his voice from further doubling as the pleasure comes from the lower body. Stimulation has been added to the penis and back gate all the time now and the sexual feeling is max.

After pressing and rubbing with turning movements and inserting the tongue into the anus, Kenichi´s waist comes forward from the strong stimulation. Then Cecil skillfully uses her mouth by using its movement. When that happened then the waist is pulled back, but of course, Mariko who stays behind Kenichi doesn’t let him escape and hinders him. In the absence of an escape place in front and the back, Kenichi desperately endures the pleasure with patience, but it was almost impossible.

“Pl, Please…let me go…”

Kenichi pleads while shedding sweat. The caressing was interrupted as he thought it will continue a little bit more as he is in this state since a while ago. The ejaculation impulse that rages inside his body hurts and creates a feeling of frustration that let him go crazy.

“It’s almost an hour. All right. In this area, I’ll take one shot…”

Juri laughs with a grin while licking her red mouth. As her voice became a signal, the other two also stopped their caress. Their mouth are gleaming with saliva.

“Well, as promised, I will receive it first…”

Mariko who was doing anilments as persistent as a nuclide, this time moved to the front. Cecil sticks to the rear gate so as to replace Mariko and let her slender tongue enter into that dirty hole without mercy.


Kenichi´s waist trembles as the sensitive rectum is licked and he receives a slightly different stimulation. The penis is so tense that it makes a lump of sound and continues to release a large amount of pre-cum from the tip.

“As ever, it’s amazing…. This wicked lethal weapon…”

Towering, almost vertically against gravity, Mariko raises a renewed voice. This gigantic penis is the best without complaint though Mariko has seen hundreds of male genital up to now. The size of the huge meat gills which overhanging to the tip and the thickness of the goose which had been slit from there to a steep angle were exquisite items. Just thinking about when it comes into the womb, let Mariko feel a lightly acme.

“Well then, you can release your accumulated semen into my mouth…”

You can see that the tongue covered with saliva is obscenely engraved in both the pink mucous membrane in the mouth which opened the sound with a crack.


The moment his penis is swallowed into Mariko´s mouth, Kenichi releases a woman-like voice from the too strong stimulation. The sloppy mucous membranes and the tongue stimulate without mercy the glans which became sensitive through Juri´s magic.

Both Mariko and Cecil and of course Juri are succubus eat the sexual energy of men, so their skills aren’t comparable to that of humans. Kenichi who is also keen on the service of Junko and Yuki, the technicians, is struck down to the edge with just a few strokes.

“Aaaaa!! No, Not good…!!”

Like a muddy stream after a heavy rain, lust is gained and accumulated before it runs through the body. Before Juri´s red tentacles and the rich caress of those three beauties, Kenichi who became an ordinary human right now can’t endure it.

“Here, I will look at your miserable good-looking face, so please show it more to me”

With those slit long eyes, Kenichi is bathed in a cold gaze with the expression of being looked down. While watching that depressed expression of Kenichi who is disturbed by pleasure and wants to open his mouth, his nipples are twisted strongly by fingers. Cecil’s long tongue sticks to the anus as if to synchronize with it. The collapse that visits in next moment.


A hot mass like a bullet runs through the urethra in a stream and the brain and body melt with a sense of relaxation. Drool is spilled from the mouth, but Kenichi hasn’t been unconscious. There is no imitation. After all he is played around by three succubus for more than an hour and needed to endure until he finally could release it now.

A large amount of white fog rises from his body and spreads to the space. Although the fog had drifted for a while without disappearing as it was, after a long time passed around like swirling, it was sucked into the bodies of those beautiful girls.

“Huuuu…. Awesomeee…”

The ejaculation continued for 10 more seconds, but Mariko who had been held for the whole time swallowed a large amount of mucus liquid that is spit off and finally moved her mouth away carefully after cleaning up. Still squeezing out to the last drop, she uses her hand to scoop out the remaining liquid before sipping it up with her tongue.

“The most squeezing meal…. Aah, Ken-chan´s semen is the best…. It’s dense and sweet…. Packed with a lot of magic power…. It is totally different from other men…”

Mariko says it with an enchanted voice while enjoying the taste in her mouth. The red auras rising from the three white bodies is like a heat haze. In the middle, Kenichi falls into the bed. The energy was lost with the pleasure of ejaculating and his body has no strength left.

“This time I…Cecil’s pussy, let’s have a lot of fun”

Her body is full of energy as she absorbed the sex energy provided by Kenichi. However, it is not enough to satisfy such a greedy succubus with these kind of things. When Cecil holds the dick that has not withered yet, this half beauty swallowed it with her mouth. She is so eager that her fans would cry when they see this. She is fully absorbed while making an obscene water sound


A roar is raised by Kenichi´s muffled voice as this is a skillful fellatio which is not inferior to Mariko. The mouth of this hot beauty which gets wet is filled with saliva and because of the mucous membranes and the magic, the following ejaculation comes quickly because of this sensitive genital.

Gazing at Kenichi, Cecil dents her cheeks and confirming his reaction. It is visible how her pretty face goes up and down between Kenichi´s legs and the overwhelming euphoria amplifies the pleasure many times.

“Ken-chan, are you feeling good? …Aah, only for Ken-chan, I’m trying so hard. It feels so good…”

While the long bow is skillfully stimulated with both hands, the huge tip is sucked in so as to cradle it with the mouth. Cecil´s technique is so great that it can instantly kill those men who got involved with her.

After her debut at the age of 18 as a model, a number of men became absorbed with Cecil and her fame had been rising up to now. Entertainment reporters constantly sticks to Cecil’s private life and aim for a scoop to appear in front of them. Recently, a secret meeting photograph with a popular singer is on the weekly magazine and the Internet and the newspaper are in the headlines. But they don’t know. That Cecil, with only one exception, sees all men as bait to gain energy.

“Yaah…. I was so excited and my underwear became like that. Ken-chan, clean it up…”

Mariko who was full of lust after enjoying that sweet finish, pressed her crotch covered in red rose lingerie down on Kenichi´s face. When her long white legs which extends splendidly are opened, the smell of a female in estrus and the fragrance of a wet crotch rises up and sticks to Kenichi´s face who lie on his back.

“It is full of love juice. My naughty juice, lick all of it…”

While pressing her crotch on the face, Mariko shakes her hips obscenely. Kenichi who was ordered, desperately crawls his tongue against her panty.The joy of a masochist who is thrilled runs through his whole body as being bullied and ordered around by pretty women.

“Ken-chan, you´re as good as usual…. You´re the best licking dog…”

The fabric of the thin panty is muddy with honey liquid from the inside and Mariko’s female thick juice flows into his mouth and Kenichi only needs to suck it up. When the tongue is inserted from the side of the red panty into the inside, the dirty honey that accumulated in the inside comes flowing out and is drunk.

(Aaaa…not good…again…again…)

The body fluids of an Inma is a powerful aphrodisiac for the opposite sex. The next ejaculation impulse is piling up intensely while smelling a dense smell and the honey which overflows is licked. Right now Kenichi can’t use his magic, so it’s impossible to control his ejaculation. Along with the heart of giving up, the second desire keenly run through the waist.



The popular half beauty gets entranced and cums while sucking the penis which pulsates inside her mouth. The second time, while squinting at the ejaculation of the amount and momentum that can’t be thought of, she swallows the male juice filled with plenty of magic.Even semen of an ordinary male can obtain a trace amount of energy, but it isn’t comparable with the power of an authentic Inma. Kenichi’s semen is a feast which let Cecil obtain a lot of energy which is much more than when she has sex with hundreds of men.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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