Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 230

The devil’s awakening

Mariko who filled the power in her body by sucking a lot of exquisite energy before finally descending from Kenichi´s waist while laughing. The energy and stamina are enriched by a large amount of sex energy and she is conscious that the tiredness and discomfort from every corner of her body vanished neatly.

“Ah…too good…”

“Here is also full of…”

Mariko scoops the white liquid coming out from her crotch with her finger and lick it. On the other hand Cecil in a split second grabbed the meat pillar which became muddy with semen and love juice. After shaking it the remaining liquid that overflowed from the urethra is drunk and it is tasted slowly after it melts in saliva. Regardless of Kenichi´s fear and despair, the penis is still awaiting the next pleasure.

Since they know how dramatically the sperm filled with magic power can change them, the two succubi fight for every drop against each other. The devil’s sperm will perfect the hormonal balance of a woman who absorbed it, so the skin becomes glossy and fresh, bust and hips ripen and the waist becomes narrow. For beautiful women who are obsessed with their beauty, it is a magic potion that they want to get even if they spend a lot of money.

“Arisa…please call Arisa…”

Kenichi appeals with a hoarse voice. His face is much older than usual, and even looks like a sick person who suffers from a serious illness.

“Haa? What are you talking about? Aren’t we supposed to call you! Today is the day you enjoy only us, right?”

“Oh yes. It is not necessary to call that former policewoman”

Even desperately pleading will be cut off. There is no power to move his body any longer and it’s painful to move his chest to breathe. Even the fingertips don’t have any power and Kenichi alternately looks at the three women by using only his moving eyes.

“It’s pathetic…”

When the penis is cleaned by Cecil’s mouth, Juri makes a scornful look and places the huge dick next to her black panty. And while she was thrilled to see his pathetic expression, she invites Kenichi into her womb.



The voice of despair and contentment overflows at the same time from the mouth of Kenichi and Juri.

“Aaa…although he looks so miserable, his cock is the best…. As usual, amazing…”

It has an extraordinary strength than other men and can split up her body. Juri raises a joyful voice to the heat and mass of Kenichi´s penis from the bottom of her heart. The huge glans rubs up the sensitive inside without mercy and exploits the famous man-killer.

Juri, graduated from high school and worked as a clerk in a famous apparel. She was a normal woman except for her outstanding good looks, so she fell in love and got a boyfriend. However, she fused with an succubus which had come out of her dream when she became 22 years old and then the existence of heterosexuality changed to something different in herself. She broke up with her lover and had a relationship with countless men, only to get food for the succubus inside her and it was completely different from love. Even after becoming a super popular AV actress when she was scouted in the city, many men have flocked, but they were only seen as bait to obtain pleasure and energy.

The man who has overturned such a devil’s sense of values is now assembled.

When she was playing around in a famous nightclub, she felt fate from the moment she met Kenichi who appeared on the lookout of her red eyes. The man who has the power of an aura of an magnitude different from herself mad Juri crazy by using his red satanic tentacles and instilled pleasure unilaterally. By the time she left the hotel, which was nearly a day after all, the pleasure of the madness was engraved on her body and Juri surrendered to Kenichi and saw him as a loving existence from the bottom of her heart.

Since then, like a high school girl in love, she is looking forward to the day when she can meet with him. She really wanted to be with him all by herself, but she had to wait for him to call her on a whim. Moreover, it is done so by meeting with other beautiful women and they compete against each other. It is a humiliation that makes her want to chew, as the absolute queen who reigns over men.

(if it’s not just me, better yet…as it is…)

A devil’s idea crossed her mind and soon she overwhelmed the idea. She can see the light in Kenichi´s eyes who is begging for pity, feebly gone. It is understood that the life is going to run out of Kenichi by Juri´s wave which increased just now.

“Don’t worry. I’ll give you the best pleasure in the world at last…”

The expression of Juri that is drunk with pleasure is like a bodhisattva with all the rain taken away. Kenichi who is straddled by her will be killed with the next ejaculation. Convinced of it, as the penis runs through her lower back. The spirit and body become tattered if the Inma, Kenichi fused with, disappears and he becomes a scrap.

(Don’t worry…after that I also…)

Numerous meat folds entangled around the swallowed penis. Not a thousand. Twining as having a own will in the part felt which grew thickly from the entrance to the interior. At the same time, the uterine hole comes down seeking sperm and it sticks to the glans which became sensitive. In addition, the sphincter which is wrapped around the root is tightened with a skillful rhythm. Kenichi is convinced while receiving the pleasure of a different dimension. If Juri really moves her hips here, he will ejaculate quickly. And his end.

“Stop…don’t do it…”

Kenichi who found something in Juri’s expression desperately moves his mouth while opening his eyes to fear. However, the pleasant feeling through his son doesn’t seem to be waning at all, and ironically, black blood further flows into the pillar and swells in order to obtain more pleasure. The red tentacles around his whole body dyed his aura poison red.

“Let’s go to hell together, okay?”

The low buzzing sound doesn’t stop. The machine that was invented to make a devil disappear is functioning correctly. Juri, who confirmed it, moves her hips slowly but skillfully to greet the last moment.

(Aaaa….already…I can’t…I’m gonna die…)

The next moment. Kenichi prepared for death. It is not death as a living thing. Still, the meaning is the same. It can’t be said that he is alive because he becomes a living corpse when his spirit is destroyed.


When that last ejaculation was about to take place, Kenichi could see something in his hard-to-see eyestrain. It is a black wave that rises from his whole body and it looks like a devil that spread its wings in slow motion.


(Wh, What…)

As the time suddenly flows slowly, the black wave wraps around Mariko and Cecil, who were licking his upper body. Then, the light disappears from their eyes and the black wave swells up explosively after it enters their bodies. His black wave which should be sealed by the wave destroying machine attacks Juri with physical power.


Abruptly feeling the impact of a gust of wind from below and being thrust by something black, Juri´s body is thrown on the bed while screaming. Kenichi and Juri are stunned. They don’t know what happened and only look at each other. Beside them, Cecil and Mariko sit on the bed with a blank expression. Kenichi understood exactly what had happened to the spectacle that he had seen so far.

(Perfect wave resonance)

The power that only the existence which is called devil king has. The ability to increase its magic power by making resonance between others and the own wave. The power of the wave that Kenichi emits now resonates with Mariko and Cecil and it swells up to several times of the original one.

“Well Well…it was a terrible sight…. I thought I was going to die…”

Kenichi raises his upper body up from the bed. His expression is different from the previous one and a ruthless smile sticks to his face. The timid expression of a little while ago is dissipated and it changed to a very wicked expression. His eyes are glowing red and the beautiful woman in front of him is shot by an laser in this dim bedroom.

“Hi, Hiii!!!”

Juri felt an instinctive fear from Kenichi´s expression and retreated without thinking.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not going to make a suicide with you. Juri…”

“…Aaaa…fo, forgive me…”

It can’t be secretly done in front of a devil who regained its power. Kenichi knows about her schemes and when Juri noticed her teeth are chattering. The hatred of the devil is hit straight and frightening fear overwhelms her mind.

“Uhh. Arisa after all, it became the same as she said…”

Kenichi smiles bitterly while talking to himself. This time, the biggest reason was to seal his magic by using the wave destroying machine and be brought to the limit by those three succubi. By being driven to the limit, it is to ascertain that the ability of Kenichi is activated.

Although Kenichi experienced the perfect wave resonance several times until now, none of them was activated by his own will. When the Inma that fused with Kenichi was on the verge of extinction, it was automatically activated as if defending the body. However, he wants to think about the confrontation with the enemy which will increase from now on and to be able to use this ability by his own will. Therefore, he sealed his magic power and was cornered to the last minute for that. Then following the advice of Arisa that this power will emerge again.

There are countless measuring machines in this room and the current situation is completely recorded. If Arisa analyzes these data later, she may find conditions to trigger this ability by the own will.

(Hmm…not yet, as it is…)

Looking at Mariko and Cecil sitting with an embarrassant look, he knows that the perfect wave resonance worked. When a little power is put in the experiment, the wave motion which had been suppressed until a while ago expands powerfully from his body.

“Well…then, I wonder if I’ll give back”


Kenichi stares at Juri with a more ruthless expression than usual. For an intermediate imma like Kenichi, a half-devil is no worthy opponent. Juri, who understands it, stares at Kenichi with hopeless eyes like a herbivore that is about to be prey.


Painful eyes are nailed on Juri who is full of fear. Red tentacles are slowly rising from Kenichi´s body who was kneeling on the bed and pointed to Juri´s head. Moreover, it is not a number that can be counted. It has increased to a vast number now even though it should have been eight up to now. One alone can someone drive crazy but what will happen if they attack together.

“I’ll teach you the real joy of being a woman”


A small whistle becomes the signal, and all red tentacles attack their sacrifice together. Kenichi who had exhausted his energy and became starved attacked the feast in front of his eyes while licking his tongue.


A beautiful woman who went on all fours raises a joyful voice like a beast. Her whole body wearing blue underwear is drenched in sweat and it is having convulsions all the time right now that it shines wet. The thighs that are pushed up seems to have been seized by the man whofucks her from behind, so she is like a sweetfish that only has its upper body fished up violently.

Taking in the wave of huge ecstasy, the beauty got crazy as the pleasure is seen through her eyes. That half-beauty can only disappear from where she is already and can only cry out for the unprecedented pleasure that is just given. If this isnt a luxury condominium where the soundproofing is perfect, it wouldnt be surprising if the neighborhood contact the police.

When something like a white mist overflows from her naked body, it is sucked into Kenichi´s body after swirling around like a whirlpool for a while. It glows red as the man’s eyes originate from the inside and the long meat spear embedded in the womb swells up with strength and power.

“Hiiiiiiiii!!! Agaaaaaaaaaa!!!!”

Cecil continues to raise a cry of joy as she no longer have her dignity as a human. In Fashion Week, while collecting the envy of everyone, her beautiful beauty and body that show off the limbs makes many people sigh or having drool dripping down from their mouths.

With it, the vaginal meat shrinks terribly enough and it suddenly pushes up the swallowed dick like a parent’s enemy. From the back, the gnawing appears like a geyser and is placing a female juice that is hot enough to burn on the tip of the glans. However, even by such tightening of the most beautiful women, Kenichi is in peace and tastes the structure and delicacy of the interior.

“Hey, don’t rest!”


Kenichi who ravishes her in doggy style slaps her white hips mercilessly. The white color of the lifted buttocks has vanished as it was beaten many times and now it is red and a red palm sign is visible.

The magic of the Inma is revived and Kenichi clearly understood the state of Cecil’s body and mind as his super sense has revived. Cecil is sadly screaming, but this seemingly pride half beauty that seems to be high and might is a masochist who likes to be hit. A vast amount of honey juice overflows, which is an evidence that Cecil has an light orgasm as her butt is beaten. When the men who are longing for Cecil see this, they would went crazy and be stunned.

“Higiiiiii!! Haaaaaaaaguuuuu!!!”

Now again, the hips float by spanking and the angry swelling of the dirty devil who aimed at there mercilessly penetrates the internal organs by the uterus. Whenever the glans fall into the innermost part where no one has reached, the inside is widened by the momentum that changes shape. As a woman, who will become pregnant if this colt release its sperm, the terrific stimulation becomes a muddy stream and flows into her brain.

“Hahiiiiii!!! Aguuuuuuu!!!”

The amount was too big and the brain might not be able to endure it. When the eyeballs face up, this beauty model crumbled down on the bed like a toy in which the electric field has broken. A large amount of fluid is pouring out from her crotch and making a big stain on the huge bed sheet.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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