Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 231

Seeding of the devil

“Tsk! …What’s with the bossy attitude of a little while ago… ”

Kenichi clicks his tongue. Cecil isn’t alone. Looking sideways, Juri and Mariko are also lying on the bed. Both of them don’t move, as they fainted.

(Tentatively, I wonder if it has been restored to the original …)

The biological energy deprived from the three succubi recovered by fucking the three girls thoroughly. The perfect wave resonance ended when Juri was violated for the first time and he messed with Mariko and Cecil in succession after that. Those half-devils are mere preys for Kenichi who is a true Inma.


Kenichi drank a beer to moist his throat, before Juri awoke before long. When the focus of her eyes was matched, it was noticed that she fainted and her body woke up quickly.

“…A…eh? ..Ke, Ken-chan…”

Juri speaks in a timidly state, but she can’t speak anymore. Even though it was temporary, she was going to erase him seriously and make Kenichi become crap. She has done an act which can be said that it cannot be helped even if being killed in this place.

Kenichi, who was staring at her face with red eyes, eventually stretched his hand and pulled Juri´s body towards himself. Embracing her plump body that emits a thick fragrance and sweat, Kenichi violently deprives her red open wet lips.


Kenichi completely reversed the standpoint now. The deep kiss that sucks up the soul of the super popular AV actress just catches the violent tongue of Kenichi and she exchanges her tongue and saliva with him. Her expression is full of joy of being a slave of Kenichi who dominates herself.

After a while, Juri is lying on the bed and slowly spreads her long legs. The contrast of her white skin and the top of the black sheet with the lewd female flower that bloomed greatly in her crotch. The excited, bloodshot petals open its mouth greatly and honey overflowed from it again.

“Coming…. Hey…coming again, Ken-chan…”

Moving aside her black panty, Juri spread out her vaginal opening with her fingers and invites Kenichi to join. Slowly shaking her hips, Juri begged for the invading of that strong colt. Her huge breasts that sticks out through the lace bra shook and the sweet smell of an woman in estrus spreads.

“Come here…. Put it in…inside this pussy…”

The men who have sex with Juri see this scene they would ejaculate instantly. If she sees an actor or video stuff who wants to make her his own woman, she invitates them like this to suck up their energy.

“Today…I…. Today is a dangerous day…. Therefore…hey…”

Juri said so and looks at Kenichi with hot reddish eyes.

“So…please…. Please give me a baby, Ken-chan…. I want to become pregnant…. Please fill my inside and release your semen…”

Kenichi has been doing countless vaginal cum shots ever since fusing with the Incubus, but not even one of them got pregnant. Kenichi’s sperm is strongly releasing its biological wave by itself, so no one can withstand the wave, so normally the egg will cause cell death necrosis.

(That said, Arisa told me about that…. If there is a devil there is a possibility of pregnancy…)

If the opponent is a devil fuser, the egg also has an own biological wave like Kenichi´s sperm. Therefore, withstanding the wave motion of the sperm, there is a possibility that the fertilized eggs survives. Especially if the wave is strong enough to release red tentacles, so maybe she may get pregnant.

(Well, it seems interesting to fertilize a woman…. If you’re like Juri, you’re especially happy…)

Inside the womb of a beautiful woman who can be called a bombshell, plant your genes and leave behind descendants. The act of stimulating instinct imprinted in the DNA. The joy is connected with the desire of an devil and a black magma crawls from the back of the waist to the brain. Although the lost energy was recovered, the Incubus is still hungry. Kenichi looks at the best white and soft meat with the eyes of a lustful beast.

“Aaaa… that eyes…. Just looking at these red eyes, I guess it’s going to be funny. Hey…violate me a lot…. My body, play with it…I will do anything…. I will do anything, I want to do anything for Ken-chan…aaaa… please. I’m sorry…I’m sorry…. Cum inside me and let me get pregnant…”

By arranging obscene words, Juri is also excited. The honey jar contracts arbitrarily and white cloudy love juice overflows from behind. When Kenichi walks to the beautiful woman asking for his seeds with hot eyes, he once again dashes to the ultimate sweet body.

“Aah…I’m happy…. Ken-chan…I like you…I love you…”

It is an outstanding body that can captivate many men and which is said to be the best god-like body in the history of AV in Japan. Her white and fine skin is flawless and her beauty is perfect. The 102 cm bust has a perfect spindle shape and an incredibly slim waist following there is 55 cm.

“More…massage my tits more…”

What many fans want to do as much as possible, Kenichi can not stop thinking about the enormous busts and rubs it. Along with a writhing body, a rich odor rise. Estrus female pheromones who makes a man a beast and a sweet voice are released. Juri´s chest is not only wonderful, it is also Juri´s most sensitive part, so her burning body quickly burns up by Kenichi´s skillful caress.

“Please put it in now…. Because it’s amazing, Ken-chan, rape me…”

This succubus invites Kenichi while licking her tongue as she gazes at Kenichi´s dick with a bright red lustful face. Since fusing with the Inma, the penis polished with many meat pots is discolored due to the burning inside and the dirty liquid. It towers strongly with pre-cum coming out of the tip and it is a weapon that has corrupted hundreds of pretty women and girls and let them become his sex slaves. And now, Kenichi sink his long morning wood relentless in Juri´s dirty honey pot that opened its mouth with a thrust.

“Higuuuuuuuuuu!! Aaaaahiiiiii!!!!”

Every time they have sex, Juri cant stop screaming from the hugeness and shape of the penis. When the vagina meat is comprehendingly enlarged in the inside, the tremendous amount of pleasure runs through the lustful and torn body.


Kenichi pushed through the womb. Juri was pushed up to the climax with just one thrust and in the black stockings her toes warp. Turning her arms around the sturdy back of Kenichi she claws her nails inside to let him know the depth of her orgasm.


Juri releases an incomparable amount of sex energy and when Kenichi captures all of it, he breathes out deeply. He regained the amount he lost in this room and he feels Juri´s breath and feel the energy of his full body. At the same time he understands. The body that was hurt in the battle with Usami was completely healed now with the gained magic power.

That means that he is ready for the confrontation with “SHADO” without hesitation.

(How is Reiko?)

Kenichi ordered Arisa to search for the trend of the opponent, but there seems to be no progress yet. The department is just doing normal work, and it doesn’t seem particularly to be looking into that matter with Kenichi in particular. However, this quietness is rather eerie and it activates Kenichi´s sense of caution more.

(Well, even though I can’t help it…)

It seems to be advantageous for themselves to know the plan when the situation arrives, while the other party has an organization, an information network and quantity. There is little chance of winning against such an opponent who has equipments and a great number of people to fight properly.

(There is nothing I can do now even if I want to do something…)

That’s the reason Kenichi let himself be bullied by the three succubi so that he reach his limits. Kenichi doesn’t know what kind of opponent will come, but it is better than doing nothing. He can at least extend the time of extinction if it comes to at least a similar scene. And there is a possibility that the slight difference separates life and death.

“Aah…hey…move…. More…”

Juri, who is impatient that Kenichi stopped his waist, begs with a cute voice. There is no atmosphere like a cold queen from a while ago, as this beauty is enchanted by the pleasures that can be get from having sex with her dear man. It is the true figure that this beautiful woman possesses neither the deep personality who gets pleased from bullying a man, nor the personality that obediently obeys any order.

“Aaaaa…. After all…after all it is totally different…. Ken-chan is the best…there is no other man for me than you…”

Even if she is serious, the interior of her vagina entwined around the penis and tries to squeeze out semen. If it is an ordinary man he will enjoy a pleasant sensation just like that, but a person like Kenichi endures it calmly.

“I will pregnant you as you wish…”

“Aaaaa…I’m happy…. Nnhuuuuu!!”

Kenichi whispers so to her ear with a low voice and Juri whose body shakes closes her eyes. If it is a man’s instinct to make a beautiful woman receive his own child, it is a pleasure for a woman to have her beloved man dedicated himself to her body and mind. As a female, primordial delight is imprinted on the DNA since the time of animals, pleasant feeling that the whole body melts will penetrate the body and sublimate to blissful ecstasy while shedding tears.

A completely subdued heart and body. Juri´s wave is highly resonating with Kenichi perfectly. Inflate the pleasure of the people obtained by magic power of the Incubus several times, the boundaries of Juri´s ego is diluted and she entrusts everything to Kenichi.

The aura of Kenichi and Juri are completely mixed together, eventually becoming homogeneous and enveloping the two bodies. Melting body, heart and soul.


If the pleasure of human sex due to friction of the mucosa is taken as 1, there are as many as 100 or 1000 things gained through the wave of the devil. Such a pleasant amount of pleasure as repainting a personality. If Juri was an ordinary man, her ego would surely have collapsed by the enormous white torrent.

“Higaaaaaaaaaaa!! Huuuuuuaaaa!!!”

“Wh, What…. What this…”

“Aaaa…. This…this is…”

Juri continues to raise cries of joy with an beast-like voice. Because of its loud volume, Mariko and Cecil who fainted wake up, sit down and watch a spectacular sight before their eyes. Looking at the red aura wrapped around Kenichi and Juri´s bodies, its burning so as to breathe life and both of them have fearful expression on their faces.


Kenichi is groaning with a tremendous pleasure and raising a roar, but still rushing down it firmly. Even if it is jealousy, Kenichi´s dick is tied up by the meat folds in the inside that squeezes and stirs to get a child. Initially slowly, but gradually Kenichi raises the tempo to overrun this so sweet structure.


Juri´s uterus desiring a child descends and greets the acme every time the glans hits her inside. The body that has been left stuck bowls and the muscles of the whole body jump around as if it was subjected to electric shock. The face seems to be suffering rather than pleasure, but is still very beautiful. Sexual intercourse between Inmas like sharpening their own lives.

“Is that good so?”

“Higuuuuuu!!! …Aaaaiiii…gggooooddddd…”

Her white body writhes in the rhythm of Kenichi´s waist movement. The energy like a white mist is blown out from the whole body, and it is sucked into Kenichi’s body.

“Shall I put it in as it is?”


Looking at Kenichi as if she returned to sanity for a moment, to those words, Juri smiles happily soon and is influenced by a hot swirl like magma.

“…Aaaaa!! Put it in…me…put it in, eeehh!!!”

This pretty woman who is high in temper and cold, exhorts passion while shedding tears. The desire to dedicate everything to the man she loves from the bottom of her heart emerges and removes all the ego’s borders and reveal it to Kenichi.


Kenichi feels that an unprecedented amount of bioenergy flows in and he also becomes stubborn to its overwhelming feeling of life. And he got it intuitively. Now, with the highly resonant wave acting as a mediator, he absorbs her life itself. If he continues as it is, Juri will truly dedicate her life to it.

“I will put it out”

“…Aaa!! Put it out!! Put it, Put it out!! Hiiiiiii!!!”

Into the womb of Juri who asks for a cum shot while releasing hot love juice, Kenichi is about to release his white desire that gathered. He pushes the tip so that it screws into the entrance and pours a large amount of sperm into the uterus of this beautiful female. Hundreds of millions of spermatoes laid out like bullets and rush with evil intentions and rapture to the eggs.

“Ahiiiiiii!!! Hiiiiiaaaaaaaa!!!!”

The huge meat pillar bounces around in the womb, that is bathed in hot mucous liquid. A serious ejaculation to let her become pregnant. The core of the body melts due to the direct sexual desire and her legs spread till the limit.

(I got pregnant…. Aaa…I got pregnant…I…)

Juri who is convinced that she has been seeded right now receives the best ecstasy on this day while cramping with delight. To the great thunder that can’t be endured even by a succubus who is greedy in pleasure, she faints with tears in her eyes in due time.


After enjoying plenty of convulsions, her body slowly stopped moving. The huge meat spear that doesn’t lose its power yet comes out slurry. The weapon that descended from the pussy isn’t seeking further prey and on its black surface full of honey juice and semen is leaning against the bed and giving off a dull light in the dark room.


“Juri became like that…aaa…”

Mariko and Cecil were stunned, as the scene of slaughtering a succubus was shown in front of their eyes, but their faces are bright red from desires. An average woman wants to escape from such a fierceness, as it is a bad guy. However the desire for pleasure won. Because they understand how much pleasure Juri felt just now.

“Me too…I also want to be like that…. Put it in and let me become pregnant…”

“I want to be ravished like Juri…. I want to go crazy…”

Two people who were femdom in the past became obedient female slaves who wanted to be dominated by Kenichi who showed overwhelming power. Bringing their faces against the meat pillar from the left and right, they clean it with their tongues.

“Here…I want to fucked here…. I also want to become pregnant…”

“Me too…. I will continue to have sex with Ken-chan…”

Since they know such a tremendous thing, they will never get satisfied with any man other than Kenichi. They have a premonition that they can’t escape in the future, but they don’t care. The dark black desire and the instinct of a dirty female above all, let a woman desire the best pleasure. As a result, they seek sex with this guy for 24 hours, even if they become nymphos.

“Crawl there”

When ordered with a low voice, both crawl over the bed gladly.

“Aaa…I’m ready…to have sex…”

“My pussy, just use it how you want…”

It is a posture of absolute obedience to Kenichi who conquered those two who went on all fours and raised their wonderful hips. It is easier for semen to reach eggs, as it is the posture for pregnancy.

The night is still long. Kenichi who took away Juri´s energy and completely resurrected, in order to store that power further and to taste the ultimate physical body, enlarges his invisible black wings greatly and attacks the two girls who lined up before him.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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