Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 232

School after a long time everyday as usual

Two days after having fulfilling sex with the three succubi, Kenichi finally came back to school. In other words, after being attacked by Usami, it is the first time that he went to work in a week. Even if he takes a full rest, he has the famous innocent job as a prosecutor, so it doesn’t affect his operation at school or lessons.

In the meantime, there was no assault from “SHADO” led by Arisawa Reiko and quiet days were spent all over the surface. As a precaution, Kenichi allowed Noriko and Masako to be his guards, but he didnt feel like that the other party approached the surveillance or his own wave radar.

The possibilities are two.

The first one is that they knew that Kenichi was an devil, but Reiko who was afraid had not yet reported the fact to “SHADO”. The second one is that “SHADO” is already preparing to capture Kenichi, but it is not the case that Kenichi is aware of it.

According to Arisa´s opinion, it is too optimistic to assume the first possibility and now the latter was the conclusion that her brain with an IQ of 180, which is the biggest weapon for Kenichi and can be said as a shield, came out. Our information network isn’t a panacea. “SHADO” which is a global organization must already be acting steadily under the water. It is most realistic and less risky to make assumptions at the moment.

And if “SHADO” has already started preparing, this is the only way to take it. Prepare to be able to intercept at any time 24 hours a day collecting information as much as possible. Of course, there is no need to conceal the wave of the devil as we have here. The identity has already been revealed. Rather, by constantly releasing a black wave, it becomes a radar and Kenichi will know if there are no enemies nearby.

School for the first time in a week. Even though it is only that, Kenichi feels like as if he hasn’t come for a long time. It seems that it wasn’t only Kenichi that felt that way, when he opened the door of the staff room and looked at the inside, he was greeted so he smiled while being lightly surprised. The music teacher and two new female teachers leaked low screams. It is pretty lovely how they crowd their eyes and look at him with an charmed expression.

“Sorry, Yamada-sensei. Sorry for the inconvenience”

“Aah, you finally came back. I worried, as I heard that you were hospitalized…”

“I am sorry…. I thought it was a bit of a cold, but it seemed to be pneumonia…and it is better now”

“Is that so…. I’m relieved to hear that”

To Yamada-sensei who is the other vice-principal, Kenichi informed him that he will return today. This perverted lolicon who is blackmailed by Kenichi because of his secret doesn’t go against Kenichi, so it won’t be pried deeply about the truth of the reason for absence.

When Kenichi sit down on the front desk in the staff room, he feels that three beautiful women look at him hotly. They probably have been worried since Kenichi didn’t contact them while he wasn’t at school. Or maybe they can’t endure the pain of their aching bodies as they did not meet for a week.

“Ah, yes. There was a lapse of time and it seems that Yoshikawa-sensei is on holiday today”

“Is that so…”

Listening to it, while grinning, Kenichi hide his evil smile.

Later last night, Kenichi returned back home to where he lives together with Junko, Miho and Risa and he enjoyed Junko ‘s whimsical body all the while. Moreover for the first time in a while, Risa, the 13-year-old beautiful young idol, as well as her mother, Miho, revealed desires like carnivorous beasts and straddled Kenichi with a sense of lust as they were really hungry.

Of course Junko was no exception. Junko, who had been worried so much as to go crazy since Kenichi was attacked by Usami, wanted Kenichi as much as possible from deep inside her heart. She didn’t release him even if it became late at night and continued to associate to receive Kenichi´s warmth. It is no wonder that even Junko who has a vigorous sex drive appeared to be able to rise because the capacity of energy that can be absorbed dramatically increased.

“Ah yeah. I have to introduce new teachers. These people are, Anzai-sensei, Saegusa-sensei and Kawasaki-sensei. Please come over here”

Four men and women stand up to that voice. All of them are unfamiliar. Kenichi knows them exactly from photos, but it is the first time he meet them for real.

“While introducing Midou-sensei who was absent, these four are the newly arrived teachers, who suddenly needed to do a lot of hard work, as Egashira-sensei and Yamashita-sensei have resigned without naming a reason.

“Ah, is that so? Nice to meet you, I´m vice-principal Midou. I´m looking forward to work with you”

The three women and one man who stand in front lightly lowered their heads to respond to Kenichi.

“I am in charge of English, Ryohei Anzai”

First the male teacher greets Kenichi. He is about the same age as Kenichi and there is a little risk, as he is handsome with a tight face. Probably very popular with girls.

“I am in charge of science, Kumiko Anzai, please take care of me.”

“…Again Anzai…”

“Yes, we are couple…”

The wife laughs with a little grasp while saying so.

“Hou…. So both husband and wife are teachers…. My goodness…”

The married teacher is shy to Kenichi´s words. This female teacher with a gentle, fluffy and soft atmosphere is clean but mature and moist. For a while, Kenichi looked at the Anzai couple alternately. The air changes slightly because of that.

“…E, Emm, I will be in charge of national language, Miwako Kawasaki. I’m in your care”

The female teacher next to the couple says a few words to that kind of air. As a teacher, she has slightly flashy brown hair that matches her pretty looking face and outstanding eyes. She seems to work as a model as well.

“I am Noa Saegusa and I´m in charge of mathematics. Thank you”

She is a teacher who wears red framed glasses and tied up her black hair as she says her last name in a husky voice. Her thin eyes and thin lips give a slightly cold impression to her small egg-shaped face. The make-up on her face is in order, but you don’t feel much femininity because she is wearing a crisp suit that isn’t cheerful.

Three female teachers and one male teacher. It is unusual to be newly adopted in such a large amount in this period. Besides, all three female teachers are eye-catching beauties. That is not coincidence, of course.

(They seem to be delicious wearing their uniforms…. Yoko seems to have done it properly)

Both Kumiko and Miwako are dressed with items that seem to be female teachers, as they wear flared skirts and blouses, while Noa is dressed in a modest suit. While seeing their figures, Kenichi smiles with a grin in his heart.

(I seem to be able to see the aura of those three soon…)

A woman who resonates and has her aura become visible becomes a new prey. Miwako is on the verge of falling like this. On the other hand, Noa´s guard is strong, but as she will get passionated soon, even a high-prided and cool lady like her will fall into Kenichi´s hands. And among them, Kumiko is the most talented, but the hurdle can be expected to be high. You can guess that’s because she is a newlyweds. The affection for her husband is overflowing from her body, which seems to make it less susceptible to the influence of Kenichi’s wave.

(That’s why it’s fun to make someone fall…)

Until now, Kenichi has committed a number of married women, but the prawn meat that trembles with guilt to the husband is delicious besides this. Yamada-sensei is still talking, but Kenichi doesn’t care. He made a serious look at the introduction of the four new teachers and laughed ferociously in his mind with a feeling that the workplace would become more fun from now on.

Kenichi came to school for the first time in a long time. The news ran around the school in the morning. The students who were told that he was absent due to illness were pleased with the return of their popular teacher, but among them there were some students who couldn’t await Kenichi´s return.

(After all this place is calm…)

Kenichi sits loose on the sofa with his legs lightly opened. He is in the science preparation room which can be said to be the home of his own nest and he can finally relax and breathes deeply since he came to school for a long time. Before fusing with the Incubus, when he was a weak and timid otaku, his heart calmed down strangely as he was in this room. It won’t change even now as he has the power of a devil.

Lunch break. Hot summer sun is shining outside, but the inside of this room is dark as the thick curtains were closed. In the space which isn’t too wide and not too narrow, it seems that there is a dense atmosphere, which is slightly mixed with the smell of chemicals.

However, now the room has started to enthusiasm and further smells are beginning to fill the smelly odor that stain this room. It slowly dissolves into the air in the dark room and increases its concentration further. A smell that can never be found in a school.

It is the pheromones of a female mixed with rich perspiration and body fluids, emitted by a woman who is in sexual desire.


“Muhuuuuu…aaa…I feel it…”

“There…there, not good…”

“More…grope more…”

Female students who are wearing summer clothes such as red ribbons and red checked skirts are swarming around Kenichi who took off his linen suit outerwear. The young girls who are still young are all beautiful girls scattered all over and releasing a hot breathing and groaning since a little while ago, like a feverish patient suffering from heat.

Female students who crowd around Kenichi who is sitting on the sofa. It is not one or two people. The number, indeed is six people. Needless to say, all of them were fucked by Kenichi and deprived of their virginities and became crazy about sex. While being high school students, they are remembered of pleasure of deep sexuality and are asking for pleasure for the first time in a long time like a ripe widow.


“Nooo…me too…kiss me too…”

“Here…? Ah, do you feel it here?”

“Awesome…. The smell of sensei…my head is spinning…”

Splashing sounds and romantic voices can be heard that should not belong to a teen normally. Six pretty girls wrapped in a red aura caress Kenichi´s body passionately together. Six mouths, six tongues and twelve hands are used without rest.

Each technique is bad. That is no problem. It was only a few weeks ago that they had sex with Kenichi for the first time. Still, the enthusiastic and relentless service of the girls let the veteran Kenichi groan.

Kenichi ‘s shirt has already been removed halfway and his chest is exposed. In that unexpectedly masculine part, beautiful girls sitting on the sofa come near from left and right and use their tongues and fingers. Two others who stood on the sofa and stretched their heads are clinging to the Kenichi´s head from behind. They want to french kiss as they are amenable from left and right to compete against each other.

And the trousers’ chuck is opened, there is a black meat weapon awake, and two pretty girls sitting on the floor brought their mouths near and slowly poke it with their tongues. Pushing their pink tongues over the big black rod which is larger than their faces, they attach plenty of saliva and lick it happily.

“Huuuuu!!! Muuhuuu!!”

“Aaa!! I, iii!!! Kuhuuuuu!!”

Evidence that they have light acme is that their bodies tremble occasionally since a while ago. As they serve their favorite teacher with their lips and tongues, it makes them incredibly pleasant.

(They are greedy…. Well I left them alone so that they can remember the goodness of sex for a while…)

All six girls are 15 or 16-year-old who seeks himself for greed. Kenichi smiles sweetly inside his mind. It may be impossible to do so because he left them without doing anything, but the depths of the desires of those girls who were still quiet are more than expected.

(Well, considering these things, this is normal…)

Kenichi compared those girls with the women he had sex with until a while ago.

After the morning ceremony was over, he had sex with Yoko Aikawa, the president and this married woman who had been left alone for a few weeks was hungry and seemed to be like a starving beast. Soon after she said the words that she wanted Kenichi as soon as they were alone. After receiving wonderful blowjobs and enjoyed the skill of this married principal, Kenichi pushed her over the desk and pushed his dick inside from behind with the suit on as it was, but if he didn’t put the lace handkerchief into Yoko´s mouth immediately on the way, her beast-like voice would rise to the corridor and everything will be heard.

When he left the president’s office, two students were waiting in the corridor with bright red faces. Kenichi dragged the 2nd grade Rio Hasegawa and Yuko Terashima to the employee’s toilet and raped them by arranging them side by side after he let them clean his dick from Yoko’s spewed honey. Tastefully tightening half-beautiful girls exercised with rhythmic gymnastics were alternately tasted, but the two 17-year-olds competed with each other during that time.

And just before coming here he had sex with Tomomi Takada in the music room and enjoyed her pussy. The music teacher who had a cute face didn’t show off when she was together with her husband, but when she laterally shifted her gaudy purple panty aside, she obscenely straddled over Kenichi. Her vagina which have been poured with magic sperm many times have been turned into superstitious masterpieces of murderous killing, although that such a thing is rarely seen by Kenichi since he fused with the Inma. Tomomi’s interior, which shows complicated and obscene movements so that her husband knows nothing in a matter of minutes, is likely to be squeezed as if it is still loose.

In the morning Kenichi interacted with four beautiful girls, who were waiting for the fellowship with Kenichi and they were more intense than usual. They looked like junkies, medicine addictive patients who are almost out of medicine. Compared to their greediness, it may be said that the six people who are now stuck together are still fine.

“Teacher’s…amazing smell…”

“Nooo…a horny taste…”

The elegant Hanai Eriko and Shiomi Nanako who looked at the crotch moved their tongues and lick the black penis from the root. It seems as if they want to paint over with their salivas to erase the odor of the honey liquid spit out by the music teacher.

“Do you feel comfortable here?”

“Muhuuuuu…. Aah, it’s hard to lick if you move…”

Hayakawa Aya and Suzuki Yui cling to Kenichi´s upper body and they are licking the bare chest peeping through the barefooted shirt. Both girls are still freshman. Their faces still remain innocence, but already reveal the desire of a female as they are burning red.


“Nooo, only Kyoko-chan…. Me too…I also want to kiss…”

Two beautiful girls hug Kenichi´s neck from left and right pushes their pink lips all over the neck to the face in search of a kiss. Kyoko Tsujimoto and Minami Sakura who were captured recently are in the same class as Aya and Yui. Although they are still unexperienced, they are completely dyed by Kenichi´s poison. Sometimes their faces distorted to pleasure because their pervert teacher’s hands crawl into their panties and stimulate their 16-year-old pubic area.

(Rimi’s choice is always perfect …)

Two second-graders and four first-year students crowd around Kenichi sitting on the sofa. What they have in common is that they´re all pretty young ladies and everyone was a partner of Rimi Makino a lesbian. That perverted lesbian who can use the wave of the demon king pretends to be like Kenichi, without labor, treating beautiful girls who were trained as fallen to satisfy her own animal desires.

“Se, Sensei…moving so much is not good…”

“Finger…finger…finger, touching…”

Kenichi´s fingers skillfully moves inside the small 16-year-old shame holes. Only for that matter, the two people climb up to heaven lightly and spit out juice. Kenichi´s penis realized that the viscosity and fragrance that is different from mature women are girls who are not yet old fashioned and will further expand their cavernous bodies as he is sandwiched between Eriko and Nanako’s lips.

(Everywhere is sweet and can’t be said…)

While swallowing the sweet saliva that Sakura’s tongue gives, Kenichi gazes at those delicious JK’s. Yoko and Tomomi are also delicious, but the 16 year old young pussies which are still unripe are also undeniable. Ever since the fusion with the Inma, Kenichi has made many beautiful girls his, but the taste of JKs that can be tasted at this young ladies academy is exceptional, and that’s why he can’t quit his position as a teacher.

“Sensei…. Not good! Not good…aaaah…”

“Don’t move your fingers…nooo…I cant kiss…”

Having Kenichi´s hands inside their panties and stirring up their vaginas with his fingers, Kyoko and Sakura spin lovely pant voice. They still desperately cling to the neck, trying to kiss Kenichi.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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