Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 234

Gear of fate going crazy

A special floor in the Tokyo Police Department. There, only a small potion of executives of the Tokyo Police Department enter and few people know the mission of the department. Although it is a confidential organization for countering terrorism on the surface, it is actually quite different. It is the headquarters in Japan of the organization fighting devils who is the enemy of mankind called “SHADO”.

That innermost room is for executives. A woman was sitting on the innermost desk. She is said to be in her mid 30’s. The lightly dyed brown hair surprisingly matched her beautiful appearance.


The beautiful woman who summarized the short report in English, saves it to her own PC. That document will be shared with all branches of the world and will contribute to the person in charge of “SHADO” of each country as valuable information.

Right now, the top Japanese branch of “SHADO” Arisawa Reiko summarized about the devil king that appeared in Tokyo one year ago. Unfortunately the record at the time of discovery wasn’t destroyed and remained, but if their memories are correct, they first discovered him as a lower class. When he was found again, the magical power increased unnoticed and he was an intermediate level. If this is the case, it is the second evolution type in the world. Furthermore, it is confirmed that this devil can make the perfect wave resonance, that only devil kings can do.

(Evolving devil king…. No one will believe it…)

In this way Reiko put together the report by herself, and while she did it herself she still can’t convince herself. However, it is a fact that it is impossible, but it is a fact that it exists. She has confirmed that phenomenon with her own eyes.

(I wish I had a record of the past…. That way, we can compare how much the magic power has extended in a year…)

The devil host who is already targeted has already been found out and preparations for the assault is steadily progressing. However, if the opponent is an evolving devil king, it may be adding more power by that time. If they have past data, they can predict it more accurately.

At that time, Reiko thought and raised her face and looked over the part. She can see the whole room and all it members from here. The innermost part of the right column. Reiko confirmed with a little shy face that one desk is empty.

“Emily…? Is Terasawa-san taking a day off today?”

“…Yes, director. She doesn’t seem to have come this morning…”

The man next to the vacant seat answers.

“Uh, what’s wrong? Have you heard anything?”

“No, I send emails over and over again, but I haven’t heard anything…”

Reiko clouds her face because Terasawa Emily who is the vice-director and a blond haired beautiful woman who is supposed to be in her seat, is also a part of “SHADO”´s survey team. Since she has never been absent without any permission, Reiko is concerned that something is going on. Eventually she even takes out her smartphone and called Emily, but only ringing sounds can be heard.

(I wonder what’s wrong…? I wish there wasn’t anything but…)

Emily is dispatched from the UK headquarters, a wave analysis expert originally came to help because of a temporary shortage of manpower. Since she plans to return home after this inconvenience matter is finished, Reiko wants to send her back to the headquarters without any injury safely. It is said that fiancee who promised marriage is waiting in the home country for a long time now.

But that isn’t the only problem that Emily needs to stay here today.

(Without her data, I can’t make the final fine adjustment…)

As all the preparations are in place today, it is the day after tomorrow to attack the Inma. In that case, the wave destroying machines are used, including the resonators, so everything must be in perfect condition. If the adjustment of the anti-phase wave generation part is sweet, it is impossible to demonstrate the full performance. Since there is already wave data of the opponent, there is no big problem as it is now, but Reiko wants to apply fine tuning again by Emily’s hand.

(I wonder if I shall go to her apartment later…)

As wiping out unexpected uneasiness rising in her chest, Reiko raked up her hair and opened the database of employees stored in her PC to check the address of Emily.

The sound of meat clashing against another and the voice of a female can be heard. In a dark room which is closed and the room temperature is supposed to be low enough that the cooler is too effective and the dense air in the room gathers up on the net and skin.


The roaring sound like a beast has continuing since a little while ago.No words can be said anymore, as it is a rising or falling in proportion to the sound of meat hitting against each other. The mouth of the woman who crawls all the time has slammed open and saliva has dripping down from the edge, but there is no one in this room including herself who care about it.


A black lump that is pressed against her white body that is on all fours. When the waist moves violently until it is savage, the woman gives a squeal. It is as like the last cry of a slaughtered herbivorous animal.

“Please let us take a rest”

A glove-like hand hits the protruding hips mercilessly and as her sweaty white body reacts to it, the woman is pushed up to the top. The sound of a groan and the scream of a woman is heard. As it is repeated several times, the woman somehow stretches her arms and begins to raise a groaning voice as she is on all fours.

The black hand of the man is thick like a log and the upper arm is carved with a tattoo. His black-brown body like a mass of whole body melts in the darkness of this dim room and only yellow muddy eyes and red glowing eyes are clearly visible.


A huge black penis towers at the black crotch and was stuck into a wonderful pussy since a while ago. Every time he mercilessly moves his back, there is a sound that meat hits meat is heard.


When grabbing the golden hair that has completely fallen apart from the woman who is ravished, the black man pulls it casually. The white beauty suffers from severe pain, but at the same time she fell into ecstasy again.

It is a pleasure like a black hot hell that has never been experienced before by the beautiful woman. That pathetic sacrifice is fucked from behind by the black man like a wild beast, as the woman is just being devastated by the given stimulation and by just giving up the reason and consciousness to the illegal drug used with that pleasure.

Something like white mist rises from the female tense body, slowly it swirls and then it is sucked into the black man´s sweaty naked body. The black man who kept a beard on his shaved head moves to the kitchen as he releases a satisfying breath. Taking out a cold beer from the fridge, he drink it at once.


Three days have passed since he picked up this white woman at a bar, but there is no indication that the desire will end. On the contrary, he has no appetite, no desire to sleep, and is keen on engaging in that exquisite white meat that he just obtained. To the evidence, the black shaft covered with mucus exhaled by the beautiful woman is standing up vertically enough to be amazed.

(Why am I so excited…? Well, its nice…. I will fuck her thoroughly until it ceases to stand…)

Looking at the bedroom, the blonde woman was lying flat. She was fucked without rest and he guesses that the drug is still active and her body is already at its limit. But she isn’t dead yet as he can confirm that she only fainted as she breathed lightly.

(Well, when she breaks, it’s only a matter of finding the next one…)

This beauty’s physical strength will soon run out. But for this beast, such a thing has nothing to do with him. He just eats up the finest meat he got, until he is satisfied. As the beauty is inversely proportional to losing her physical strength, his vitality increases pressure and erupts infinitely from the body like magma. He twists and crushes the aluminum can with one hand, before he returns to the bed and turns upside down.

“Hehehee…I will do my best for you…”


Because the medicine is still effective, her voice is leaving as it is, although small cries are emitted. As the black beast pressed again his prey whose name is unknown, he pushed forward once again and submerged his face against her dark blond pubic hair.

Sitting on the sofa in the living room and looking at the wall clock watchfully, it is already past twelve o’clock. Although she got accustomed to it here, she feels lonely in a situation where she is alone at this apartment.

(I wonder if I should go to bed now…)

She thought that her husband might come home, so she kept her makeup on all the time. But in order to go to bed it is necessary to remove the makeup. Resignation and sadness spring up as her husband returns late without permission today. But there is no anger there.


Washing her face carefully in the washroom and removing the make-up. Even if the thin makeup is removed, there is not much change in her beauty in the mirror. Originally she doesn’t wear dense makeup, as she doesnt need it. Looking at her face who looks back on herself in the mirror, Keiko Shioya gets happy but has complicated feelings.

(My skin is so elastic…. Small wrinkles disappeared and spots became almost inconspicuous…)

She didn’t change her cosmetics or meals. Her skin was rejuven so much, there is only one possible cause.


The moment she thought about that, there was a sound that the back of her body began to ring. And she remembers, that shock that got stuck in her uterus. The deep pleasure of sex that she knew for the first time at this age. Savage movements blaming her ripe body and herself. A white ointment with an intention to embrace her, was poured out into her womb that opened its mouth. And finally she obtained happiness that let her body melt and flow.

“Today…Today was also amazing…”

She remembered the daytime affair and heard a voice uttered unexpectedly. Keiko realizes that her body gets hot just by recalling and that she gets wet quickly. Blood gathers in her breasts wrapped in a clean lace bra and the nipples begin to erect.

How many times has she done it here with that man in this house which is the love nest with her husband. Her former classmate who visits almost once a week came during the daytime when her husband wasn’t here and fucked her until evening. In the living room at home and in the couple’s bedroom. In the couple’s bedroom, how many times has she gone drunk with pleasure deep within her body?


Her body will melt away just by remembering.

Keiko is surprised even by herself that she was greedy for so much pleasure. And as long as the action with her husband has been on hold for a long time, she is a little surprised to know how dark and hot the magma-like desire that had accumulated over several years was.

Today her husband didn’t come home till the present time without any prior contact. Not just for today. Recently he always come back late from work when he returns home around 3 o’clock in the midnight. Keiko thinks that it is impossible for employees to indicate with such a attitude of attendance as a senior executive who is the president’s son-in-law, but even if she asks the questioner, he answers only “I knew”.

Probably he has an affair. She is convinced by the smell of perfume attached to his suit and past experiences. But on the other hand she cant get angry at the same time. as she is enjoying passionate sex with a man other than her husband at home in the daytime.

(Aaa…I just want to see you again, even though I just met you today…. Aaa…I want to be loved a lot again…)

Just recalling the face and the strong body of that man, a pink fog hangs in her brain. Crossing both hands and holding her body that has become hot. Her chest pushed in between is swollen like it seems to be unpleasant. Recently the bra that she has became tighter, pushing up the cup and packing her breasts.

(Again, I have to buy a new one…. He will be pleased…)

Married wife looks in the mirror. She bought secret lingerie secretly without her husband knowing and remember the reaction when she showed it to her affair. That man who looked embarrassed at the black underwear and looked at herself, snorted, before he attacked Keiko like a wild beast. His red beast-like eyes looked lustful at her. Just remembering makes Keiko feel excited.

(If I don’t do it too, I can’t endure it…)

Today for a time like this, there is a towel with which she wiped that man’s body. Pleasure to comfort herself with her fingers while being wrapped in that savage smell. When licking her lips, Keiko looked like a prostitute in the mirror.

A dark room. The room covered with jet black darkness seems to float and it seems that there is only floating in the space. And in the center there is a red bed and the spotlight shines only from there. Strangely enough, looking at the top, you can’t find a light source and just light is descending around the bed in a conical shape.

(What? What is…here?)

Being surprised by the unusual scene which is not seen everyday, you can see something moves on the bed of that red sheet. Something in black and white is moving like a living thing though there should have been nothing until a while ago. No, it is not “like”. Obviously it was a living thing and a human.

“Wh, what…! What!!”

As focusing the thoughts, the scene becomes gradually clearer so that the focus of the camera matches. And it is understood what is going on and a small scream is issued out of fear.

It seems that two ladies are crawling on the bed and they opened their big mouth and are in agony from pleasure. Behind the ladies there is a thin man, grinning as he moves his waist mercilessly. Of course it is not a virgin, so she is stunned to understand what it means.

“What are they doing! In this place!”

The three people on the bed dont notice, as they are immersed in obscene acts. It seemed like something she has never experienced herself, which is the fellowship of fierce flesh. The man is mercilessly hitting his back from behind the lady on the right. Each time the face of the woman shakes up and down. Her pretty face is now distorted by intense rapture.

(That’s…that!! Ah, Kawasaki-sensei!!!)

It is definitely a teacher who has been assigned to a position she recently changed to and has been assigned at the same time. She is younger than herself and still single, she emits a clean and elegant atmosphere which can be seen. Her girlish expression and looks melted away by the pleasure right now and she seems to cry and drowning in sexual pleasure.

Kumiko Anzai feels that something is ringing behind her ears, but she can’t keep an eye on the actions before her eyes. As she sees it, the man left the woman on the right alone and moves behind the two beautiful ladies. Next, when his hips moved greatly, the woman on the left unexpectedly raised her face. Looking at that face, Kumiko gets shocked again.

(What…!! That is…Saegusa-sensei! Sensei…!!!)

The eyes behind her red framed glasses don’t seem to reflect anything. The usual intellectual and cool facial expression became strange as it became a nasty expression. Even though she was a drowning female in sexual pleasure, Kumiko feels enviable why Saegusa-sensei takes in a man who fucks her from behind.

Then she noticed. The man fucking her two colleagues. Who is it?

“N, No way…. No way… such a thing…”

To the answer that came up in her head, Kumiko remembers fear and trembles with selfishness.

“Who? Who are you?”

She spontaneously talked out loud. Then the man who was ravishing the two female teachers in doggy position looked like he responded to that voice. Kumiko saw his face and shivers.

“Ah…Dear!! Dear!! Wh, Wh, why… why doing this…!”

It was her beloved husband, who she was working with at the same school. Her husband smiles with a grin when he admits to her and continues to shake his waist more obscenely. Kumiko was stunned by the shock as if her head was beaten, but she raises her voice as soon as she recovers.

“Stop it!! Stop it!! Why! Why did you do this!?”

Sorrow makes her heart breaking up and she screams to her husband, but the three on the bed don’t end this terrible act. On the contrary, the show intensify bold and obscene movements to Kumiko. She tries to rush to the bed, but she cant move at all as if her legs were compacted. She is about to cry because of impatience, anger and despair.

At that time, she noticed some eyes looking down at her from the corner of the room. Two eyes looking at her side-by-side with two emerging in the darkness. Red eyes that floated in the jet black space. As Kumiko was watching the ruby eyes, the panic until a while ago faded and the inside of her head gradually became numb.


At the same time her body burns. Like the time of gentle fellowship with her husband, a intense and hot desire comes from the back of her body. A surprisingly sweet voice overflows from her throat.

The three people on the bed are no longer anxious. From the two glowing red eyes, they keep staring as if to suck out the soul. Then, the surroundings gradually form a contour and the person is clearly visible.

(No way…No way, you are…)

Looking at that face, her legs tremble with shakiness. On the other hand, this situation isnt real, as her reason desperately denies. When she grasps her hands, Kumiko feels the presence of the ring that fits on the ring finger of her left hand and its support is likely to collapse.

As soon as the darkness got thinned, the man’s face became clear.

“After all! You…it was you!!!”

Although it is only a few days, its a face that she cant get away from her head, for some reason it stucks in her memory. Kumiko Anzai screamed loudly in her own nightmare this time, watching the man who is teaching at the school she is working as he laughs with a grin like a devil.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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