Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 235


A banquet room, located in the basement of a huge hotel, had a standing party with nearly a thousand people gathered. Men in high-class suits who have a pleasant chat while enjoying meals and elegant women accompanying them. Waiters with trays and bottles slip through like fishes swimming in a river.

On this day, there was a big party of an big congressman that was held at this venue. Because the member of the congress has power with respect to roads and public works, the participants who have gathered also are people related to constructions. Some of them are sunburned men whose expressions are perfect black because they are on the scene. They have fearless faces which don’t let you think that they are company employees and they are exchanging greetings with laughter in a bold way.

“Oya, Ogawa-san. It’s been a while”

“Aaa, thanks thanks. Seko-san, it has been a while”

Among the participants, an overwhelmingly young man is bowing his head to a man with gray hair. The low of the waist which must be astonished when the employee who does not know only seems to be always bossing at the company tells the man to flatter the strong one.

“Madam you´re as beautiful as usual. Ogawa-san, is the president…?”

“Yes. Unfortunately, my father wasn’t able to come as he is on a business trip in China, so I came with my husband instead.”

“My goodness…. Your father is a workaholic. You have to tell him to rest a little…”

“Yes. I am also worried about his body. He isn’t young anymore…”

Keiko is the daughter of the president of Ogawa construction and Shioya her husband who will be the next president is smiling elegantly. Her hair is made up, her thin, white nape is exposed and her beauty and sex appeal are increased at any time. Even in crowded venues with a lot of participants, she is standing out remarkably. It doesn’t suit her elegant atmosphere, but the designer clothes with a little skin exposure spur it.

A stunning beautiful woman slowly approached here. In fact, despite being in her mid-30s, the glow of her skin seems to be in the twenties and her good looks are convincing everyone that this is her peak in life.Keiko is also an outstanding beauty, but she isnt an opponent to that woman. That is also impossible. Even though it is quite a while ago, that beautiful woman was a former Miss Japan.

“Oooo! This is Yamaji-san. It’s been a while”

“Seko-sama. It’s been a long time”

Saying so Yumiko Yamaji smiles elegantly to the old-fashioned raccoon who raises his voice like a high school student. Yumiko´s beauty was shocking to such a great extent. The surrounding men also interrupted their meals and conversation to the appearance of this glossy beauty wrapped in a brilliant aura as she appeared suddenly.

“Your husband…has my pity…. Therefore…”

“Yes…. I am worried about that. My husband is still in the hospital but fortunately his condition is stable”

Her beloved husband was eroded by a disease of severe cerebral infarction and became a human vegetable and this unhappy young wife lays down her long eyelashes. The sarcastic guys are rumored that they are in high spirits because of this sexy young wife who was 20 years away.

“And, that…who is that person?”

“Eh! Yo, you…”


Seko-san, who had been deprived of his eyes as he looked at the exposed skin from the dress, finds a man who was trying to hide behind Yumiko. Shioya and Keiko who looked at that person express astonishing expressions.

“Ah…I will introduce you. This is Midou-san, a director of my company and my management adviser”

“My name is Midou. I look forward to work with you”

“He and I are directors of a young ladies academy, so I was consulting about my company in various ways with him…. Thanks to him the company finally got on track again…”

“Hou…, is that so…. He is still a young guy…”

That man with an ordinary face takes out business cards with familiar hands and exchanges it with the heavyweights of the building industry. The title of the business card is the Board of directors at that academy and management adviser of the Yamaji road construction company, as Yumiko said.

“Mi, Midou…. Why are you…”

“Ooo, Shioya…. It’s a narrow world that we can meet in such a place…”

Although it seems a bit surprising to explain that each other are junior high classmates after having shortly made a greeting, soon some elders begins to talk enthusiastically with Yumiko. Shioya, who thought of taking this opportunity to talk to Seko-san, has missed his opportunity and drink his beer awkwardly.

“It’s been a while…. It’s been since the reunion…”

Kenichi talks to Keiko on the other side of the table, drinking the wine held in his hand. For a moment Keiko could swim her eyes as though she was puzzled, but as she saw her husband and confirmed that he didn’t pay attention to it, it seems that blood finally returned to her pure white face.

“…Ye, Yes…. That’s right…. Have you been fine?”

Somehow a awkward reply. The reaction of Keiko is commonplace. The man in front of her was the man who fucked herself as a married woman at home a few days ago and who is her former classmate. They had sex during the daytime when her husband wasnt at home for hours. There is no reason for Keiko not to be upset as her cheating partner appeared suddenly in front of her husband and herself.

(Why…Why is Kenichi in this place…)

She wonders why this principal of a young ladies academy was a director and how could he become a director of the Yamaji construction company? Moreover, having come to this party is a position that can be said to be the face of the company. Just because the situation cant be organized, just being dismayed, her head is panicking.

“Ah…didn’t I tell you? It has become such a thing in the rhythm of something…. I´m an amateur in the building industry…”

Kenichi is in peace. When Keiko saw her husband again, he was talking to a different man than a while ago. He is a well-mannered, talkative and famous partner, but he is clearly unable to do anything without being a nuisance. Human relations are very important in this industry, so things like social ceremonies can’t be neglected as the next president absolutely.

“Even today, you´re beautiful…Keiko”

“Ah…u, uh…. Thanks…”

A small voice that her husband cant hear absolutely due to the surrounding noise. However, she is made to recall in front of that and Keiko answers obediently though she is frightened. The pledge of the meat exchanged many times, and the relations of two people who were others were rapidly brought close.

“I thought if I could come to this party, I thought I could meet you…. I wanted to see you…”


Keiko watches her husband as she is flattered by Kenichi. Even though it’s such a place, having “I wanted to see you” whispered into her ear, Keiko´s face burns and something in the back of the body erupts. When her heart began to pound, she was spoken to with a lustrous voice from behind.

“Ah, what a wonderful person, are not you introducing me?”

Yumiko who finished talking with Seko-san, cuddles closely next to Kenichi. While overwhelmed by her shining beauty, certain convictions arise from casual works and expressions, which rapidly become a black mass and erodes Keiko’s chest.

“Ah, this is Keiko Shioya, a former middle school classmate. She was the number one girl in our school and I was longing for her”

“Ah…I´m Keiko Shioya…. Nice to meet you”

Keiko bows down in a hurry.

“Uhuhu…is that so…. Then, you´re Kenich-san’s first love? You’re really beautiful…. I can only admire…”

“Th, That…. I am…. compared to Yamaji-san…”

Because of the former Miss Japan’s aura, Keiko is becoming subservient. She doesn’t like to feel such a feeling, but she cant stop herself anyhow.

“However, I´m envious of Keiko for such a acquaintance from such a long time…. I wanted to get acquainted with this person sooner”

(This person…after all…)

While Yumiko talks to Keiko, her hot eyes are poured into Kenichi. The line of sight that is similar to that passion also tells the eloquence of the inner face of this bombshell in lieu of anything. Every time Keiko meet Kenichi, she strongly embraces him and kiss him while showing the same eyes.

The distance between the two people in front of Keiko and the air that wraps more than anything tells their relationship. The black mass that grew in the back of her chest accompanies pain and gradually spreads widely.

“Ooo! Midou-kun, were you in such a place?”

“Yes. I am disturbing you. Sensei…”

When Keiko was about to sink in a dark feeling, an elderly person with sharp eyes appeared suddenly with a bold voice. Since the neighborhood makes it what, a space is created to draw circles around the elderly.

(Eh, lie! Why…)

Keiko came here and was hit by a few shocks, watching the elderly talking to Kenichi closely while following the entourage. There is no impossibility. The person called Sensei was one of the guests of this party and was the active cabinet minister. He isn’t alone in surprise. Her husband and the man who he was talking with are consolidating with open eyes as to why he speaks to such a young woman parenthetically.

However, without concern for such surrounding air, the Minister and Kenichi are exchanging words with one another. Wordspace is rough, but it is obvious to anyone that this minister has a favor for Kenichi for some reason and even some kind of worry. Kenichi opens his mouth so that it sounds surprisingly ambient.

“Ah, Sensei. I will introduce you, this is my former middle school classmate, Shioya who is said to be the next president of Ogawa Construction”

“Initially, I, I am the managing director of Ogawa Construction, my name is Shioya!”

When Kenichi introduces, Shioya bends down like a rice grasshopper. His honorable attitude so far is scattered and his face is whitening with tension.

“…Hou. you´re a classmate of Midou-kun. I have to look over it”

“Thank you very much, sensei. His company is also medium-sized like the Yamaji construction company so it seems quite difficult to do business in this era…”

“Is that so…. I cant do it without you knowing Midou-kun. If you dont get anything, please do not hesitate to tell me”

“Yes! Thank you very much!!”

While watching her husband who definitely bows at the biggest angle of life, Keiko looks at the face of Kenichi standing beside her. His grin, looked like a carnivorous beast looking at his prey. As usual his eyes shine red. A mysterious color light.

(Aaah…. ho, how…)

At that moment, there was a sound in the inside of her body. Keiko who knows the meaning is astonished to be aware that her body gradually gets hotter. It is a primitive instinct that this mature female who knows the pleasure of sex want Kenichi´s strong colt. The physiological reaction as a woman which was forgotten completely when she is with her husband.

(Su, Such…in such a place…. That person is also near…)

Her husband receiving the business card of the Minister is unaware of the sudden plight of Keiko. It was the only salvation, but she felt lustful in the presence of so many people, trembling without shamefulness, empathy and despair.

“Ah? …Keiko-san, maybe…you too?”


A whispering voice coming from the side. Looking at the beautiful appearance that is like a grinning devil, the melody of the back became transmitted to the whole body and strength left her knees and she is likely to collapse. Looking at her eyes, Keiko is convinced that this beautiful woman is understanding everything.

“You too are so…. You know that awesome thing…”

A small sweet voice. No doubt. This beautiful woman also knows that tremendous pleasure. It is sweet like that honey, hot like fire and deep pleasure like darkness. An ant hell that drags a woman. When you fall, you will enjoy something tremendously but you won’t be able to go back anymore.

“Huhuhu…. I feel like that we can become good friends. Next time, come and visit my house with your husband. I’m sure it will be fun, as I will call Kenichi-sama…huhuhu…”

When her crimson lips open and the pink tongue appears, Yumiko starts to lick her own lips. Just staring at that obscene movement Keiko felt a light acme unbelievably.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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