Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 236


As the congressman leave the place in a good mood, the people around him also naturally diverted. When Kenichi took the wave and went to the toilet and tried to return to the original banquet room, Keiko came as if she had been in the middle of the way. Her white beautiful face is stiff.

“…Hey…. That person… What is with that person?”

The party is still in full swing, there are not many people in the corridor of the hotel. Still, her voice is suppressed and Keiko asks while worrying about surroundings. The elegant grey lady suit is at a glance a Chanel design.

“…What is with that person?”

“That beautiful person! You came with…the woman called Yamaji”

Keiko’s eyes say spit it out, as she stares and glares at Kenichi. Her eyes that resemble a cat, are the same as when she was a middle school student and hated Kenichi. Becoming a married woman who is quite grown up, Keiko was originally a winner and Kenichi a strong loser.

“Ah, I think you heard that, she is the president of the company where I’m a director of…”

“I don’t mean that!”

She interrupts the explanation and raises her voice without thinking. Watching the guests walking sideways looking at them, she swallows the words that follow and hurriedly closes her mouth.

“…It’s not like that…. That’s not the case…”

“…If not so, what’s the matter?”

“You, I wasn’t the only one…. You have a relationship with that woman…that’s right!”

Keiko is convinced. It is not a question but an assertion. She sensed the subtle air of that woman who shared the pleasure of meat with her female intuition. However, Kenichi laughs and smiles at a glance like a curse that seems to kill herself as if she was nothing.

“Why can I blame you for it as it was true?”

“Wh, why…. But, but…”

Because she was whispered that he liked her many times in bed and he repeatedly said that he liked her for a long time since he was a middle school student, Keiko who had become Kenichi´s lover before she was aware of it disapproves the reality again and bathed in cold water. It is a misplaced story that she who has a husband is jealous to say that her affair has a lover.

Even so, Keiko was shocked. She has been together with her husband since middle school which is nearly 20 years, so there are no romantic feelings that burn any longer. There must be a strong bond as a married couple, but she is closer to being a family with Kenichi as lover.

Such a time. When Keiko realized that she was going to finish her life as a woman, Kenichi appeared before her. A classmate who was timid and bizarre was appearing as a totally different and attractive man beyond the time of 20 years, and she fell in love with such a man. It is obviously a unlucky love, but she cant stop her burning mind any longer. And yet.

Keiko chews her own lips. Then Kenichi suddenly took her hand and opened the door facing the corridor and brought her in there. There is a banquet room next to the venue where the party is being held, there seems to be nothing today, as no one is inside. Only a round table and chairs that surround it are probably used for a wedding ceremony.


Suddenly being hugged Kenichi kissed her. Her body stiffens, but it was only for the first few seconds. Leave it to the passion which overflows from the back of the mind immediately and when she loses her strength, she vigorously pushes her lips against Kenichi´s lips and also hugs him.


Intertwining tongues. Exchanging saliva. When Kenichi´s long tongue vandalizes the palate, her head turns white and when the tongue enters her mouth it feels like a thrill runs through her spirit. Then Keiko became crazy. Forgetting that this is the banquet room of a hotel and that her husband is in the venue next door, she seeks the sweet stimulation that is given.

The sexual feeling that has been ripe since the age of 30 is completely blooming here. The back of the body gets hot with the joy of being required as a woman, and the flame of sensuality that melts away makes the whole body melt.

“Me…do you love me?”

“Yes, I love you…”

“Me too! I love you too…aaaaa…”

The hypnotic effect of advanced wave resonance is completely imprinted in the deep consciousness of this poor wife. It is uncertain whether Shioya, who will overturn his attention to other women, is aware of such a change in Keiko, but this pathetic married woman who has been neglected fits in a tragic love story. Like stepping into the bottomless swamp that leads to hell.

“This is…it’s already muddy, isn’t it?”

“Aaaa! Don’t say it…aaa, I feel it there…”

When Kenichi put his hands in Keiko´s skirt while standing, the burning pussy was getting wet enough to clearly see even from above the stockings. The preparation is completed.

“It can’t be helped…. Hey, look at that and raise your butt”

“…Eh? …Eee…aaaa…th, that…”

Putting her hands against the wall at the corner of the venue and pulling the panty and stockings down, Kenichi pierces this hungry married woman’s vagina from behind.

“In, in such a place…noooo!! Hiiiiguuuuuu!!!”

Although she resists only in form, her body that is fully prepared readily gives way to the invader by surrendering. The wall of the mucosa filled with flesh faithfully reflects the owner’s desire.

“Ohooooooo!!! Aaaaaaaa!!!”

“If you leak out a too loud voice, Shioya will come straight away from the side…”

“Noooo!!! Higuuuuu!!!”

The fear that anyone may come in is a spice of tremendous pleasures inside her body. This beautiful married woman excited by an abnormal thrill drowns in the unforgivable love and infidelity, even using the feeling of guilt for her husband as a material.

“Nnnhiiiiii!! Guuuuuuuuu!!!”

When the deepest part is hit with the huge glans, sparks are scattered in front of Keiko, her head turns white and she quickly fades into a burning orgasm. While the meat fold spits out mucus liquid, it intertwines with a penis other than her husband.

Keiko blocks the screams in her mouth, as she is in a place she doesn’t know who will come in. While holding her hands against that wall and pushing out her ass, she is being fucked from behind while still being dressed. That abnormal situation instead doubled the sexual feeling and makes that modest wife become a beast.

If she doesn’t move while sticking all the way in the back, she won’t be able endure the desire to seek further stimulation and get bogged down by a painful expression that let her raise her eyebrows.


“Isn’t it good? Aren’t you worried that Shioya will find out?”

“…Aaa…good…good…. More…. I want more…mess me up…”

Keiko, whose sensuality is lit and the lewdness is exposed shakes her ass from the side as well, so as to invite further pistons by shaking right and left. She wants to be punctured where her husband cant reach, sweetly inviting Kenichi while turning her head around.

“Hey…heyhey…. Inside…. Please the interior like always…”

“I intended to do it lightly…. But if you feel like that, I will do it strongly”

“Aaaaa! I’m happy. Please…more… I want to have sex more…”

While resisting the mucous membrane that is tightly entangled, Kenichi´s huge penis ruin the womb´s inside. To Keiko roaring from the pleasure offered by Kenichi, the ringtone of her smartphone heard from the bag that fell to the floor never reached.

“Aaaa!!! Goooddddd!!! Hooooooooo!!!!”

A beautiful woman who continues to appeal pleasure with a loud voice, emitting a sweet smell and sweating all over her body moves her white hips at the woman on top posture. The huge breasts are about to fall out from the blue half-bra and they are shaking as the body moves. A huge penis is stabbed in from the bottom and the tip heavily infiltrates the uterus.

“That congressman, he seems to be very happy…. He was thankful for being uncomfortable…”

“Huhuhu…. I guess so. He wants to be in the next presidential election, so he’d like to see his rival´s scandal get out of my throat.

“But the factions are together, don’t they?”

“Easy-going…. It is common sense in this world that the enemy is pretended to be allies”

Kenichi is convinced that the club mother, Yamaoka Yuki, pointed out that way. Yuki who is doing a knee pillow gently strokes his hair and gazes at his face gently. It’s been a while since they met for the first time so it seems she is finally satisfied.

“Iiiii!!! Aaaaa!!! Ikuuuuu!!! Cummiiinnggg!!!!”

Coupled with that pretty woman ‘s voice, it sounds like BGM for a long time with the splashing water and the sigh. It is not something that one or two people spin. Eight beautiful women gathered around Kenichi´s whole body lying on the bed and continuing their caress since a while ago. Because they were waiting for their beloved man who they were able to meet after a long absence, everyone is intense like starving animals. Not to mention the point of feeling, as well as carefully licking the fingers and toes over and over again and again.


The beautiful woman who raise a cry again reaches the culmination, as if tightening the cliff and the root like vise, she was distracted. Her cold beautiful appearance which is well arranged is melted and collapsed, she loses energy as it is and collapses momentarily, but it is also a brief moment. Suddenly another beautiful woman caught up and begins to raise her voice after putting Kenichi´s penis into her wet hot pussy.

“Naaaaaa! Its irresistible. This…I wanted this…”

The other women continue licking the whole body of Kenichi who is naked. The service of those serious sex slaves is amazingly enthusiastic and awkward. That is not all. The sweat that flows from Kenichi´s body is an aphrodisiac for them. Just getting it on their tongues or lips, the libido will be enhanced and the pleasure will be doubled. Because there are 8 people, the beautiful girls have enough to hold each other.

“Aaa…quickly…quickly, substitute with me…”

“Next is me…. I cant wait anymore…”

They are ages apart, the top is from the latter half of 30 years old to the bottom 20 years. All that is in common is that they are high-level beauties and that they smell very wonderful somewhat. To tell the truth, all of them are mistresses of that powerful congressman. Normally they are club hostesses and models and give their bodies to the elderly people with financial strength and power in exchange for high rewards.

And Kenichi made them his belonging with the power of the Inma. His purpose is one. He made them spies working for himself. For example, the bribery scandal of a powerful candidate who got this time is information obtained from a big-breasted idol who was raising a loud cry until a while ago.

They are in the bedroom of the super luxury apartment where Yuki lives. There is a huge king-size bed that is about 20 tatami mats. It is so sturdy that it is okay to have 10 people inside, as it is for Kenichi to enjoy orgies at night. Although the cold air of the cooler is circulating in the room which is not narrow, it seems to be defeated by the heat and the moisture that ten people begin to spin and the smell of sex is filling the room.

“I’ll ask you for information, too…”

“Huhuu…. Leave it to me…. Because there are lots of new people at the mouth of Terashima Daddy, I will purchase more information from now…”

Congressman Terashima, the original owner of the club “Esprit”, has a relationship with Kenichi who now owns the club. It seems that there are more profits for Terashima from Kenichi than before, although his mistresses and club were stolen, they are working together for each others purpose now. As all the congressmen introduced by Terashima are big-names, the words leaked at the club and the conversations on the phone are sometimes inflicting huge value.

“Well, Sensei over there has been asked to cover up the evidence of the case. This is the territory of the Genkai group”

“Well, I say it’s a rice cake shop, so I better ask those people…”

Kenichi got not only spies and connection with politicians. Another big one is the connection with the biggest gang in the Kanto region. The third generation failed to replace the fourth generation and former enemies now have symbiotic relationships. A strong pipe with politicians and professionals of violence. Kenichi is working hard in the dark behind society, while keeping beautiful girls gathering there and making his own things.

“Hooooooo!!! Ikuuuuu!! Cuuummiinnggg!!! Aaaahiiiiiii!!!”

Another beautiful woman trembles her body, as she is climbing up to ecstasy. If it is an Japanese, there is no one who doesn’t know, this half french super famous newscaster.

Even in such a situation that would make her fans disappointed as they shed tears, Kenichi is lying quietly. A large amount of energy flows into his body and eventually it is sucked into the black bruise on his penis. The overwhelming power gets farther, the more he remembers the illusion that there is a nuclear power plant in his body.

At that time, Kenichi ‘s ears whose hearing has improved many times have captured only a small change. A special ringtone that the silver machine conveyed inside his suit.

“Yuki, go and get me the smartphone from my suit”

“Eh? …Yes…”

When Yuki rebukes her knees, she does as she is told. Displaying a just received message on the screen of the machine that enters the palm. Kenichi laughs with a grin, reading the sentence. As he aimed for it, he pushes up his hips from below.

“Higuuuuuuu!! Ahiiiiiiii!!!!!”

The supersaturated pleasure boils and that pathetic half beauty makes her whole body shaking.

In the message on that screen, along with the date and place, there is a single word that someone would like to see him there. At first glance it is nothing. If it is a woman who want to be embraced by Kenichi, will sent such an mediocre content. Except that the sender is Reiko Arisawa.

“Who’s next?”

“…Ah, me…me…”

An actress who played a leading role in a drama of state-run broadcasting a while ago said so with a joyful looking face. Keeping all the beautiful lads waiting for his order to crawl before him, Kenichi penetrates that actress from behind at a stroke while showing a brutal smile.

“Ahhhhhh! There! Interriioorrr! Aaaa!!!!”

Immediately pushed up to the climax, this pretty actress falls into ecstasy while trembling with her whole body and Kenichi fucks her calmly like a beast. As if seeing black wings grew from Kenichi´s back, Yuki alternated between him and the smartphone that had lost its radiance, as she trembled with an somewhat ominous feeling.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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