Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 243

Half model

“Aaaa!!! Kenichi!! Aaaa, there! There there!! Stronger there!! Aaaahiii!!!”

A black man and a white woman intersect on a pure white bed. They are like two beasts seeking each other and intertwining with each other. They caress each other and drool out of being horny. Every time the man moves violently, the beautiful woman screams loudly like drowning in obnoxious sounds.

“Here? Keiko…”

“There! There!! Aaaa…. This is what I wanted all the time!! Aaaiiiii!!! Hiiii!! More…poke more!! Aaaa!! Guuuuu!!!”

When a weak point in the womb which was developed completely is poked with the long penis, Keiko trembles with her white body covered in sweat and continues to raise a cry that has never been heard by her husband. Her husband, even if she allows the intrusion into the depths that he never reached physically, he won’t be able to reach that deep even if he uses every possible way.

“Aaaa…more…more…poke me more!! The inside is comfortable! Poke me more inside!! There guguu…aaaa!!!!”

Kenichi wonders how long since they moved to this room. Keiko Shioya has been penetrated by him for the whole time and has been pushed up to countless climaxes in the meantime. An affair hot spring trip which is an secret to her husband. It is no exaggeration to say that the reason why Keiko came over to the mountains by train was to enjoy plenty of this transcendent pleasure.

(If I taste this…I cant return…I cant return…)

Keiko remembers even instinctive fear while being fucked at the normal position. Every time she cheats with Kenichi, every pleasure is so joyful that it becomes dark, hot and deep. It was pleasure of a different dimension from the beginning, but it gets deeper further these days. Last time Keiko was completely ravished at a love hotel for several hours, but at the end her body started to melt and flowed.

Even so, she behaves as before. While tasting the pleasure of deep sex, she was wearing a limiter somewhat. That is not necessary today. Today she is a female and will appreciate this tremendous pleasure. Liberating everything and just lay in the pleasure of the flesh.

“Himuuuuuu!!! Huguuuuuuu!!!!”

When she closes her lips to get drunk enough to whiten her brain, she widens her mouth and accepts everything. Then a strong love sense comes up to the man who fucks herself stubbornly and Keiko is driven by the urge to want to devote everything to Kenichi.

“Do you like me?”

“…Aaaa! Favorite!! I like you!! I love you!!!”

“Do you love me?”

“I love you!! You…I love Kenichi from the bottom of my heart!”

Keiko responds immediately without hesitation to the question as if she had read his mind. Every time she tells Kenichi she likes him, the feeling is doubled and every time she shouts I love you she will be full of happiness. By doing so repeatedly many times, it will be deeply engraved inside her heart and will never disappear again.

(Aaaa!! Amazing!! Amazing…something amazing comes!!!)

Keiko shudders on the enormous approaching pleasure tsunami. It is so awesome that she has never experienced it in her life and she closes her eyes. Contrary to her frightening heart, her ripe body desires it completely.

“I’ll cum in your vagina…. I will make you become pregnant today”

“Hii…!! …Aaaa…Aaaaa…aaaaa!!!”

When the numb brain reacts to the whisper and she finally understands, emotions like fear and joy are blown up instantly and the whole body gets hot like it was burned with fire.

(Not good! …But…but…aaa…great…)

What came to Keiko´s mind was herself stroking the big belly that contains her baby. However, her expression looks very happy and is overflowing with the pleasure of a pregnant mother who truly loves her child. Keiko who visually inspected herself in the future is surrounded by explosive delight at that moment.

“Take it out! Aaa…put it out inside my vagina!! Embrace me!!”

Keiko begging by shedding tears. She already doesn’t care about her husband who is in Tokyo, social position and external responsibility already, she just wishes for having Kenichi´s child. The uterus has been descending as much as possible in search of a child so that it responds to Keiko´s decision and the uterine mouth opens its big mouth to suck off all genes that are exhaled. The hip joint becomes unbelievably soft and the legs which spreads to the maximum entangle around Kenichi’s waist.

“Cumming! Now!! Aaa!! Now, now, cumm!! Cum now greatly! Take it out quickly!! Hurry!!!”

Keiko who has been subjected to a big tsunami screams at the top of that wave. The muscles of her whole body shrinks tightly and tightens the huge penis swallowed by her pussy with great force. Doing so, the internal folds are peristaltic and entangled around the meat pillar, pulling it in with great power to the back so as to encourage the ejaculation. To the instinctive movements of this serious woman who wants to be greedy, Kenichi´s son also exceeds its patience at last.


Kenichi also released a joyful cry while pouring his white semen into Keiko´s vagina. The sperm is physically chunked into the back of the vagina.

“Cummiinngg!!!! Shivering! Hooooooooo!!!”

A peculiar pleasure of different dimension is received from having the sperm released into the uterus. Keiko trembles with her whole body out of excitement and releases a scream as if she falls to the ground from a skyscraper, due to its too much stimulation.

“Ohoooo!!! Amaazzziinnggg!!! Wonnderrfuulll!!”

The cry is so loud, that many people would rush here. This amazingly high voltage pleasure current continued for many seconds and Keiko was convulsing as if she was struck by lightning, but eventually she loses her consciousness without enduring the load. If that pleasure was continuing for a few seconds, her personality would have been broken.

This room in the hot spring inn in the mountain area regained its original tranquility again with Keiko’s fainting.


When Kenichi get away from Keiko, he returned to the original room and took out a beer from the refrigerator and drank it down with one breath. He was sweating because he had sex endlessly and was thirsty.

When the hand reached the second one and opened it halfway, the door which should be locked opened. Two beautiful ladies come in from there, sitting right and left of Kenichi without saying anything. Both of them are wearing yukatas of this inn and you can see at a glance that they are guests staying at this inn.

“It was awfully loud…. Even if we are next to you, we hear everything…”

“She raises a voice like a beast…. Even though she has a pretty face like a doll…she is really erotic…”

The beautiful girls come close from left and right to Kenichi who is covered with sweat. Even without using magical power, both of them are totally lustful and Kenichi knows that it is the estrus odor peculiar to a mature female body that is burning like Keiko a while ago.

“Aah…Ken-chan, you’re full of sweat…”

While snuggling from the left, Yuuki Cecil flows to the neck and licks it. She is a half model with a pretty face, but her smiling expression looks like a prostitute.

“This is too sweaty…. It makes me excited…”

Sweat that flows only on his bare face is licked by the tongue of the beautiful woman who brought her face close from the right.She is also a half model, but her beautiful face is stiff. It is a good contrast to the cute Cecil.

Her name is Strauss Kasumi. A half with a German father and a Japanese mother. She worked as a model like Cecil, but recently she got a lot of publicity in TV variety. And now she is totally a celebrity, receiving direct telling and poisonous tongue that does not make clothing to her teeth.

It was only a week ago that Kasumi met Kenichi. She was caught by “SHADO” and was brought to Kenichi.

So. Like Cecil, Kasumi is a succubus.

More than half a year ago, Kasumi who was a model that couldn’t be sold, fused with a dragon she had met in a dream, and together she slept with producers, directors, entertainers and athletes every night. As opposed to the men who are drowning in herself as fun, she accumulated magical power and captivated them with pleasures unusual for normal people and strengthened her position as model and celebrity.

Kasumi who enslaved the men with her beautiful appearance, body and technique as such a half-devil had no chance against Kenichi who is a genuine devil and she was subdued by continuously being fucked all night. At first she resisted, but soon she drowned in the pleasure like storm and when she noticed she swore her slavery to Kenichi.

Since then, Kasumi has been embraced every day. Kenichi also liked the delicacy of the female succubus who he just gotten and enjoying her white supple body by calling this popular half model a number of times now. Keiko, of course, is the main source of this hot-spring trip, but because those two learned about the plan of travel Kenichi reluctantly let them come with him.

“Please show off for me too…”

“That person is nice…. I also want to travel with Ken-chan alone…”

“Sly…I know that she is your first love…but I also love you…”

“Leave such a nice woman all the way…. Terrible…”

Cecil and Kasumi ring their nose and rustles. On the road before coming here, they were on the same car and had been showing their love. While licking their lips from both sides and licking Kenichi´s neck with their long tongues, they invite him like prostitutes.

“Aah…this is also so muddy…. There is lots of honey juice from that married woman…. I will clean it up…”

Kasumi, who talked about the noisy voice Keiko raised while they stayed next door, reached for Kenichi´s crotch while saying so. She tried to grab the penis that became muddy with sperm and honey juice but someone else took it first.

“Because I make this one clean, you should do it elsewhere”

Cecil says so triumphantly.She is Kasumi´s senior as a model and as slave, so she can command Keiko around.

“What are you saying! You win only because you were quicker!”

Kasumi shoot lightly angered big eyes at Cecil and says that. Because she is a junior, she gives up, but because of her german blood she doesn’t want to give up or is it her own innate personality?

“You didnt…. I thought so at the time of the show, but politeness against your senior hasn’t been done!”

“Well, I guess there will be neither seniors nor juniors at this time, it’s stupid to take Japanese courtesies to a half”

“You say so, I´m a half too!”

Both models compete between Kenichi’s legs. Cute Cecil and cute beautiful Strauss Kasumi. Kenichi obtained both of them, but these two seemed to have been famous because they are good in their job as models.

Models fighting of popularity, especially half models are competing against each other, but in particular these two had a lot of competing factors. It was decisive that Kasumi had dished Cecil on TV. Although no real name was named, as soon as the lips move, the opponent who is a bad mouth is Cecil was ballet, that happened in the blink of an eye in the net. It seems that the trigger was a trivial wrest in a collection, but since then these two were close to dog monkeys.

“Don’t say something bad, whichever you want, you both can suck it…”

Kenichi, whose head is aching, cant endure the contest between these girls, so he makes a decision for Cecil and Kasumi who finally get a contradiction and make abrought their faces from the left and right close.

“Sorry, I will make you feel good”

“I will give you lots of caress…. So…forgive me…”

Both apologies to Kenichi for their quarrel. The most popular half models put their lips against Kenichi´s penis and licks it with their tongues as if fighting for it. Their long eyelashes on the big eyes are so rough that the sounds stand out every time they close and the strangely high nose is in the way of a blowjob. Their pretty appearances are fundamentally different from Asians. While watching the two half-beauties who give him a service, Kenichi drinks his beer to satisfy his dry throat.

“Hey…how is this place? …Here, is this comfortable?”

“It feel better here, doesn’t it… I will caress more…”

The two half models suck on Kenichi’s dick by competing without worrying about Keiko’s honey juice. Every time their magical powered tongue crawls, intense pleasure spreads out and it is swaying by the double fellatio of these two succubus.

Cecil and Kasumi alternately change places to skillfully caress the dick with their service as they get used to it. They exactly know which part Kenichi feels. They uses both tongues, both mouths and twenty fingers to blame Kenichi´s weak points. If Cecil grips the glans and scrubs it with her lips, she licks the flesh with a long tongue. When Kasumi makes her tongue move around the glans inside her hot mouth, Cecil moves the service to the testicles.

(The photo weekly magazines will jump off if they see this…)

Two popular half models flock in his own crotch. While enjoying their oral service, he completely drank his beer and breathed in with a blow.

“Well, I will take a bath before Keiko wakes up…”

Kenichi stands up casually and takes off his yukata, before he heads for the outdoor bath outside the room. Here is the highest grade at this inn, where an outdoor bath where only the guests of this room enter is located outside.

“Well, then I will join you…I will wash your back!”

“No, I also…. I will come too and massage you!”

Both of them quickly took off their yukatas and underwears and their magnificent nudities appeared. The nine heads long body draws a perfect curve and it continues to the long legs that makes you sigh. There is no spots or scratches on the white skins which is different from Japanese. Men who know Cecil´s and Kasumi´s perfect naked bodies went crazy when they saw it. Moderate nutrition and exercise and esthetics. Their bodies polished with gold and time are brilliant further by the magical power overflowing from the inside.

“No, ecchi…. There’s something like this…”

“Did you want that married woman to use it? We will do it first…”

On the floor of the quite large bathtub, a air mat is placed and carefully even lotion is gathered. As Kenichi gently soaked in the bathtub, he got up and the two half beauties were ready and waited for him

(As it looks like it will take a while until Keiko awakes, so it won’t happen for a couple of hours…)

Keiko doesn’t seem to be awake yet because Kenichi has absorbed her sexual energy. The power of the black wave is weak in nature in the mountains, but Kenichi can still sense that much. As soon as he get lost on the air mat as prompted, Cecil and Kasumi soon come close with their naked bodies full of lotion.

“Ken-chan doesn’t have to do anything…. We will make you feel good…”

“I will make your whole body feel good with the lotion…”

Both bring their white bodies near from left and right. Usually they hate each other, but in this kind of things they show a perfect teamwork. Soap play. No, in fact it is more. They carefully suck every single finger and toe.

“I will squeeze all over here and give you a little extra service”

“Because you have two succubuses as opponents, be prepared to cry on the way, we won’t forgive you…”

Twenty fingers and two tongues crawling throughout Kenichi´s body. All of them stimulate weak points, so that Kenichi quickly regains power again.

“No…amazing taste…”

“Yabai…this is not bad…”

Both half-models are more enthusiastic about their service than they look like. Rubbing their pure white skins against Kenichi´s body and serve him fully. Lotion play by two succubus who were good in sexual skill. Kenichi was enjoying the slow and dirty time.

“Emily was found!”

That call received by Reiko Arisawa was just after finishing the afternoon briefing at “SHADO” headquarters. What has been reporting is the assault of an Incubus. They found Terasawa Emily, belonging to the analysis group of “SHADO”, in a room of a apartment they stormed.

“Well, then, is she safe?”

Reiko seeks the answer hastily. That is no problem. She had been worried about Emily´s safety for a long time. Moreover, from the situation, there is no doubt that she has been captured by a devil since her disappearance.

“In fact…she is safe, but…”

Listening to the full report, Reiko felt gloomy.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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