Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 244

Parent-Teacher meeting

“We can’t find the cause of this. We are honest, there is no way to do this. After that, we can only get over it with the patient’s own power… ”

While listening to the explanation of the doctor, Reiko looks at Emily’s face who is lying on the bed. Her beautiful face has a gentle look and even at this time with the depth of the carving unique to white women. Suddenly Reiko remembers the story of “Sleeping Beauty” while watching Emily´s sleeping face.


From Emily´s body which is under the white sheet, a number of cords are stretched out and connected to the equipment that is stacked next to her. It confirms the vital signs and the signals they show were all normal. In other words, although there is some kind of trauma, the body itself can be said to be healthy.

But the problem is that consciousness doesn’t return.

Emily is sleeping. When she was discovered in an apartment where there was a lair, it was already in this state. She was obviously raped many times and there were some lacerations in her vagina, but there was no other injury besides that. The doctors also made a precise examination of the brain just in case, but there is no shock or crash. Still her consciousness doesn’t return. In medicine, the same condition as sleeping continues, but Emily doesn’t react even if the doctors make a loud voice or even if she is stimulated, it is just such a deep sleeping state. Just like “Sleeping Beauty”.

(There is no choice but to wait for her to wake up…)

Recalling that the doctor told her that while feeling the absence of her power, Reiko Arisawa, the chief executive of “SHADO”, left the hospital so as to drag her legs without force.

“Idiot! Why isn’t he accepting the call! That damn it!”

Suddenly, she heard her husbands shouting from the living room, Keiko Shioya trembles with her body while washing in the kitchen. Thanks to her husband she dropped the dish in her hand.

Grumpy husband. He was calling someone since a while ago, but it seems that the opponent did not accept the call. During middle school he was always fighting, but as he grows up he has changed and now she is a gentle husband. Recently, however, there are many things that irritates him at times and violent behavior and behavior like before have become noticeable.

(I wonder if there was something at work…)

Her husband who got a job at homebuilding construction as he got married to Keiko is scheduled to become the president after succeeding her father. He is now a senior managing director, but her father has already told her that Shioya has worked well in the management team. However, as the construction industry is surprisingly sensitive to the current economic situation, it is a fact that even Keiko who is not engaged in her family business knows about it as much work as continuing business in the current low growth era.

“What’s wrong…dear? …I heard your shout…”

While wiping her hands and going to the living room, Shioya sitting on the sofa held his head in front of the smartphone.

“…Aaa. There is a little trouble…”

Whether the excitement still doesn’t fit, the eyes of her husband who raised his face are blood running. It is a very serious event. Shioya rarely gets angry with such an rough voice.

“So…work, doesn’t go smoothly…?”

She listened casually, but Keiko regretted it at once. The face of her husband hearing that question changed and it turned into a demonic-like expression.

“Ah, whatever it is, that’s not true! It doesn’t matter to you!”

Actually it’s not even work related at all, a very private trouble. Moreover, because it is about the payment of a high-class club of Ginza, Shioya isn’t supposed to say the contents to his wife. Its backlash and frustration became a toy, and the flame on which the fire came was burning like a big fire again. In that case no one can stop it.

“Th, that……I didn’t want to make you angry…I just saw how worried you were…”

“Shut up! Be silent! It’s my problem! Please retract!”

Shioya cant control his raging feelings and shout at his wife. He cant control the ferocious emotions raging in his body as if a dark mass crept into his heart.

“Awful! Talking to me in such a way!”

“Because you’re useless, keep silent and wash dishes!”

Her husband who is completely drunk screams with his face turned red. Because alcohol is also included, he looks just like a devil.

“In general, you don’t know my hardship and went to a relaxing hot spring trip!”


What hampered eclipse? Shioya grabbed the box of sweets placed on the coffee table and threw it at Keiko suddenly. It is a souvenir that she bought from the hot spring inn.

“…Awful…so awful…”

Fortunately the box and contents did not hit Keiko, but her husband tried to hit her obviously. Keiko who became pale was standing for a while, but eventually she headed to the bedroom on a small stroke and locked it from the inside, launching into the bed and shedding tears. But her husband’s shoutling voice is still heard through the door.

“Everyone is playing with me!”

This is a quarrel between couples that happens often. But certainly this day was border, something started to break inside Keiko. And the things that those two who love each other built over 20 years became fragile and collapse as if they were devastated by termites.

“Then, regarding the matter of establishing 『Parent-teacher meeting room』 inside the school, it was passed unanimously. …Then, continuing, I will move on to the explanation about the middle school section that will open from the next fiscal year. Then, please look at…”


While watching the young vice-principal who is serving as a moderator, Noa Saegusa, a new teacher at Ellis Female Academy, was trying to keep calm despite being puzzled about the hot impulse that strikes herself since a while ago. It is an incredibly lively emotion and it is a dark and hot urge that should not be occurring in such a situation. Anyway, this is her work place in Ellis young ladies academy and there are many other mothers and teachers in this classroom which is the auditorium.

(Wh…why, this is…. Aaaa…subside…)

Despite the desperate desires, something bulges rapidly. It is something that she knows well and knows what it means. It is the desire of the flesh, the desire to combine with a strong male. Considering the place and the event called Parents’ Association held at the academy on a Saturday, her emotions seem to be abnormal.

“We will start recruiting 120 new students from the next fiscal year. Preparations are already advanced, on Page 5 the schedule is written…”

Explanation from the vice-principal continues without stagnation. While everyone is listening to it, Saegusa-san tries to keep the embarrassing urge suddenly happening, but she cant control it all the way. Striking her red face, she desperately pretends to be calm, as her body burns rapidly.

(Why…. I don’t feel such a thing to him…so why…)

School staff line up in front of her. From the time she saw the doctrine in it, it grew steadily. Once conscious, it did not go apart like clinging to others, but rather began to tie her body. Thanks to the explanations and discussions being done since a little while ago, it doesn’t come into her mind at all.

“But from the application in such a short time, you got permission?”

An elderly man sitting in the front row of the auditorium says so with admiration. That was a frank opinion rather than a question.

“Yes, thanks to the concerned ministries and agencies being quick to understand, it was smoother than expected”

Vice-principal and director Kenichi Midou answers with a smile by lifting the edge of his mouth a little. Junko Yoshikawa who knows the meaning hidden behind those words laughs and smiles.

It is no wonder that she smiles. Kenichi, who blackmailed the Minister of the relevant ministry with an great scandal, forcibly attached it to the story and got the permission in a short period of time. Or maybe the strong working minister who passed the age of 70 was a great enthusiast.

(I would like to do ecchi…aaa…)

Behind the parents who lined up in a row. Sitting side by side with other teachers in the last row, Noa fought desperately with the black emotions that attacked her like a returning wave.

Her body that has been developed by men who she has been involved with so far melt down and collapse. Her vagina hidden behind the underlying black stockings open its mouth like the jaw of a carnivorous animal and releases hot slimy liquid. The clitoris is congested completely, rubbing against the panty.

Since they met a year ago, Noa didn’t have much sex with her current boyfriend. Especially the actions of last six months are countable and as each one was busy with work, there is little skinship with her boyfriend who was originally fascinating. Because it is Noa who is not good at being prideful and amenable to men, she absolutely never asked for it from herself, but as a result she wasn’t particularly dissatisfied with it. Until she comes to this place today.

(Why…Why do I want this…. But…aaa…I want…I want to do it…I want to do something ecchi…)

Normally her work occupies her mind. And now what occupies the mind, is the fellowship of meat like that of animals that she experienced a little more than 10 years ago.

She was in a relationship at her university days with a crude married man who was a beast that asked for her young body each time they met. However Noa became frightened and broke up with him after half a year and it became a secret that she could never tell her current boyfriend. She straddled that man on a park bench and did an sexual act in a toilet at the university. She kept standing in the shadow of a building without a shadow, as her pussy became muddy after having spent all time in class with no panty. She was frightened by the fear of pregnancy, so she did not allow him to cum inside her vagina.

(Wh…why do I remember that person, now…)

Memory that was buried in the bottom of her hippocampus. How come she remembers it so vividly now? That and then she noticed.

(Eyes…those eyes…those eyes look at me…aaa…)

Every time her line of sight gathers with that man occasionally, her whole body trembles. It is the gaze of a carnivore beast aiming at its prey. Eyes of a tiger who is hungry aiming for its soft prey. Every time Noa looks into those pale eyes that are slim and reddish, something hot and cold moves throughout her body and makes her realize that her eroticism melts down every time.


At the moment their eyes met again, something heated up. A grueling, brutal and ferocious gaze which obviously targets herself with desire. Imagining herself figure that is fucked violently while still wearing her clothes, a sharp stimulation runs from her vagina to the brain.

(Aaa…what shall I do…. This…this sort of thing…)

On the other hand, the female inside Noa reacts to that gaze. She wants to be fucked with strength. She wants to be raped by forcibly knocked down. She wants that man to overrun her weak self with a ferocious force and screw up her secret place. The scene that floats on her mind at the time of masturbation all the time is flashbacked and her body quickly pushes up to the height in the blink of an eye.


The back of her black tight skirt gets hot as it burns up and when she closes her legs with a sharp turn, the pleasant sensation that seems to let her cry just pierces her whole body. While the parents eagerly listened to the explanation of the school side and took notes, Saegusa-sensei was captivated by a transformational delusion that can never be said to anyone.

(No way…after all so much…)

Noa entered the women toilet and took off her panty before she sat down on the toilet seat and sighs. Although she had expectations, her groin was in a bad state. She took the toilet paper attached herself to the wall and applied it to the groin.


When she wiped the dirty secret part with wet toilet paper, she raised her voice. That part, which became hyperemic and sensitive, spins a sweet pain from such an act. It is a pleasure that she had forgotten about sex with her boyfriend. A slight irritation is triggered, and a fire is lit up in the core at the back of her body in which desire has accumulated. At first it was a very small spark, but it flares like wildfire on a withering field.

(Aaa…what shall I do…why, this…)

While blushing in the private room of the woman toilet, Noa is confused by the desire of her body that runs wild without permission. Suddenly she is sexually excited and feels shy about her intense desire. In any case, this is the workplace where she works and is a school where students usually study.

Today was the first parent-teacher meeting for herself. At Ellis young ladies academy, ten representatives from the parents association are selected for each grade and regularly exchange opinions with school teachers. Although Noa is also an official, she has just arrived and is rather inexperienced, and although a veteran teacher should be in charge of such a meeting in theory, she couldn’t refuse even if she was appealed by the second vice-principal Yamada-san.

Talking about this to Tsujimoto Saki who is also the mother of a student and her own older sister, her good older sister taught about the parents’ association.

『I also thought that it was troublesome at the beginning…』

While drinking tea at a fancy cafe in Aoyama, Noa remembers what Saki said.

『That’s it…. I participated and it was very good…. I could talk with teachers directly and I enjoyed it very much about listening to various opinions. Look, I don’t know the school life of my daughter well, right? I was able to talk about it, so it was very meaningful…』

Her older sister’s eyes who explain to her were shining brightly for some reason. As Saki married into a noble family she could send her daughter to Ellis young ladies academy. Since the housekeeper takes care of the house, in the daytime Saki can enjoy tea like this and go shopping, as she enjoys a celebrity life with her husband working at a large enterprise as the president.

『So, the parents association is meaningful, but the social gathering after that is full of fun…. I can tell you something I cant talk about usually, but I can get acquainted with the mothers of the above grades, who teach me various things. Well, you too will go to the social gathering, do not you? Please get as much information as you can. I think that it was nice to go out with you…』

Saying that Saki laughed mischievously. Unlike Noa´s calm personality, her older sister was aggressive and diplomatic in everything. She doesn’t know who is really the older sister. Thinking so, when she was watching her sister in front of her, Noa felt something different from before. It is difficult to put into words, but something sensitive as a sister.

(My sister…she became so beautiful…)

Noa is thinking again this time by participating in this parent association today. She was a gorgeous facial beauty, but her older sister who carefully wears makeup and wrapped herself in luxury brand clothes was also beautiful.

(And besides all the other mothers are beautiful…)

For the men who are mixed in, there are mostly women who are present at the parents’ association. Mothers of the second and third grades were also mixed, but what they had in common was that they were all inferior beauty watchers from the viewpoint of an Asian. Even if it is a prestigious young ladies academy where the good family’s girls gather, Noa didn’t think that the mothers were all so pretty.

Beautiful mothers gathered at the parents’ association, like someone intentionally chose them. Noa didn’t know at that time that her words had some meaning with immediate physicality.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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