Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 245

A social gathering

When the parents association ended, the place was moved, and several teachers were added, and it became a social gathering. The place was a restaurant of a luxury hotel near the school and it was completely rented by the academy for today. Noa who thought that they are only eating lunch lightly was surprised at the party which lined a gorgeous menu though it was a buffet, and was looking at beautiful, gorgeous mothers who gathered again with a surprise.

Anyway, each of the 30 women who gathered together had good looks and the style of a model. They are wrapped in a polished atmosphere and fashion that does not feel the smell of life, as they are also wearing an aura that overflows from the inside of their bodies that doesn’t fit their ages.

“What is? Are you having fun?”

Saki Tsujimoto, a member of the parents association and Noa’s older sister, spoke with a glass of champagne in her hand. Her older sister felt that Noa who was alone and didn’t have a conversation partner in her first participation in a glamorous party and was saved by her.

「Aa…ye, yes…. But, amazing, this party after the parents association. Its my first time, but I was surprised」

「Isn’t that right? It’s amazing. When I joined before, I was also surprised. Look, there’s foie gras too」

While taking dishes arranged in a buffet style, the two discuss their impressions with each other. They eat a variety of dishes, such as meat and fish, which are so elaborate that it can be seen at first glance. The menu is obviously too extravagant for the social gathering of a parents association

「Hey…. Noa do you have any plans after this」

「Eh? …Eh, nothing in particular, but…」

「Good! So, will you participate? After this, there is a secondary meeting」

「Second meeting?」

「Yes Yes. It was said that we’ll do a second meeting with all the best mothers. But most of the mothers here participate」

「…Eh. …Th, that…」

As for Saki, if most parents participate, they will not be able to go back by themselves quickly. Parents also might have various stories with the teacher, and it is not going to take a different action on the standpoint of a new teacher like Noa.

“Okay, fine…. By the way at what time is it?”

“Eh? Why?”

“Uh…. I participated for the first time last time, but everyone was surprisingly late…. So I thought that it would be better for you to contact your boyfriend in advance……you live together, don’t you?”

“Ye, yeah…well…. how late are they…?”

“It depends on the person…. Maybe it will be midnight?”

“Eeee! Th, That late!!”

Noa looks at the clock on the wall and it is about to be 1 o’clock midday. It is surprising that all those mothers will be excited at the second meeting from now on until midnight. Since everybody has a family, Noa worries about whether they can leave the house for such a long time.

“Well, the men will returned home and only women participate in it, so it’s like a women association…. But all of them are having fun, so I guess you will love it too, Noa…”

Saki laughs mischievously. It is enough to forget that female chatting is fun and time passes, so Noa agree that it may be so if asked.

“That’s right, how is the relationship with your boyfriend, are you thinking about getting married soon?”

“Well, it’s hard to say…”

“He must be a trading guy in a certain place, you need to catch him as soon as possible…or he will be stolen by younger girls…”

After drinking champagne and becoming a bit drunk, Saki has also spoken to various people. At first, Noa was confused by the atmosphere of this party, which was awkward, but by a conversation with an alcohol sickness and her good sister, the feeling that was hard at the beginning disappeared. Among the participants, she talked with several mothers and gradually become familiar with the field.

“Hello. Nice to meet you?”

Where a few people were talking with each other, a glamorous and ornate woman appeared. An small egg-shaped face with glasses and a slim body. Elegant hips and way of speaking. Clothes and accessories seem costly just from looking at her. And, from her aura which is stronger than anything, Noa understands that this beautiful woman is a special being in this party.

“He, Hello…. My name is Saegusa Noa…. I have been appointed as a new teacher here at this academy now. My responsible subject is mathematics…”

“Oh, you’re a new teacher…”

After the pretty woman says that much, she looks as if she found something.

“But…wait? Maybe…you guys…”

“Yeah, actually, Noa is my real younger sister”

As Saki goes on ahead and explains, the beautiful woman who shows a smile is convinced. Even the gesture that restrains her mouth and laughing has the elegance of an pretty flower.

“Ah, that’s right…. I thought that your faces looked alike, but what a coincidence…. Anyway one sister is a parent and the other sister is a teacher…”

At that point, Noa remembered.This beauty in front of her, spoke on behalf of the parents at today’s Parents Association.

“Ah, I´m sorry for my late introduction…. Nice to meet you, I am Shizuka Tojo and I´m the representative of the Parents’ Association”

That pretty woman introduced herself gracefully. Noa feels that she is quite older than this beauty is, but she also feels a strangeness that isn’t relate to such age. That is no problem. People who know Tojo know that she is famous for her prestigious prestige. Among the historic prestigious parents of Ellis young ladies academy, it is probably a name of a tombstone.

As they have talked for a bit, Shizuka has not only an elegant appearance but surprisingly has elegance on the inside too. It is a dignity that education and environment from young age has fruited, and she was born as a prestigious lady with intelligent and gentle thighs as well. Noa also grew up in a wealthy family, but she had to feel that the things that seeped out were different.

“I was surprised to hear that the middle school section will be open from next year today”

“Well, I was surprised too at the beginning, but recently I think that it is a very good thing because middle and high school education is standard everywhere”

“Since my child could go to the middle school next year she will have to work hard so that she can”

Natural people gather around Shizuka and the place becomes a gorgeous atmosphere as if the spotlight hit this place. While participating in this conversation and striking a counterattack, Noa is fascinated by the atmosphere of the place.


Suddenly, a stimulation like electricity runs through Noa´s body. She picked up the wine glass that seemed to drop into a surprised beat, but the stimulation further raises.

Sukun, Sukun, Sukun.

(Higu!! …Wh, What! What is that!?)

Something in the back of her body gradually becomes a strong pulsation while increasing in strength. Something like a hot chunk suddenly occurs in the back of her waist and vibration-like wave spreads to all directions from there. Noa obviously know what this feeling is, of course. The same thing happened to her suddenly when she was at the parents association at school earlier.

(Wh, what…why in a place like this, at such a time…)

The female teacher who is puzzled by the sudden change inside her body suddenly continues the conversation with the mothers. It is an outright instinct of a female. The greedy, dark and fire-fleshed desire of flesh, like the appetite of a starved carnivorous beast.

“What’s wrong? Do you feel bad?”

“Ee? …No, nothing…its nothing…th, thank you…”

Saki who was sensitive to something is called out, but she hardly replies desperately withstanding the pain inside her body. In the meantime, the merciless desire accumulates and it will become a raging storm and disturb the inside of the body. Desperately trying to gather rationality and try to keep it down, but it swells up to extraordinary and search for an exit.

(This…this is abnormal…)

A strong sexual desire which she has never felt with her boyfriend or past men. She remembered even her trembling and when Noa lifted her eyes, she noticed that someone is looking at her.


Red eyes. Shining red eyes that are like a ruby. They gaze at herself and don’t let go. No, it is not. Those two red eyes are pinned down so that her own eyes can be drawn in.


The hand holding the wine glass shakes little by little and cold sweat flows out from the whole body. Mothers other than Saki also seem to have noticed that something is wrong with Noa. But Noa has no room to care about such a thing. It is her own figure being violently ravished by a brutal man that crosses her mind. A scene were her clothes are ripped off and she screams as she is raped and held down as she dislikes it.


At that time, she noticed that those red eyes slowly approached her. Noa cant understand what this situation means but those red eyes look at her with lust. Just being frenzied by lust, she couldn’t raise her voice and just trembled with her long legs wrapped in stockings.

“Ya, everyone being together…”


As soon as those words were spoken by a man, the impetus, which was raging until a while ago, disappeared like a lie, and Noa woke up all at once as if she woke up from hypnosis. At the same time her reason came back and she realized that it was young man who uttered those words and then she observed his eyes again. But the eye color isn’t as red as it was a while ago.

“Ah, Midou-sensei…. Today too, thank you for your good work as the moderator…”

“No, Mrs. Tojo always is a hard worker all the time”

The man who talks with Shizuka closely, smiles as he greets the surrounding mothers. While watching that person who is both a vice-principal and a director of Ellis young ladies academy, her mind is still missing a sudden change. Her heart is still pulsating.

“Ah, Saegusa-san is it your first time for a parent-teacher meeting? …How is it, did you get used to school now?”

“…Aaa…. Ah! Y, Yes…. Finally somehow…”

Because Noa was perplexed by the fact that she was spoken to by the young vice-principal, she couldn’t speak quickly and was panicking. But the man in front of her is smiling while watching her. It is not something like a beast until a while, but a mediocre harmless expression and eyes.

“Midou-sensei…. We talked about the new middle school section a while ago…”

“Since my youngest daughter will be a middle school student next year, I hope to be indebted if possible…”

“Ah, that’s nice…. If she can become a solid lady like everyone, she can protect our school’s tradition and culture that many seniors built up…”

The mothers talk to the young vice-principal one after another. Their faces were lightly overwhelmed, just like maidens in love. They are the same as Shizuka full of elegance and gazing at this young man more intensely than to others before.

“Sensei…. Is the second party today…?”

“Oh, second party…. Well, I think I can join until the end”

“Waaa! My good thing!”

“Ah! I’m happy!”

Shizuka and some mothers raise voices almost like ghouls. They all seem unlikely to have high school girls as daughter, as they look so young and act as if they returned to their teens. Despite being surrounded by such beautiful women, that man does not shy or uphill at all and does not destabilize his calm attitude. As if being surrounded by beautiful women and being loyal, as if it was a part of his everyday life.

(This…this…what on earth…)

Their emotions are not like the level of favor, but close to passion and worship. Looking at Shizuka and Saki who have shining sparkling eyes, Noa remembers a strong incongruity. The man seems to be a guru of emerging religion, surrounded by such beautiful women.

(Something…something is strange…)

Noa tries to gather rationality and try to be calm, but her thoughts dissipate and her ideas don’t fit well. It’s as if something evil is interfering with it.

(I don’t feel any sickness….as it is…aaa…)

Noa trembles with vague fear while feeling the feel of her panty coldly sticking to her groin. The sixth sense of sensing the dangers that humans inherently have already has degenerated its function in modern society. This pretty teacher who has been sending mediocre life until now will be caught without darkness that is lurking in the daily life of this beauty.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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