Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 246


The male parents and male teachers returned as the tide pulled when the first meeting ended as if they were manipulated by something. And there were only 24 beautiful mothers and three female teachers remaining. And only one man among them.

“Then, shall we move the place?”

It was Shizuka Tojo who still acted as the leader. When they start to walk, they move to the inside, not outside the hotel.

“Eh? Eeee??”

Saki who walks besides the surprised Noa explained while laughing.

“This is the place of the second meeting. We rent three suites on the top floor of the hotel and make them into a single room. Is there such a place where this number is put?”

“It may be, but…”

If it is a suite of the highest level, it will be 300,000, or 500,000 ¥ for one suit. Noa is surprised by it because they rented three suits. But it was still too early to be surprised. As soon as they went to the top floor with a high-speed elevator and entered the luxuriously furnished suits, there was a table crammed with dishes and wine.

(Am, Amazing…what’s this…)

She loses words in a situation beyond her imagination. No wonder. As the second meeting of the parents association, its content is too extravagant. Noa can’t imagine how much it would cost to vast the number of wines in line.

“Amazing It’s a chateau Margaux. I love it!”

“Hehehe. Suzuki-san, did you like it because of that movie?”

“How do you know? But isn’t it nice? To live through love”

“What are you talking about? It’s not love, is it?”

“That’s crazy for lust…. But now I know, that feeling…”

The ladies with wine glasses in their hands are talking with smiles of immorality.

(Everyone…everyone is so beautiful. The makeup and the clothes are perfect and even though it is a parents association, they are very fired up)

Mothers are all dressed up beautifully, as if attending a high-class party. They wear a large amount of gorgeous jewelries, their hairs are carefully set and their clothes are brand clothes which is understood at a glance.

“Hey, drink this wine. It is really delicious”

“I don’t have a strong alcohol resistance…”

“I’ll send you home if you get drunk. You see…”

“Th, then…just a little…”

Noa was forcibly encouraged by her sister Saki, to swallow the dark red liquid in her mouth. Astringency of tannins followed by a rich aroma that spreads instantly. However, the acidity which looks like the berry which remains slightly at the end disappears leaving the finish.

“Th, This…delicious taste…”

“Right? Because it is a first class Bordeaux wine, it is different from the wine that we always drink. Even so, it is so rich. I wonder how much it will be in all…”

This is the place where you can feel a light sickness, and you will have a cup of delicious wine. The sky is overcast outside the window, but the cityscape of Tokyo stretches out the window. In the atmosphere of the suite of such a luxury hotel, all those women soak in the sense of liberation away from everyday life.

The second meeting isn’t something in particular, but mothers who bloom the story that isn’t puerile. There are plenty of places where you can sit and talk with more than 30 people, because you have three large suites. There are groups here and there, each enjoying their own wine and conversation.

“Then, is today the first parents-teacher meeting?”

“It is so. Only elderly teacher were able to go to such a meeting at my previous school. It’s very unlikely that a young teacher like us would have an interview with the parents association”

“So am I. Anyway, the second meeting of the parents association is such a wonderful place, after all a prestigious young ladies academy is different”

A month ago, Maiko Kawasaki, a teacher who had been working with her, told her about it with surprise. The management of such a parents association is done by veteran teachers and not done by teachers who are young like them. Young female teachers.

(Everyone is such a beautiful person…)

Noa’s thought is renewed. This young ladies academy where she works has a high percentage of female teachers. It would be reassuring for a parent to have their daughters taught by female teachers, but is it a coincidence that there are many young and beautiful women in the workforce? Especially that Yoshikawa-sensei.

(I have never seen such a beautiful person…)

She remembers the teacher who was sitting beside the vice-principal today. She has the figure and proportions of an actress that runs away barefoot. Noa was more shocked when she first met her, as this woman was more beautiful than herself. Moreover, she is wearing an aura which overflows from the inside like a big actress as well as the outer surface.

“This school seems to be rejuvenating, including members of the board. Young and ambitious teachers are collected from all over the country…”

“It’s a traditional school, but pretty ambitious”

“Even so, Midou-san is a very young vice-principal and director”

“That’s true. But even if he is young, he is dignified. He’s a nice teacher…”

Saki and a mother called Manami Suzuki, who also has a first-grade daughter, are exchanging words with a laughter. When both of them talk about the vice principal, they look like girls who are excited to talk about their favorite idol.

“Ah, you were here…. I’ve been looking for you

Approaching the sofa where Noa was sitting, was Yoshikawa Junko who was the person who had called out just now, while laughing.

(She’s amazing…)

Noa is impressed with the beauty in front of her and understand the proportions of the preeminent well because she is standing. The chest which lifts the white blouse is huge like being a joke and is sticking out forward. Moreover, because the cloth is transparent, the outline of a black bra is visible. The glances of all males were glued to Junko’s figure in today’s meeting.

“They’re four…. It was just good…”

The English teacher says these words after she looks interesting to Noa who doesn’t know what was just good and keeps silent.

“Now it’s your turn. Midou-san is waiting for you in the other room”

“Eee! Already?”

“Yess! So soon? I’m glad!!”

Saki and Manami are full of joy while holding hands and Maiko Kawasaki, a new teacher, has a complexed face. Noa isn’t sure why they’re so happy to meet the vice-principal.

“Now, this is the room. Come with me”

The english teacher walks while shaking her rich hips lifting up the tight skirt. Noa doesn’t know what’s going to start from now, but she follows along with Maiko and Saki.

“Come, this is the room”

There are three connected rooms at the back. Royal Suite bedroom. From here, the inside is dark and Noa doesn’t understand well.


Noa who noticed the appearance of a sofa in the foreground was surprised when she casually glanced sideways at that time.

“Wh, What’s the matter?”

She is not the only one who was surprised. Maiko also has her eyes wide open. It’s no wonder. There were a number of women lying on the couch and around the floor. The women sitting on the floor lean against the couch or lying on the couch with their limps wide open. About ten of them. All of them were mothers who participated in the parents association.

“Ah…. Those people? I’m sure they drank too much…”

Junko says while seeing the worried faces of Noa and Maiko while laughing.

(Drinking too much? B, but…but something’s wrong…)

When Noa looks closely, all mothers who are exhausted have a bright red face and have a expression which is fascinated somewhere. Moreover, their hairs which should have been set beautifully are disturbed and the clothes also have collapsed, the blouses are open and underwears are visible, and there is a woman who has her stockings torn apart.

(Why…how could they be so drunk in such a short time? What are these people? Are they really sober?)

“Come inside”

When it looks closely, all mothers who are exhausted make the face fire, and have the expression which is fascinated somewhere. Moreover, the hair which should have been set beautifully is disturbed, and clothes also have become a part collapsed, and the woman that the blouse wears off part and underwear is seen, and there is a woman that the stocking is torn and a big densen, too.

The first thing Noa noticed when she entered the room was a thick smell of something. It’s a fresh scent. She feels like she knows it well, but she can’t remember what it is.

The appearance of the room with only indirect illumination has been gradually seen because her eyes were accustomed to darkness. The first thing she saw was a big bed. It is a huge king-size bed to be able to let 5 people sleep comfortably in it. A person who wears something white can be seen sitting on the edge. At the same time she found out that the white cloth was a gown and she could understand the whole thing.



The person who wears the gown is the young vice-principal. Obviously, the bottom of the gown is bare, but it is understood from his chest. It was amazing just to see that, but they were truly astonished and raised their voices because they understood what was moving under it. Something moves irregularly up and down and clings to the black penis.

(Wh, What! Nooooooooo!!!)

A woman is doing a thick fellatio while showing her white profile. The tip of the huge penis is sucked with her red lips and it moves in and out slowly while synchronizing with the root that is grasped by the white hands.

Sometimes a pink tongue appears from between the lips and it is lewdly licking the area of the seam. Time froze and Noa isn’t possible to move and the woman continues her indecent act with an enchanted expression. Her face is close from the side to the crotch of Kenichi and the expression of the profile which is absorbed in it is understood well like a child who licks sweet candy.

“Hey, you are sucking forever, the next guests came”

Kenichi says it with a fun tone and is observing Noa who is unable to move. Sitting, he drinks water from a plastic bottle, before putting his hands at the chest of the woman who is moving her face between his legs and touching the boobs with an obscene movement that can be seen even from the top of the fabric.

“Aaaa…but…. The other mothers still remain and the whole thing isn’t clean yet…”

“Lying…. I guess you just want to suck it all the way”

“It is wrong…. Yaah… I cant clean it properly if you touch it so much”

The woman raises a voice like boiling down sugar. Her white and small face with black edge glasses is beautifully arranged. Her brown hair sways slowly with each up and down movement and the same goes for her pearl earrings.

“E…lying! …To, Tojo san…?”

As Maiko suddenly gave a surprised voice next to Noa, she was trembling her body reluctantly. Noa also noticed.

(E? …Ee!?)

Although Noa didn’t understand easily by the profile, when she looked again, it certainly was Tojo Shizuka who greeted them downstairs earlier.


“Aaa…wh, why…why…”

As the cerebrum recognizes it, a small scream is issued. The scene in front of her was too unexpected, as she couldn’t understand the situation and panicked. However, Shizuka seems to be in love from observing sideways and continues to do her lewd service as it is. Continuing to make a water sound in the quiet sound proofed room.

(L, Lie…why…why, in such a place…. There are so many people…. Everyone is watching…)

Shizuka who is wearing a luxurious thin blue piece is slowly moving her neck in Kenichi´s crotch who wears a gown. Despite being seen by five people, including Noa, Shizuka is enjoying a rich oral sexual intercourse with a full expression, while having her chest rubbed by him without worrying at all.

She is the leader of the parents association and is a married wife who has a child. This married woman suck on a penis other than her husband and that situation is seen by other mothers.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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