Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 247

Upper class lady

(A…wh, what…? Why…?)

At that time, Noa noticed. The fact that those who were surprised were only two, namely Maiko and herself who are new teachers. The other three people, Junko Yoshikawa and the two mothers, Saki and Manami aren’t particularly surprised and rather are they somewhat glad or even laughing thinly with a gloomy expression.

“Hey, Shizuka. You are always elegant, but you´re a real pervert, who exposed herself to the new teachers…”

“…Aah…. I am not such a woman…”

“Lying. You love being able to let your erotic faces be seen, as you have an exposure hobby of an pervert…”

“No, please don’t say such things…”

It was obvious that she has an joyful tone despite denying with her mouth and the lady in front of Noa was excited about being such a pervert. Her white fingers with a silver ring on one holds the huge penis and slowly moves up and down. Her red lips are wide open as the tip is swallowed in her mouth and it is put it in and out with the feeling that it is loveable and unbearable.

“Here, open your feet and let the teachers know what kind of woman you are”

“Aaa…nooo…. Such a thing, it’s embarrassing…”

While protesting, when commanded so, Tojo-san slowly raises her knees while keeping her face on Kenichi´s crotch. The soft blue textile skirt rolls up with it and gradually turns up. When Junko pulls it at the end, Noa and the others can quickly see the crotch of Shizuka lying on the bed.


“N, Noooo!!!”

The crotch showed a strange bulge, but understanding what it is Noa and Maiko scream. Originally the panty that should cover the crotch stretched out and the shape of what is inside was standing out clearly. The tip of something with length sinks in the crotch and the rear end is visible.

“Huhuhu…. Not good Tojo-san…. You participated in the parents association with such a thing…”

“You have a clear face, leaving such a thick vibe, you´re a hardcore pervert”

“Yaaa…don’t say it…. It’s embarrassing…”

Noa heard that her older sister Saki and the other mother Manami speak with a giggling laugh and she believes an unbelievable thought.

(Such a thing…why doing such a thing…aaa…)

This Japanese lady of a famous enterprise entering swallowed a huge vibrator in her crotch, as she was having meetings and meals with them. Moreover, by seeing it and being abused, she clearly shows a perverted sexual excitement. Every time Saki or Manami abuses her with the evidence, she is trembling her body with a look that she doesn’t feel it.

Maiko and Noa are unable to do anything and shake their legs. They cant escape or cry, as if they have been paralyzed by this abnormal situation, thinking and behavior. That is no problem. When they were participating in the school event before, both were lost in an insane different world altogether.

“Here, please let go, the next mother is waiting at the moment”

When Junko with a cold smile says so, she put on the switch in her hand. At that moment a scream along with a motor sound are heard in this not so narrow bedroom.

“Hiiiiii!!! Aaaa…n, nooo…please stop…Yoshikawa-sensei…. Now…stop now…. Aaaahiiiii!!! Iiii!!!!!”

It is the sound of the electric vibrator buried in Shizuka’s crotch that rotates itself by making full use of its powerful motor. As more than half of it is submerged in the womb, the sound is muffled, but it sounds like an angry machine that cant move freely.

“Aaa…nooo…. This…this place…. Everyone is watching…aaaa…noooo…”

The explosive pleasure flowing from the crotch by the machine let Shizuka scream who has been driven to the cliff in the blink of an eye quickly as well as cruel and accurate movement chase this wife. Nonetheless she still shakes her head up and down as she swallows the penis and the vibrator works on her crotch.

“Nooo…. Noo…. This…in front of everyone…. Not good…I…aaa…completely worthless…”

Shizuka who isn’t able to hold the dick anymore shakes her head with a red face. She distorts her intellectual face that wears black-faced glasses to pleasure and shame and she is aware that she shows it in front of other women, but this let Shizuka feel excited about such exposure play and Kenichi and Junko know well from past experiences that she is a pervert.

Kenichi raped Tojo Shizuka for the first time in March, about half a year ago. Just as the mark from “SHADO” got tightened, it was the time when he was monitored on the way to the school and back. Because it became impossible for him to prey beautiful girls during school or in his apartment, the desperate desire of this devil was directed not only to the teachers and the students of the school but also to the beautiful mothers.

When Kenichi saw Shizuka who participated in the last parents’ association at the end of the grade, Kenichi found out that a light blue aura was coming out of that gentle body and he input a red tentacle without hesitation inside her that infested. That upper class lady couldn’t tolerate the sudden lust and was raped by a cunning and brutal Kenichi who indulged in Shizuka on a bed in the infirmary office without anyone noticing.

The result was disappointing. Her ripe female body has been away from pleasure for a long time. Like celebrities who resisted at first, like many other married women, she fell down with just one diplomacy and her body and mind was deprived.

Along with her daughter Yuka who is currently studying for the finals as a third grader, Shizuka was fucked by Kenichi. They had sex a lot at home, hotels and school and Kenichi noticed it while she was competing with other mothers. This elegant and beautiful noble mother and daughter concealed their pervertness that is a horrible exposure habit which let them become unusually excited to the thrill that someone sees their embarrassing scenes when they were fucked together.

Mother and daughter didn’t wear panties under their mini skirts together and after walking around the city with vibrators in their crotches, they were fucked in a dark alley from behind once or twice. At that time, both mother and daughter were excited by this abnormality, releasing mucus liquid from their groins and became crazy by the thrill that someone might be able to see them. Today, even before coming to the parents association, Shizuka was thrilled with the thrill of wearing a remotely controlled vibrator, at the meeting and at the party, while she played her role as beautiful and elegant beauty with joy.

“Dont look. Dont look, Sensei!!! Aaaahiiiii!!!”

Shizuka wriggles her crotch that has an vibrator inside as she continues to suck Kenichi´s dick while the two new female teachers watch everything. She closed her eyes and clenches her teeth, trembling with her legs wrapped in black stockings, she lost all her strength. Meanwhile, the vibrator sound stops and silence arrives.

(This is…this is abnormal…)

Strangely, Noa distorts her face to Shizuka´s pervertness. However, Shizuka’s reaction tells them that the dark, distorted pleasure is stronger and deeper than what Noa knows. Besides her Maiko is trembling with fear and also has a similar pale face like Noa.

“Now. He was waiting for you”

The english teacher says with an ordinary tone that doesn’t change at all. Although she didn’t know what happened for a moment, as two came from the side, two women came close to her and Noa jumped to the side with surprise.


“Nooo…. Aaaa…”

Saki and Manami cling to Kenichi sitting on the bed, from the left and right with their whole bodies. When Saki gives a voice through her nose, she is facing Kenichi´s face in response to it. Immediately they start to french kiss and a pink tongue which is obsessed and obscene begins to appear from between the lips. It is not the purpose of confirming affection but the purpose of putting fire on each other’s desires.

“…!! …O, Older sister! What are you doing!!”

Although she was out of her mind, Noa returned to herself and shouted to her older sister.

“Why do you kiss another person, when you have brother-in-law?”

Having an unbelievable sister in front of her with an unbelievable spirit. However, Saki is crazy about kissing enthusiastically as if she sneers for her sister’s heart. Stucking closely to Kenichi with her hands moving around his body, it feels like a boyfriend.

“Sister!!! Let’s put an end to it!!!”

“Ah…what…. Even if you don’t make such a loud voice, I can hear it properly…. Aah, sensei…. I wanted to see you deeply…”

To Noa who is trying to scream almost, Saki doesn’t try to destroy her gracious attitude. This time she buried her face into Kenichi´s neck who began kissing with Manami and stroking his naked chest with a gentle expression.

“O, Older sister…. Do you understand what you’re doing!”

“…Noisy…. Please tell me more quietly…. I know exactly what I´m doing. I’m just deepening my friendship with Midou-sensei at the second meeting of the parents association”

“…What! …Wh, What are you talking about!”

To her older sister who keeps saying ridiculous things, Noa increasingly suffers. Her eyes behind the red-framed glasses seems to be burning with anger. However, on the other hand, Saki continues caressing with obscene hands as if to reverse the nerve of her younger sister. When the hand moves downward and holds the penis that Shizuka was holding until a while ago, she handles it slowly to ascertain its hardness and heat.

“…Already… Tojo-san, makes it so sticky…. Aaah…. Even so, Sensei’s penis…so swollen and sticky…”

Saki cleverly announces with a loud voice and uses her long fingers. Raining kisses around Kenichi´s neck, Saki gazes at the black penis towering between Kenichi´s legs. Beside that, Manami cuddles in the same way from the other side and is deeply involved in deep kisses. Despite the fact that the two of them are seen by others, no, it is so much that they are doing a rich petting with a man who is not their husbands so that they can show off more.

“Are you still didn’t put it out today? Are not you going to suffer as it is? Shall I not comfort it a bit…”

Leaving the upper body to Manami with a laughter, Saki changes the position and moves down her body. Then she brings her face closer while gladly laughing to the dick that is still attached with a lot of saliva from Shizuka. When her long tongue tried to touch its surface, a big voice was heard again.

“St, Stop! Stooop ittt!!! Th, That’s it!!!”

Noa raises her voice. However, she doesn’t move as her body thinks as her body feels heavy though she tries to stop her elder sister somehow.

Therefore, she is only able to raise a scream to this abnormal act that is done in front of her eyes. Why cant she move? Someone… somebody stop it…she looks around with fear as her body doesn’t move. Maiko also has a pale face and cant move similarly and is seen here.

The color of fear is vividly floated in their eyes. But the English teacher at the back has a smile on her mouth and looks at Kenichi and the two mothers in front of her.

Kenichi who should be her lover is at stake with other women, which makes her happy rather than angry, although it was an entirely a rumor at school that she has a relationship with the vice-principal. When Saki woke up, she saw that her sister and the other female teacher were looking at her and she smiles, by lifting the edges of her lips.

“Don’t look so scary. It’s not just the parents who are working together to heal the vice-principal…”

“Wh, What are you saying!! Th, This is……what!! Older sister! St, stop doing that!!”

Noa’s voice is raised. However, Saki doesn’t worry about the voice of her younger sister and when her plump, slightly thick lips are opened, a huge meat pillar is sucked from the tip to the root. Her eyes are closed and it is shown that she enjoys this act heartily.

“Aaa…noooo…vice-principal…. I’m sweating…so don’t lick that place…”

The upper body is taken care of by Manami who raised her white arm, as Kenichi is licking her armpit with his long tongue. Under the armpit of this married woman a rich female smell is emitted. There is a lot of sweet sweat since the morning and this pervert teacher who uses his tongue likes this act a lot.

While Manami is shy, she has an enchanted expression to this man who she likes. Kenichi enjoys the feeling of having such a exquisite body in his arms while licking the salty sweat mixed with acidity. This female body which changes the hormone balance by giving birth to a child is soft like melting everywhere and the sweet smell rises from the whole body. Kenichi reacts to the feel of plump meat which was slightly fat, and the black blood flows further in his body.


The mouth rubbed against the glans which increased in height and Saki was pushed up toan acme quickly by this stimulation. Even her mouth became a sensitive erogenous zone through Kenichi’s magic and it let her remember the pleasure that is many times better than having sex with her husband.

“Ikuuuu!! Aaaakuuu!!!”

Manami who has her erected nipples rub against the top of the bra is pushed up to the top like a chain reaction following Saki. The red magma of desire that was muddy and accumulated in her body flows out and the reason of this noble wife who was chaste is swallowed up together with morality and shame.

“Aah…its big, my mouth is tired”

“More…Sensei…touch my boobs more…”

It was a little while since those two mothers were soaked in the afterglow of an climax.

And both mothers start a thick and indecent service once again.

(This is…this is abnormal)

Both are mothers and wives, as well as one is Noa’s real sister. Her elder sister is having an affair with the vice-principal teacher of the young ladies academy where Noa works.

Moreover, she isn’t embarrassed to have everyone seeing her and she indulged to mutual caress as if showing off. It wasn’t possible for Noa to make such a voice some day in such a too unreal situation.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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