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It has been raining since morning. While looking at the overcast clouds, Ema Hayasaka wasn’t clear about her melancholy mood. The gait which put on yellow boots was heavy to express in the heart of this young girl.

(I don’t… I don’t want to go…)

She sighed in her heart.

After school was over, she walked to the station with her bag, carrying a red satchel. She felt that the road that she should have been accustomed to by now has become more and more distant. Since she decided to become an idol when she was in second grade, she went to a dance school that she attended three times a week.

(Eh…, what’s this…)

It was a more depressing sight to wait for the picture-hemp that got to the station. It was still early in the evening, but the station yard was full of people who were just overflowing. A lot of people with umbrellas were walking with a face that was just as disgusted as the picture-hemp. There was an announcement of something, but she didn’t pay attention to what was said through the twisters.

(Mou…noo… This, nooo…)

This was the bee on a crying face. Ema distorted her pretty face. Although she didn’t know, this time, because there was a personal accident in a private railway, many customers were using this line as an alternative.

The train which should be vacant as always was crowded in the morning during the commuter rush. She mixed with the crowd of adults and got on the crowded train. Before the ride, Ema did drop the red satchel from her back and remembered to hold it in her hand.

(Mou, I’m going to…)

She was only twelve years old. The beautiful girl had an umbrella, a bag and the satchel in both hands and stood while being pressed by the adults. The summer train was like a steam bath with temperature and humidity, and the discomfort made her sunken heart even darker.

(Naomi-chan also passed, I wonder why I’m not good…)

Looking back at the fact that she got to know yesterday, Ema endured the discomfort.

She was told by an email from Naomi Utsugi, who was one of her best friends, that she passed the audition for a privately held celebrity idol group. The group was once hugely popular, but it was pushed by the CGX and other emerging groups, and it decided to change the members hastily to promote rejuvenation.

And, the candidates who were selected from each production had auditioned and Naomi was splendid enough to be chosen.

Moreover, it was said that the vote from the jury was full points. After this, Risa Ito, who was a member of the CGX (Cute girls Xtream), had decided to debut as an idol.

(I’m the only one who didn’t…)

They have been friends who had worked hard at the same dance school so far. That was why she was glad that Naomi passed, but on the other hand, she was herself unhappy. Regardless of Risa who was brilliant from the beginning, Naomi who should have struggled without being able to break the wall just like Ema, opened the door to being an idol before herself.

(Ah~… I won’t stop…)

Ema looked downward in the train while being surrounded and pushed by adults. Jealousy, envy, and self hate against herself who embraced such negative emotions for friends. These emotions were swirling in her small chest and when they were round it became an unspoiled negative spiral.

(I will give up already…being an idol…)

Recently she always thought about such things.

When she was still small she longed for being an idol who sings and dances on the TV. Her paintings were strikingly cute at that time as also told by her friends. Thus she became interested and was supported by her parents so far too. Singing and dancing lessons were sometimes painful, but Ema worked hard towards her dream of becoming an idol. She believed that she had the talent and her dreams would come true someday.

However, she met Risa Ito, a genius beautiful girl, about half a year ago, just when she got some confidence.

That girl, one year older, was a perfect girl even from Ema’s eyes. To her beauty that felt even like a model, her perfect body shape with long limbs, although it was a young girl’s body. Outstanding motor nerve and rhythm. And Ema felt from the first time she met Risa, an overwhelming aura. It was a convincing existence which even if she thought she had at the moment, what she met was different from her’s.

Sure enough, Risa passed through that path in the blink of an eye that Ema herself walked without being able to become an idol. Now she was “A beautiful 10 years old girl”, “A real angel who came down to earth” etc and had become a popular top idol.

And yesterday’s news was decisive. Following Risa, Naomi fulfilled her dream ahead of Ema.

Somewhere in Ema’s heart Risa was exceptional and she excused herself that she wasn’t comparable. But in case of Naomi, it was different. Even though she was a beautiful girl, she did not sprout as easily as herself and had been suffering together forever. The idol reserve army is heavily metabolized, many new children come in, but many are leaving. More than half of the other children who entered into production at the same time had already quit. It encouraged Ema and Naomi to work hard.

(But Naomi, she became a good dancer so much…)

Directly Naomi, who was supposed to have the same ability of dance suddenly put her strength on this. Recently, she had improved her reflexed and movement. The more dynamic and aggressive move than before was smooth but dynamic, and when Ema noticed, it was already at the level competing for 1st or 2nd among the schools.

(But…after all, that is…it is because of that kind of thing…)

Due to Naomi’s sudden awakening, both students and teachers going to the school were surprised. However, Ema knew the secret. It was an unbelievable fact taught by Risa. No, not just listening. She surely confirmed it with her own eyes. Still, it couldn’t be thought of as reality. The reason was the shocking content.

(But…even though… Risa said so, Naomi was with that person…)

According to Risa, when someone drinks the semen of that man or it goes out into one’s body, energy gets caught in the body and the person becomes more and more beautiful. Although it was a story that absolutely couldn’t be believed ordinarily, Ema confirmed it with her own eyes. In the scene where she peeked in from the closet of a hotel, two active idols named Nao and Rimi had sex with the man Risa called papa. Considering all of that, it made sense to adapt.

(Naomi had sex with that guy… Th…that is why she suddenly became beautiful and her dance got so good…)

For a 12 years old girl like Ema, her knowledge of sex was sufficient. If examined online using a PC in your room, you can know the adult ‘s secret without difficulty. Uncensored videos are also full of streets, so you fully understand what exactly sexual acts like blowjobs and sex are. That was why Ema also felt fear and disgust.

(Such a…doing such a thing…Naomi-chan and Risa-chan are still middle school students…)

They were gladly accepting such evil and ugly flesh organs, like a porn actress in the screen or those idols in the hotel room. A man overlapping with Naomi and Risa, Ema couldn’t even imagine it concretely.

(Ev…even…such a big thing…)

The huge flesh weapon that aroused from the crotch of a man was so grotesque that it was not comparable with that of her father whom she saw in the bathroom and it reminded her of an alien she saw in a movie. If you look at it from Ema’s view, such objects were only subjects of fear, such that the question of Naomi really putting it in her mouth or crotch was…?

(Impossible…. Absolutely not for me…)

Whether such a time may come, it is still a distant future story. Ema was only 12 years old and her menarche had not come yet. It was too soon for her mind and body to accept male sexuality.

(Ah, no way…)

But the sex that began to wake up was also beginning to bud for this young body. While standing in the train and both hands are occupied, feeling that her groin was getting hot, Ema was upset by the changes in her body. From that day on, from the day she saw the idols having sex through the closet, she started masturbation, which was almost a routine to respond to the obsessive delusions.

Ema was being swallowed indefinitely in a suspicious feeling climbing from the foot while enduring the terrible discomfort.

(Ah… I won’t arrive quickly…)

The crowded train passed past several stations and was halfway to the destination. A picture-leaf that was tough with adults while sweating the whole body with moisture and heat. Ema´s mind and body sandwiched between discomfort from outside and inner disgust deprived her of the refreshingness and activity that she inherently had. The sweat flowing from the forehead traveled along her chin and the feeling that an insect was crawling was dangerously there, but she couldn’t even wipe it off because both her hands were occupied.

(Eh…? Wh, what…? What is it…?)

At that time, she felt an abnormal feeling around her buttock, such that she shook her body momentarily. At first, Ema thought something was hitting her, but it was not so.

(N, Noo! …Th, this here…possibly…)

It was something with the sense of muzzle was moving and Ema was gradually able to understand it somehow. That something was moving by will, clearly showing movements that were not accidentally born, such as train shaking.

(Molester!!! Noooo…lie…!)

It was clearly a human hand and fingers that move slowly. At first, it was occasionally like a wait and see movement, but as soon as it was confirmed that there was no resistance, the movement became stronger.

(No!! No No!! No…!!)

When her butt was touched from the top of her mini skirt, goosebumps appeared all over her with a dull feeling. For her first experience, Ema didn’t know what to do. Because her mini skirt was made up of a very thin fabric, she could feel the movement of the invisible man’s fingers quite well.

(Why…who…who is it…? Nooo…noooo!!! …Scary…Scary…)

As adult men surrounded her like a wall, it stood without being able to move. Ema didn’t know who was touching, but she was scared and couldn’t turn backward too. Of course, she couldn’t escape anywhere. Fear and despair painted her young heart.

(Noo!! NoNoNoooo!!!!)

At this moment, the bold man started touching not only with his fingers but with his entire palm. By the hands of a big man, the hiss of her small butt was stroked on all sides. It could be guessed that he saw that Ema didn’t resist. That man gradually became bold against the trembling Ema.


For a 12-year old girl, even a 20-year-old businessman was a scary adult. Ema was accustomed to men wearing dark suits on the train with a cranky expression, but being surrounded like this was just a creepy experience.

(Stop…stop it…someone, help me…)

On her favorite pink mini skirt, A big male hand was crawling all over the thin, flat fabric. Fingering with his fingers into thin meat like occasionally checking its elasticity while enjoying the feeling throughout the palm. There was no fragile element anymore. It was a demon hand of a molester who played with her butt.


Ema who trembled with terror and shook her pale blue face was sweating on her whole body while firmly holding her school bag and sports bag with both hands. She couldn’t do anything because she was in a panic as such an act was done by a bad person for the first time in her life. She wanted to raise her voice, but she couldn’t do it due to embarrassment and fear.

(Noooo!!! Noooo!!!! Stop it!!!)

The desire of the man had no restrictions and at last the hand went into her skirt. Today was hot, so Ema didn’t wear spats like she always did. So, under the mini skirt, only cotton panty with narrow blue stripes was there.

“Stop…Stop it…please stop…”

Desperately appealing with a hoarse voice, Ema was surrounded by tall men in the crowded train and nobody could hear her as she was facing downwards.

After stroking the buttocks as if to check the feel of cotton, the man’s hand approached that part of course. That is the most embarrassing part of a girl. Like a serpent aiming for birds straying from their parents, thick fingers crept into the crotch of this middle school student.

(Yaaaa!!! Nooooo!!! Nooo!!!!)

When the fingers reached the secret zone easily because of the thin buttock meat, the crotch which had no pubic hair yet was stroked without short-circuiting through the panty. The two fingers were like living creatures and they play with Ema´s vagina and came and went back and forth many times over the small rift hidden in between.


Ema kept shrinking with embarrassment and fear and the molester continued to do whatever he wanted. Even in such a situation, when a finger stroked a sensitive protrusion occasionally, a short voice leaked out unintentionally, making the body vague. The molester probably noticed Ema´s reaction. Fingers were stretching to the front occasionally while reciprocating the back meat and streak many times.

(Yaaaaa!!! Nooooo!!! Nooooooo!!!! Why!!!)

Her body reacted. The stimulation gradually spread from the groin to the waist and from the waist to the whole body. Ema was afraid and felt uncomfortable and wanted to escape from here as soon as possible. But the pain that the two fingers created stomped on these feelings of her. Her waist was getting numb and her thin and long legs shuddered. But Ema desperately tolerated it.

(Yaaaa…NoNo…. Why…)

When the meat responded to the stimulation, honey liquid overflowed from the inside. The cotton panty stuck to her crotch and along with it gradually became damp and heavy. It may have been a defensive reaction to protect the mucosa against foreign bodies rather than reacting to pleasure. Nevertheless, the fingers accelerated their nasty movements as Ema got frustrated by her crotch gradually becoming moist.



Finally, the fingers slipped through the sides of her panty and they stepped into the most embarrassing part. A small water sound and Ema´s scream were heard at the same time. Her pussy had hot nectar overflowing from inside as if trampling over her fears and shame and made the thick fingers of the molester wet.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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