Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 255

M female teacher

Kenichi violently pushed the math teacher to bed while staring at her with his red shining eyes and activated the red tentacles that were the power of imperialism. If they were able to wrap around Noa’s aura that was about to go wild, Kenichi would be able to control everything in no time.

“Noooo!! Release me! Stop it!!!”

Noa tried to shake her hand while shouting, but her body was less powerful than her vocal resistance. Therefore, while enjoying the resistance easily, Kenichi enjoyed the feel of Noa´s body wrapped in a deep blue suit.

(Well, strength is this kind of thing… Should only the freedom of her body be taken while maintaining her reason???)

It had been about a year since Kenichi fused with the Inma. Now he could use the red tentacles freely. If he eroded Noa´s aura with full power now, she would soon become obedient and a sex-maniac. It was also fun to make such an intelligent and cool beauty become nasty. But now it was more interesting to forcibly provoke reluctance and cry while maintaining her reason.

“Hiiiii!!! Yaaaaa!!! Don’t touch!!! Release me!!!”

The female teacher yelled while distorting her intelligent and cool face. However, Kenichi felt good at last. This beautiful woman was treated so violently and had the pervert habit to be forcibly raped to remember the sweet pleasure.

(There is a too much gap between appearance and content …)

Although Kenichi had ravished many beautiful girls and beautiful woman since fusing with the Imma, women who seemed to be proud of themselves and who usually made a fool of men, had rape desires like Noa if they were stripped off their mask. They were pushed down by force and they get excited merely by imagining the scene of being forced to have sex with a savage man.

The same was true for the hostess he met the other day. The beautiful girl who worked in the famous Roppongi cabaret was a great beauty. She was well-known in the industry and had always been number one. Many men were spending a huge amount of money on her and buying luxury gifts for her, but her guard was tight and no one was able to make her drop it.

With such a high pride she turned out to be an M who hid her rape desire and as she hated Kenichi. Kenichi made her impossible to resist with magic and raped her from behind in the dim cabaret’s toilet, violently with his penis.

Of course, he took her home and indulged in her sweet body all night long and the hostess was feeling so great that she became his submissive sex slave. Now she had moved to Kenichi’s super high-class club and had quickly become his number one favorite. She still had a queen-like cold attitude, but in front of Kenichi, she was an M who loved being tied with a rope and forcibly raped. Whenever Kenichi held her down with his strength and pushed in his penis wildly, hot juice would leak out and her wonderful white hips would sway.

(Every time she was tied up with a rope, a good voice was emitted…)

He enjoyed the feeling of Noa´s melons that pushed up the blouse while resisting her resistance and twisting of her body. Although Noa was slender, there was a volume unexpectedly. If she was tied with a rope, it would likely be a pleasure for Kenichi´s eyes.

“Hold her hand a little…”

That’s why Maiko, who had a red-faced baby-face, was excited and listened to Kenichi´s words and held up her co-teacher’s hands and fixed them. Noa couldn’t move her arms anymore because the magic was working and her muscle strength was decreasing.

“Stop…don’t do it…”

Noa complained with tears in her eyes from the back of her red-framed glasses. This intelligent beauty wasn’t aware that her crying face invited excitement from Kenichi. His lust just raised up.

“Do you really want me to stop?”

“Please stop…please…”

Noa had a desperate look. She was held down on a white bed in the school infirmary and appealed to Kenichi while being deprived of her physical freedom. Then Kenichi grinned and shifted his body, making his right-hand dive into the upper part of Noa´s pantyhose. Two fingers reached her genital in an instant with no voice of refusal. Kenichi laughed at once when the condition there was confirmed.

“What’s this… I hate to say that, but it’s soaking wet isn’t it…”

“…Aaa…Noooo… Such a thing…”

As Kenichi pointed out, Noa´s secret place was already drenched. The labia lip with a feeling of rip was congested and hot love juice was flowing out from the hole which opened.

“Tightening my finger so much… Aren’t you satisfied with your boyfriend?”

“Lie… Lie, such a thing…nooo… Don’t do that… Don’t put your finger inside…”

Opposite to her words, Noa’s vagina attacked the fingers that entered inside by tightening while holding them in place. The sexual response of her female body showed that her mature body was in extreme frustration. Kenichi even remembered jealousy while laughing at it.

“I can’t stop doing this…”


Kenichi who raised his body pushed out his waist and showed off his penis. This penis made Noa go crazy while looking up while laying on the bed. The smeared saliva of Maiko had made it dull and the veins on the black surface were scooped like earthworms. It was Noa who saw it and screamed, but her pussy squeezed the two fingers with a desire for it.

“Hey, let’s take a good look from near… You wanted this?”

“Aaa…no…I don’t…”

“You´re lying. You remembered this and masturbated, right? You know it properly”

“Noo!! That’s it! That’s…!”

“Hiding from your boyfriend, remembering my cock, did you masturbate alone?”

“Nooo!! That…I didn’t do that…”

However, the reaction that Noa showed proved Kenichi’s point. She wasn’t completely satisfied with having sex with her boyfriend and Noa was comforting herself on a daily basis, remembering that day recently. Huge meat umbrella. Become a bow that had turned around. The meat trunk that was so thick that the fingers could be wrapped around it. While thinking about it, she used her fingers many times next to her sleeping lover.

“Hiiiii!!! Yaaaaa!!”

Having her black stockings torn by force and the crotch exposed, Noa´s face distorted in fear and she screamed. The light purple panty stuck to her pubic area and the center area was blackened because of the mucus liquid spilled from inside. An unpleasant smell rose in a concentrated manner.

“It looks delicious…”

Kenichi buried his face in the source of this humble smell and licked his lips with his tongue. This beauty, who had been teaching since morning, combined with a large amount of honey, spattered a violent odor.


When it was sucked from the top of the wet cloth, the crotch got cold. Noa screamed to the terrible feeling and desperately tried to run away by shaking with her waist. However, she couldn’t move because her thighs were firmly gripped. Over time, the moving tongue crawled to the surface of the panty to confirm the feel of the soft meat inside.

“Don’t raise your voice so loud… There is still class ongoing…”

Maiko, who is holding Noa´s hands, said so and smiled. She turned her head and overlapped her lips with the lips of the surprised Noa.


The kiss between women was experienced for the first time in life. The resistance was even more intense than before, but Noa couldn’t settle down with a body that had no strength because of magic. Her lips were opened a little and a tongue was inserted as it is. When Noa’s attention was squeezed out with a kiss, a long tongue came in from the side of her crotch as if Kenichi was waiting for this moment. Her upper and lower mouth could be heard screaming at the same time but it did not become a voice. Kenichi and Maiko were a combination of demons who attacked the pretty math teacher.


Noa screamed with her mouth blocked. An embroidered tongue with slippery saliva slipped into the gap between her panty and moved up and down between the crotch and the genital region. When it rubbed the estrus and the engorged petal and the hardened flesh on it, something like a white flash ran through Noa´s waist and spine.

(This is not good…. I’m going crazy…)

She felt several times more pleasant than she did when she had sex with her lover. The stimulation was too sweet that seemed to melt and disappear from the waist. Even if being forced, her body was burning more and more because of it.

(Ah…I, again…I’ll be fucked as it is…)

She felt the humiliation and fear of being insulted by violence, struggle for dignity, pride, and humanity. However, it changed and turned into excitement and stimulation that made her feel crazy. The blood of an M flowed through her body since the day this man had raped Noa with 30 married women at a hotel.

A partner who was neither like nor anything else. Or rather speaking, it was a type that was not physiologically good. While trying to get fucked by such an opponent, something was waiting for it. The proof was that her vagina opened her mouth and release honey from the back without a break and the uterus descended because it wanted male sperm.

Noa spread her legs wide once again and in the meantime, Kenichi took the lead. The light purple classy panty was muddy with saliva and honey nectar and when it was put aside, the petal of this female teacher appeared. After adjusting the position and applying the tip, Kenichi used a rough waist thrust at once to slam his penis inside her pussy.


Her insides were spread to a stretch by the huge meat umbrella at once in the narrow vaginal way and Noa fought back with shock and pain. Even though her vagina was wet, her mucous membrane was rubbed mercilessly and the pain was brisk. But even such embarrassing pain was a great spice for the burning pleasure.

“Hey, I move!”

“Higuuaaaaaa!! Hiiiiiiii!!!!”

If one went as far into the back as Kenichi was, the uterus was pierced properly and Noa screamed while falling into a bright red orgasm. Horrible ecstasy exploded inside her in an instant. The cells of her whole body burned up and her white body had convulsions on the bed in the school infirmary.

“It’s good meat…I’m going to tighten it…”

While looking down at the cool beauty who laid under his own body, Kenichi grumbled about the deliciousness of the woman he was fucking right now. Even though he hardly used the red tentacles, an M freely burned up his sexual feeling in the situation of rape. The uterus which wanted the seed enveloped the tip and it was so comfortable as the vagina stimulated the area around the glans.

“Hey, how is it compared to your boyfriend?”

“Hiiiii!!! Su, Such…ahiiiiiiguuuu!!!”

Noa was stimulated in the innermost part which could not be reached by her boyfriend by any means and she reached the top again. With sweet sweat all over her body and shaking it, she tightened up the penis in her womb painfully. If any ordinary man received such a tightening, he would ejaculate immediately, but a penis which was so large would just scrape the weak point of Noa at once.

“Hey, do you hate me even more… You are being raped by me? You’re so jealous, are you sorry for your boyfriend?”

“Thats…mean…. Aaaaa!!! Hiiiiikuuuuu!!!”

The ecstasy felt like falling into the abyss. It was coming back again while closing the long eyelashes behind her glasses. The mucous membrane was entwined around the penis of an ugly man who was supposed to squeeze her womb. At the same time, she vomited body fluids that were about to be scalded from the depths of the vagina and they bathed the dick. It was absolutely impossible to get this by having sex with her boyfriend. Sparks were scattered in front of her when her weak point was hit in the back and cold air would run through her spine and she would get goosebumps on her whole body.

“How long have you been starving… Did you like this cock so much?”

“Aaa…differ…different, that is… Aaaa…”

While shaking her head and denying it with her mouth, the meat stick was tightened just to say whether it would be released or not. It was as if an insect was caught by a carnivorous plant in a muddy manner. A lot of hot juice blew over from the junction and contaminated the front of Kenichi’s pants.

“Huhuhu…Saegusa-sensei is the same as me… The inside of this was transformed into the form of teacher’s cock…”

“That…that’s… Kihiiiiiiii!!!!”

Maiko grinned with a pretty burning face. She released her hands from Noa´s hands. Then she put both hands inside Noa’s blouse and squeezed her nipples and with this stimulation, the vagina tightened again while receiving an orgasm.

“I just put it in and out of it many times without permission… If it gets stuck like this, I won’t be able to move my waist…”

“Aaa…just…just because…it’s too big…”

Noa´s pussy had an extreme internal structure that left all her former boyfriends impressed without exception. Even if it was a standard size or a large weapon, her vagina adhered without any gaps and became a large resistance even with a large amount of mucus.

“Well, there is a way to do it even if I can’t move…”

Kenichi laughed with a grin and said that as he changed positions quickly while being united with Noa.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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