Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 258

Apology for humiliation

“Damn!! How did this happen!! Damn it!!!”

Shioya was sitting on a sofa in a high-class cabaret club in Ginza and had been repeatedly spreading words of anger from the beginning. Because he was already drunk, he released his mind and his voice grew louder and louder.

“Drink! Give me a drink! I’m an irresistible guy!!”

When the empty glass was presented wildly, the hostess from the side received it while frowning out of fear and hatred. Shioya had been hated by the hostesses from the beginning. They showed an arrogant attitude. But they had been enduring him as well because this senior executive of a construction company still had good money to pay. However, his attitude today was not his usual ratio. Screaming from the side, he had been drinking alcohol for a while.

“Damn it! Keiko!! Why don’t you want to meet me directly!!”

In the daytime, remembering what happened at the lawyer’s office, black anger raised from the bottom of his belly again. He took a breath of Bourbon, leaving himself to his ferocious anger. His drunken eyes were bloody red and angry because of the alcohol and no one cared.

Today he met with his wife ́s lawyer. A lawyer! But Keiko wasn’t there. According to the young female lawyer, Keiko was shocked by Shioya’s violence and rape action, that she was physically and mentally injured and that she was staying at her home. Keiko strongly wanted to divorce and seemed to say that she didn’t want to see his face again.

(Why doesn’t she meet me! Does she know how much…I’m in trouble, no she doesn’t know!!)

A few days ago he was called by the president, Keiko’s father, and was informed that Keiko wanted a divorce. She was the partner whom he was together since middle school and got married to. Of course, it was a shock for Shioya till the end. But after he left the president’s office, he gradually realized the seriousness of the matter. Rumors were spreading in no time and the air around the company was changing.

Originally, although there was some ability, it was because he possessed the mark as the son-in-law of the owner-and-president that Shioya climbed up to his current position of managing director. Otherwise, he could never even be a senior in just 10 years. And if he got divorced with Keiko, he wouldn’t be tempted immediately, but he would lose the future of being the president.

(Don’t go there! I always do this …)

When it was time to drop flying birds, many employees came to him. However, when rumors of divorce with Keiko flowed, the tides disappeared and Shioya was forced into an isolated situation within a short time. The change was frighteningly extreme and rapid, although it was only a matter of days. That’s exactly what it was!

(Wh …why am I ignored!!)

Besides, he heard that the accounting department was under the command of the president and they were investigating his expenses behind the scenes. As senior managing director, Shioya was also in charge of external communication activities and was also in a position to use a lot of expenses for things such as entertainment. The good thing was that some of the receipts that couldn’t be said to be entertainment had been put under the title of the managing director, but it seemed that the accounts had now been re-checked. If all the details were investigated, it was possible that the price for bars and clubs used so far privately, as well as hot spring trips with mistresses and expensive shopping tours may come to light.

(Why…why did it become such a situation…? Damn it!!)

Shioya had been asking this question many times since that day. However, of course he couldn’t turn back on what he did. He was drunk and he didn’t remember it well, but at that time he certainly beat his wife over and over again and forced her to have sex with him. However, he didn’t think that it was rape and he thought that it was also a part of being a couple to use a bit of violence. It was an ugliness that every couple experienced. Even though…

(Why…why am I divorced like this…)

Shioya met with the female lawyer who said that she was a legal agent of Keiko. The procedure for the future was administratively explained to him and as he tried to understand it, somehow the meeting ended. Keiko insisted on a divorce and was demanding a large amount of compensation and property sharing and in some cases, it was also said that she would not refuse to fight legally, even in view of prosecution for rape charges. After that, she went to the doctor immediately and received a diagnosis for five weeks, so that would be enough evidence for a lawyer to work with. It seemed that they carefully took a record of the wounds that occurred in her genital region and the semen residue left in the womb as a sample.

“Oh, Shio-chan… It’s pretty rough today, isn’t it…?”

As Shioya scratched his hair, a woman’s voice came from above his head. Looking up with muddy red eyes, he saw the bewitching laugh of a woman in a sparkling sequin dress. Her brown-dyed hair was long, with a white, thin face that looks good on her. The woman had an outstanding style even from above the dress and was the number one flower of this cabaret.


Next to that flower was a face that Shioya knew well. At first glance, he saw a mediocre face that had no characteristics but once he confirmed who it was, a huge black rage shook his whole body

“Yo, Yooouuuu!!!!”

Shioya raised an angry cry and tried to beat that person. However, when he tried to stand up, his body shook, lost its balance and Shioya fell on the sofa. His body collided with the glass table at that time and the cups and bottles arranged on it made a jerky noise and scattered on the floor.


“What are you doing!!”

The scream of the number one flower and the voice of an employee was heard. The customers standing around watched for a while and a man standing calmly looked down at his former classmate who exposed such a state.

“Ah, Shioya… You, why are you so drunk?”


Shioya, who was so drunk that he couldn’t stand properly, grabbed Kenichi while falling half on the sofa. This person was bullied by Shioya during middle school days. That timid and nerdy child was now looking at him with a half laugh.

“You… you, put your hands on Keiko!!”

“What are you saying? I don’t know… You, just calm down…”

Kenichi sat in a small round chair placed in front of Shioya across the table, signaling that it was okay.

“What are you doing! You…you’ve slept with Keiko!!”

Shioya vomited these words out with a shout and glared with wild beast-like eyes. He was too angry and it was difficult for him to breathe, so it just became a shout that made his words spin.

“What are you talking about? …Ah, you are not talking about that…”

Kenichi, on the other hand, was stunned, relaxed, and not loose. Even if the other person was the one who bullied him during middle school and was furious, there was no sign of hesitation at all. Perhaps because of his calm attitude, the surroundings gradually calmed down and the afraid flower stayed besides Kenichi.

“What you thought about is wrong, on that day… I haven’t done anything!”

“…That’s a lie!”

“A lie…? That day I ate normally with Ogawa-san and then we drank at a bar for a while… I’m sorry that she got home late, but on that day the traffic was terrible as everything crowded together…”

“Stop bullshitting me! Such an excuse…”

“Excuse? Why do I have to excuse myself? Didn’t we agreed that I and Ogawa would have dinner that night?”

“Then…Then, why…『Thanks for the meal』…”

“What…? Ah, what’s that… Ogawa asked me to go to the bar, so I hope to say thank you. Sending a thank-you email is so strange!”

Kenichi answered sloppily while drinking a glass of water brought by Kanon. He answered naturally, without any hesitation or misery. His self-confident attitude to look straight into Shioya ́s eyes let Shioya’s good momentum to gradually become an asshole.

“If so…if so, why didn’t she contact me that it will be so late!”

“Uh? I don’t know that…but if you say so before I meet her, I feel like she said she used her cell phone too much when she was shopping with her friends and that there was almost no battery…”

“Ba, battery!?”

“Ah…yes. In order to buy clothes for you, it seems that she went with her friends and a couple of men to the men’s clothes’ section in a row…and when she was looking at the time, she saw that she didn’t have much battery left… ”

“Th, That…is that so…?”

As Kenichi said that Shioya remembered. That day, Keiko was carrying a large amount of paper bags, which Shioya thought contained clothes that Keiko had bought for herself. He didn’t know the contents of the bag that were scattered when he was raping Keiko after he got drunk and regretted what he did now.

“Hey…why don’t we go to the box seats over there?”

Kanon had been listening to Kenichi’s conversation with Shioya and got bored and asked this question. The number one popular girl of this cabaret had put on flashy makeup, but her original face was also well-knitted and she was a good-looking beauty. The tone of the flower that was usually arrogant, was now trying to flirt with Kenichi who was next to her.

“Hey, Ken-chan. Because there are people here, let’s go to that place…”

Kanon invited with a soothing voice while rubbing the chest of her dress with her arms. Shioya finally noticed that and looked like he saw something unbelievable. That was not too bad. It was because of Kanon that Shioya used to go to this store for a long time and was aiming for her all the time. But this impervious beauty was acting like a beloved lover towards Kenichi.

“…You guys…what… Since when…”

“What is it…? …Uhuhuhu… Speaking of which, it was Shio-chan who first introduced Ken-chan to this shop. Thank you for introducing such a wonderful person…”

While clinging to Kenichi’s arm with both hands, Kanon gave her thanks to Shioya. Shioya was convinced from the air between these two that they already had a sexual relationship. At the same time, astonishment, jealousy and hatred came from the bottom of his heart.

Finally, Kenichi and Shioya, in addition to Kanon and the hostess called Momoko, moved to the box seats. The small but private rooms were soundproofed with equipment that allowed karaoke.

“Ah, I wanted to see you…Ken-chan…”

Two people sat each on one side of the box seats. As soon as Kenichi got to his seat, the number one hostess, Kanon, hugged him. Ignoring the presence of Shioya in front of them like air, they kissed deeply there only.



Shioya was stunned and Momoko was licking her lips as if she was charmed by this act. Kanon was a beautiful woman who usually had the pride and attitude of a queen. But now she was flirting with a mediocre man in front of two other people. Kenichi tightly embraced the slender waist of Kanon, entangled his tongue with her tongue, drank her sweet saliva and advanced his hand to the inside of her skirt without hesitation.


It was just that and Kanon was shaking her body while kissing. It would be obvious to anyone that she had reached a sexual acme and had become so crazy even while not having sex at all.

“Yeah…Ken-chan… Me too…Me too…”

Somehow feeling it unbearable to endure it besides Shioya, Momoko stood up and hugged Kenichi from the other side. As she bit and kissed his neck, she pressed her well-grown body against Kenichi. Kenichi responded to Momoko with deep kisses and opened his arm and now held two beautiful women. Both were boldly hooked as if they couldn’t let go of Kenichi.

(It is a lie…why…such a person…)

Kenichi was a dark nerd who was hated by all female classmates in the past. Shioya, who didn’t know about the Inma inside Kenichi, was surprised at the unbelievable sight of two beautiful women gathered around this man.

“Huuhh…then, you can’t meet Ogawa-san?”

“…Yes. Even if I want to talk, I can only get in touch with her lawyer…”

Shioya talked about the past and the current situation in a private box in that high-class club and drank his glass at once so as to swallow all bitter things. He wasn’t particularly close to Kenichi who sat in front of him. However, in addition to being intoxicated, his head was being squeezed. He was pushed by the atmosphere emitted by his former classmate and he explained his past behavior as he was questioned. Shioya was silent to say that he forced Keiko to have sex by raping her.

“Damn! …Originally speaking, that day because you invite Keiko, it became such a situation!”

“Hey, calm down. That’s something you’ve done yourself. What did you really do during that day?”

“What!! Youu!!! …Uh…”

Shioya tried to grab Kenichi ́s chest in the instant of anger. But when he lifted up his waist, he was stared at by three pairs of cold, stabbing eyes of one man and two beautiful girls who cuddled from the left and right. 6 horribly cruel eyes stared at Shioya with hate.

“What’s up with your wife, for doing such a crazy thing. Listening to what you said, you’re not all that bad!”

“If you put your hand on Ken-chan, you will pay for it. …Because it’s really serious”

Kanon and Momoko glared at Shioya with cold eyes as if they had seen a wild beast. Originally from the Ikebukuro area, these two were famous for fighting abilities. Being pushed by that force, Shioya sat down again. Even though he had bullied Kenichi in middle school, now this guy was his only source and Shioya was addicted to those who he couldn’t get.

“Well well… If you lower your head, I can contact Ogawa and see if she will meet you”

“What! Why…should I…”

“Is there any other way? Well, you don’t need to do it if you don’t like it. …I’m fine either way”

“Guuu … damn you!!”

Shioya bit his teeth and held back his fist. His drunken face was becoming increasingly redder and the blood vessels on his forehead were bloating. While watching Shioya, Kenichi smiled while Kanon and Momoko had heavy crystal ashtrays in their hands, to hit Shioya anytime if he became violent.

“You have bullied me during middle school and I haven’t forgotten about that… You apologize for it right now. Taking off my pants, pouring water over me, hitting me all the time and I have been forced to have thumbtacks in my shoes… If you apologize for everything, I will contact Ogawa for you”

Kenichi was grinning but his eyes were as cold as ice. The three years of hellish bullying resided deep inside Kenichi ́s heart and it would never disappear for years to come.

“Guu…da, damn…!!!”

Humiliation and rage. Shioya chewed his lips and desperately resisted the soaring passion. A black hot emotion erupted inside his heart. But for Shioya now, there was nothing else he could do.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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