Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 260

White ligh


His wife Keiko was back home. It was Shioya who got out of the crisis of divorce for the time being, but he noticed in just a few days of living together that it couldn’t be said to be necessarily the desired result.

There were three conditions from Keiko to forgo divorce.

The first was the abandonment of all household chores. She wouldn’t do any work as a housewife that she had done so far, such as cooking, washing and cleaning. They would eat and wash their own things and she wouldn’t help Shioya at all. The second was the prohibition of physical contact. They could talk with each other but Shioya was not allowed to touch her body and if he touched her without permission, they would immediately go into a divorce. The third was freedom of action. Whether it was going out late at night or staying away overnight, Shioya couldn’t say anything to her at all.

Of course, Shioya strongly opposed the proposal at first, but in the end, it was all about these conditions. He believed that his wife’s attitude would soften while they would live together and they could soon become a couple as before, but this sign didn’t appear at all. On the contrary, if he tried to touch her shoulder casually, he would be accused of screeching and beaten with a fierce sword. Although his wife was a good-looking woman with a strong heart unlike before, she was kind and gentle normally, but the change in her attitude was so intense and strange that it was unreal.

“I´m off…”

Shioya told Keiko, who was sitting on the sofa in the living room while having breakfast bought from a convenience store, as he left the kitchen to go to the company. However, there was no sign of coming out here or even a reply.


Shioya continued his own effort to get back to the relationship he had before with Keiko, but so far it had no effect. He saw his wife looking at a magazine with an expressionless face. His wife was indifferent to him as usual and it seemed to tell the terrific extent of the anger concealed inside her, that the chill on her face was memorized.

When he headed to the front door with a sigh, Keiko called out to him.

“Well. I’ll tell you in advance, but I will go out this evening”

“I, I see…”

His wife shut up again after telling so. No matter where she went off to, she would just tell her absence like a business contact. Such an attitude had a deep intimacy, but still, he couldn’t say anything. If Shioya bent in any way, Keiko would leave home again. He felt bad but he couldn’t help it.

Shioya didn’t feel comfortable even during work. Rumors were going around that he and his wife were at a cold war and that it was now a complete headwind situation that was a force to drop flying birds. That was not all. A survey conducted by the finance department found that there was an injustice in the expenses he had spent so far. Moreover, even though it was supposed to be a top secret survey, its contents were known throughout the company. The president received the report but made no contact at that time, but Shioya was nervous about when he would be called again and asked to give a response. Of course, expenses couldn’t be used as in the past and his role as an outsider was also removed and it was a state of domestication in the company.

(Why is this? Why do I have to meet these eyes…)

Being in a crowded train, Shioya had a grim face. Although it was self-inflicted, it couldn’t be understood by all means. Although his position of managing director did not change but as he couldn’t use company money, he couldn’t act as freely as before and his company cars had been taken away as well. Then at home, he had an expressionless wife who would always buy and eat lunch box at a convenience store. It was painful how his life had changed in just one month.

However, it was too late to regret. Besides, Shioya hadn’t noticed yet. The real hell was about to start from there because of Kenichi.

“I’m home…”

It was still early in the evening. While the skies in the west were still bright, Shioya returned home to his apartment with all his heart left on the rush hour train. When he entered in through the entrance, he came across his wife, Keiko, who just came out of the living room.


“A, Ah…I’m back…”

In the hallway connecting the living room and the entrance, two people looked into each other’s face. For a moment, subtle air flowed, but Keiko tried to pass by the side immediately with an unknown face.

“Ah, wait!”

Shioya shouted while being surprised. It was because even though his wife’s attitude wasn’t good as usual but her clothes and makeup were too flashy. His wife was going out to the night town and was wearing a bewitching atmosphere.

His wife turned around with a troubled look at him with an eye that asked if there was something. Her small face was battered and made and it emphasized her original beauty. Though it was not as healthy as it had been before but it was still like inviting a man’s love. The long, black eyebrows added to the large eyes attached with dark eye shadows and the well-shaped lips that continued from her high nose were still very appealing.

And the clothes she was wearing were body-consistent that would just fit on her body as he saw in the hotel room that day. The black sleeveless mini dress uncovered Keiko’s body lines, revealing her rich chest and hip line. A chain belt was wrapped around her waist and she was wearing stockings with seams on her thin legs. And a perfume she bought secretly mixed with the smell of a mature woman which arose from her whole body.

(Such…such a figure, how…)

Shioya tried to look at his wife but he saw that Keiko, who was putting on her high heels at the entrance, ignored him like air and he lost the timing to speak. Seeing his wife’s back, Shioya looked at the lines of his wife’s body again.

(Since when did she have such a good style?)

They had been together for over 20 years now and he knew every corner of Keiko ́s body, but it was no doubt that this body was top class among the women he had ever met. However, his wife in front of him right now was more charming by the line, forming a curve that would inspire a man. Her bust and hips that were not as good as a slender body, pushed up the dress stuck to her body from the inside. The hips that had been crouched out to put on the high heels, made Shioya feel a strong desire for his wife.

“Wh, Where…where are you going?”

While swallowing his spit, he finally squeezed out a voice that let him ask this question. Then the movement of his wife whose hand was on the door stopped and she turned around slowly. She smiled against Shioya’s expectation. But it was not a warm or a cynical smile.

“Where am I going, is my matter. I don’t think it’s related to you”

As soon as Shioya heard the voice of his bewitching wife, a cold feeling ran through his back. Her tone stimulated his lower body. Even at the dimly lit front door, the pearl earrings emitted a mysterious light.

“As you agreed… I don’t need to speak about my private life. If you complain, I will leave here right now…”

“Th, that…”

Shioya was scared and couldn’t issue any words. As it was decided in the meeting, if he broke any condition, immediate divorce would be inevitable. Hence Shioya couldn’t oppose her. And his wife understood that very well.

“And you… When you were playing at night, where have you been playing with your mistresses? Have you ever told me once?”


Shioya was hit by a painful truth and shut his mouth without being able to fight back at all. Keiko confirmed it and put her hand on the door again and left as if nothing had happened. What remained behind was Shioya with a resolute expression and the sweet fragrance that Keiko emitted. In the dimly lit entrance, the frustrated Shioya was only able to nod.

A man and a woman stood in the back of a dim alley. The man pressed the woman against the wall of a building and fucked her while standing from behind. It was a narrow alley between buildings. Garbage was scattered all over the place in the alley near the entertainment district and there is a long and thin sky above it and the moon hidden in the clouds appeared blurry.

“Nooo…stop…no more…”

The woman was begging with a teary voice. The miniskirt of her dress was rolled up as she was fucked from behind by a man wearing an office worker styled suit. The fancy makeup painted on her face, that was distorted by fear, was shed with tears and her mascara became a black river that ran along her cheeks. Her light brown hair was a mess and there was no eye shadow anymore that she had neatly set a while ago.

“Mou…forgive me…”

However, while ignoring the woman’s begging completely, the man plunged his penis into the lower region of the woman. Contrary to her words, her secret part was slimy with mucus and every time the penis moved, one could hear a sloppy watery sound and the man kept shaking his hips with no desire for the woman.


The woman was filled with fear, aversion and despair, as she was raped. Although she was raped unbelievably, the stimulation which melted her body spread from the mucous membrane which was rubbed continuously and pleasure from a different dimension ran through her whole body.

“Nooooo!!! Ikuuu!!! Iicyuuuu!!! Ikuikuu!!!”

The woman had convulsions. Her whole body was wiggling and so was the dress she wore from the cabaret. Her beautifully manicured fingers scratched the wall of the building.


The man ravished her from behind and was also exuding a raw breath and poured his accumulated sperm into the woman’s pubic region. He released his sperm into the womb of a woman he met in a shop for the first time today without even knowing her real name. It was an irresponsible intravaginal ejaculation.

“Higuuuuuu!! Aaaa…”

At that time, something like a white mist rose from the woman’s body as she reached ecstasy. It floated around the surroundings and then it was sucked into the body of the man.


The man released his desires and absorbed the exhaled sex energy with a breath of satisfaction, while the woman crumbled down as there only. He removed his penis from inside her. It was completely dirty with honey juice and sperm and was still erected firmly. Even though he just ejaculated, his dick hadn’t lost any hardness at all and it stood high-up as if looking for the next prey.


At that time, the man turned around. He had gleaming red eyes. They were unique to devil hosts to emit light like a laser in the dark. It was a small woman who was ahead of his gaze.

“What, you?”

The woman approached him gradually. As he saw the figure gradually becoming clear, the man made a strange voice. It was no wonder. The woman was wearing a black robe-like dress and a black hood on her head. Even though it was dimly lit, the rosary had a silver radiance, but it’s lusciousness was clearly not that of a normal profession.

“Sister…why are you here?”

The man asked this question while leaving his crotch exposed. The woman in front of his eyes was calm while looking at him. Seeing him and the woman who fell to the ground, she had a merciful light in her eyes.

“If I look closely, you’re a good woman…”

The man who said so licked his lips with his tongue. The small face under the hood was well-shaped and this woman had a better appearance than the cabaret lady he just raped and it was more than anything else he needed. Confirming that, ferocious desires came from the bottom of his heart. Although he had ejaculated just now, his beast-like lust was not likely to be settled at all.

“Come here. I will make love to you…”

In front of the fly-off prey, an excited and squashed voice was issued by the man as he reached out to the Sister. Then, when his boneless fingers tried to touch her robe, a sound was heard around.


Even before he touched her body, the man let go of it impulsively due to the irritating stimulation as though he just touched a high voltage wire. His fingertips were aching. The man thought it was a stun gun or something, but there was no such thing and the sister was just standing there silent and the man couldn’t understand what happened.

“You…what did you do…”

The man stared with glaring red eyes reviewing the sister again.

Her body wasn’t large and was wrapped in a robe and the whole body was covered with a white thing that was glowing and shaking. Her eyes stared at him and had a disgusting color. The well-shaped white face in black clothes had an expression that was painful to endure.

The sister just saw him silently. Her delicate body was weak by all means and the man couldn’t think of anything that she could do against the power of a devil. As usual, if he attacked with his magic, she would soon fall into pleasure and lose her resistance. In addition to physical differences between this small woman and him, he had the power to unite with the devil.

(She may be concealing something, but it doesn’t matter…)

The man made the judgment easily and approached her while being cautious not to miss this time. Because there was a building wall behind the sister, she couldn’t escape in this condition. He would tear off her robe and rape a screaming sister today!

“Now, resign… I’ll make you my slave…”

He threw out an insult towards the sacred sister that became a child of God. While having such a delusion, his excitement was visible behind his red eyes and the man jumped on the sister.

The moment the man’s hands tried to grab the sister’s body, a white light was released from the rosary that had been lowered to the chest. A light as thin as a laser penetrated the man’s chest and at that moment he became immobile.


With his hands stretched forward in the dim alley, the man had his chest pierced by that light and had an astonishing expression on his face. He raised a voice. The man stood out as if he was sewn to light without being able to move one finger. The arrow of light lasted for a few seconds and then disappeared just as quickly as it began.


His eyes lost its red color and the unconscious man fell there only. The man didn’t move at all.


Looking down at the fallen man in front of her, the sister finally exhaled a deep breath.

(I’m not used to this power yet… I have to be able to use it a little more…)

The sister stared back at the dimly lit alley. While clasping the rosary which had stopped giving out light, she was praying to God for the pitiful man with a sad expression.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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