Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 261

Three elementary school students

“Hey, Ema-chan. Did you wait long?”

“Eh…n, not much…”

“Is that so`That’s good…. Then, let’s go right now, get in the car”

“…Ah…u, uh…”

A black car appeared at the meeting place. Ema get in the passenger seat as usual, but when she thinks about the future, she gets excited every time she gets on. The man who sits in the driver’s seat always contacts her with a gentle voice, whether he knows about her anxiety. Placing the red school bag on her knees, Ema fastens her seat belt.

(I’m the only one who ride in a car…. Strange…)

Rows of classmates and lower class students carrying school bags can be seen on the school route. Ema feels that it is strange to be the only one who is riding a car and looks at the city from the window in this way after school and she feels fluffy somewhere and there is no sense of reality. Looking up at the sky, it’s almost raining, a lead-colored cloud is low and it’s crouching in the sky.

(It was raining on that day too…)

The first time she got on this guy’s car was when she met a molester on her way to the dancing school, jumped out into a part of the city she didn’t know and was staying in the pouring rain. Afterwards Ema went to a love hotel together with that man and took a bath together while drying her clothes. And as she was told by the man, she swallowed the penis with her mouth and swallowed the semen that dripped out in a large amount. That feeling was less unpleasant than expected, but rather a sweet taste.

And Ema noticed the next day. As she heard from her friend Risa Ito, her body got better, as if her wings became light. The complex steps of the dancing lesson that she couldn’t do were done well and the teacher praised her rhythm in front of everyone.

However, the effect didn’t last long.

After a week, she returned to her original state and her body stopped working as expected again. Once she got used to the body that moves as she thought lightly, she remember that she was disgusted with the slow movement of an oiled machine doll and depressed herself.

Ema got lost again and again, but eventually she got in touch with Kenichi and was taken to a love hotel in the same way. So she took off her clothes and has her whole body licked with a wild tongue. Of course she was embarrassed, but the man treated her gently and she wanted to regain the feather-like body.

No, that’s not all. She cant say it to anyone, but there is another big reason. The man’s caress was very good.

It may be easy to say it is pleasant. When she was snarled at the pointed end of her thin chest, a mysterious electric current ran through her back and when she her pussy was stimulated, a white spark splattered in front of her eyes. It is many times more pleasant than masturbating by herself. Of course there was shame and fear, but while he was polite and kindly caressed Ema felt very good and she couldn’t stop going into the sea of ​​pleasure.

And, like the first time, she sucked Kenichi´s penis with her small mouth. Finally, a large amount of white mucus was poured into her mouth and she swallowed the sticky liquid. During the long ejaculation, the huge meat pillar occupied the mouth completely. After the ejaculation was over, Ema felt that she shook as she sucked up to the last drop while feeling the hot pulsation. After it was over, it was said by the man that he felt good and Ema was very happy to hear that.

(Today as well…. Today will do such things as well…)

While being naked and having her whole body seen by that man, it is still shameful as if to die. But of course it cant be turned off, as it is like a trading condition that lets you drink magical milk. Because she drank that milk and sent an email by herself she knows that she wouldn’t be able to have a feathered body again without it.

(No…it’s a lot of stuff…)

As soon as she remembered the last time, in the bottom of her favorite pretty pink child panty that she has worn to meet Kenichi, her important part starts to have a fever. Under the hairless shameless hill that still has no hair. The further back part of the folded meat bowl. Its very itchy right now.


When Ema closes her thin legs wearing white high socks, a stimulation runs through her thin body from between the crotch and a voice is leaked involuntarily. She turned aside with a red face and looked at Kenichi, but she felt relieved as he didn’t seem to have noticed and looked at the front. After that, when she was enduring for a while, she was concerned about it and moves her legs and waist slightly and try to heal it, but the movement produces sweet stimulation again.

(No…if I do this, it will be found out by uncle…)

Even though Ema think so, she cant stop rubbing her legs against each other for a sweet stimulation.

(This child is already in estrus…)

Kenichi laughs at the back of his throat while looking at the road ahead with a casual face. A red tentacle extends from his body and is entangled around Ema´s body sitting next to him. His red eyes are reflected on the windshield. The 12-year-old is being tangled by the power of the Inma while shaking her small hip in the passenger seat.

“Now, here…. Enter”


Unlike last time, Ema was taken to a super high-class hotel and entered the suite on the top floor. Then, when they went to the suite, Ema suddenly stopped. After all, there were two young girls who were similar to her standing there.

“Ah…you came first? You were so fast…”

Kenichi who is behind Ema smiles at the two beautiful girls over Ema´s head.

“Ema-chan. I’ll introduce you…. This is Miku-chan and she is doing rhythmic gymnastics. This child here is Rin-chan and Rin-chan is doing ballet. Both are also elementary school students like you”

“He, Hello…”

Ema´s face is a little troubled, as she has those girls introduced to her, but after being puzzled for a moment, Ema politely said “Hello”. Both girls have slender bodies with long limbs.

“This girl is Ema-chan. She is aiming to be an idol and does lessons for singing and dancing”

“Eh! Idol!?”

“Uwa! Great!”

As Kenichi introduced Ema, Miku and Rin suddenly have shining faces. Their reaction is more embarrassing than joy and Ema´s face turns red unexpectedly.

“Th, that’s…I’m not yet in the audition …”

As she speaks, Miku and Rin come close and talk in various ways.

“Still great! Aim for being an idol!”

“It’s really amazing! You´re so cute, I´m really convinced you will make it”

There was nothing wrong with their words, and both girls seemed to be surprised from the bottom of their hearts.

“I, Is that so…”

Ema’s face is burning more and more. But on the other hand she was aware. Miku and Rin are also pretty young girls who have the appearance to be idols too.

Ema is said to be the most cutest girl in her school and she notices that and she is proud of her appearance. Among idol candidates coming to the dance school, she thinks that she is at the top by cuteness and style, and if she doesn’t think so, she wouldn’t aim for being an idol at all in the first place. However, even if it is seen from her own eyes, the two in front are so pretty that they quickly can become idols.

(Such pretty girls…why are they here…?)

Miku is a typical girl whose eyes are patchy and her long hair is twin-tailed. She looks like a half and her small face is very pretty. The other one is tall and slender, with long legs and a very smart figure. Her black hair is glossy and she has a very beautiful face for a pretty girl. If she become an adult as it is, the parts of her face are so good that Ema wonder how beautiful she will be.

“Now, let’s drink some juice over there, right?”

When Kenichi says so, they both happily follow to the sofa.

On the large sofa, Miku and Rin sit side by side and on the other side of them sits Ema. Kenichi pulled out a beer from the refrigerator while pouring a cup of juice for the three young girls.

“What about your ballet these days?”

“I’m fine! I was praised by Mizuguchi-sensei yesterday! If I do my best, I will have a good role in the lecture next time!”

Rin answers with a happy voice. Her eyes are sparkling and she is staring at Kenichi who is as old as her parents.

“I’m also praised by Sensei! It may not be possible for the selected A members, but I will definitely join the B team in the next tournament!”

Miku makes her body bounce while saying so. As she is doing rhythmic gymnastics, it seems that her slender body has a spring.

“She said in the car, but Ema-chan was also praised by her teacher, right?”

“…Ah, yes…I’m feeling good recently, the dance teacher…”

Her good friends Risa and Naomi who attended the same dance school passed the audition and are already idols. In comparison with them, Ema was a few steps behind, but the teacher told her that she could catch up with those two in her current situation.

“What…. Then Ema-chan is like that…”

“She’s the same as us…”

After Miku and Rin see each other, they look at Ema while laughing. It is a luscious laughter of being convinced that something is small and sharing secrets that cant be said to anyone.

“Then, let’s go over there”


The two beautiful girls stand up after Kenichi takes a seat. The mini-skirts worn by the two turned up and their pretty panties look pretty. Miku wears black underwear and Rin wears a blue and white border knee-high, which makes her thin legs extending from the miniskirt look longer. Their skins are white as summer is over and time has passed.

“Hey, let’s go Ema-chan”

“This way…”

“…Eh!? …E, Eeh!?”

Ema is graped by Miku and Rin from both sides and is taken to the back. Sweats spewed from her palm and it’s getting wet, probably because of the heat transmitted from them.

As they entered a dimly lit room, there was a huge double bed. When Kenichi sits at the end beckons, the girls sit side by side while being embarrassed. In the same way, when Kenichi turns to the side innocently, he deprives the lips of one of the girl who is slightly surprised.




Ema has seen it many times in dramas and movies, but this is the first time she sees a kiss in front of her eyes. Besides, Kenichi is as old as her father and the girl is the same age as herself. However, despite the appearance of a young girl, Rin boldly entangles her tongue and exchanges a kiss with this middle-aged man.


Kenichi enjoys Rin´s mouth a lot in front of Ema´s eyes who is standing on the sideline, then this time, he turns to Miku on the other side to kiss her. The 12-year-old girl was embarrassed to look at Rin and Ema for a moment, but when she raised her face and, she immediately closed her eyes and accepted the kiss.


French kissing between a middle aged man and a young girl. Miku with her twin tails is embarrassed and dyed her cheeks red, while Kenichi is sucking her tongue as it is. Occasionally he inserts his wild tongue, but Miku accepted it with her eyes closed. It is embarrassing to see, so she hides the two entangled tongues occasionally from between the lips.

(Ah…this girl is great…that intense…)

Ema can hear a small water screeching sound and she can see the intensity of the movement of the tongue inside Miku´s mouth. Its her first time to see an adult kiss. The fact that it is a girl of the same age as her who is doing it, stirs up Ema´s feelings.

“Now, let’s kiss Ema-chan too!”

“…Eh! …Ah!!”

The moment her hand is grasped, Ema is quickly caught in Kenichi´s arms. He looked at her face as if he was about to swallow her and soon Ema was robbed of her lips.

(Ah…my first kiss…)

Ema stiffened her body for a moment, but when she closed her lips her head became numb and at the same time she was at Kenichi´s mercy. When the tongue gets in and licks the inside of her mouth, she cant resist and it is made to like it.

“Hey…take it out…”

As said, Kenichi strongly sucked her saliva. Ema is caught by Kenichi and let him do as it is. Then his tongue comes in again, and it licked the inside of the mouth and drunk the saliva again.


Being embraced by a man other than her father, Ema feels that something like heat all over her body gets in her. A sense of security that she is protected by a strong force that covers her whole body. As she drinks Kenichi´s saliva that is poured into her mouth, the core of her head becomes numb and empty. The back of her panty begins to heat up again and the itchy stimulation is spun.

The beautiful virgin Ema has been completely exposed to the magical power of the Inma and has her young sexual feeling blossomed.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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