Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 262

JS Sex play

Three beautiful young girls. They´re still elementary school students. Taking away the lips of those three pretty girls, Kenichi has an excitement that is thrilling by a sweet and unfortunate virtue. Their bodies are thin and likely to break when held tightly. Their small mouths are completely occupied if the tongue is inserted. When they french kiss with Kenichi, they tremble strongly. Silky saliva with a sweet little acidity.

(Huhu…this still did not become a habit…)

Kenichi is not tired of eating high school girls. However, the taste of 12-year-old elementary school students are a new spice to the regular food of high school students, married women and female teachers. A excitement that heats the back of his chest spreads and tempts the lust of the Inma inside Kenichi´s body.

“Hey, entangle your tongue”

Even if one of the girls makes a face that seems to cry for a moment when Kenichi give an instruction, the face is raised in his arms and the tongue is stretched out. When Kenichi inserts his tongue in the small mouth, it seems that it will be frantically entangled. The thin body seems to break when he hold it, but the high temperature of that beautiful girl is transmitted through her pretty clothes.


The moment Kenichi sucks the tongue, does the girl scream with closed eyes, but there is still no resistance. The saliva of that girl has a sweet, honey-flavored taste and instead of releasing his own thick spit, Kenichi desperately swallows it with his eyes closed. The innocent reaction that the 12-year-old girl shows arouses the beast inside Kenichi and Kenichi is very excited as expected. The drop of the desire has begun to leak from the place where the crotch is thrust.

“Hey, lets take turns…”

After doing so and enjoying the sweet mouth of Ema, Kenichi takes away the lips of Rin. This girl with long black hair looks like a princess who closes her long eyebrows and receives a prince’s kiss. Her well-faced doll-like face stirs even those who look past beauty.

Squeezing her mouth with his tongue, a flowery scent spreads out. Kenichi who hug Rin´s body tightened by rhythmic gymnastics enjoy its soft and supple feel with both hands. Unlike the other two, is Rin´s body tightened by exercising and her body is so soft that it can be folded to make it look any shape. The small, tight buttocks is rubbed without resistance as the body shakes.



And different from the orgies with high school girls and married women, Mika and Ema are just watching at them kissing while doing nothing and they don’t come to beg for it from themselves. The desire in their bodies may be rising, but they are still children who feel shame and jealousy and cant make it into action or words. This is also a fresh and enjoyable response to what Kenichi is used to from all the women who come to him.

“How was an adult kiss?”

“…Great…to let you feel as if you are in a dream…”

The 12-year-old girl who says so and dyes her cheeks red. The eyes under the long eyebrows are twinkling and it is well understood that Kenichi is 20 years older than herself. The whole body is encased in a pale pink aura, as evidence that this girl resonate with Kenichi´s wave motion.

“Then, why don’t you take off your uncle’s pants?”


Rin puts her hand straight on Kenichi´s pants while still being embarrassed. Removing it with sloppy hands, Kenichi pulls Miku to himself and roughly kisses her pink thin lips.


Even if Kenichi kissed many times, at the beginning he always put in force, so that the girl shakes with her body viciously. That is no wonder. After all, the girl is a 12-year-old elementary student. Miku´s body is also thin and not yet mature. However, this innocent body is what Kenichi just wants to eat now.

(This firmness is great, elementary school students are…)

Despite the difference between only 4 and 5 years old, Kenichi smiles at the feeling of meat hidden under clothes that is completely different from high school students. It reminds him of the feeling of a beer can, which hasn’t been opened a little, but is forcibly opened up and this imagination awakes his son inside his boxer shorts.


“N, No…”

In the black boxer shorts that appeared from the bottom of the pants, a swelling is visible and Rin and Ema raise their voices. It is a penis that trembles in front of their eyes and it is not like the thing of their fathers which they saw in the bath. They’ve seen it many times, but they are still unfamiliar with such an alien-like anomalie.

(They don’t understand the feeling of being crazy about the exposure…)

It is the pervert Kenichi who is thrilled by the reaction that those young and cute girls show while opening his legs and sticking out the front part. Seeing that something is moving in his boxer shorts, all three have expressions of fear and interest which is also mixed reflected in their eyes and just looking at them doubles Kenichi´s excitement.

“Hey, touch it…”

Saying that while licking around the slender neck muscle of Miku, Rin and Ema reach out their arms and begin to touch the bulge. Their small hands handle the dangerous weapon well and it is pleasant to be touched through the boxer shorts. If Kenichi let them move their hands, his son will erect even more and those girls will be more scared.


Licking Miku´s sweet smelling neck and touching her chest, let her body become stiff as reaction. Miku’s sexual feeling has begun to melt by the number of caressings, but it is not enough to lose reason because she is still young. Although there is almost no elasticity, her small nipples hits my palm each time I touch her chest with my hand.

“Not…not good…”

Miku raises a voice of denial weakly. However, like a sheep trapped by a wolf, she cant resist at all. Kenichi takes her small pink lips and inserts his wild tongue and Miku only closes her eyes and makes her mouth be played with. Miku is like a high-performance sex doll that accepts the desires of a man as it is.

“Now, it’s Ema-chan’s turn again. Come over here”

After enjoying the sweet mouth and the feeling of Miku´s thin body, did Kenichi release her from his kissing and caress, before he pulls Ema´s hand and raise her to the bed. If he holds her as it is, the 12-year-old girl will be at his mercy and if he put his face closer, she will dedicate her small lips without being disgusted.

“Hey, put your tongue out”

Ema is tempted to give out her tongue without hesitation when being ordered. The obscene Kenichi sucks her tongue while playing with it as it is covered with saliva. The saliva of these pretty girls are slightly different in taste and viscosity. Kenichi thinks so because the sexual feeling increased by Ema and he drunk the saliva of all three of them before. It is the best aphrodisiac and stimulant for a pervert who has a rape hobby like Kenichi.

“Rin-chan and Miku-chan, can you take off uncle´s boxer shorts”

Even though Kenichi is kissing with Ema firmly, he still orders the two other beautiful girls who are between his legs. For a moment, both line up their eyes with Kenichi for a moment and then nod and they lower the black boxer shorts with their four small hands.



His penis that appears while shaking, hangs in the air. It is not yet at 100%, but it is a fierce weapon that still has a fever by conquering beautiful girls. When it is touched by their hands, it reacts to the coldness and shake with a impulse to surprise the two young girls.

“Hey, as always, let your uncle feel good”

Being ordered by Kenichi, Miku and Rin entangle their 20 thin fingers around the hot and pulsating dick and begin to handle it slowly. The thick and long penis is stimulated by four small hands and gradually increase in its hardness and volume.

“Gr, Great…it’s too thick to hold…”

“No…it’s getting better…”

The meat pole gains strength in their hands. A symbol of a strange man no matter how many times you see or touch it.

“Aaa…I feel good…”

When Kenichi says these words, the two beautiful girls deal with it more and more enthusiastically. Of course, their techniques are still sloppy. Of course, they are not sex veterans like Reiko and Yuki and of course, it is monotonous and childish compared to the skills of the slightly older high school students

(Nevertheless, it is good…)

If there is an excitement created by a sense of immorality that will make these elementary school students who usually carries their school bags on hand, create no problem such as the skill of such techniques. Seeing the 12-year-old girls who rub his penis with a humorous and serious expression, black desire come up like magma.

(So many cute girls of this age will be available from next year…. Even if I think about it, I feel very great…)

Kenichi smiles while looking at Ema´s cute face while sucking her tongue.

A middle school will be newly established in Ellis young ladies academy next year and they are going to accept new freshmen. It has already been rumored in the streets, many inquiries from noble families entered to have their children come to this academy. It is a very popular academy because it is a prestigious young ladies school with a lot of traditions anyway and the school has partnerships with a lot of prestigious universities.

As with high school entrance exams, not only examinations, but also family and culture, as well as interviews of teacher, students and their parents will be added to the screening. Of course, Kenichi will participate in the selection as the director himself and intends to conduct strict and careful selection.

(The number of pretty girls from 13 to 18 years old is unlimited!)

Tasting 13-year-old crispy meats that are still firm and salmon-like pink, fucking them many times and gradually make them become addicted. With 14, 15 and 16 years old, the bodies of pretty girls who will have the most beautiful time in life is cherished and they will be brought up as Kenichi favorite meat dolls and in the flowering period of 17 and 18, the will be nasty girls who will do anything Kenichi says. Even if Kenichi chooses 30 students in each grade, a total of 180 middle school and high school students are counted as meat slaves. The six years that are the most important and glamorous seasons of the girls belong to himself. Among them, the students who are particularly liked are let go to become university students like Reiko.

Of course, the students have mothers, so Kenichi will have more beautiful mothers than before. Furthermore, it will be natural to increase the number of teachers when the middle school will be established. Japan seems narrow and wide. If he looks for young beautiful teachers, there are many. Kenichi only has to gather young and beautiful female teachers from all over the country and teach them one by one.

(Aaa…I’m so busy…)

The school that he controls. His own harem. Just imagining it, let black blood flows into the corpus cavernosum as a turbid flow.

“It’s hot…and throbbing…”

“Thick…and hard…”

While holding onto the engorged bow, Rin and Miku are exhaling such words. The magical power of the Inma flows in through the palm of their hands, resonates with their own waves and make them lustful without knowing it. They don’t forget to caress it while holding and releasing many times to check the feel of the meat pole in their hands.

“Well, do you know what to do next?”

The two were a little hesitant to these words, but eventually they pressed their pink lips against the penis as they approached with their small white faces from left and right.

(Aaa…even if I say so myself, incredible…)

Kenichi, who was naked and sat on the bed, smiles at the fact that his penis, which has curled up to the navel, is stiffer than usual and turned into a abnormal thing. His proud penis that makes even prostitutes and AV actresses go crazy now is licked here and there with three small tongues and it gets wet with the saliva of the young girls.

Three pretty elementary school students who are still dressed flock around Kenichi´s crotch. There is no cooperation or technical skill at all, but just looking at their small foreheads that is full of sweat, the excitement of committing taboos rises from the core of his body.


The pretty girl that had been holding the tip up until now has released her mouth and desperately gets oxygen. She put the huge tip in her mouth and her breathing got worse on the way. However, it is hard to say that she was waving her twin tailed head desperately to make Kenichi feel good.

“Good, next is Ema-chan”


Now, when Kenichi said that, Ema swallows the tip in her mouth. The huge glans swells up so much that even adult women can get their jaws become tired. For a 12-year-old girl who doesn’t have experience, it’s a work that can even be described as impious. However, she still opens her mouth desperately and swallows the huge tip

“Ooo…. It feels good…Ema chan…”

The compliment isn’t a flattering or exaggeration. Ema´s small mouth is rubbed tightly and the inside is narrow, so the area around the glans is feeling very good. A small pain sometimes runs when the teeth hit, but it can be a material that adds to the feeling that even elementary school girls can give a blowjob.

“Hey, can you also try to suck it like Miku-chan?”

As it is said, Ema shrinks her cheeks as she sucks. Her pretty face distorts, but she still sucks with force as commanded. Kenichi feels like as if his penis is sucked in by a full-fledged sucker.

(This, I might get addictive!)

It is a pleasure to admire innocent pretty girls who don’t know anything yet. Kenichi was aware that he was a considerable pervert, but he still didn’t think he was addicted to elementary school girls. In this case, if he cant laugh at Yamada-sensei anymore, who is the other vice-principal, Yamada is a big lolicon.

“Ah…Rin-chan and Miku-chan that also feels good…. Continue as it is”

Under the glans, the root and balls are covered with a pink tongue. The whole scene is reflected in the closet with a mirror in front of his eyes that three beautiful girls lined up and serve Kenichi in pretty clothes from the top to the bottom of his crotch.

(A triple blowjob from elementary school students is so fucking great…)

The tightness of the glans is wrapped by Ema´s small mouth. There is only a small amount of adults around Kenichi, that can endure such a subtle stimulation from such a small tongue. While making his eyes become black and white, Kenichi is desperately feeling a tight feeling of sucking at his meat bag. Together it becomes a pleasure of a different dimension than what Kenichi gains from high school students and married women and Kenichi´s impatience is intoxicated and swayed by his feeling of immorality and excitement.

“Now then, let’s check your underwear as usual…. First of all, Ema-chan, come over here and bring your butt closer to uncle’s face”

After enjoying the triple service, Kenichi laughs and smiles and and lie down.

“Noo… it’s embarrassing…”

“What are you saying…. Don’t I always do it? If I don’t do it, only Ema-chan will not receive my white milk, so is it okay? You still want to be good at dancing and become an idol?”

“But…everyone is watching…”

Ema was hesitating for a while, but she still accepted it because she wants to be an idol and the desire for pleasure that has sprouted in her young body is aching, so she straddles over Kenichi´s face as she was commanded.

“Ooo! Ema-chan! It’s a very cute panty. Have you been wearing it for uncle?”

“Noooo…dont look…it’s embarrassing…”

Kenichi grabbed her thin legs that were trying to escape so that Ema can’t move and he continues to stare at the pink cloth in front of his eyes. Ema´s panty with a point on the front, isn’t a design cloth. However, it is a blissful sight for Kenichi because it covers the crotch of this jump-off girl.

“What, Ema-chan…the middle of your panty is wet? Why?”

“NooNoo!! Dont…Dont look…”

As Kenichi smiles with his face, Ema desperately moves her hips and try to escape. Of course, her resistance is meaningless in front of Kenichi who enjoys the scene for a while and then he brings his face closer. From this 12-year-old crotch, a thick, lingering odor rises with a rich concentration that makes Kenichi cling to it with his face.

“Aaa…what a great smell…”

“Noo…don’t smell…. It’s shameful…”

Ema may be aware of herself getting wet in her crotch. Ema is embarrassed and denies with a bright red face, but her lower body remains fixed. The waist is lowered slowly and the crotch finally pressed against Kenichi’s face.

“Yaah…No, no…”

(It’s the best…aaaa… it’s so much fun…)

Pressing his face on the crotch of this pretty virgin who hasn’t had her menstruation yet, Kenichi is enjoy it while Ema raises a cry and Rin and Miku only watch what they are doing. What does this say without saying bliss? The violent, 12-year-old pubertal of metabolism has a faint smell of ammonia mixed with exhaled nectar. Ema has been in estrus since she came here by car, so the smell is also concentrated by the amount of steaming in her underwear.

(Now, how is the taste inside…)

After enjoying the smell, Kenichi moves his tongue and let the ferocious tongue crawl into Ema´s virgin hole.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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