Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 264

Teacher Training Nigh


(After all, I’m getting a lot of attention…)

While receiving a lecture in a large conference room, Ryohei Anzai, an english teacher at Ellis young ladies academy, feels gazes at first glance looking at him here and there and he exhales a sigh of exasperation. As everyone here is a high school teacher, it is a gathering of common sense people. So there is nothing outright, but he still feels the eyes of many people right away.

(Hey, again…. How many times do they have to look over here…. Are they even listening to the lecture?)

Ryohei is the one who raises the shelf and curses. Looking back at those here, the men who return the gaze. Many men have been looking at him since a while ago, from old people who can already be said to be elderly to young men who are still in their twenties.

(Well, understandable…. I’m not exactly what men are looking at, even if I notice…)

It is not exactly him who the men are looking at. He also glances at the person ahead of the men’s gazes with a glance and sighs for the beauty. It’s about the extraordinary beauty who is taking a lecture next to him. Junko Yoshikawa, also an english teacher at Ellis young ladies academy, has the eyes of all men in this room which are nearly 70 people nailed at her.

Ryohei and Junko are participating in a training seminar for high school teachers. From today they will stay at a training center in a university city in the northern kanto area for two nights and three days and receive training on high school education in the form of a training camp. The training is divided by department and only english teachers are present at this venue. Today they are given a lecture by an educator and from tomorrow it will be a discussion and presentation divided into groups.

And along with Junko, Ryohei took a seat at the lecture, but many men had a surprising face to see such a magnificent beauty and noise was created. However, Reiko herself was completely unaware of such eyes and reactions around her and she spoke intimately with Ryohei until the lecture started.

(Well, these faces were a sight to see…)

The gaze of wolves who feel jealousy of Ryohei who talks with such a beauty who appeared so suddenly intimately even have a murderous intent. While listening to her comfortably, Ryohei deliberately made a loud voice and exchanged a friendly conversation with Junko.

Junko is a colleague teacher of himself and Kumiko who he just married a while ago. However, the other day he went to a french restaurant with this pretty female teacher without telling his wife and then he was alone with her in a bar until midnight. At first the attitude and tone of Junko was that of a colleague at school, but along the way, it became a friendly friend tone with alcohol included. It happened by coincidence, but their hometown is the same and their age is similar, so in a short time they met in a row.

Then they got closer at school. Because they are in charge of the same subject, they spend a lot of time together, working together and naturally the distance is getting closer and closer.

(Such a great beauty is…maybe?)

Ryohei Anzai is a handsome man and has been popular since he was a student. The women who he has dated were uninterrupted, sometimes even two or three at the same time. He thinks that his experience with women is richer than other men of the same age and he has confidence in the treatment of a female mind. Ryohei is convinced that his instinct is telling him that Reiko has an interest in him.

(Next time, can I take a move…?)

Junko has an attitude and words that clearly show a gap in front of Ryohei. Although they only had one meal, he thinks that there is a good chance to go for a second meal.

(I have to try not to expose it to Kumiko…)

Ryohei is thinking that even after being in a relationship with Kumiko.

His new wife, Kumiko, was the best woman he chose from among the many women he has been dating. His favorite type of a woman matches with her bright and gentle face that let flowers bloom and her character is impeccable. The only drawback is that Kumiko has few sex experience and she is like a tuna in bed. However, even when he thought that she would develop from now on, he could say it was rather fun. Of all the women Ryohei had ever met, he believed that his wife, Kumiko, was the best woman. Until the moment he meet Junko who is next to him.

(It may not be possible during this training camp. As Kumiko is also here…)

The training lasts until late at night and there is also a bar at the hotel where he is staying. Ryohei thought that he could possibly have a chance, but in this training camp, his wife, Kumiko, who is a science teacher at the same school, also participates.

(But the room is different…maybe…. No No, it is impossible to get back if it is find out by all means. There is also Midou-sensei…)

In addition to Ryohei, five other teachers from Ellis young ladies academy participate in this training. With Junko and Kumiko, and the vice-principal Kenichi Midou, there are also Miwako Kawasaki and Saegusa Noa, who are staying at this hotel. However, male teachers have assigned rooms in the main building of the lodgings, while female teachers have rooms in the annex.

(Well, I’m not worried…. We promise to eat together again next time…)

Junko said that when they said goodbye to each other last time, to invite her to a meal again. Ryohei has already looked out the seafood restaurant in the bay area with a beautiful night view, so he is going to invite her there next time.

When he looked at his side again, Junko also looked at him and laughed. Her expression is full of love and it feels like she is showing it to her lover. Feeling comfortable and ignoring the hateful eyes from the surrounding, Ryohei was excited about the great night’s premonition that comes, while listening to the lectures.

Night of that day. Ryohei went back to his room late at night, took off his jacket, sighed and sat down on the bed. Taking off the pants while cursing he remained in his underwear.

(Tsk…. Even though she was invited to the bar, bothersome insects were also invited…)

After eating together, Ryohei asked Junko Yoshikawa to the bar while pounding whether she says yes. However, he thought that he would be drinking alone with her, but many male teachers from other schools came over and they surrounded Junko. All of them wanted to show off to approach Junko even a little, so they flocked around her like a verminus gathering in a streetlight. From the beginning, they are all high school teachers in the same position, and some of them were familiar. So Ryohei couldn’t be evil and he had to stay with them all the time. And after a while Junko said that she would go back to her room and Ryohei wasn’t able to progress forward. The other men were happy to talk to Junko, but for Ryohei who was trying to get closer to Junko on this occasion, it was a time to suffer.

(Well fine…I will take a bath and then go to sleep…)

From tomorrow morning the training camp will be there as well. Unlike lectures, tomorrow it will be training divided into groups. Unfortunately, he is in a different group from Junko, but it is a hard program from morning till evening. Although it was a little early to prepare for it, Ryohei decided to go to bed early.


Ryohei hears a growl somewhere. He heard that as he was asleep and slowly awake in the world of awakening.

(What…? Where is this coming from…)

He felt a sense of discomfort in the feel of the sheet that was stiff and when he opened his eyelids, he could see the ceiling in the dim room. It’s an interesting inorganic thing that has no special features that are different from what he usually is used to. Awkward sprinkler is installed in the center slightly back.

Just like a diver who was diving in the sea went out of the sea, Ryohei gradually recognizes the surrounding world. He remembered that he was staying at a hotel and today he came to a university city away from Tokyo for education and training.


At that time, he hears a voice again and wake up at once. It is clearly the voice of a person. That was also a female voice.

(What…? What is it…?)

His room is dark and there is neither television nor radio on. That means that the woman’s voice was heard from another place, but he didnt notice for a while that it was from the next room.

『No…please stop…aaaa…』

At last Ryohei realized that the voice was meaningful and at the same time he realized that it was clearly that time and Ryohei felt that his heart bounced in the dark room. He went close to the wall and listen. The woman’s erotic voice is heard clearly from the room on the left side across the wall.

『Aaa…th, that place…. Not good, please stop…』

It sounds clearer than before, probably because he had his ears around. The woman has voiced a refusal like a cry from the moment whether she is being teased by someone who is with her. However, the voice was clearly thin and sweet, indicating that the woman wasn’t seriously resisting.

(What…? Are they looking an adult video next room or what…?)

It was past 2 o’clock when Ryohei saw the clock at the bedside. He went to bed early, so he slept for several hours.

『Not good…Sensei. That…that place…aaaa…』

Ryohei hears the word “Sensei” and gives a glimpse. And I remembered that moment. This hotel is almost filled with teachers who are participating in this training camp. Of course there are female teachers in a video too, but there will be no such coincidence.

(Hey hey hey…. Then, isn’t it a video?)

One thing that can be considered. He doesn’t know who it is, but the male teacher who is staying next to him pulled a female teacher into his room.

(I’ll do it well. I don’t know who I’m, I’m ashamed if I’m doing this kind of training …)

All on this floor are male teachers. The female teachers are staying in the annex, so it is only bold to bring them here. If there is a woman, it will stand out alone. Ryohei really admires the behavior of that man in the next room. However, a voice that exceeded the surprise was heard as if it was about to strike from the next door.

『That…not good…. I…I have a husband…aaah…nooo…』

(She has a husband…? Hey, wait a minute…. Does this mean they have affair?)

Ryohei is deeply moved by the woman and her partner who make a sweet and good voice. However, thinking that way, he thinks that it may be a chance. After all, this is a place away from Tokyo, and it is convenient for men and women without a road to enjoy themselves. He only has to care about the eyes of the male teachers on the same floor.

Ryohei put an ear on the wall next to the bed to listen to the voice without leaking his presence. Sometime his eyes are completely covered and his crotch is starting to have a slight heat. He ejaculates and listens to the affair scene of the unknown man and woman and the excitement which is heard clearly.

『Th, that’s….. Because, voice…my voice comes out…. Stop…so intensely, don’t lick…. Voice…my voice will be heard…』

In his imagination, the married teacher opens her legs on the bed and the male teacher sucks on her crotch. From the situation, both must know that this hotel walls are thin. And ordered by the man, the woman desperately tries to suppress her voice. Nevertheless she feels like she’s being embarrassed by the fact that she is pleasured on her crotch by that man.

(Do it…. I also want to do it…)

Ryohei has been dating so many women, but he has never slept with a woman who has a lover or husband. However, like the man next to him, he is excited when he thinks of taking away a woman of another person and making her his thing, so that blood of desire flows into his penis. That is exactly one of the dreams of a man.

『Aaa…. More than this…more than this and I will be scolded by my husband…by my husband…. Nor good…nor good, that’s it…. Hiiiiaaaa…』

(Ooooo!! Having sex!!? I want to have sex!? Dammnn!!!)

The female married teacher who shakes her head and denies makes resistance only in form. The body of that mature woman is suppressed and the dark naked man sinks his dick inside her pussy, that’s the delusion which Ryohei has.

『Noooo…. So…don’t move so much…. Aaa…such a depth…hiiiii…』

Sometimes the indecent voice is reduced, probably because the voice is restricted desperately with a hand or a futon. However the woman who is drained by pleasure leaks a yell from having sex with a man other than her husband. Is sex with that man so good or is her sex life with her husband so poor?

(Both sides are possible…)

Ryohei decides that way without hesitation. And while the standard question that a man who listens to it may ask, the most exciting speech in the cuckold scene is released from the mouth of the married female teacher.

『Aaa…. Good…Sensei…. Better…than my husband…much better than that person…. Aaaaa…coming in the interior…thereee! The interior so good…』

The married woman who rejoices with the man with an open confession whether the desire finally exceeds her shame. Ryohei has seen these lines in a erotic manga many times, so he really listens to that voice and his excitement becomes max.

(Not good…it has accumulated…. It is likely that I´m cumming…)

Recently, because he was refused by his new wife, Kumiko, he hasn’t had sex for a long time. Originally his wife´s menstrual disorder was severe and she who consulted a gynecologist regularly had complained of pain when having sex when they were not married yet. Therefore, to not overdo it when Kumiko’s physical condition is not good, the couple decided to discuss about it.

(Kumiko, too, if she only would become so lewd…)

His wife was a tuna with a weak response during sex, probably because she had little sexual experience. Ideally, while keeping the daytime ugliness, Ryohei wants her to be more active like the married woman next room. Perhaps because he had imagined that, he couldn’t suppress his excitement that was rising and took a tissue from the bedside.

『Aaaa…my voice…my voice can be heard…. Aaaa…great….great coming…aaaaa…』

It is probably doing the intense piston movement. The noise of the bed screeching. The lewdness of the married woman who heats up more and more with it. If he holds on to his own excitement, he is about to ejaculate.

『Hiiii…. Not good…inside…inside is awful…. Poke that place, I…I…ahiiii!!!』

The man from next door seems to thrust his penis to the depth which hasn’t been reached by her husband yet and the married female teacher makes a high voice over the wall. Imagining a penis going in and out of the wet and dirty vagina, Ryohei speed up his hand that is holding his penis. The climax is approaching and the voice of that woman becomes louder more and more.

『Sensei…aaa cumming…. I´m happy. Aaaa…』


While listening to the sex from next door and getting excited by the imaginary situation, Ryohei also starts counting down to his ejaculation. He doesn’t know who it is, but bringing a married teacher to his hotel room during education and training and don’t caring about the surroundings, that must be a great man. That’s why Ryohei feels intense jealousy and envy from the man next door who realizes such a dream.

『Hiiaaaa!!! Cumminggg!!! I´m, cuummiinngg!!!』


Ryohei released a large amount of semen with a pounding according to the eclectic cry of the beauty that is heard. The white sperm is received by the tissue and gradually becomes heavy with pulsation.

While being immersed in the pleas of pleasure after ejaculation, the next room becomes quiet soon. Ryohei who ejaculates sighs while wiping his penis with a tissue.


He imagined the sex of the married woman and the man next door which he doesn’t know and masturbated. The excitement is awakened by it, and at the same time, a fierce slumber strikes.

『Aa! Aa! Noo…th, that…continue like that…. Not good…Sensei…. Don’t poke the inside so much…great…. Aaa! Commingg!!!』

When Ryohei dived into his futon, he heard such a voice from the neighbor again. He slowly let go of consideration before long to the BGM of the lewd voice of the married woman while thinking that he do well inwardly.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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