Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 266

Ulterior motives and cheating hear


The second day of training.

On this day, the group was divided into groups of 5 people each for the morning, discussing along the theme given and putting it together into a large imitation paper. Among them, Ryohei is now discussing effective teaching methods of English education in high school, especially about Japanese weak speaking and listening in his group.

All group members are from different schools, so they meet for the first time. While everyone is trying to communicate with each other, does Ryohei, who was taking leadership in a circle activity at university, naturally became the leader and keep the debates and presentations in an organized manner.

“Anyway, Anzai-sensei, it’s good to get together very well…”

When he was drinking on his tea plastic bottle at the break, he was talked to by a female teacher in the same group. The woman is a teacher who works at a private high school in Saitama Prefecture and has good looks like Ryohei but slightly younger. Her brown-dyed hair is short and she looks good with a flashy face and a sharp nose. She was a different type from Junko and Kumiko, but she was a beauty that was clearly eye-catching. And it was a characteristic that her voice of a teacher was high and sweet like the main character of an anime.

(Its bad luck that I´m not together with Yoshikawa-sensei, but I was lucky with this)

About 500 teachers have participated in this training camp. Although english speaking staff have a relatively high proportion of women, there aren’t even 50 female english teachers here. Among them, Junko Yoshikawa is a shining beauty, but the teacher in front of him was also overwhelmingly beautiful compared to other participants. From the breast’s nameplate, her name seems to be Shimomura Rinka.

“There is no such thing…. Sensei give a good opinion and I just put it together…”

“There is no such thing…. After all I think that it is not very hard to put together various opinions…. I am troubled because I can not lead the discussion with the students quite well at school every day… ”

Saying so, Rinka looks at him with a slightly higher eyesight. It is a well-understood gesture that shows how effective it is to show her cuteness. The eyebrows around her patchy eyes were long, making it a typical makeup for female university students and office ladies.

“By the way, the female teacher who was with Anzai-sensei…she is a very beautiful woman…. Is she Sensei’s lover by any chance?”

Bringing her body close, Rinka says that in a small voice. Her voice is like an anime character, but contains a prankish tone somewhere.

“Eh!? …Ah, it’s about Yoshikawa-sensei…. Its different! She is just a colleague…”

“…What, is that so…? … Huuh…. So she is called Yoshikawa-sensei…. She is so beautiful and rumored by all our teachers…”

Looking at the direction in which Rinka threw her eyes, Ryohei could see in the distance Junko talking with some people. A good looking female teacher who overwhelms the area and is surrounded by male teachers of the same group. For a moment, the emotions of jealousy and frustration are soaring.

“Because you two were so close, I thought you surely were lovers…. Well, is Anzai-sensei married?”

“…Oh, I…? I’m single!”

“Oh, is that so…. Good!”

He and Kumiko don’t wear their wedding rings because of metal allergies, so they often regarded themselves as singled. It is Ryohei who lied, though it is the reality, but Rinka who heard it laughs happily. Ryohei doesn’t know what ‘good’ means, but his experience shows that this beautiful teacher seems to be interested in him.

“I work in Saitama, but I’m living in Tokyo…. If it’s okay I would like to have a meal next time? ”

A mischievous laugh rose. For a carnivorous girl, he looks like a great prey. Aggressive women aren’t dislike, let alone Rinka who is so attractive. If he is invited to this point, Ryohei won’t feel disgusted at himself.

(It’s getting weird…)

While the teachers around him looked jealous, he exchanged email address with Rinka and Ryohei began to think that he might have entered the mote period now.

It was lunch break. Ryohei thought that they would like to eat the same way as in the morning, but lunchboxes were distributed to each training group and the discussions continued while eating. Five people, including himself, often share their opinions and sometimes make presentations while fighting heated discussions. Occasionally, when he looks at Rinka, he can see that she pours hot gazes at him. Although there is his wife Kumiko and his target Junko, it is still comfortable to receive favor from another beautiful woman.

“This is the material for this part, but is there any reference material?”

“Ah, it was announced at the last year’s conference, so I think I have one, so I will go to the room for a while.”

On the tablet left in the hotel room, he downloaded and saved various materials necessary for teaching english. He leaves the training hall to get it and move to his room on the 5th floor of the hotel.

(Well Well…this is…)

Holding the tablet charged on the desk, he is about to return to the hall again. At that time, he heard a voice from next room again and Ryohei stopped his legs unintentionally.

『Aaa…Sensei, don’t look so much…. I’m ashamed…』

It is a sweet and ashamed voice of a woman. This hotel has thin walls and there is stillness, but even after 2 o’clock in the daytime, a lustrous voice can be heard faintly but clearly.

(Hey hey hey…they are still doing it…?)

It is a horrible sexual desire. After all, although Ryohei heard that female voice from last night to this morning, they are still having sex.

『No…this is…this is, that…. Because, I wear a skirt that is as short as possible. Nooo it’s embarrassing…』

(Eh!? …Maybe it’s a different woman?)

He noticed then. The voice of the woman is different from yesterday, and it includes a little youthness in the saying and tone. While the voice of the woman from yesterday was moist like a married woman, that of the woman now is rather a young and breezy voice. In other words, the man next door is having sex with another woman, not the married woman from yesterday.

『Lie…I’m not excited…. Aaa…th, that is….that’s different…dont say it…』

(What a guy…. Why is this guy here?)

First of all, everyone should be attending the training at the present time, but the man next door is making love regardless of the daytime. In this case, he may not have just come to education and training, but to come to bring women to this place. Ryohei doesn’t know who it is, but it’s too lame and unscrupulous. However behind the anger of Ryohei is envy and jealousy to the man from next room. It can even be said that it is his own dream to have sex with an AV actress or having a harem.

(Oops…. I cant wait forever …. If I don’t return…)

『Sensei…. Thats not…thats not…. Nooo…I don’t feel it. Noo, not good…. Such a place, it’s not good to touch…』

(Damn it! What kind of guy…)

Listening to the sweet voice of the woman which continues endlessly, Ryohei leaves the room as he cant stay here forever. Ryohei who went out in the hallway and looked at the door of the next room was unquenchable to want to know who the man next door is.

The evening of the second training day. The work in the group that started from the morning is also finished at 6 o’clock, and there is dinner at once. However, that is only on the schedule. so the groups that don’t have to presentate their materials tomorrow may continue to work after dinner. The ambitious groups or the ineffective groups may work late at night, but Ryohei´s group have finished almost 90% of their work, with their own coordination. It would be ok if they take 30 more minutes after dinner.

When Ryohei came with Rinka to the dinner room, he met Junko by chance.

“Ah? How is it going? Have you finished?

“Yes…. Almost finished…”

“I see…. Good…. I think my group need more time”

Ryohei and Junko exchange words in a friendly manner. Men in the same group as Junko have a face that seems to kill Ryohei. Junko was totally unconcerned and Ryohei proudly ignored their stinging eyes and sat at the table together. The first meeting of Junko and Rinka they give a greeting and talk in various ways as if they got together at once.

(It’s a shame…. Those guys can just look towards here…)

Ryohei is immersed in an overwhelming sense of superiority while eating with two pretty women who are at the forefront of english training. Whenever three people laugh and raise laughter, it is fun to keep the subtle distance and to gradually kill the atmosphere of the men around them.

A couple of men and women came close to Ryohei who is having dinner with two beautiful women while getting attention from the surroundings for a while.

“Can we sit here?”

Ryohei turns his face to that voice. Who stood there was Kenichi Midou, who is the vice-principal of Ellis young ladies Academy.

“Ah…. Vice-principal. Pl, please please…”

Of course there is nothing wrong with Ryohei. The vice-principal sits down next to Junko and then the three women accompanying him also sat down. One is his wife, Kumiko. The latter two were unfamiliar faces, but they were both beautiful young females. Kumiko turned her face towards Rinka and Ryohei, but when she saw Rinka´s hand placed on Ryohei’s arm, she looked as if she had seen something unnatural. Then she returned her gaze to somewhere else. Of course it is a body touch that isn’t normal. Since there is no excuse for making excuses here, Ryohei continues talking with the teachers without saying anything. Besides, he cant talk to his wife here without telling that he lied that he was single.

“Is your english training finished?”

“Well, in fact, Anzai-sensei´s group is almost finished, but my group seems to take a while more…”

“Every year, there seems to be groups working until midnight. Please be careful not to do so”

“Eee!!! That’s right! That’s a bad thing…”

The two pretty female teachers brought by Midou-sensei can be seen from the flow of conversation that they seem to be teachers from other schools that he met during the training. The vice-principal and four female teachers talked about the contents and impressions of the training. During that time, Ryohei was a little concerned that just his wife did not participate in the conversations and continued to eat quietly while listening, but he lost the opportunity to call Kumiko who sits in the farthest seat , as 6 people continue to chat.

(Well…Kumiko, since when did she have such clothes…?)

Kumiko wears a thin pink blouse right now. As such, it is not necessary to be particularly careful. However, because the bra that Kumiko is wearing is seen through the thin cloth because of its shape and color, Ryohei cant keep his mind calm. What’s more, the bra is unusual for Kumiko who is a proper character, as it was dark blue.

(Is she a bit fancy? …Does she pay attention lately?)

Ryohei cant be glad to let other men see his wife’s underwear. However, he thinks that it is not something to be careful here and continue to eat as it is. During that time, my wife never tried to keep an eye on him, but she was looking down and quietly moving her chopsticks.

After dinner, when Ryohei returned to the venue and resumed the work with his group, it was finished as he expected. Check the points of the three imitation papers and appreciate each other in the group.

“It’s over…. Do you want to go to the bar?”

“Good! Let’s go!”

A middle-aged teacher who has become thinner proposes this while looking at Rinka´s direction. It became 7 o’clock when Ryohei looked at the watch. Because there is no reason to oppose in particular, all five move to the bar as they are and toast with beer. Of course next to Ryohei is Rinka with a happy expression.

Is it about 30 minutes later? After Rinka talks to someone on her mobile phone, she talks to the few people with her anime-like voice. She’ll be back soon, so she left her seat. The remaining four men had been chatting for a while, but the lack of Rinka made the air of the place heavy and the men who drank for the sake of her also lowered their tension including Ryohei.

Even when time passed, Rinka didn’t come back. Male teachers gradually become silent while waiting for her.

(Chii…. Even if you drank with these old guys, it is interesting…)

They had been waiting for a while, but eventually they ended up alone. Therefore the other men return to each room with a pale expression.

(Chie…what to do…)

A little before 9 o’clock in the night. It’s early to go to bed and the bar is full with people, but there’s no one Ryohei knows. There are also a few women, but only old and not beautiful.

(If there is Yoshikawa-sensei…. Let’s see for a moment…)

When Ryohei returned to the English training site, about one third of the groups were still working. However, there was no Junko and it seemed that she had already returned to her room. When that happens, there is nothing to do in earnest. It is far from the hotel of the venue to the nearest station and the bar in front of the station is the best choice. After all, his wife, Kumiko was silent the whole time when they meet before, when he was with Junko and Rinka.

(Rinka was supposed to come back, so I will wait a little more…)

Ryohei gets to the bar counter again and drinks beer alone while looking through his smartphone. Hearing the joyful voices of the people who gradually increase after the training, he keeps waiting for Rinka who he doesn’t know if she will come back.

Then the smartphone vibrates and Ryohei notices the arrival of the mail, as if it saw his heart at that time. It was a short email message, from a number he didn’t know. However, looking at the contents, he feels excited..

“Anzai-sensei. Are you still at the bar? I will come in a little bit, so please wait. Let’s drink alone! Shimomura Rinka”

It seems that he still has some luck. Sending an email, Ryohei orders another beer. While drinking at the counter alone with the noise around him, Ryohei felt a quiet excitement in the premonition of a hot night.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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