Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 269

Night park

“Hey, Shio. Cheer up!”

“That’s right. We are here because we you a treat!”

Encouraged by Tetsu and Michiaki who are friends since middle school, Shioya finally smiles. He has been depressed all the time these days, so it’s good enough to drink alcohol with his friends in a tavern. There is no place in his house or company for him at all, therefore nowadays he has always been in a situation like the needle of Mushiro.

That night, he was heavily drunk and raped his wife, Keiko. Although his wife somehow stopped thinking about divorce, he has been given three conditions and has no sign of improving the relationship at all. They live together barely, but even if they meet at home they don’t exchange words and just live together. Even the greetings of “Good morning” and “Good night” are not answered, they are ignored like air.

Furthermore, the situation is similar in the company. Since he was in the position of the president’s son-in-law so far, he was able to climb up to the managing director in his mid 30’s. Conversely speaking, it is not his own achievement or ability. Therefore, when the rumor of divorce with Keiko who is the daughter of the president flowed in-house, the surrounding atmosphere and the response changed. All the managers and section heads who had swayed their tails to Shioya until now were far from the whole house, projects were removed and the budget was cut. So now he is going to the company and is just doing a job to stamp some documents. It should be said that the budget cut should be called the cut of the edge and the three female employees he put his hands on have been working outside the company now.

Only one gear went crazy. It becomes a big swell like an avalanche and makes his life go crazy. When he realized that, Shioya had already been forced into an irreversible situation.

“But, no matter how you think about it, that Midou is bad!”

“Ah…. It may be that he has given Keiko the idea of divorce”

“Yes! That’s not right! Damn! Hey, I’ll punch him again next time I see him!”

Tetsu and Michiaki conclude so when Shioya gave an overview of what happened.

“Do you think so?”

“Yes, as long as I listen to the story, it’s no doubt…. Instead of asking for a debt, he send you an email that let you make a mistake deliberately…. Clearly you’ve been fucked up by that Midou. And isn’t it strange how he thought of sitting in a conversation with Keiko?”

Michiaki, who is the most cutting of the three, analyzes while drinking. When you think so, if you think that Midou is pulling a thread in the back, the coffin often matches.

“And with the club too…?”

“Didnt you originally take along with Midou? If so, it’s no wonder it became such a situation…”

“Hey Hey…. Shio, you’ve been fucked by that guy! You know, he is going to divorce you and Keiko-chan!”

The commentary of Michiaki is persuasive and Tetsu who heard shouts loudly. The customers around them look awkwardly, but they cant tell such a big man with muscles, tanned and doing heavy work to be silent. With his short hair and strong build Tetsu is rough to look at and it is an opponent who would never want to hesitate if it is an ordinary human.

“But…that yakuza might come out again…”

“Are you worried. Even if it is one or two, I can beat up all of them”

There are a lot of young people who are similarly rough under Tetsu who has continued the plaster shop of his family and because there is an indigenous connection, he can see the local yakuza. Besides, recently, if you give an hand to an amateur, you will immediately get a government official’s hand, so they can not move in rare circumstances.

“Hey, I’ll call him from now!”

Tetsu shouts excitedly, probably because he is drunk.

“I’ll screw up that gloomy bastard and I won’t let him get involved with Keiko-chan ever again!”

“No, let him confess before that. Let’s take up his smartphone and check it for a while…”

Michiaki who laughs with Tetsu has snake-like eyes that are full with excitement. Both of them were bad students like Shioya in the middle school days as teachers, several classmates and juniors were bullied by them. The aim of that time doesn’t change. While looking at those two close friends, Shioya felt a thirst for violence that began to boil for the first time in a long time.

Stagnate atmosphere without wind. Even though it is past 10 o’clock in the night, the concentration of air that has been on the air hasn’t changed, and air that contains the heat of daytime seems to cling to the skin. The park in the residential area isn’t large, but you can see the playground equipments everywhere, which are lit by the light of the streetlights.

Three men are standing at the entrance of the park. Two are men in suits and one is a tall giant dressed in rough clothes. It is Shioya and his two friends.

“He will come…”

“Yes, when I was threatening him on the phone, he was shaking. He will definitely come!”

The man with snake-like eyes and the huge man exchange a conversation. Because they drink quite a bit in the tavern, they are both quite drunk. Shioya, who is next to them, feels the blood flow after a long time while listening to their conversation. Recently he had been troubled by his wife, so today he is going to let go of the black impulse inside his body. The person they meet from now on is the typical dark nerd guy who had been tortured by them in middle school. Recently Shioya had a lot of opportunities to meet him, but since that person had become more sassy than before, it’s just good to shut him down with three people.

“Here he is…”

Shioya raises his face to Michiaki´s words. A taxi is approaching from the other side of the street and stops in front of them. Who emerged from the inside was Kenichi Midou, the person Shioya was remembering right now and a former middle school classmate. When getting out of the taxi, Kenichi sees the three people with an expressionless face. His attitude was neither in vain nor upset, but in a natural way.

Then someone came out of the taxi after Kenichi. This dimly lit place has a sparkling atmosphere and a bewitching beauty appeared. From the top of the dress suit stuck to her body, you can see an outstanding body line that let a man become excited. When her big eyes find Shioya and his friends, she clings to Kenichi’s arm to show off with a funny smile.

“So you also had something to do with it…”

Shioya squeezes out a sad voice. It’s the club mama of the high-end club in Ginza, which he attended at the introduction of Kenichi and the other party that he managed to struggle with. Even under the dim light of the streetlights, the beauty of Yuki Yamaoka shines like a moe.

“Do you know why we called you to such a place?”

When asked to threaten with a low voice, Kenichi didn’t have a change of expression. Wearing a suit that looks like a luxury, he stands in front of the three people’s eyes naturally.

“Here? I don’t know what you mean…. But it’s better here. You have not made any progress…”

“Temeee! What a sassy thing you´re saying!

Tetsu is roaring loud. However, without looking down, Kenichi looks at him with cold eyes.

This is a park all 4 know very well, as it was on their way to school during middle school. And Kenichi was often annoyed by those three in this park. He was brought here with everything he had, crawled in the sandbox and was painted dog droppings on his face. It is a place of memories and traumas where memories of design are reminiscent.

“Are you trying to divorce Keiko-chan and Shioya, by seducing Keiko?”

Michiaki stares with his snake-like eyes. However, Kenichi has no expression so as not to feel anything.

“…What are you saying? Ogawa-san was forcibly raped by her drunken husband, so that’s the reason she wants to divorce with him. Therefore, why is it related to me?”

“That’s not rape!! What do you know about the couple!!”

Shioya talked about the situation to Tetsu and Michiaki at the tavern before, but he was hiding something about the rape. It was exposed suddenly by Kenichi and Shioya rushes up instantly.

“Shioya…. You don’t know the seriousness of the matter yet? Think about the meaning of having a lawyer in between. So that’s how Ogawa gave out love.”

“What! Youuu!!!”

One person vs three people. Moreover, the other party is their former bullying victim. The situation does not appear recently and makes Shioya upbeat. Besides, he cant give up because Yuki is also there.

“…Well, no. No matter where you are, you will not get involved into this matter anymore. Don’t show your face in front of Shio and Keiko-chan ever again…”

With the quiet anger suppressed, Tetsu says so, but Kenichi laughs with a laughing face.

“What are you saying, are you stupid? It doesn’t matter what you say. Anytime, Ogawa-san will contact me. So please stop bothering…”

“Stupid! Yoouu! Don’t be excited!”

Tetsu cries out with a red face. Kenichi folds the oil into the flame of anger.

“It’s because you said you take on the debt of the bar, so that’s why you get in touch with me, right? So why are you talking about such a nonsense…”

Yuki who was listening to the four people’s interactions, begins to laugh next to Kenichi. That hurts the pride of the three people.

“…You…regret it…”

So it was a sign that Michiaki muttered. The first move was made by Tetsu. He approaches Kenichi at a speed that you don’t think from a huge man.


It is a dash full of speed and weight. Destructive fists with little or no defense. Because Tetsu usually do a heavy-duty job in plastering, he cant be compared to his middle school self anymore.

But he is still an amateur. Such a thing cant hurt the current Kenichi who cant even be knockouted by the punch of a professional boxer. With his red eyes, Kenichi avoids at the last moment. The punch makes an empty swing before that. It makes a noise of tearing air.


Then, with a sound, Tetsu shrinks down and raises a voice of agony. In front of the eyes of the surprised Shioya and Michiaki, his huge body falls down.

“He, hey…”

The fallen Tetsu is suppressed by holding down his crotch and blowing bubbles from his mouth. It seems that he has fainted because of so much pain. Shioya and Michiaki are stunned by what happened in front of them in a moment.

“I heard a great noise…. This person is useless for the rest of his life, right?”

Yuki laughs. The other two realize what finally happened with these words. As he avoided Tetsu´s punch, Kenichi kicked the crotch unrelentingly. The sound may have destroyed the male organs.

Two people are stunned. In the meantime, Michiaki who returned to himself became angry and took out the bright thing from the pocket of the suit. It was a 10 cm long survival knife that he always carries around. Setting it up in his hand, Michiaki glares at Kenichi with his snake-like eyes.

“You…how dare youu…. Just another moment…”

Saying so in a angry voice and seeing his best friend Tetsu, Michiaki attacked Kenichi suddenly. It is not something to threaten or to check up, but it is clearly with the intention of harm, as he shakes the knife seriously. Certainly the killing intent is put in the moment.

“Oraaa!!! Oraaaa!!!”

A knife that shakes twice or thrice. If it hits, a serious injury will be unavoidable, but Kenichi will fight with the minimum movement. The noise and a rough breath that cut the sky spreads to the darkness of the park.

“Haahaahaa…damn…!! Damn!! This!!!”

After doing so several times, the breath of Michiaki eventually rises and the swing of his arm becomes dull. If you don’t exercise regularly after 30, there is no reason that your physical strength will last. When the movement stopped, Kenichi approached and kicked up his crotch as casually as he did earlier.


A scream echoes in the quiet residential area, with the smashing noise of the flesh again. Michiaki´s body is slightly lighter, so that he can jump up a bit and then lie on the ground of the park. Too much pain in the moment and he faints in a flash with bubbles coming out of his mouth and a liquid coming out of his crotch.

“Devil…. I’m not forgiving you…”

“You can’t afford to give us some trouble, right?”

“I’m sorry…. But these people can no longer hold a woman for their lifetime”

Kenichi who destroys the two testicles is calm and Yuki laughs funny along the side. A dense darkness, like a darker sky covers the area around Shio.

“Well, so what are you going to do? Like these guys, are you also coming?”

Kenichi turns his hand to Yuki’s slender waist and he stares coldly at Shioya. It is neither hate nor hostility that comes to light with his red eyes as if he has no feelings of any kind. Shioya realized that his eyes were of the same quality as his wife Keiko when she looked at him,so his body was shivering with chills like midwinter.

He was brought in a room by someone and Shioya was still stunned. The room is a weird room with a huge bed in the middle. Although it is a typical love hotel structure, it is unusual that one wall is mirror-coated.

Sitting in the bed of the room, he was stunned about what happened tonight.

His two close friends have been defeated in a matter of seconds by someone they have bullied before at the park. Tetsu and Michiaki have had a strong fighting ability since their school days and in particular, Tetsu is still great, so it shouldnt have been possible to be defeated by that man by any chance. However, the match was decided in a moment and both of his friends have their crotches destroyed and fainted. He still cant believe that fact yet.

(That guy…how strong was he…)

Smooth bodywork and kicks. That is not a coincidence by any means. Both were not offended, but they were finished with an overwhelming difference in ability. Thats why that guy can afford to have an attitude that have a sense of bluffs if he can do that.

(How did he get so strong…. And having such a good woman…. It’s time to meet…)

Shioya remembers the bewitching beauty who came by taxi so far. This beauty is more sexy than any woman he has ever met and has an outstanding beauty and body. The club mama named Yuki Yamaoka is taking a shower in the bathroom of this room now.

After a while the water noise stopped and for a while, the bathroom door opened and Yuki appeared.

“Huu…that was refreshing…. Do you also take a shower?”

Taking out two bottles of beer from the refrigerator, she hands over one of them to Shioya and laughs in a white toweling gown. However, Shioya who receives the beer and drinks it, cant move while sitting still.

“Well, I guess you are shocked? In front of my eyes, your friends became like that”

Yuki talks interestingly to Shioya who doesn’t talk. Her body wrapped in a pink towel emits an unbelievable fragrance. He is alone at this love hotel with this beauty who he was aiming for. And the other party is almost naked. However, Shioya, who has been relieved of poison, cant do anything and just drinks beer. The cold liquid slips down his throat but he doesnt taste anything.

“That person is strong, isn’t it really stupid to fight against that person…”

Yuki continues the talk with a captivating voice while moistening her thirsty throat with the beer.

“But…, it’s not just his fighting ability that’s strong…. If you’re with that person, you will feel great…huhu…”

The club mama laughs in a funny voice.

“If you do something naughty with that guy, any girl will go crazy…. There are many times I have experienced it, but with that guy other people are useless…. I am not alone with that opinion…his other women…anyway, maybe there are 300 girls who are addicted to that person’s sex”

Astonishingly, Shioya raised his face and stared at the face of Yuki, who was surprised by her words. Every time she drink her beer with a funny look, the club mama’s white throat seems so sexy.

“There are three stores in Uchi, including the branches, all the girls at that store, became his belonging…. Great, right? Huhu…a high class hostess in Ginza with nearly 100 people, were also eaten…. And also the girls in the school, mothers and teachers were eaten… He also has idols and talents…. Thanks to them, the number of times I have been embraced recently has been reduce greatly, so I’m frustrated…”

Yuki licks her red lips with her tongue. When she took off her white gown, Shioya saw a dark pink rash lingerie and a glistening white nude wrapped around her body. It is a more bombshell body than he had imagined.

Her huge breasts are just breaking through the bra cups of the lace bra and are sticking out. The lower curve follows a rapid narrow line, followed by a surprisingly narrow waist, followed by a slim hip. The lace panty is integrated with a garter belt and beige stockings tighten the muffled thighs. And in the crotch is a pinkish puzzled triangle.

“Huhu…you wanted to see, my body? How? Do you want to see closer? Huhu…”

The club mama smiles bewitchingly. Shioya, who swallows his fresh spit next to her, felt that the sense of reality was gradually lost in this abnormal situation.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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