Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 270

With love and perseverance

Inside a strangely shaped love hotel room. Next to Shioya, is a bewitching beauty who take a shower just now and sways her body in sexy underwear. It was Shioya who was stunned by the situation and finally a desire like magma erupts from the bottom of the lower body and he tried to extend his hand to the club mama sitting next to him.

However, when the hand was about to touch her white skin a little, a strange noise could be heard along with a buzzing sound. It is the sound that is heard from the speaker placed in this room and Shioya is surprised by it and shakes his body.

“Oh, bad luck…. I think they’ve come already…”

He doesn’t know what that means, as he just sit in bed in his sweaty suit. Then he heard the voices of a man and woman through the speakers.

『What is it today…? What do you do in a place like this…?』

『Not good?』

『No. But the walls are all mirrors. Such a naughty place, I get excited』

Shioya can hear the voice of a woman who is sweetened by the man and then they may be kissing.

“This is…”

“Indeed…. The voices of the next room to this mirror is transmitted”

Yuki laughs at ease. Shioya cant see anything over the mirror, but the rooms of this love hotel seem to face each other. Two people may be holding each other in that room and the sound of clothes rubbing and the voice of a woman who has come through can be heard discontinuously through the speakers. In other words, the two rooms faces each other through the mirror.

“They can’t hear your voice, but don’t make too loud noises”

Yuki laughs strangely. She just goes down the wall and turn down the room lighting.

『Aaah…hey…. Do…. I want to do something ecchi』

In the dim light room, Shioya can hear the sound of the next room through the speakers. The woman is asking for sex while being sweetened whether she was excited by being overwhelmed. And Shioya came to understand who the voice belongs to, so he finally could understand the situation.

“N, No way…this woman…”

Having an amazed expression stick to his face, Shioya becomes stiff. Seeing that, Yuki who sat next to him, laughs with a wicked smile.

“Oh? Did you finally notice? …Yes. Next to you is a woman you know very well…”

Yuki pushed a switch on the wall. Then the wall, which was a magic mirror, changed from a mirror to a black glass in an instant and the appearance of the room on the other side appeared in front of his eyes.

“Ke, Keiko…you…”

It was a man and woman who hugged while standing. A beautiful woman who is embraced by a man and doing deep kisses while being enthralled and enjoying the hand of that man crawling around her clothes. It was definitely Shioya´s beloved wife, Keiko and his former classmate, Kenichi Midou, who had been with him before.

“It shouldn’t surprising…. You’re feeling too thin, right? Your wife has always been in love with you. And now she is flirting with that man”


Shioya search for words while denying it. But this beauty’s point is correct. He had always felt the possibility. Even if reason denied that, he was convinced that it would be so somewhere in his heart. But that doesn’t mean that the impact is reduced. His beloved wife was being fucked by that disgusting person, his former classmate, who was dark and idiotic.

『Hey…Kenichi…. Just give it to me…. Hey…is it fine? I, I cant withstand forever, I cant wait anymore…』

His wife invites Kenichi while playing around with the front of his pants with an expression and voice that Shioya has never seen before. While wearing a dress that is perfect for her body, she seduces her new sweetheart in a manner like a prostitute.

『What, you don’t want to have sex with Shioya instead?』

『Idiot…I’m not going to do, that…. I don’t want him to touch me, or talk to me…』

『What, you aren’t restoring your relationship with him?』

『Terrible…mouu! I have to endure as you said you will help me with the divorce…. I don’t want to breathe the same air as such a guy if you didn’t say I should do so. ….Yaaah…butt…touch my butt more…tightly…』

Shioya saw how her buttocks are touched over the skirt and while talking in a joyful voice, Keiko lowers it a bit. Then she does a deep kiss by herself as if she couldn’t withstand it anymore.

『Love…I love you…I want to kiss you…』


A violent shock like hitting his head strikes Shioya. His wife who is kissing by herself is actively entangling her tongue with Kenichi. It is evidence that the other man is allowed to touch her physically and emotionally and in a sense the shock is deeper than the scene of having sex.

Despite being over the magic mirror, Shioya watches how his wife is having a breathtaking kiss. Eventually Kenichi said something into her ear, as Keiko started to laugh. Then, when the suit’s pants are lowered, the lower body is exposed with her familiar hand.

『Aaah…this…I wanted this…aaah, so sturdy』

(Ah…bi, big…)

It is a huge penis that appears as it shakes in the air. Although it wasn’t sturdy enough, it was obviously more than two times larger than Shioya’s penis.

“Huhu… isn’t it big? But it’s not only big…. That shape, thickness and curling is exquisite…. Once you’ve put that inside, all women will be captivated… ”

Yuki commentars while be enthralled. Keiko picks it up as she grabs it and stimulates while slowly squeezing it with her left hand on which the wedding ring is attached.

『Ah…I´m excited…』

『Hey, look at that. A dirty wife is reflected in the mirror』

『Eh? …Yaaah…I´m in the mirror…. Its shameful…』

Because she looked in the mirror, her line of sight matches with Shioya. However, Shioya remembers that she cant see him and only he can see her through the mirror. Her face was smiling which he hadn’t seen for a long time and it was very beautiful even at this time.

『What a naughty smell… Clinging all over…』

『It’s always that case, isn’t it?』

『Mouu…. Where did this child enter without meeting me…. I’ll make sure I’ll squeeze it a lot today, so be prepared…』

Looking at the mirror sideways and licking the lips with her tongue, Keiko gradually brings her lips to the tip of the penis that has begun to erect. Then she opens her classy and humble lips wide and slowly swallows the huge glans in her mouth.


Shioya’s voice is thin and small. Even if it is not so, his voice cant reach the other side and his wife continues to hold the dick as it is. His wife closed her eyes and makes her cheeks bulge. The beautiful face that Shioya loved is distorted and a huge black meat pillar slowly sinks into that mouth. With all the details in front of him, the feeling of despair and jealousy runs through the body of Shioya.

(Wh, why…why…)

At that time, a sharp stimulation rises from the back of his waist and a current like lightning makes Shioya confused. It controls his body and burns his brain white and hot.


The wife who he loved loves another person’s penis and is doing a happy blowjob. Shioya is convinced that her heart is taken away as she is doing the oral service with full of love. She just tightens her lips, twirls her tongue and moves her head back and forth slowly just to make Kenichi happy.

(Damn it…damn it…)

A sense of hopelessness that makes Shioya want to cry. At the same time, Shioya was aware of his physical changes. Hate and black blood are flowing in his penis and it is erected violently in his pants with a heartbreaking tightness. The excitement cant be compared to the time when he saw Yuki’s body earlier. An unusually hot and intense desire runs around his body like hot blood.

“Uhuhu…. You´re excited to see your wife’s blowjob…. Well, you dont need to hold back…. Shall I help you with my hand? I can make you feel good…”

Is it the devil’s roar, or is it the voice of his heart that speaks for his own black desires? Shioya lowers his pants while watching his wife’s profile and grabs his penis coming out of his pants without hesitation. And as he started to handle it slowly, he started to call his wife´s name.


When he dealt with the heated upset, there was an incredible pleasure. It was a pleasure that he has never experienced in his life and which is far from masturbation and sex. His head glows in a flash and it feels like he melts from the lower back, has his brain melt through the spine every time he moves his hand.

『Amazing…this, is amazing…. Hey…do you feel good? Does my mouth let you feel good?』

Keiko who doesn’t know that her husband is behind the mirror throws a glamorous look at Kenichi standing in front of her while exposing her obscene profile. And while slowly covering the huge meat pillar in her mouth, she squeezes it while synchronizing with her fingers that wrapped around the root. Occasionally, she pressed her cheeks into it and sucked and licked the area around the seams with her pink tongue. A thick fellatio full of sweet feelings. Shioya understood that her technique was very great as he had never received this in his relationship with her and that she is doing it voluntarily to this man in a short time. Every time he sees his wife over the magic mirror, his excitement gets more and more.

『Aah…something comes out of the tip…. Uhuhu, do you feel good? I will do it more…』

“Keiko…you, why…why so much…aaa…”

Every time he moves his hands while looking at his wife’s profile, pleasure from another dimension run through his spine. Even though there is a beautiful woman next to him, he cant stop. Feeling of the order of the past which is the previous year’s masturbation. His mind becomes desperate with jealousy and despair and his thinking and reason melt into a mud from the pleasure.

『Your sucking is wonderful』

『Yess…. Because, I love Kenichi…. And every girl and woman likes you…』

『What Keiko loves isn’t me, but my penis right?』

『Mouu!! That’s mean…』

『Is it different?』

『Iyaah…shall I say it? …Fine…I like Kenichi´s penis…. I love this dick…. This dick is loved…』

『How is it compared to your husband?』

『There is nothing to compare about. From your penis, I love its thickness…. Aaa…I’m in love with this penis…. My heart and body has become yours and I don’t feel guilty…』


The selfishness and jealousy transform themselves into pleasure that doubles and further excites his excitement. He calls his beloved wife´s name for the explosive excitement. Shioya who looks at his wife’s madness while masturbating with a jealous expression like a middle school student who has just learned how to masturbate. The pains of cutting off his wife produce intense excitement and pleasure.

『Aaa…this is…it’s embarrassing…』

When Kenichi raised Keiko up, he puts her hands on the mirror and let her stick out her hips. Just like the front of Shioya, Keiko’s whole body is visible. She is ashamed of it, but she feels happy to be with Kenichi.

『Not good…Because there is sweat…. That place, dont lick it…aaah…as usual you are a pervert…』

Keiko who protests with a sweet voice has her tight mini-skirt rolled up while standing and is sucked from behind on her crotch. Of course she doesn’t seem to dislike it seriously. Her buttocks are pressed against Kenichi´s face and the legs are opened so that it is easy to let him do so.

『Aah…there…sucking there…. Tasting a horny´s woman secret place…aaah…noo…』

The licking part cant be seen directly, but it can be seen from Keiko´s beauty that distorts that the pleasure created from the tongue movement was wonderful. His wife feels better than when he has sex with her. The hand attached to his penis sometimes holds with force, probably because he wants to feel better to.


Compassion, jealousy and envy cause the dazzling pleasure to swell further up. The penis in his hand is erected to the maximum level and the tip is releasing pre-cum. Inside the mysterious love hotel room. Shioya is feeling envy while Yuki next to him is laughing at himself, as he gradually loses his mind in front of the pleasure that melts it into a mud.

When Kenichi eventually let go of her vagina, Keiko looks back with a sense that it is unbearable and she asks for sex with a sweet voice.

『Kenichi…lets do it…. Lets have sex…from behind, please…』

Keiko stretches her sexy long legs with a pin-heel and raises her ass to make it easy to plunge in from behind with her hands on the mirror. Having her elegant face distorted from the pleasure, she invites Kenichi with a sweet voice, hoping for having sex.

『Today is my ovulation day…. Therefore, hey…?』

Keiko’s face facing the back is sober and emotional.

『What is it…. Do you want me to put on a rubber?』

『It’s differentt!! We don’t need that!! As it is…come as it is…. Insert it raw…and cum inside…』

“Ke, Keiko…you…you like that…”

Shioya who is stunned by that shocking fact, is unable to accept his wife´s additional hit.

『I want…hey…Kenichi´s baby, I want it…. So please. Release a lot of your sperm in my womb…. Into the womb, pour in a lot…』


His wife wants a child from that person. Her rosy face, which was delighted to be swayed by this, was so bewitching and godly that Shioya had never seen it before.

『I…let me become pregnant… Pour in a lot of your white sperm and let me become pregnant…. I want it in my uterus…I want to become a mama…. Hiuuuuuu!!! Aaa, come…come inside…aaaaaa!!!!』

Kenichi inserted his penis at last. Her head becomes empty and Keiko pans with a loud voice. She is fucked from behind while wearing clothes as it is and squeezes her throat as she keeps raising a horny voice. Her hands attached to the wall tries to scratch the mirror, but it cant be done as her fingers become pale white.

『Inside!!! Inssiiddeee!!! Hoooooo!!! Cuumm!! Cumminngg!!! Higiiiii!!!』

When it is thrust in the interior, the orgasm is reached. It is clearly seen by Shioya that she screams with an acme face through the glass and that her two thin legs wrapped in black stockings are violently convulsing. It’s a huge orgasm, different from what he had seen so far. It is unbelievable that his elegant and kind wife shows such a reaction as she shakes her whole body with the vigor of an animal and intensity.


His wife got dirty at last. In the sight of the scene, despair and jealousy burn throughout his body in flames of a red lotus. The most enjoyable pleasure she has ever had, far from sex and masturbation so far. Shioya also spouts out a large amount of semen while raising his voice.

“Ah, what a great voice…. It felt good, right? You’re pretty excited to see your wife cheating…”

Yuki with a cool smile and a grudge expression observes Shioya who breathes a rough breathing. However, Shioya doesn’t have eyes for her and entrusts himself to the excitement that cant be settled so easily, so he caress his penis again.

『Aa…there…thereee! More, poke me more…. Release it into my womb, aaaa…again…again I´m cummiinggg!!!』

“Keikoo…I love you…I love you…Keikoo…”

Behind the mirror she is standing while being fucked from behind and shedding tears of joy. The beauty he met 20 years ago was the most beautiful of all the women he has encountered in his life. The overflowing love for his wife burns his chest and a knife-like scour cuts his heart. Shioya has now finally realized. The fact that his wife is the one and only existence for him even though he betrayed her many times.

“Keiko…I love you…. I love you…”

Shioya cant stop his hand to caress his penis while seeing his wife who falls into ecstasy again. Unusual but intense excitement and pleasure. He masturbates while seeing his wife receiving tremendous pleasure. He drained his tears and was fascinated by the drug-like act.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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