Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 272


“Le, Let’s get in…”

“Oh, I’m sorry…”

The afternoon when school ended early. Today is a day without dance lessons. In a room of the apartment where there is no one, A young girl came with a boy who is her classmate and lives in this room.

(Ah…Reiji-kun’s smell…)

She noticed the smell as soon as she entered the entrance. The smell of the house. The smell of the family. And the smell of the boy. Ema Hayasaka liked the smell.

“Because my mom and dad aren’t here today, let’s take it easy”


A little bit, while saying so, the boy guides her to his room as usual. The first boyfriend she made. It’s been almost two months since they started dating, so Ema has come here to play several times. At first it was an excuse to study together, but now it is main to play games, watching tv and reading books together.

This boy’s mother and father are also working, and they will only come back late at night. Therefore, the room of the apartment where nobody is was a great playground for the two. They take juice out of the refrigerator and have a chat together while drinking the juice. About school, friends, family, favorite TV and animes and games. And it is also trouble that Ema has a small chest.

“You will have a audition, right?”

“Yeah…but I’m not a little bit confident…”

“It’s okay. You can do it if it is Hayasaka!

“Yeah…. I hope so…”

To become an idol that has been Ema’s longing for since she was little. For that reason, she go to a dance school to do her best and she also has singing lessons. In part because of her effort, the other day the teacher of the dance class told Ema that she would participate in an audition of a famous dance group. Ema was very happy at first, but at the same time there was anxiety. She was confident in her looks and appearance, but that alone isn’t enough to be an idol. Although her dancing is more than ordinary, Ema realizes that she isn’t as excellent as her friend Risa Ito. In short, although she has some points, it is a seed of trouble that there is no outstanding appeal.

“Hayasaka is so cute, so you certainly will get it!”

Reiji encourages her by saying so many times while blushing a little. This kindness makes her heart feel warm, but on the other hand it cant wipe away the black anxiety.

Certainly, in her elementary school, Ema passes, as a pretty girl and there are no children who don’t know. But Ema knows. In the world there are girls with even more talent. For example, the existence of Risa Ito who climbed to the top idol quickly. Risa and Naomi, who had been to the same dance school until this time, are now regularly appearing on television. Ema was often overwhelmed by a sense of inferiority while being admired by the aura transmitted through the screen.

(What to do next time…I fail…)

Her parents say that for economic reasons, it is about time to give up her dream of being an idol. To the unexpected anxiety that runs out, Ema cant say anything. She is now accompanied by Reiji who becomes silent. It rains for some time now outside and the silver line on the window is thin and long.



“Can I kiss you?”

“Eh! …Bu, but…that’s…”

He always has a serious expression. Because the grades are excellent and he is good at sports, he is the number one popular boy among the girls in the elementary school. Ema always loved Reiji like that and when she was confessed she was so happy that she would go to heaven.

When he holds her hemp shoulder, Reiji comes close. It is the first experience. She feels nervous and she can hear that her fingers and hands are shaking. As she closed her eyes softly, she accepted the lips of her favorite boy.

(Ah…not at all…)

A soft little touch that is shaking in small steps. Ema had her lips touched calmly.

At that time, there was a loud metal noise and the door of the apartment opened.


“Not good!! Someone is coming…!?”

With a small voice, Reiji says so, and let go of Ema with his hand. The person who came in from the front door passed the room and went into the room of his parents in the back. Ema heard a voice that discuss something, so that person is apparently not alone.

Reiji goes in front of the door and hears talks from outside in a small open space. His father and mother both work and he also have a younger brother, but now he should be at his grandparents house. No matter who came home, it would be embarrassing if he were to call a girl home and above all his parents might be angry. With having kissed, the pity makes the two more uneasy.

“…My Mom seems to be back…”

It was a female from the tone of the voice and the only woman in this house is only his mother. Reiji decides so and reports to Ema.

“Wh, What should we do…?”

“It probably is my mom…. She will go again quickly…”

Reiji stood up. He take a look at the corridor, but there is no noise. He thought that his mother had just come to pick up something left behind and she would go again soon. After all time is 3 pm. It should be time for work.

Ema and Reiji were bored as they waited for a while. How long until that person goes. There is no appearance of the person who disappeared to the back to come back again. The raindrops gradually become intense and the sound further emphasizes the quietness of the room.


At that time, a voice has been heard faintly. It’s a woman’s voice, like a thin crying tone. Ema and Reiji heard it and shake their bodies and look at each other’s faces involuntarily.

“Di, Did you hear something…?”

“Ye, Yes…. It was the voice of a woman…」

As if they heard the voice of a ghost, Reiji and Ema receive a chill on their spines. Then look at each other’s faces and make sure that it is not a mistake and swallow their spit with their small throats. They couldn’t move as it was and could only hear a clear voice as they continued to tremble for a while.


A voice that seems to have been complaining about something or someone who is scolding something. It is the voice of an adult woman and it is likely to be Reiji´s mother. But that leaves more questions. Why is she at home in the daytime and making a crying roar? Is she with someone in the back room now? Is it Reiji´s father or…?


(Eh…! Th, This is…maybe…)

At that time, Ema noticed. That she has heard something in the voice of the woman who is crying so loud. That’s the voice of a girl of the same age a week ago and a voice heard earlier in the hotel’s closet.

Reiji looked at her face, but he didn’t seem to notice what the voice was. Reiji has never heard the voice of men and women at that time, so he won’t get it right now. He was a sixth grader who had first experienced a kiss for the first time. Then, while Ema slumps in an unusual situation too, the voice that seems to grow is gradually getting louder.

『Hooooo!!! Aaaa!!! Thereee!!! Therreeee!!!』

“…It’s a big deal! Maybe my mom is suffering?”

Saying so, Reiji tries to rush out of the room, but Ema holds his hemp in panic.

“Wa, Wait a minute…”

“Eh, why? It looks like it hurts so much…”

“Well, that’s right. Uuh, let’s go quietly and check it out”

After discussing so, they leave the room quietly together so that they don’t make a noise. When they open the door and go out into the hallway, they hear the sound of the boarded hallway lurking under their own weight. Covering it, the voice of a woman can be heard clearly gradually.

『Oo!! Ooooo!!! Hoooooo!!! Noo…!! Aa! Aa! Aaaaa…!!』

It sounds like a idiot-like voice, which doesn’t seem like what Reiji’s kind and elegant mother usually gives. His face becomes pale in fear. Still, hand in hand with Ema, they slowly walk to the back room. There was a room in the back of the kitchen, his parents’ bedroom. The woman’s voice continues to be heard intermittently from the back of the closed slide door.

『Aaaaa!! Good!!! Iii!! Thereeee!!! …Aaaaa!!! Theree!!! There, more, in the interior!!! Hoooooo!!!!』

Reaching out with his small hand and slide the door sideways, making a small gap while making no noise. Then they looked at each other’s eyes and then looked at the narrow gap.



They had no idea at first. Something skinned on the white bed is entangled with something black in the middle while moving slowly. It looks like two reverse Y-shaped letters are stacked together. When Ema realized that it was the four legs of two person who overlapped up and down and their lower bodies exposed naked, she heard a voice of surprise from Reiji’s mouth and her own mouth.

(A, After all…)

What Ema first noticed was that. Even though she had expected it, she breathed in on a lot of things.

It is a pair of man and woman, who have sex with the man in normal position and the excited woman pushing up her pussy. The crotch of the woman is wet with dark pubic hair and the prickly hole is pierced by a huge black pillar. And the lonesome waist of the man moves slowly and it can be seen that his penis is going in and out.

“Aaaa!!! Thereeee!!! There…the interior is good!!! Mooree!!! Strongerr!!!”

As prompted by the woman’s wet voice, the dick forms and sinks. When it reaches the end of it, the voice that they heard in Reiji’s room can now be heard clearly.

“Ohoooooo!!! Moorreee!!! Poke me more!! Inside…stab the insideee!!! Aaaahiiiii!!!!”

Both solidify in surprise. Ema expected it, but in her freshness, this is the first time she sees adult sex in her life, so she keeps her eyes wide open.


Reiji wasn’t clear because the faces of the man and woman were on the other side, but he still knew from the voice that it was his mother. His lips were shaking with a deep pale face. Their eyes are face-to-face but Reiji’s face is astonished and his body is also shaking.

“Come!!! Come Come!! Amazing…Amazing cumming!!!”

His mother, who was loudly screaming every time the huge piece of meat was pulled out, raised a loud voice like an animal. When the rough hips of the man are thrust compulsorily, the toes wrapped in stockings are warped and the lifted legs are shaking. Serious orgasm until now. The mature woman has a sense, a sense of shame and a sense of lust as well, and is obsessed with her own pleasure.


When the man grins, the cock shakes and the two meat bags shrink. Pulsating black meat. It’s like a syringe that drives its seeds into the womb of that woman.

“Throughooouuuttt!!! Aaaaa!!! Take it ouuttt!!! Aaaa…I´m trembling!!! Hiiiiiiiii!!!!”

Reiji’s mother is beaten by the white evil sperm that is shot like a bullet and the mother falls into a deeper hellish orgasm. No rubber is worn on the penis, so the desire that the man exhaled is poured unrelentingly into his mother’s womb. After the ejaculation which took several seconds was over, quietness finally returned to the bedroom.


Reiji and Ema finally understand what is happening in front of them. Since they had a chance, they have stocked sexual knowledge through health time and the Internet. And what that means.

(It came out…)

There is no problem if the other party is his father now. However, Reiji understands that the man seems to be apparently not his father from the appearance and the line of his face and the spine gets cold. His mother accepted the semen of a man other than her husband in their own home. The 12-year-old son saw a familiar affair in an AV before, but it was a fresh affair scene that cant be realistically found. And the woman is his mother. The impact on Reiji who witnessed his mother’s affair scene must be tremendous.


The man exhaled one big breath, whether he was satisfied after exhaling hid desire. Reiji’s mother makes her legs become loose and she is stunned. The penis is still stabbed in her crotch and the filthy flesh petals cling to it and both children can see that white mucus oozes out from the gap.

The man slowly pulls out his dick whether he has felt the feel of the vagina that has acme spasm for a while. The wet shiny black horny stick is covered with white mucus and love juice. When that huge figure is revealed, Reiji and Ema peeking through the gap in the door have a shocked look.



It was so huge that it could not seem like human and it had a bizarre shape. There is a vein on the surface of the meat weapon that has not yet withered and the huge glans overhangs on the tip. If Reiji compares his dick with that of the man it is as different as a Bologna sausage.

And the man raises his body and looks back slowly. The red eyes came through the door gap and caught sight of the two small children.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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