Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 276

Horny flowers blooming in despair

“Well, then, will we replace this time?”

After enjoying Reiko’s intense acme convulsions, Kenichi says so with a faint smile. Her mature vagina hole swallowed his penis to the base and the mucous membrane is entangled around the tip and squeeze strongly, but Kenichi blames her weak points while enjoying it. After the act, Reiko no longer speaks out and screams and rolls around and eventually her energy run out and she collapsed.


Reiji who cant release his voice dropped his head. That is no wonder. Even in his third attempt, he couldn’t take his girlfriend’s virginity and while being squeezed by Ema´s vagina, he cummed again. The shock which did not go well three times is big only to challenge with full confidence after two mistakes.

“So, Sorry…”

Reiji apologizes with a voice that finally leaked out. There is an inner shock on his young face. Ema said nothing, just looking at Reiji with a little sad eyes.

(Why…why is it…)

He tried again and again, but he just couldn’t get over it. He put his hand on Ema´s hips and put force into it, but this time Ema felt pain and he moved his waist slowly so his target was often missed. And while doing so, the immature desire has easily reached its limit due to the stimulation to the sensitive glans.

“Hey, Ema-chan…clean up…”

Kenichi looks at Ema after pulling out his dick and when he put it in front of her face, Ema looks at her boyfriend’s face and stretches out her tongue with a sad expression that seems like giving up. An act which has been accustomed over the time. Her small pink tongue crawls around the black surface that is dirty with honey juice.

Even if he looks at such a scene, Reiji can neither resist nor repel. His soul is gone and he just watches the act of his girlfriend.

Although it is seen by her boyfriend, Ema´s thin fingers are wrapped around the base and the tip is swallowed fully in her small mouth. In the meantime, Kenichi wipes out Reiji´s semen with a wet tissue and then scoops up the tenderly-scarmed granulate and new nectar overflows from the back.

(Now…shall I do it in front of her boyfriend’s eyes…)

Kenichi´s face sunk into the small pussy of this beautiful girl and he smiles while tasting the tightness of the small thin inside.

(Well, if this is a normal partner, it would be fine once…)

Reiji failed three times not only because he is 12 years old, but also because he is a virgin. This fact was known in advance from the facts he found out when he saw Reiji´s crotch. Is it an accident that God, no, in this case the devil gave? Ema was a so-called hymen- tena with her hymen being very thick and lacking in elasticity and rigidity.

(Well, I’m sorry…. It’s because she can’t stand the cock of an average person…)

Because the hymen is hard and thick and the entrance is extremely narrow, it causes intense pain at the time of sexual intercourse. Surgery may also be necessary, but in this case Reiji absolutely wasn’t enough to pry open the extremely narrow entrance of Ema and to break through the hard, thick hymen.

“Now, then it’s uncle’s turn…”

Kenichi´s son is standing high-up on his crotch. Reiko’s sex energy has been inhaled many times, so its hardness has been maximized. The devil’s penis, which combines the rigidity of steel and the flexibility of rubber, has no problem by tearing that thick and hard hymen. It is because it is enough to tear off even a thin panty.



Kenichi aims for the goal without getting lost and press the tip against it. Instinctual fear leaks out as a voice from Ema´s mouth, but Reiji cant do anything. He has to bite his lips and see how his beloved girlfriend loses her virginity.

“It’s alright…. Uncle will make you feel good…”

“Re, really…does it really not hurt…”

The other day Ema watched how Miku and Rin are deprived of their virginities, so she remembered that time and was shaking in fear. At that time, in order to enjoy the reaction of the pretty girl who cries out for the violent pain, Kenichi has taken a way to increase pain on purpose. It is usual for this perverted man to hold down a girl and let her scream to severe pain as he enjoys the narrow inside slowly.

(Well, isn’t it just funny?)

That was Kenichi’s fancy. He likes to see a different loss of virginity occasionally. He thinks so and the magic of the red tentacles will be fully used after a long time and they wrap around Ema´s whole body.


Her own wave covering her body is eroded and resonates with that of Kenichi. The pink aura becomes poisonous red and Ema notices that her body becomes hot. Her head slowly became numb and her vision narrowed as her eyes were blinding and she could only see Kenichi´s face. She forgets that she has a boyfriend right by her side.

It was a surprising sudden change for Reiji. The redness seen on her face with trembling tremors turned into a reddish look and in a very short time, Ema looked as if she had just gone out of the bath. Staring at Kenichi with hot eyes, it was clearly the eyes of a maiden in love. Her small body that loses the strength of the muscles that were in tension softens. You can see her nipples push up the fabric of the child´s bra and from the crotch new honey overflows from it.

“Ema-chan…let’s kiss with uncle…”

Ema looked at Reiji for a moment, but she immediately accepted the lips of Kenichi. It is not a adorable kiss that she had just exchanged with reiji, but a deep adult kiss where the tongues are intertwined. When Kenichi gives saliva from the top, Ema swallows it while distorting her pretty face.

“Now, Ema-chan…uncle will take Ema-chan’s precious virginity and I will be gentle”


The red tentacles swarm in the crotch of the pretty girl and erodes the aura of that part. Kenichi´s penis is inserted into the small piece and plunges into the small entrance. The huge glans gives pain even to an ordinary virgin. Even more, the vaginal opening of Ema is extremely narrow than normal, so she will usually feel severe pain.

“Look, I will take your first time now…. How do you feel?”

“…A…u, uh…alright…”

However, the extracorporeal magic power controls the senses of the Ema and can make the sense of pain extremely blunt. Therefore, although she feels a sense of expansion and discomfort, there is no pain like the time with her boyfriend.

“I’m going to enter little by little…do you understand?”

“Aa!! Aa!! Aa!!!”

The huge glans that became slimy with saliva and nectar slowly progress into the womb of the beautiful girl. Since it bears the power directly and touches the mucous to release the wave from inside to resonate with the aura, pure pleasure is amplified many times and Ema screams to this sense.

“Aaa!!! Noooo…this…this, what is…”

She felt that something was coming into her own interior and a rippling wave ran through her spine by that mysterious sense. Something hot from that part spreads out and unknown pleasures govern the 12-year-old sensory nerves. It is another dimension from the time of masturbation. The pleasure of pure meat is tasted for the first time in life.

The hymen with a strong thickness also falls easily at the end with Kenichi´s magic power and it tears with a dull shock. A large amount of blood flows out of the injured mucous membrane.

“Congratulation to your virgin graduation…. Now Ema-chan is also an adult”


Kenichi’s penis fits in perfectly and blood overflows from the joint. Ema´s pink panty and the white bedsheet are dyed in fresh blood immediately. It’s a painful and disastrous scene just from looking at it, but it doesn’t seem to be painful enough, as Ema could close her eyelids.

(This is great again… I drew a jackpot…)

On the other hand, Kenichi is also excited about the flow due to the tightness and narrowness at the moment. So far he has taken dozens of virginities, but this is the first time he had such a narrow virgin hole. It must have been impossible to penetrate very much if he were not fused with the Inma. It is unusually narrow inside.

(My son seems to be cut off seriously…)

He doesn’t think so. The inside of the 12-year-old is so tight that the blood pressure is congested and despite being full of mucus, it is irritating when it is inserted. The vaginal pressure itself is not so much, but the structure is too tight and his son might break. Even the remnants of the hymen become entangled and the whole penis is twisted up as it is. If Reiko’s mucous membrane is compressed and covered with cotton, this small pussy seems like a carnivore with no teeth.

(It’s from now on, what will happen next…)

Every time Kenichi pours his magic sperm inside, the internal structure of a woman will change rapidly, turning into one of the best devices to squeeze the penis of a man without exception. If he continues to pour his sperm inside Ema in the future, he cant imagine how delicious it will be. Just thinking about that doesnt let Kenichi hold back.

“Oou…. Ema-chan, is too narrow, I think that my dick seems to be break…. Huhuu, I’m glad that Reiji-kun failed. The pussy and uncle are also together for the first time…”


On the other hand, Ema who calls Kenichi has a pleasant face. A hot mass rising from her lower back spreads all over her body and she completely becomes crazy about the person who gives her such comfort. She opened her thin legs and even showed a movement that used her waist to invite Kenichi further inside. A large amount of fluid is overflowing from the vagina and the raging walls are tightened strongly.


When Kenichi goes to the end and aim at it and push up the little womb, Ema shakes her whole body to the vaginal orgasm. At the same time, the narrow vaginal passage causes an acme contraction and squeezes the penis intensely.

“Ooouu!! That’s great…. You got it in your first pick. You’re going to tighten it…”

The vagina tightens enough to make someone happy. It is unthinkable if it is ordinary, to have an orgasm by the first insertion rather than first experience. However, on the other hand, Kenichi’s sperm have been drunk many times and the wave resonates to a high degree and Ema’s body whose pleasure has amplified many times by the red tentacles is easy to feel like a mature woman.

“Are you feeling good?”

“…Yes…feeling…I’m feeling good…”

The pretty girl smiles, when she answers and she closes her eyes to taste the ecstasy. Her face was the most beautiful one Reiji had ever seen and it was the most sexy look.

“Do you want me to do more?”

“Yes! …More! Do it more!”

Ema answers quickly without shaking her short hair. In response to that, when Kenichi thrusts his waist forward slowly, she immediately begins to make a sweet voice that doesnt seem like a 12-year-old girl.

“A, Aahh!!! Aa! Aa!! Nooo…uncle…uncle…I’m feeling good…”

The tears shouldn’t have healed yet, but there is no sign of pain at all and Ema is fascinated with the first pleasure. The new juice overflows from the crotch and it sticks to the penis that got swallowed inside. Every time Kenichi’s hips move, you can hear a screeching sound of water.


When they kissed as it was, the tongues got entangled actively by Ema. Then she already know that it will double the pleasure, while receiving the thrusting, so she becomes crazy and deeply get addicted to deep kissing.

“Ha, Hayasaka…”

The passionate Ema and Kenichi show such a scene as if they were passionate lovers. It’s a desperate situation for Reiji where his beloved girlfriend dedicated her virginity to an unknown man and is about to love him with body and mind, but Reiji can no longer do something. He is stunned. But the shock doesnt end with that alone.

“Now, uncle will put out his milk, Ema-chan”

“Yeah. Put it out…inside…put it out inside my vagina…”

(Th, Thats…a lie…)

The picture of a jealous and ashamed vaginal cum shot. A small boy of this age understand what that action means. While listening to the unrealistic conversation of those two, Reiji cant move by that shock.

“Hey, Ema-chan I will release a lot of your favorite milk”

“Take it out! Uncle’s milk, take it out and I will accept it all!”

Kenichi, who has been invading the narrow vagina hole also reaches his limit from the deliciousness of that intense tightening. When the tip is pressed against the small uterine foramen, he loosen up and his white semen is thrown into the womb of the elementary school girl.


“Aaaaaa…It’s out…it’s full…it’s hot!!!”

The black pulsating meat shakes with the joy of conquering this young girl and the male juice is shot like a bullet and hits the defenseless uterus. The shock that sounds like a pounding noise and the heat that spreads erodes the inside. Having an intravaginal ejaculation for the first time, Ema falls into ecstasy several times.

(I’m sorry, this is…)

The horny and narrow inner structure squeezes up and down by wanting an offspring. Being fascinated by the pleasure of the long-lasting ejaculation, Kenichi licks his lips on the good taste that the 12-year-old shows. However, not only it is a dark delight, but it makes his excitement violently lament.


After taking a big breath, he slowly pulls out his meat sword. Also in that case, the extremely narrow meat path clings intensely on the penis that is about to leave and the entrance becomes hard to pull out. Kenichi’s huge penis scrapes through the mucous membrane, giving Kenichi and Ema a compelling pleasure.

“Unlike mature women, its a hard time to pull out from elementary school kids…. Here, Reiko. Clean up”

“Noooo…th, that…”

Reiko, who was stunned next to Kenichi, shakes her head slightly when she said so. She feels shame and jealousy of being compared to his son’s girlfriend by performance. Still, when holding the lonesome male meat presented in front of her eyes, it is covered with mucus liquid and blood exhaled by the two from the tip. The taste of the unique semen and the taste of iron that even sweetness is felt. It spreads in her mouth and Reiko seems to be accustomed lightly by it.

“Ha, Hayasakaa.. aaaa…Hayasakaa…”

Reiko’s son is stunned by the events in front of him and he cant move like a stone. The girl who he loved. Her long and thin legs are widely spread, exposing the crotch to the light of the fluorescent light. It is a scene that is too much. At the center is a small open-mouthed meat hole that exhales white mucus mixed with red blood from the inside. The child underwear and bed sheet that got blood on it turned reddish black, clearly showing that the virginity was scattered in front of his eyes. His own girlfriend was completely deceived. However, the essential beauty girl has a dreamy expression with a sense of dreaminess and doesn’t seem to care at all and soaks in the afterglow of the pleasure she has tasted just before.

“Ema-chan. What do you do? Do you want to do it once more?”

When Kenichi says so in a kind voice, Ema answers with a voice mixed with early color.

“I do…I do…. …I…uncle…I want to try one more time…”


Ema’s joyful voice and Reiji’s despaired cry are heard. After applying his penis in Reiji’s mother’s mouth to clean it, he sinks into the beautiful young girl again. The interior is extremely narrow as before, but the complex rolling is even harder. It’s definitely the finest masterpiece.

Ema’s body is almost untouched and is thin enough to be broken when hugged. Pleasure strikes the desire without hesitation and the slim and small body is embraced while occupying the narrow and hard vagina way. The ingenious pleasure of making a girl of an age that shouldn’t be targeted for sex feel pleasant, is a gateway to Kenichi’s own animalic lust. The wicked thought of instilling pleasure to this girl who is innocent and knows nothing occurs in his mind. Moreover, he took Ema’s virginity in front of her boyfriend who she was dating. Together they make the sexual pleasure swell many times more than usual.


When he thrusts all the way to the back, he just made Ema orgasm again. Kenichi who enjoys the lingering convulsions has his dick squeezed tightly. The semen that has been taken out in the vagina spreads and it is super-sensuous that the magic sperm gets into Ema’s body. As a result, the waves resonate at the cellular level and repair the tears with powerful magic, while at the same time further increasing the sensitivity of the sensory nerves.

(Well, that’s not it…. It is from now on…)

Desperate Reiji and charmed Ema. But this is only the beginning, not the end. The girl who has her virginity robbed at the age of 12 will transform into an extraordinary beauty. Kenichi is going to squeeze this body that gradually blooms until he get bored which will never happen.


Although the effect of the magic sperm appears in less than 10 minutes, it is Ema that raises a sweet voice. When she finally recovers from the intense acme, she even shakes her small waist from the bottom for the next pleasure. The mucous membrane that has been wrapped around the penis is rubbed and it is so cool to hear a water sound along with the movement.

“Are you feeling good?”

“Amazing…it is amazing…”

“What do you do? Shall I stop now?”

“Noo…more…. Do it more…. Or is it not good…?”

Ema who knows deep sexual pleasure is tempted to want to taste this sweet candy more. And with the fall of her mind, her body will follow along with it. The mucous membrane which has once loosened shrinks again and squeeze the swallowed dick without gaps.

“Ah…good… so good…”

“Uncle also feels good…. Even then Ema-chan’s pussy is narrow and tight which is the best…”

“Th, That’s right…. I’m happy… aaaa more…”

Ema with her pretty eyes begins to show signs again, while an adult penis is engulfed in her womb. A sweet stimulation spreads from all the mucous membranes that is rubbed and the lower part seems to melt away from the waist.


Ema is in a bending position that can lift both legs high, so it can be clearly seen that Kenichi’s penis is inside from the side by Reiji. The black meat that gets wet in pierces slowly and when he pushes up his waist, he enjoys the feeling for a while and then pulled out again slowly. Slowly going in and out that’s unbelievable. Ema pants and gets enthusiastic with Kenichi and gets addicted to kissing. Occasionally, the tip of her toes wrapped in white high socks curls, probably because Kenichi has reached the right mark.

Next when Kenichi peeks at something while doing slow sex, Ema looks ashamed and smiles while being embarrassed. A gesture like lovers who love each other. After repeating such a thing a few times, Ema looked at Reiji for a moment and turned her eyes immediately away.

(Da, Damn…)

Reiji doesn’t know what it means, but it must be bad for him. Feeling that something critical happens, despair, fear and irritability heats up his head. And as if it had been read, Ema turned to the side and opened her mouth.

“Sorry…Sorry, Reiji-kun…”

Her sweaty face was distorted like crying.

“I…I became uncle’s girl…. I wanted to give my virginity to Reiji-kun, but I couldn’t…. I’m sorry…”

“Ha, Hayasaka…”

The sad and persistent voice of a cute and pretty girl. The face of Reiji who is listening to it is also distorted and he is now almost crying.

“I…I really liked Reiji-kun…. But…but I already decided…. I felt that I liked Reiji-kun, but it was overwritten by uncle”

“Th, That…that is…”

“Sorry…I’m sorry, Reiji-kun…”

Both young people are already having crying faces now. They are full of tears that drip down their little cheeks. And, as if waiting for that time, Kenichi starts to move slowly again. Carefully using the magic of the red tentacles.

“Aaaaa!!! Goooddd…I feel so good…uncle…”

Since the tears have completely healed, pure pleasures attack Ema. If the intermediate Inma is serious, it doesn’t matter even if it is a girl before the first tide. While exchanging a deep kiss again, Kenichi uses his waist in earnest now.

“Do you like this?”

“I love it! This…aaa! I loves it!!”

“Do you like uncle?”

“I like it! I love it! Aaa…uncle, I love you!!!”

Ema’s reason is dissolved by uttering her love and the beautiful girl’s body completely accepts everything of Kenichi. The memory is imprinted in the hippocampus with pleasure and Ema also became a possession of Kenichi.

“Uncle…it’s great! Something great is coming, …aaaa!!”

The pure pleasure envelops her small body like a tsunami and the pure heart and body gets caught up in the whirlpool in no time. As if to squeeze out her little love for Reiji, Kenichi’s penis blamelessly embarrasses the weak point of Ema. It was the limit when the overhanging meat jar opened wide and rubbed up the rolling innocent meat wall.


Ema’s body jumps up as she reaches the ecstasy of a mature woman. At that moment, something disappeared from her head and Ema is ruled now by Kenichi completely. It was a decisive blow and all the memories of today were inscribed in the body and heart of Ema. Now this beautiful girl will never come back to Reiji again.


Seeing the orgasm up close, Reiji called Ema’s name while crying. In his crotch from the tip of his penis that had power again, today the fourth ejaculation had flowed out in vain.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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