Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 278

Beautiful butterfly and black spider

The lunch break is noisy. Especially when you comes to this young ladies academy, the classrooms and hallways are noisy with the laughing voice of the students. However, the voices of such female students cant reach this room at the very back of the 5th floor.

The room with thick curtains even though it is daytime is dim with only a small light. The light doesn’t reach the corner of the ceiling and there is even an illusion of darkness in it.

It is the smell of medicine that drifts faintly. There was a large sofa in the back and a man and woman were sitting on it. However, they are not sitting side by side normally. The woman is held in close contact with her back in the arms of the man sitting on the couch.

“No…no good…Sensei. Please stop!”

The woman raise a protesting voice. However, when the voice is blocked by the man from behind, it cant be heard easily. The man’s left hand gets into the pink blouse from the neck and plays with the bust wrapped in a bra as if it was his belonging. The right hand dives into the floral flared skirt on a white background and tries to invade the hidden part, but the woman desperately closes her white legs and cross them, so as to don’t let the man do as he wants. Every time the woman holding the man’s hand moves her right hand, the light is reflected and her silver wedding ring emits a pale light.

“Stop…please stop…during daytime, in such a place…”

“What is…. Then, should it be not at daytime?”

“It, It’s different…in that sense…. Ah, don’t! Such a place…not good…”

A finger attacked the secret delta zone. Her legs are closed and the hands are desperately resisting, but the hands of the man attack again and again. While doing so, the man’s left hand massages the chest from the top of the bra and looks at the small but well-shaped meat hills. The long white neck is licked by the man and occasionally he bites her earlobe and an electric current runs through the back, repeatedly that the legs are accidentally loosened and open.

“Don’t worry about that, let’s have sex. You really want to have sex, don’t you?”

“No, no such thing…. I…I have a husband”

“What are you doing now? Aren’t you already in trouble?”

“Th, that’s…that’s because Sensei is forcing me…”

“That’s only the first time? From the second time, when I call, you come to the room and you’re willing to open your crotch from yourself and make me to have sex with you”

“At that time…at that time, I was by mere chance…. Stop…please stop…. No more…I don’t want to betray my husband anymore….. Hiuuuu!!!”

A sharp stimulation penetrates the body of the married woman when her nipples are teased. It’s too late when she thinks of it. The man’s right hand slipped into her crotch when the power of her legs relaxed completely.

“If you cheated once, there will be a second or third time…”

“Yaaaa…stop…please dont touch…. Noooo…”

The triangle area of the married woman is so hot and moist that it can be seen from above the stockings. The woman desperately tries to get rid of the man’s hand with both hands, but his obscene fingers have already penetrated deep into the wetland. Checking the condition and the man laughs with a grin.

“What’s this here…. Isn’t it soaking wet already?”

“Ah no…. There is no such a thing…”

“Liar. It’s so wet in your pussy that my penis could slide inside easily”

“Differ…different…not that…Hiuuu!!!”

When she concentrated her attention on her crotch, her chest became defenseless and the man got his hand into the bra. At the point where the erected wet nipples are teased, the fingers in the crotch get deeper inside and at the same time the pink colored earlobe is also biten. The body of the mature married teacher is attacked without any effort by the skillful three point attack of the man.

“Its overflowing so much…. What about your husband?”

“Aaa…that…I cant say that…”

“You cant say it…. Did you had sex after you guys came back from the training?

“Nooo…if you use your fingers so much…. Dont…dont do it…. Al, Already, forgive me…please release me…”

The man loves to hold the neat and elegantly dressed female teacher from behind. The black suit is like a demon born from darkness, and its evil desires gradually erode the white body of the married woman. It’s like an evil venomous spider crawling alive in its nest praying for a beautiful swallowtail butterfly.

“Huhu…it’s not possible…. You have developed such a sensitive body, if you were embraced by your husband, it will be exposed at once…”

“What…really? That’s a problem…huhuhu…”

“Yeah…. She and her husband didnt had sex…. During the training camp, she was embraced by Sensei for the whole three days and she came innumerable times…. Finally she blew the tide at the end and fainted…”

“That’s right…she has been developed…. Well, if her body suddenly became super sensitive, her husband would be surprised at what happened”

“Huhuhu…it will be exposed at one shot…”

There is a coffee table in front of the man and woman who sit on the couch and a large ottoman is placed on the other side of the table. Two beauties sitting side by side are laughing. While doing so, they sometimes exchange a kiss and reach out and shake each other’s body.

“A bull’s-eye, don’t you agree? If its your husband, do you think it will get exposed?”

“He has a habit… I know…I wondered if it would be exposed to your husband…”

“Th, That’s…that’s…”

The married teacher tries to deny the words of those two. But that is the fact that is understood the best.

Originally she was plain to sex. There were only a few encounters with men who had been associated before marriage and her work with the men wasnt positive. She was always afflicted with gynecological problems and the menstrual irregularities were so severe that she always got severe pain without getting wet even when inserted. That’s why she doesn’t really like sex and her husband caressed one-sidedly and inserted, but she still stay on the bed. Kumiko Anzai has never been active by herself and she has never had sexual pleasure or satisfaction. And she thought that sex was such a thing. Until that day.

That day. She was taken to the hotel room where she stayed for education training and was raped forcibly. The vice-principal told her that he will help organize the training materials, but she was a fool to go to this room with him, as that sneaky man forced himself on her and for hours he raped her like that. Then her body and mind melted in a moment when she was pierced by his huge black meat spear and she was about to get incredibly insane.

From then on it was no longer rape. When she was having sex till the morning with the vice-principal, she couldn’t stop moaning and she wasn’t released as they had sex all the time during the three-day training camp, during day and night. A number of other women joined along the way and they had an orgy were a lot of semen was poured into her womb.

If Kumiko thinks now, she can only think that she was crazy at that time. Throughout the training, she only had sex with the vice-principal. And she was stunned to know that her husband’s room was next to it. The fear that it may be exposed let her almost die and she still sway her hips just from remembering.

“Tell me the truth. Its aching, right? Here”


“Liar…. You want it, I can see your drool dripping down…”

“There…touching there…, don’t touch…”

Kenichi´s fingers slips through the pantyhose and touches her pussy directly from the top of her panty. When she is with her husband she is almost wet, but when she is with this guy she gets wet very easily. Even if it isn’t said, she understands it herself. Since that day her body has changed. Kenichi taught her true sex pleasure.

“Lunch break will be over soon? Come on, stretch your pussy out here. I’ll take you to heaven again like I did the other day”

“Yaaaa…already…no more…. More than this, I´m not tempted…aaaa…”

The moment her nipples are teased and the neck is bitten, ticks and white sparks are scattered in front of her eyes. Kenichi’s skillful fingers gets in from the side of the panty and slowly touches the wet pussy. What has been hitting her butt for the first time is the crotch of the vice-principal. Something hot from there comes into her body like a hot wave.

(Stop it…as it is, I…aaa…)

Kenichi is trying to get the consent of Kumiko to the last without forcibly fucking her as before. Since that day, she has been called to this room often and Kenichi tries to make her say it on her own. It’s a way of a much worse nature than rape, which is forced by force.

(Aaa…mou…I can’t stand it anymore…)

Kumiko has been reluctant to work with her husband for two weeks, so it is waiting like magma that warms up in the back of her body and explodes. Between the legs that lost resistance, Kenichi´s fingers skillfully blames the embarrassing part and improves the sexual feeling more and more. Kumiko shakes in the premonition of tremendous catharsis that is ahead of it.

(As it is…if I cum in this way…it will be comfortable…)

However, as if to anticipate it, the fingers suddenly leaves.


It is not a voice of rejection but a craving for lost pleasure. Kenichi peels the pink blouse off with both hands and exposes her white skin. Her well-shaped bust is wrapped in a light blue lace bra. She is made to raise her thin upper arm while touching the bulge.

“Yaaaa!!! Embarrassing…”

Kumiko understands Kenichi’s intention and resists, but she is easily overthrown. Her white arm that has never been hit by the sun is raised and the armpit is exposed. It is like a thin black thread. It overlaps and covers the surface of a white hollow.

“Huhu…it’s exactly what I said”

“Nooooo! Don’t look…. It’s embarrassing…”

In a sense, it is a place more embarrassing for an woman than her pubic hair, so she makes her face red and shake her head from side to side. Since that day, Kumiko has been seen closely by Kenichi and she was forbidden to shave it, letting her shivering in shame that she wants to die. Kenichi who has a pervert nature smiles, before he smells Kumiko´s armpit.

“Your smell is the best…. It cant be compared to other women”

“Iyaa!!! That place…don’t smell it…”

A sweet and sour smell of the armpit is released by this married woman who has sweated from the morning. It’s a good and wonderful fragrance of a mature woman. The fragrant frenzy that makes a man a beast. Whether it is constitution, the smell of this married teacher is particularly rich, sweet and soothing.

“Don’t shave. When you shave it, I’ll expose everything to your husband? I’ll fuck you in front of that guy and let you say hihi”

“Awful…. So awful…”

Being threatened so, Kumiko has to obey. She looks down while exposing the side. If her husband knows, what should she say? If he was told that she was held in the room next to him all night long during the training, how much would her husband be hurt and sad. As if laughing at such distress, Kenichi continues to blame the married woman.

“Aaaa…. Your smell is the best…. All of you, let my penis throb…”

“Iyaaaa!!! Hiiiiiii!!!”

Kumiko has her armpit covered with thin hair licked with a long tongue and she screams because of too much disgust. However, the excited vice-principal continued to lick her embarrassing part while holding her body firmly.


Of course, her husband has never licked that part. And now it’s attached with thin hair. As if enjoying Kumiko´s embarrassment, Kenichi licks the armpit with his tongue and plenty of saliva. Occasionally, he sucked intensely and the white skin was marked with red marks.

“Vice-principal, you´re so passionate about it…. Well, I wonder if I’m going to grew it too?”

“That’s right… I will do so too…. But then, all of Sensei´s sex slaves will all grow their armpits…”

“Uhuhu…. It might be interesting then…. Because you will know who is Sensei’s sex slave, right away…”

“Not good…. Then, this school will be full of bearded women…. Both students, teachers and mothers”

“Ah, that’s right. A stranger who sees it will be surprised, I’m sure…”

“Aaaa…don’t do that any longer…and don’t lick that…”

As the English teacher and the music teacher laugh, Kenichi licks the armpit on the other side. In the same way, with plenty of saliva, he occasionally sucks the white skin and apply red possessive marks.

Then, after he enjoyed the sweet and sour sweat of the married woman, he finally released the married woman’s body. And Kumiko falls on the floor in front of the sofa. She breathes roughly.

“I kept you waiting…come here”

When the man says so, the two people sitting on the ottoman scream a little and stand on the left and right side of the man. When the well-dressed english teacher with silver rimmed glasses sets up a deep kiss, the music teacher who usually has a neat face takes off his pants and takes out the penis hidden in it.


Kumiko who is sitting on the floor screams small to the black meat that appeared out of the nowhere. Even though it is not yet fully erected, this penis is many times larger than her husband. The thin white fingers of Tomomi the music teacher that usually play the piano get entangled around the root and slowly rubbing it to gradually increase its volume.

“This is…this is what I wanted…”

Until now, the penis has been inside wombs many times and has a thick female honey smell now, but the music teacher with a noble face moves up and down her head, as if she was ready in her mind.

“Uhuhu…Sensei, you’re too greedy…”

Junko who looked at the situation while exchanging a deep kiss is jealousy, but Tomomi is sucking up while engulfing her tongue around the penis that is included in the mouth as if it was a favorite sweet. A silver ring shines on her ring finger. This passion isn’t shown to her husband and she does this blowjob with lots of love.


Kumiko who cant move while sitting on the floor stares concentrated on the oral service that is being performed right in front of her eyes. She was surprised and cant raise her voice from seeing the skillful service of Tomomi who is also a married woman any the penis. That day, she said it in her own words, but regaining the reason and looking at it again in this way its size is unreasonable.

“You are also obstinate. It’s such a wonderful thing and very pleasant if you get it in”

Narrowing her eyes behind the metal framed glasses, the english teacher smiles with a grin. Then, when she raised her upper body, she put her face near the crotch and spin the invitation of the devil as if crawling immediately.

“Hey, you know that you’re a married woman, too! Sensei’s penis is in a shape that is perfect for letting a woman’s body look like it…. Looking at that big umbrella overhang. It will grimly rubbed inside, it’s unbearable… ”

“Aaa…am, amazing…”

Kumiko was reluctant even during the three days of training. This unusual dick that brings tremendous pleasure that can never be obtained by her husband. Every time it was struck, she squeezed her throat in a movement that seemed to know all her weaknesses. Kumiko understood at that time. How pleasant and important is the size and shape of the penis?

“The length is also important, right? Because a woman’s key point is the uterus after all…. If Sensei’s son pokes, a woman will come in one shot. Would you like that too? It feels good enough to die when the internal organs are pushed up”

“Th, That…that…”

“Well, I guess you’re lying, you were exposed…. Because when you were so, you were buzzing and whitening in front of us…”

“Lie…lie, lie…”

The married teacher is embarrassed and takes the additional strike.

“Huhuhu…. Even though your husband was in the next room, you screamed until you lost your temper because you went mad from the cheating cock. At the end of the show, you had sex until just before the departure of the bus, as you were hiding in the bathroom. What kind of face did you have when you meet with your husband while having semen of another man in your pussy?”

“Nooo!!! Don’t say it…don’t say it…”

Kumiko shakes her head with her ears closed, but she cant fight back because it is all facts. When this man embraced her, he always made a vaginal cum shot and Kumiko has participated in the training while having semen in her womb. Even though it wasn’t menstruation, she used napkins and tampons, but eventually all the panties she brought with her got muddy with semen. At the end of the training camp Kenichi invited her and they went to the women’s toilet, were Kumiko straddled him and kept shaking her hips until the last moment of the meeting time.

“Huhuhu…. Can you forget this child? Such a thing?”

Tomomi whose jaw got tired and let go. As she says she loves it, she give a kiss to the penis. From the other side, Junko stretches her tongue and licks it with her long tongue.

“Well, it’s fine for your husband…. And what’s that said, your husband, he left you alone, flirting with other school teachers during the training. He send a lot of emails to have sex with them…”

“Ah, you look so pretty…. Well, it’s okay if it’s a bit…”

“What. In your case, you’re not a little better, didn’t you bring Sensei to your home while your husband was on a business trip and get him to fuck you until you faint?”

“Because……vice-principal said that he wants to do ecchu in our couple bedroom…”

“Bad person…. You want your husband to put a rubber on”

“I can’t help it…. I don’t have a condom with a size like this big cock…. And because it’s only the vice-principal who can put out semen in me…I will not make someone else seed me except for the vice-principal”

Two beautiful teachers bring their lips from the left and right close to the huge meat pillar and have an evil smile. They stretched their long tongues out so that Kumiko could see it from the base, sitting in front of it. Kumiko swallows her spit while watching it.

“Well, it’s almost time for the lunch break to end, so you’re good to go back?”


Sudden and unexpected words. Suddenly Kenichi told so and Kumiko is surprised at it. Even though she has been seduced hard until a while ago, that attitude that seemed like he lost interest in her.

“If you don’t want to do it, then there’s the next class and it’s good for you to go back…. And a woman who substitutes you will come…”

Kenichi said that and the door of the room opened and someone came in. Looking back, two beautiful women with brown and black hair and white skin come in, and they smile with a sexy look at the man sitting on the couch.

“From here on we’re in charge…. I’m going to squeeze you a lot”

“I’m going to fuck you all the way until after school and I’ll make your balls become empty…”

The clothes are so perfect for both young women that they still have an excellent body line from above. There are no afternoon classes, so those two new teachers who came to this school this year will be together and have a good time.

“Haven’t you gotten the child in the audio-visual room until a while ago?

“Please rape me too…. Please tie me up and forcibly rape”

Both have a face of a hungry carnivore. Their red lips are licked and four female teachers swarm to one man.

(Aaa…such…such a thing at school…)

The impact doesnt fade even if Kumiko looks over and over again. In the face of unusual circumstances that wouldnt be normal, the married science teacher was sitting on the floor with a weak body.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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