Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 28

Chain reaction

“Excuse me, Mr. Midou…”

The inside in the room where the curtain hangs in daytime is dim as usual, Tomomi didn´t understand the state of the inside for a while until her eyes got used to it. When she strain her eyes the science teacher from whom Tomomi’s requesting it in the morning didn´t stop, he sit down on the sofa with the same form and color she saw in her dream and he looks at her while smirking with a laugh. Both his feet are greatly expanded and between his groin something moves restlessly.

“Now, come to this place”

“Aah, teacher…”

After the door is closed by her hands from behind her back, she approaches beside of Kenichi to be tempted by the voice and Tomomi understood that the moving thing is the head of a person. It is a student who wears the uniform of this school.


Though Tomomi thought that there was nobody other than the science teacher, she screams small in existence of the preceding visitor. Even when Tomomi approaches, the student doesn’t mind her at all, she is devoted to some kind of work absorbedly. She noticed that it was a intense fellatio and when Tomomi approached and from some distance her ears clearly heard a slurp sound.

“Aaah…like that…”

Stick to the floor on knees, while shaking her semi-long dry hair, the student continues the indecent act. It isn’t possible to judge from student’s head directly and Tomomi also understood the action by seeing the head moving up and down.

“A, a, a…”

While seeing Tomomi who utters a cry which won’t be a voice, so that as for Kenichi, Tomomi can see the glimpse of the girl too, he held and set up the body of the student. After Tomomi has seen the profile of the girl who had the grotesque dick in her mouth, she understands and holds her breath suddenly.


The eminent beautiful girl only paid attention to the voice of Tomomi for an instant and she doesn’t try to separate the meat stick which is being held in her mouth. Rather after her cheeks are dented ostentatiously, Natsuki intense her fellatio so she may oppose Tomomi.

“Oou…it feels really good…”


Her pink tongue occasionally appears and disappears and it is clear at a glance that it drives the sexual feeling of Kenichi skillfully. A female worker of a massage parlor would be defeat in the lewd technique by this lovely high school girl, since a while ago the thick pre-cum of Kenichi is released in her mouth.

“What is this…”

“Ah, it is like that. This is an extracurricular class of biology”

“Extracurricular class…”

Kenichi talks it big triumphantly while stroking Natsuki’s hair which he made glossy.

“Yes. Just now this second year student is studying reproduction exactly. So, Kurosawa who study eagerly is checking the structure of the stamen”

“Su, such…”

Natsuki grasps the meat stick of Kenichi which is wet from her saliva, when her mouth is separated finally, Natsuki seems fascinated too while laughing and they arrange an alibi for each other.

“Aah… Mr. Midou’s stamen is wonderful…”

When she says so with an enchanted expression, the beautiful second year student licks the dick from the bottom ostentatiously slowly while grinning.

“Please, when I finish checking this wonderful stamen, this time lets study about copulation and the fertilization together. Uhuhuhuhu”

Though Natsuki let her tongue move around the tip of his thing she wants to compete against Tomomi and she laughs dissolutely. Her pearl pink lips opens as if she can tear it, she can´t endure it and puts his thing in and out of it.

“By the way, what does Mr. Honda want here?”

Kenichi asks Tomomi who is still standing nastily, while moving his hand onto her hips and inserts his finger from the side of her pants and teases her soaking wet vagina with his finger.


Tomomi isn´t able to answer momentarily and she hesitates. However Tomomi´s eyes are fixed towards his huge dick which got wet from Natsuki´s saliva since a while ago and her tongue moves around her half-open mouth.

(I want to lick it…I also…Aaa…I’d like to hold in my mouth…)

Tomomi has already completely become sexual aroused. It is only natural since the time when she set foot into this room, the wicked semitransparent red tentacles twine tightly around Tomomi´s body. Especially dozens of thinly tentacles crowded around her mouth and her aura that shall protect there has changed into a tight color from the invasion.

Natsuki who buried her face between his thighs enjoys Tomomi’s anguish, looking up with an attractive sidelong glance even if she is judged from the same sex and her cheeks dented while she sucked his thing. Her eyes seem to say that she doesn’t want to hand this delicious meat stick over and she seems to be even soaked in a sense of superiority.

“Won’t the teacher need the extracurricular class anymore?”

When Natsuki told so to tease her, something burst and flew in Tomomi.

“Aaaah! No…me too…me too…”

Tomomi crawls up to Kenichi on her knees when she cries so and crouch down in the same way like Natsuki.

“To me…even to me please teach me the structure of the stamen…”

Her face is drawn to the erected dick after a brief hesitation when she says so, she extends her tongue to the rugged surface of his thing which is soaring wet from Natsuki´s saliva.


After a while when Natsuki separates his dick from her mouth, Tomomi`s lips with light pink lipstick opens in an O-shape and swallow the wet dick whole into her mouth. Rather her black and beautiful eyes are closed with rapture and a hot breath leaks out from her elegant nose. Even when she holds it in her mouth to the utmost, still half of the length remains and she feels dizzy from the thickness and hardness which overwhelm in her mouth.

From the morning, no these three days, the pleasure obtained from this thing was unbearable for Tomomi and she wanted it very much, while Tomomi blows his thing love juice is slowly coming out from her groin and when she licks it goose bumps raise on her body. After her elegant cheeks are dented deeply, she makes a slurping sound while sucking it. She twine her thin and long fingers also around his thing and she rubs it to excite it slowly and to let it erect. She has been already taught in reality and dream many times about the caress to please a man.

“Wow. Tomo-chan does a cute face and she is quite bold…”

Natsuki sees the female teacher who indulges in intense fellatio, while laughing thinly and she starts leaning over Kenichi who is throwing his head back on the sofa.

“Uhu, teacher….Tomo-chan is also teacher´s property”

Natsuki bites into Kenichi’s scruff while licking around it and she speaks to others so that she blows hot breath and whispers it.

“Are you jealous?”

“No, Tomo-chan´s face is in agony and I want to see it, too”

When Natsuki says so while laughing she didn’t stand immediately and sticks to the lip of Kenichi and she sends her soft tongue full of sweet saliva. While sucking the sweet tongue of the beautiful girl, he let the beautiful female teacher do a fellatio which is a sweet matter of pleasure. To the real pleasure of the harem sex tasted at the school, Kenichi also becomes completely excited.

Afterwards two pretty beauties hold Kenichi’s dick in their mouth in turns, while no one involve the mouth and the scruff of Kenichi anymore, his shirt is opened and even his unexpectedly stout chest is slimy by saliva. While violating the inside of Natsuki’s mouth, his nipples are licked by Tomomi and he was desperate to bear that he nearly ejaculated.

(This is intolerable….)

For the stimulation that is different from the high school student pair called Aiko and Natsuki, Kenichi was entirely soaked to the bliss that his power brought. In that way they continue the hot service for about 30 minutes, both beauties bring their faces near from both sides between Kenichi’s thigh now and they perform a hot double fellatio melting away the soul. Natsuki who has a slight advantage guides Tomomi and it is the disposal to completely show their teamwork that matched of the breath now.

“Haha, Tomo-chan teacher feels it also here”

Natsuki show off for Tomomi while laughing and she licks Kenichi´s back hole clean. With lewd lessons every day, Kenichi taught that there is an erogenous zone.

“Ooh, I can´t withstand it”

“Aah, I want to do it too…”

The reaction that Kenichi shows to the pretty music teacher willingly, let Tomomi also put her tongue onto his backdoor. Tomomi is excited at the reaction to move twitchingly and her thin tongue is sharpened and she inserted it to the inside of the back hole.

“Aaa…that progress is fast…”

The mucous membrane of the sensitive anus throbs and it is licked and sucked by a neat and elegant female teacher and love liquid overflows from Kenichi´s dick who gets excited.

“Yah, it seems to be that teacher feels pleasant. Uhuhuhu…”

When the beautiful girl repeats the service many times she twists her lips dissolutely, she puts her mouth to the wet penis immediately and she sips and drinks the love liquid which smells strong. She opens her mouth after doing it so as if she can´t withstand it and she performs an intense fellatio immediately. Kenichi sweetly has the high school girl held his hambone in her mouth and his dirty back hole is stimulated by the tongue of the beautiful female music teacher, so his brain tasted the pleasure which becomes heated to the hilt.

Kenichi was indulged in the led play against the music teacher and Natsuki exactly at that time, in the room of the tennis club where no one remains, two beautiful girls stood and faced each other. One is a precocious beautiful girl in a uniform and long black hair which suits her white skin. The beautiful girl with striking cool eyes seems to be angry a little for some reason.

The other one might have done club activities up to now, she sweats slightly on her suntanned skin and her tennis uniform is a little dirty with soil, the hair which she tied to a ponytail and the tanned skin give an active impression. This beautiful girl also has a pretty smile and her pretty face seems to sulk slightly now.

“…Kawashima-san, you, the awareness of the captain may not be enough?”


Ruriko Asakura a third year student and former captain of the tennis club says so and she cross-examines Aiko Kawashima the present captain who stands and averts her eyes. Her eyes are different from her gentle usually one, they are sharp like a police officer who interrogates.

“It’s said that neither yesterday nor the day before you have come to the club activities. Because you are the captain, do you not think it’s natural to come to the club activities every day?”


However to Ruriko’s cross-examination, Aiko dressed in the uniform remains silent all the time while looking away since a little while ago. After such an appearance is seen, Ruriko remembered the bad rumor that she suddenly heard recently.

“Kawashima-san…. Do you have gotten a boyfriend recently?”

Aiko who is seen suddenly as grown up and attractive, when surrounding friends and younger students of the club surely thought she has a boyfriend and Aiko also knows about the sneaky rumor behind her back. Of course it half proves right and it’s being left without worrying about such a rumor.

However Aiko who was bright sociable before was more eager than anyone else in the tennis practice, she came to wear sex appeal suddenly and her atmosphere changed completely and her friends have left her because of her cold attitude. Her close friend has also left by now and even in her class and her club activities she was alone.

“…Besides…recently you seem to go out with the child of the rumor that isn´t good”

On behalf of her ex-friends, it was Kurosawa Natsuki that Aiko was the closest now. Her boyfriend seems to be in another school, if it is Natsuki with the bad reputation to repeat impure sexual relations, Aiko is often together with her in these days. For two people who arrange to meet and go somewhere at lunch break and many classmates are rumoring that Natsuki influenced Aiko with her bad behavior.

“When I associate with whomever, I think that it has nothing to do with Ms. Asakura?”

Aiko, who looked at Ruriko for the first time, declares so coldly with a piercing glance.

“…Oh well…. It is surely so, but when you don’t come to the club we are connected each other, aren’t you connected with me either?”

Ruriko says so and looks also straight at Aiko’s eyes and argues with her eyes power as much as possible. In fact, the reason why Aiko doesn’t come to the club is to enjoy her meetings with Kenichi who is the science teacher. The science preparation room is visited together with Natsuki at lunch break, she gets tired and it is not worth only by doing the service of good meat to the lewd teacher, so she plays truant from the club and repeats the indecent act after school.


Aiko who glares back at Ruriko in silence, her expression until just several weeks ago, it is full of clear hostility and hatred so as not to think that she turns it to the senior whom she respect and had a crush on. However her expression doesn´t continue for a long time. When she suddenly loosens the severe expression, Aiko laughs grimly.

“Senior…. Is the senior a virgin?”

“…Nah! …What…”

Though Aiko started to say what she intended to say, Ruriko is at a loss for words on the way. The words that were given from the junior before her eyes like that, they were shocking words for the 18-year-old clean young girl who hadn´t know a man yet.

“Senior, do you have a pussy? I hear”

“Hi! What…what…”

To the plain vulgar word that the junior shoots, Ruriko lets the word be jam-packed unintentionally and she is confused. Even her ears become red by only that. Because Ruriko is a pious Christian, of course is she a virgin. She hasn´t associated with a man too and she hasn´t even hold hands much less kissed.

“Su, such a dirty thing, there isn’t a reason to do so!”

Ruriko, who is usually calm, raises her voice and argue. After Aiko can ask the size of the voice and height conscientiousness to Ruriko’s nature, Aiko would have laughed in spite of drugs.

“Huhuhu…Senior is fascinating…”

Aiko who said so and laughed small first, she bursts into laughter, because she wasn´t able to gradually bear it. It is the attitude making a fool of oneself, who is the senior clearly and blood goes up to the head.


“Why are you laughing! Kawashima-san, you are rude!”

“Because…because…Senior is so desperate…hahahaha…”

Ahead of the junior that laughs aloud now, Ruriko shakes her body and rages. From her body wrapped in the uniform, a pale aura went up like flame.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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