Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 51

Gravure idol

A middle-aged high school teacher and a high school girl dressed in the gym suit (bloomers) are absorbed in necking and between his groin that tower grotesquely, a heavy fellatio to be amazed of is done by the beautiful woman’s honorable english teacher.

It was Rena Kurosawa the gravure idol who was shocked by the abnormal situation, when she gradually settled a heavy feeling is spreading to the point of her limb from the core of her body.

(Aaa… what is this…)

Her breasts which have become heavy and are under the strain in the E cup bra like balloons and her nipples which are stiff and erect, rub against her lace cup and begin to spin a weak ache. Her clitoris congests in her short and swells up and it pulses according to the beating of her heart. Her frugal petal also finished congesting and opening and it will be the situation that hot pants cut there and the inside of her panty isn´t affected by the eyes either. Her waist moves back and forth naturally and it can’t be stopped, because it is being driven by herself.


Immediately after the meat stick which appeared while getting wet and shining is seen from the female teacher´s lips, Rena makes her vagina hole shrink tightly, even if a large amount of body fluid is leaked.

(If it’s done by such a thing, what will happen…)

She imagines herself being pierced by his thing which can´t be compared with men who she associate until now and Rena shakes her whole body. It is unbelievable that a light acme is tasted.

Suddenly Rena notices that she is observed patiently by Kenichi who is staring at her.

His eyes which shine red, as if they found something looked glad.

(Don’t look at his eyes…)

Although her remaining reason desperately sounds a warning, as if she is tangled when she matched eyes and was taken, it becomes impossible to take her eyes off from him. Her reason gradually becomes numb and her body drives recklessly, but a certain dark thing amplifies in her heart and the body and heart of the 20-year-old female university student are being occupied rapidly.

(Aaa, I want to have sex…)

Kenichi´s dick isn´t isolated from the mind of the rising gravure idol and such direct words that a rude man used normally were spoken by Rena in her mind.

(Uh, because it’s so big, that I want to be violated to my heart’s content by it…)

Rena grovels on the floor as soon as she thought so and holds out her buttock, she becomes unbearable when the scene of her having sex from behind with the male teacher. While staring at the red eyes with her sticky eyes, she appeals for the greed that swelled up.

(Aaa…. I want to have sex, assault me, I want to be skewered! First from behind, after that my legs are bent from the front and then pushed up from the bottom!)

Rena develops scenes where she has sex in her head one after another. Usually she remembers the scenes becoming pale from her fear, that the female university student lets her body flush more and more.

Her pale complexioned face burns for excitement and after her pale-complexioned skin is dyed pink from head to foot, it is quite obvious that she is in estrus. She emitted a thick female smell from her whole body and her figure that is making her ripe body winds while standing up it is voluptuous that even a saint man of virtue loses his reason and wants to attack her.

After Kenichi’s glance comes off and she is liberated from the spell, Rena couldn’t take her eyes off anymore from the penis which towers this time. Kenichi penis which arrives almost to his navel, as Junko and Natsuki compete from both sides about it now they let their pink tongues cling to it. They tasted and sucked it so that it may be shown off for Rena with both having an excited expression.

(Aa…Me, me too…)

Noticing Rena who swallows her saliva hard, Junko and Natsuki look at Rena and laugh thinly, while showing off the pleasure to serve Kenichi´s thing and holding it in the mouth alternately.

(Huhuu, Onee-chan…, this is great…)

(If you don’t come quickly, you can´t taste it. Uhuhuhu…)

Junko´s and Natsuki´s eyes which lets their tongues crawl over the gun persistently seem immersed in the sense of superiority which taste an exceptional treat clearly.

“What’s the matter? Do you want it too?”

Rena nods while being asked by Kenichi and she has even approached in front of Kenichi unsteadily, before bowing down. The lump of flesh which gets wet in front of her and glitters is overwhelming so as to be abominable, as for Rena chills run through her whole body for an instant. The reason that remained brakes desperately when she won´t miss time.

However, a thin yellow aura already emerges from her body and several red tentacles climb all over it. Like ridiculing her desperate resistance when the tentacles pulse, her aura turns slightly red.


A beautiful butterfly is completely caught in the poison spider web and it can´t get away anymore.

Rena´s reason is held down to the lust that boils instantly and both hands are timidly extended. Junko and Natsuki hand it over, while laughing thinly and are clinging to the scruff of their master and see the instant where the new catch falls.

(Aaa, it is quite hard and fat…)

Rubbing his dick by a way of using hands tame unexpectedly and indulgently, Rena make sure of the performance of the pleasure organ, and since grasping it many times again she sighs.

“Do you like it…”


Rena stares at Kenichi while rubbing his penis up and down slowly and is waiting for his next order. Her pink lips open and it is so unbearable and lewd that her tongue appears and disappears from the meantime.

“What do you want to do?”

Furthermore, towards Kenichi who asks maliciously, the gravure idol eats her greed while dyeing her ears red.

“Aaa…, I, I want to suck it…”

Rena is waiting for permission admirably while staring at Kenichi with sleepy eyes poured with oil.

“『You will serve it』I say…”

“…Y, yes…I will serve it…”

Rena says so with an enchanted voice, the beautiful university student became a legend in Ellis all girls high school and she pushed her lips like a rose petal to the lump of the ugly meat.


When she pushes her soft lips and kisses with full of emotion, she stretches out her slim tongue immediately and begin to lick his thing. She can´t say that it belongs to her totally, because it is wrapped with a large quantity of saliva and put out the smell of the other women.

The film of saliva hangs on the meat stick thinly when she finishes licking it generally. After sighing once she swallows her saliva hard and the famous beautiful university student finally turned around to the ugly lump of flesh.

Rena who didn´t know a man before, her graceful pale pink lips wishes to thrust it inside, so they are open at once and swallows the dick from the tip.

“I do it while looking at you”

While watching Kenichi with her beautiful opened eyes, she sucks in the thick gun which can become hollow and occupies her mouth and puts up her cheeks.

(Oo…it’s intolerable…)

Assuming a calm air, Kenichi also is making his heart throb to the terrible excitement. Anyway Rena Kurosawa who is displayed as gravure of a magazine, while her eyes become slightly red, she looks upwards, when she holds his dick in her mouth.

(Great…great! Incredible!)

Kenichi wants to begin to cry aloud. The aggressive root swells to the maximum by the excessive excitement and lifts it´s tip in the clean mouth of the idol more.


Although Rena was surprised a little, her thick fellatio begins at once. Rena let her tongue cling to the tip as well as her mouth persistently, and at the same time she rubs the root with both hands and massages his scrotum.

“Hey, do it while looking at me”

From the order she is going to stare at Kenichi desperately, but the sweet pleasure from her mouth wall being rubbed melts her brain and she closes her eyelids with rapture unintentionally. Shaking her hips wrapped in white hot pants, as if she is unbearably happy to serve him, Rena shows such an expression, while Kenichi endures his ejaculation impulse which almost happened desperately.

The aura covering her whole body is dyed pink, but only a part of her mouth is dark red in particular.

“Ah Kenichi, Rena-chan´s mouth seems very comfortable…”

Junko says so while being enchanted, so she decides to hug Kenichi’s head and is preparing a thick deep kiss. The tongue of the female teacher licks the mouth of Kenichi clean surprisingly skillfully and pours sweet saliva gently from the top.

“Uhuhu, I’ll also make this comfortable…”

Natsuki with an idle face laughs like a small devil and says so, before she sticks to Kenichi upper body and licks one nipple with her tongue. Stimulating the other nipple with her finger, she stimulates the other one lightly with biting and sucks it up strongly.

(Oou…it’s intolerable…)

The erogenous zone on his whole body is stimulated at the same time by three beautiful women and he smiles at the muddy stream of pleasure. Even though Kenichi completely became accustomed to such a two or more play, but the feeling doesn’t weaken no matter how he tastes it.

Anyway until just a little, the beauties that could do nothing but look at it from a long distance while holding the finger in their mouth, so they decided to serve Kenichi as threesome. Besides, the two people in front who are respected real sisters the older sister is a popular gravure idol.

It is nothing new to say that Kenichi thanks the Incubus who gave him such power heartily.


The three beauties suck up his dick, nipple and tongue at the same time. Three sensitive places which Kenichi feels are blamed at the same time and a roar of pleasure overcast at the inside of his closed mouth is given.

But Kenichi doesn’t keep serving freely, either. His right hand gets into the panty of the beautiful teacher, while his left hand tinkers with the petal breathing in the bloomers of the high school girl. Those two places were already wet and the fold which was sticky climbs all over the finger which is put inside.

Junko and Natsuki reach in every case acme lightly. The energy that they spitted out is absorbed by the Incubus and his penis erect more and more.

(Aaa…so much…it’s so sturdy…)

It is discharged gently incessantly by the mouth, his dick become muddy full of love liquid. When the fishy male soup is slurped and drunk, she becomes baud and the gravure idol is preparing a thicker fellatio.

The female university student who was stained with the poison which Kenichi shot out, strips off her everyday modest mask and begins to show her lewd site which she hid. While making an indecent sound and there are no cases that she also had a boyfriend before, she begins a exceptionally thick and lewd fellatio.

“Aah, I want to drink Rena´s milk…”

After making her drive to the vicinity of the limit and wanders for a while in the best heaven, she says so with an attractive voice and the pace is sped up, so that she tastes and sucks his dick increasingly. After the root which became muddy by the saliva which is put out is rubbed by her finger, she strongly sucks it including her tongue persistently.

Originally fellatio isn´t the favorite for Rena who is a neat paranoiac and even if she is asked by a man who she associated with and the ejaculation inside her mouth has been declined obstinately. However, she can´t help herself wanting to drink the sperm of this man now.

“So good…I want to drink your semen…”

The case that this is the parlor in her own house, she also forgot that her partner is her younger sister’s teacher from high school and Rena didn´t think of anything but the fact from which cloudy liquid is squeezed.

“Uhuh, sensei…put it out inside the mouth of my elder sister…”

In addition to the unbelievable adulation of such an idol, Natsuki stimulates his nipple to run down increasingly eagerly, Kenichi’s upper body body was patted skillfully by both hands, so that Kenichi reached his limit.


At the inside of his throat while Kenichi was kissed by Junko, he is uttering a cry and spits out a large quantity of sperm profusely in the throat of Rena. Surprisingly the ejaculation continues for a long time, his tongue is sucked by Junko and his nipple is stimulated by Natsuki during the meantime and his very front is surrounded with awful excitement and becomes pure white. His fingers are squeezed, because he inserted them in the interior of Junko´s and Natsuki´s womb and Kenichi understands that both of them reach the top at the same time.

(Aaaaa! Iichyauuuuu!)

Matching Rena with the meandering released semen incredibly, she tastes a blinding ecstasy, but she still drinks the body fluid which was spitted out as if she doesn´t want to waste one drop. The seed of the Inma gets into the body of the beautiful female university student and germinates and is extending its black branches and resides in every corner of her body soon.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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