Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 72

Predation and something done

At the time Kyoko and Shiho took a taxi, because they live in the same direction, Kenichi will send Ayumi home. When both take a taxi, Ayumi sit down next to Kenichi who grins about what happens next.

(Huhuu, say something, you dirty old man…when I invited you a few minutes ago, you looked foolish and as expected you come with me…)

When Ayumi invites a man as always, immediately this man comes willingly with her. After all Ayumi thinks it is ridiculous somehow.

This young teacher with an ordinary face who sits down aside Ayumi now seems not to be popular with women. In this way he pretends to be calm, but his heart is throbbing.

(A beautiful woman like me together with you…. Uhuhu, fool… it is fine, the dream is shown only tonight. On the other hand, I have to improve my results a lot…)

Until now, Ayumi gave her body in a similar method to her professors and lecturer of her university,to make them a captive of her outstanding body and to improve her results. The teachers who goes mad from her body and technique, falsifies her results because they are influenced by her.

(Well, if I have sex today, it is this man. This middle aged man over there…)

The result in this student teaching is decided by the three instructors and the acting vice-principal. Because Egashira-sensei and Junko-sensei are women, she needs to corrupt the vice-principal and this science teacher. She may sleep with them, so first she aimed at the man who seems timid.

For this pretty female university student, these kind of things are small matters. It is easy to change the world if she use her pretty face and body, which she has already understood with her age.

Ayumi has confidence in her body and technique. 50 men who she had sex with were worthless until now and all became the captive of Ayumi’s body. All men are absorbed in Ayumi, when she worked part-time as hostess and she got innumerably luxurious present like a clock and a bag .

A man is easy. That’s the conclusion of this 22-year-old beauty.

“Ah, Midou-sensei…I think that I have gotten drunk…”

Suddenly Ayumi snuggles up and clings to Kenichi’s arm, which let him shake his body.

(Aha….he is nervous, that’s cute…)

Even when she forces her big breasts on his arm steadily, this science teacher just remain silent and is looking ahead.

(By any chance, I wonder if he has a little experience…. Uhuu, then, I will give him a lesson today…)

Judging from his naive reaction, there must be extremely little experience with women. He is like a geek if she sees his face well, so he really seems to like 2D characters.

(Well, this man, is an easy victory…. To kill time, he may be fine…)

Ayumi who is convinced becomes bolder and forces her body steadily on Kenichi. The female body odor that is mixed with a sweet perfume begins to spread in the taxi slowly.

“Sensei…do you want some tea in my apartment”

Kenichi nods with a tense look and Ayumi grins, while forcing her body more on him. At the time the taxi stops in front of an apartment which seems to be high-quality, an middle aged man and a female University student were set off. Two shadows are standing in the darkness and are drawn to the front door slowly.

The high-quality apartment where the female university student lives in was wide and luxurious so that it has enough space. In a room full of the smell of this young woman, Kenichi and Ayumi put their lips on top of each other deeply and perform intense deep kisses.

“Ah, sensei…take out your tongue, so that I can suck it…”

Now Kenichi holds out his tongue timidly and Ayumi draws it up joyfully and invites him to hot kisses. In that way when she swallows a good amount of saliva, her tongue is put in and Kenichi’s mouth is tasted.

Ayumi completely thinks that Kenichi is sexually unripe and it seems that she is going to give an older man an sexual lesson aggressively. Being stirred up between the crotch of her miniskirt she rubs it against Kenichi’s groin.

“Ah, sensei you seem to completely like it…”

Ayumi stretches out her hand between the crotch which gradually grew in volume and runs her fingers over it slowly. However, the soaring of Kenichi becomes even huger, than Ayumi imaginated.

“Wh, what is this…se, sensei…amazing…”

The hot pulsation that she feels in her palm is extraordinary from what she imagined, therefore you can call it a super king size. Ayumi is amazed from the outstanding size.

“Th, this is…”

Ayumi becomes unbearable and is going to catch this thing with her hand, but it isn’t possible for her to grasp it, because of the abnormal size and the bulging of his trousers. She released her grip and kneeled down before Kenichi, so that she can lower his pants to check the swelling with her own eyes.


As soon as she took down his trunks, his enormous meat stick is revealed and shows off manly. The female university student doesn’t think it is so huge and spitted out a sigh that is mixed from a low scream and a gasping voice.

(What is this…isn’t it impossible?)

The penis in front of her is incredibly big and the tip aims at a Ayumi like a cobra. It has a bowed shape and is the size of an baby arm.

Of course she sees such a big penis for the first time. Ayumi also associated with black people, but never saw such a huge one so far.

(A, a thing like this…amazing…really amazing…)

She grasps it with her hand for a while and checked its hardness and thickness, before she come to her sense suddenly. To regain initiative, she pushed her wet lips to his gun laughingly.

“Uhuu, sensei, your thing is really large…. I haven’t seen such one yet”

When she takes out her tongue and licks it a little, she looks up at Kenichi, while laughing teasingly.

“This is great, do you want me to lick it? Hey, or do you want that I suck it with my mouth?”

Ayumi licks her small lips with her pink tongue, before she licks the juice coming out from the penis and she drinks it slowly. Kenichi’s penis reacts to the stimulation fearfully.

“Nhu…is it comfortable? Shall I make it more comfortably by putting it in my mouth? Hey? Sensei…my mouth is really great…all men are eager to fuck my mouth. Will sensei also do so?”

In that way whenever Ayumi speak of being indecency by herself, she seems to want it steadily. Her charmed eyes get wet as having oil poured inside and shine lightly and even if Kenichi doesn’t use his power, Ayumi’s sexual feeling is raised steadily without exception.

“Aah, it has quite a dirty shape… when it is put inside, a girl goes mad…because it is hot and hard and looks like steel…. For the first time this big…aah, it is already unbearable …”

Usually she pleases a man by holding his thing in her mouth after she makes that man implore it, but today Ayumi has admitted her first defeat. To the hot mass in her hand her desire for it is accelerating steadily. Therefore she stretches out her long tongue and licks the weapon.

“Ahuh, Midou-sensei’s penis…is very large and delicious…”

A heavy male smell is absorbed to her nose and the taste of this man is felt wide in her mouth. The hardness is transmitted to the tip of her tongue and even if she compares it with her former men, it is telling her that this one is the best.

Being indecent and stroking Kenichi´s penis with her white finger, she crawls her tongue over the rugged surface. Expanding her tongue to the maximum she adds saliva on it and tastes his thing from the top to the bottom.

“Aah…hard like iron….a thing like this is my first time…”

Blood vessel scrawls on the surface and she rubs her soft tongue against it many times. The sensitive tip is stimulated too by her tongue.

Ayumi who was doing so in that way for a while wanted to have it in her mouth soon.

“Already…already, have it in my mouth…would it be okay?”

Ayumi was really talkative. While raising a groan from the interior of her throat, this lewd girl pu the tip of his gun in her.


Whenever the tip rubs against her cheeks and tongue, a sweet generous pain spreads through her whole mouth and she feels pleasure from it clearly. After 5 tingling sensations and an ecstasy spread through her whole mouth, the pleasure nerve of her brain gets excited.

(Wh, what is this….Why, I feel it in my mouth…)

Ayumi slobbers from her mouth after she kneels down at the front door of her dark apartment, she moves her face back and forth absorbedly. Inside her bra, her sensitive nipples become stiff and begins to spin pleasure, which lets her bottom ache.

(It’s intolerable….)

Smiling seductively and looking up at Kenichi, Ayumi puts the tip against the inside of her cheeks and absorbs in a indecent service. Instead of the man, she pleases it for her own pleasure.

What this woman feels when she sees the man pleased by such an act is a mental thing, but this time it isn’t what Ayumi feels now, because it was clearly a physical pleasure.

After having done fellatio persistently so as to be amazed, Ayumi has separated her mouth from his meat pillar, because she got tired and her chin began to hurt from the abnormal size of Kenichi’s gun. The wet penis towers predominantly, when Ayumi stares at this brutal meat stick with charmed eyes, and crawls her tongue around it persistently.

Kenichi lets this lovely female university student do what she would like to do silently. It isn’t bad to enjoy the service of an completely devoted beautiful woman with passiveness sometimes. Standing firm with his feet set apart on the passage, he looks down at Ayumi who serves him like a lewd woman with cold eyes.

“Ah, Midou-sensei….I wonder, if it was bad… “

While stroking his thing with her slim fingers slowly, she asks so in a voice that the female university student was enchanted by him. Men who shared a bed with Ayumi so far, came to her skillful fellatio without an exception and if she could continue for 5 minutes, hot liquid will come out.

Ayumi likes the pitiable voice with the groan of pleasure that men raise, when she entreats for their ejaculation. However this gloomy middle-aged man remain calm even if Ayumi does her hot service for nearly 30 minutes.

“You are a university, have you learned things like this? “

“Uhuhu, national language is my specialty, but I’m also good at physical education. Sensei, do you want to test it?”

Ayumi says so, when she stands up and after a passionate kiss, Kenichi is invited to the bedroom in the interior of her apartment.

“Huhuhuu…sensei hold still…I fully let you feel comfortable…”

Next Ayumi pushes Kenichi who is dressed in his suit down on the bed, as if she teases him, she takes her pink suit off while wiggling her body. Even from her suit which stuck out it is understood, that her body is ripe and captivating, so that Kenichi swallows his saliva unintentionally.


In content with the reaction that Kenichi showed, Ayumi who wrapped her body in brown high-quality underwear shows of her fully ripened body in the bedroom filled with her sweet fragrance. Her chest seems to break through her lace bra and the curves from her waist are beautiful so that Kenichi sighs. The lines from her slim waist to her developed hips are overwhelming and this thin cloth sticks apologetically on it. Wearing stockings with a garter belt is the preference of her associating men.

“Uhu, do you like it? My body…”

Ayumi had absolute confidence to her body which drove all men crazy up to now. If it is a man who is in his thirties and isn’t bright even though he is a senior teacher, she is confident that she can capture him with surprising swiftness. After the cute trainee covers the body of the science teacher, she starts her erotic work as always.

When she exchanges hot deep kisses with Kenichi who is lying on the bed quietly, Ayumi licks the scruff clean while panting and saying that it is sweet. Smelling the sweat of this man, she becomes more and more excited and she bites at his earlobe, before she places her tongue in it.

“If you have the feeling to take it out, tell me anytime…I’ll drink it…”

While attacking his whole body like a masseuse, Ayumi grasps his dick consistently and doesn’t forget to increase the sexual feeling of Kenichi. Ayumi who uses such an outstanding technique with approximately 20 years, Kenichi is certain that she was taught a lot by men carefully.

(Hehee, she also belongs to me from now on…)

Kenichi thoroughly enjoys the technique of this beautiful university student, while letting pre-cum gush out from his soaring and the joy that he obtained a new girl was able to shake his wicked heart.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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