Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 77


Next day, Kenichi was lacking of sleep.

His body was requested by Shiho Fujiwara in the hotel room until morning, where he hammered his sperm into the body of Shiho five times. He wasn’t able to endure any longer and the delicious dish of Shiho’s anus was tasted. When the sun rises Shiho’s mouth, asshole and pussy became muddy with the discharged semen of Kenichi.

Without being inferior to Kenichi really, Shiho also possessed a bottomless stamina. Until the very limit before both needed to go to school, they waved their waists without sleeping at all against each other to feel pleasure.

(As for the incarnation of the pale-white snake, it may be true. However, I’m still sleepy…)

As always, because he can absorbed the life energy of his women to recover his energy he can cover the lack of sleep even if he stays up all night, however today it has been almost squeezed empty by Shiho.

When you include the amount of fellatio, Kenichi ejaculated 10 times last night. Even though he fused with the Incubus and became matchless, this number of times is indeed abnormal. Moreover, though he was able to deprive Shiho’s energy five times in the latter half, the five times by the fellatio on the first half are squeezed one-sidedly by Shiho.

(Somehow my sense is also dull….)

It sensitively reacts to Kenichi’s physical condition, as for his super sense that power increase from sexual desire normally isn’t in a good condition today. Kenichi intended to have sex with his beauties today and to absorb their energy, however while thinking that the person who took the photos might show up, he doesn’t seem to be able to do it.

(Anyway, I wait until I go home…)

He only has to take notice, when Junko and Miho return to the apartment. While he thinks so, Junko appeared very close to Kenichi who sat on his desk in the staff room.

“Huhuu, Kenichi-sama…how about tonight…?”

While wearing a nice perfume and releasing pheromones of a ripe woman, Junko laughs and whispers into Kenichi’s ear. Her thin blouse is transparent, so he can see her blue lace bra.

“What do you mean…?”

Neither his intuition nor his head work properly because of the lack of sleep, that’s why Kenichi hears only simple-mindedly unusually.

“My goodness, did you forget…. After that girl finished ripening completely you wanted to eat her, so you waited impatiently…”

Junko mentioned this and pointed towards Kyoko Utsunomiya who prepared for the class. Until now Kenichi obtained Ayumi Momoi and Shiho Fujiwara already, so only Kyoko remain at the end.

“Huhuu, I already loved her all night yesterday. She cried and made the sheets soaking wet with her tears and love liquids…the condition of her pussy is excellent, too and when I squeezed the I cup breasts with both hands, she felt it with a loud voice…. Huhuu, Like a tropical fruit that matures and has plenty of fruit juice, she is ready to be eaten now…”

Junko says so, while licking her bright red lips attached with lipstick.

Kenichi remembered that two weeks ago Junko suggested on her own that she would like to make Kyoko Utsunomiya a sex slave. Junko who is a pseudo lesbian polishes her lesbian play with Miho and Risa as partner night after night, so she completely became a technician now. Junko voluntarily tempts and trains Kyoko until the time is right to give her to Kenichi as sacrifice.

The wicked scheme was going well according to Junko’s former report, where she said that the lesbian training for Kyoko who originally likes man goes smoothly.


Kenichi stares at Kyoko now who stretched herself lightly without knowing that he looks at her. The front of her blouse which seems to be pure and innocent is drawn out so that a button almost breaks off and a white lace bra appears for an instant.

“Huhuu, Kenichi’s eyes…are like animals eyes. This is the room key of that girl. At 8pm this evening, come and enter…. I will show you a nice show”

Junko hands a key quietly, before she returned to her desk while shaking her hips. The form surpasses that of a Japanese as ever and is very tightly, her hips are clogged up in that tight skirt like a balloon, which looks appetizing.

(Huhuu, it seems to be funny today…)

Anyhow after the energy was used up last night, the beast inside his body rages for a sacrifice. The situation was so bad that he nearly attacked a student, but restrained himself desperately.

(I will violate both of them very slowly…)

With Junko looking at Kenichi teasingly, he is checking Kyoko state who is staring at Junko with rapture bashfully, he has black feelings to taste this fully and sweet beautiful body today.

The night of the day. Probably because it was warm so that he sweats unusually at daytime in November, the sky seems to begin to fall at any moment. A black cloud covers the moon, even though it is a city, true darkness spreads at the houses and places where are no street lamps.

Kenichi have arrived at the apartment where Kyoko lived by counting on the address a little past eight o’clock. When he stands in front of Kyoko’s room on the 7th floor of the luxury apartment, he asked about the state in the inside using his black wave. It cant be said that it became dull, because the super sense informs about the inside exactly.

(Huhu, they’re enjoying themselves…)

When Kenichi enters without a sound, he advances to the bedroom slowly. From the place that you should aim at even if he doesn’t use his super sense, the gasping voice of women and the heavy and sweet female fragrant shows the way.

The moment Kenichi peeps inside from the gap of the door quietly, the resident of this room writhes on the bed in her undergarment as he know from beforehand, while a pretty woman who wears blue underwear covers her from the top and attacks her persistently.

“Huhu, Kyoko-chan, how about here?”

“Aa…Junko-sensei…it, it is shameful…”

This room is painted in light pink, several stuffed animals are put aside of the bed. Both the sheet of the bed and the pillow slip are pink, while Kyoko in her white undergarment lies on it with opened legs, Junko sticks on her. Kyoko can’t see Kenichi because Junko’s head is in the way. Moving the shorts away to lick the pleasure button of Kyoko’s body with her tongue is clearly understood by Kenichi’s black wave.

“Huhu Kyoko-chan, do you comfort yourself?”

“Noo, I don’t do such a thing…”

“Don’t lie….your hills developed so much, this must be because they have been fondle by you every day,…come on, confess” “Aa…I, I don’t know…”

Junko is like a cat who torments a mouse, because she teases Kyoko by the stimulation that she stretched out her thin tongue. Even as a Lesbian it is a mean method, thought about by Kenichi who is peeping quietly.

“Even if you hide it, it’s useless…huhuu. Well, while thinking of whom….is it by any chance Midou-sensei?”

To the unexpected words of Junko, Kyoko and Kenichi hold their breath at the same time.

“Ah, it is different…”

However, even if he doesn’t use his super sense, Kenichi was able to understand that the answer of Kyoko was a lie. The large-breasted female university student was in fact absorbed in masturbation.

He imagined the figure of Kyoko who use her fingers between her legs while thinking of him, his gun erects remarkably at a stretch. At the same time the super sense is opened up and the radar begins to work intensely around this room.

“Midou-sensei is a young and capable teacher, that’s why it is reasonable to yearn for him….moreover Midou-sensei is very reliable…. I am only near Midou-sensei, because my pants get wet everytime I see him”

“Se, sensei…”

“Huhuu, Kyoko-chan is also so….Kyoko-chan is really ecchi, if Midou-sensei knows it, he may be disappointed…”

Kenichi’s presence might have been noticed. When Junko raises her hips high, she shows off her crotch which has finished getting wet to Kenichi. The blue panty which is attached to her bottom is awfully thin and projects the state of her petal clearly.

To the situation like a porn book from a decade ago, they go too far muddily from the point of Kenichi’s meat stick and liquid overflows. Kenichi also rages and can’t help wanting to push it into the wet tender meat way.

Guessing Kenichi’s desire, Junko hides Kenichi from Kyoko’s eyes who agonizes on the bed and covers Kyoko’s body. While putting her hand into Kyoko’s white panty, they exchange intense deep kisses. The female university student is teased by the tongue of the elder english teacher and she endures the pleasure by closing her eyes firmly.

When Kenichi enters the bedroom smoothly, he already has begun to take off everything he wore without a sound. Looking at the beautiful teacher and female university student who intertwine their bodies with each other, his lust begins to accelerate abnormally since just now. It was totally like a dog and cat fight.

The excitement is artificial somehow, because there is a sense of incongruity which is somewhat different from ordinary excitement, it feels forced. Usually, it’d be Kenichi who notices such an abnormality, however his head doesn’t work properly.

“Please stir her up, too…”

Kenichi walks up to Kyoko’s white long legs and sticks fast between her groin wearing white panty.

“Noooooo! Wh, who! Who is it! Nooooo!”

Kyoko runs wild because of this sudden intruder, but Junko suppresses her upper body solidly and blockades her movement. While Kenichi enjoys that she rather acts violently, he adds his mouth to her petal and sips the honey juice that is flowing out from the inside trailingly.

“It’s okay, Kyoko-chan…it is your favorite Midou-sensei…”

“Mi, Midou-sensei…?”

“Yes it is so, uhuhuhuhu…sensei is used to get whim of Kyoko’s lewd smell and has come here…”


Making sure of Kenichi who buries his face between her thighs, Kyoko screams by fear and shock and vomits thick body fluid from the interior of her womb at the same time.

“Huhuu, Kyoko…I smell it very much…. Huhu, it will attract a molester at the inside of a train…”

“Aaa, sh, shameful…”

Actually, a unique sweet smell that can tempt a man hangs around the vaginal secretions of Kyoko. Moreover by the constitution to spout love liquid a lot when she is excited, its physical state was seen through by men immediately. Naturally a pervert is sensitive to this change, however it was also often that she was surrounded by a group of perverts who meddle with her groin. That’s why Kyoko isn’t able to do anything against the molester’s fingers and she could only accept them silently.

When the mouth is separated, Kenichi moves his waist up and rubs his thing on top of Kyoko’s panty who screamed. In that way he suppresses her lower body and exchanges kisses with Junko.

“Ah, you’re slow…”

“I got lost a little…”

Looking at Kenichi and Junko exchanging such a conversation by themselves, Kyoko noticed that she was deceived and it was already too late.

“Suppress her arm a little….”

“Ah, her breasts…huhuhu…”

Kenichi stares at the chest of Kyoko from above. He heard from Junko that the chest is an I cup and he knew that this information isn’t wrong, because when he looked at Kyoko’s chest at daytime it almost burst and lift the lace bra. The size is more voluptuous than Junko, so that Kenichi licked his lips when he saw it for the first time.

“Arah, Kenichi-sama has a breast fetishism… ”

To see his reaction, Junko giggles amusedly. However, without Kenichi answering really, she raises a small groan and buries her face in the valley of her fully chest.


The teacher whom Kyoko felt kindly toward shocked her in being an animal like the molesters in the train and she becomes wet in her bottom immediately after that.This female university student originally had a strong masochism desire, but being held down by a sturdy male and being raped soon, Kyoko tasted pleasure and felt shiver almost as same as fear.

Kenichi grasps this voluptuous breasts with both hands and fondles them to his heart’s content. Though he use too much power so that Kyoko screamed, he doesn’t care and kneads them neatly. A brutal, black desire burns brightly ceaselessly and he decided that he won’t leave as long as he isn’t satisfied.

When he infringes upon these huge breasts badly, Kenichi finally gets ready to taste the lovely flower of this cute university student.

“N, Noo…sensei…please don’t do it…”

Ignoring Kyoko who appeals with a sorrowful face while crying, Kenichi spits out a rough breath, before he pushed his dick against the vagina hole which was dripped wet suddenly. Already since a little while ago his son was impatient of entering this woman’s body with a burning sensation.

“Uhu, Kyoko will also become one of us…”

Kenichi completely pushes his penis against Kyoko’s waist who lost its resistance and press her down with both hands. After Junko pressed her body tightly against Kenichi’s chest she twiddled with his nipples.


Kenichi looked down at Kyoko who looked up at him with tears in her eyes, but the moment when he tried to push his waist forward, it happened suddenly.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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