Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 79

Yuusuke and Arisa

A loud bang noise. The next moment, the whole room darkens and darkness surrounds the area.

(Has it already ended? Is this death?)

Kenichi didn’t know what happened for an instant. However, the next moment, he noticed that his body was free.


After he removed Junko from his body with his hands as soon as thinking, his erected gun emerged from the interior of her womb. Through the dim light, the surface with the black bat like bruise is seen, Kenichi knows that the Incubus has not extinct yet. He avoided the last ejaculation by a hairbreadth.

Kneeling on the bed, the state of the vicinity is confirmed.

Only the screen of the notebook shines faintly in the room and after a struck dumb Noriko sits on the floor next to it while staring at Kenichi who got up from the bed, her eyes seems to see something unbelievable.

Once Junko was brushed off by Kenichi, she fall to the other side of the bed. She is conscious, but absentminded and she starts to have spanned anesthesia, while there are no signs that she moves soon.

Meanwhile, only several seconds past.

However, in that time, Kenichi was able to grasp the situation. His black wave leaves from his body and told him everything in the circumstances correctly.

(A lightning struck in and a blackout occurred!)

Because of the lighting that came off near, the electricity seems to have gone out at this whole apartment. As a result, the oscilloscope stopped working and he was able to completely become free. The machine sound that howled lightly stopped completely and the scene is assumed now.

When Noriko is seen once more, she is looking up at him with a struck dumb expression and does not seem to have understood what happened yet. A blue aura is given off lightly from her body which is seen clearly in the dark room where electricity disappeared.

(Eat her!)

It is earlier than he thought, but the Inma gives his order.

At this moment red tentacles jump out from his whole body. His other self attacks Noriko who sits down on the floor in blank surprisement in no time.


Noriko who feels a shock on her whole body suddenly, screamed. When the tentacles stretched out like innumerable hands, they cover her whole body instantly.

(Aaa, th, that is..)

In the darkness, she looks at the man who keeps a close watch at her with his red eyes, which let her shake with fear and despair. Certainly,the Inma use some kind of magic on her body.

“Ah!! Aah!!”

The tentacles which is an ability without needing any control dyes Noriko’s blue aura red. Being made to be in heat forcibly by the overwhelming power of the Inma and while the light from the screen of her laptop leaks out, you can see how her white body is shaking fearfully and undulates windingly.

Kenichi raises a growl of lust and strikes at Noriko’s white body by tearing off her white lace underwear with all his might. From her lower part overflows a large quantity of honey liquid and her flower petal opened already.

“Noooo!! Stop it!!!”

Noriko who understood the situation now, screamed loudly. However, her aura already went out at that time and became red, which shows that this beautiful woman completely becomes sexual excited.

There is no strength inside her body anymore. Kenichi extends Noriko’s white legs by force when he pushed down her body easily on the floor, and rammed carefully his dick inside her so that she didn’t lose conscious though he drivels.


A single blow. But that’s enough for the Incubus.

The moment, this 25-year-old body is made to come into rut by opening completely with the power of the inma, Noriko falls in a richly colored orgasm while having convulsions fearfully. Noriko vomits a large amount of natural juice. Her young secret spot twines around the penis that invaded and squeezes it to the utmost steadily to accelerate its ejaculation.

Kenichi who obtained the sexual energy that Noriko vomited this moment, he breathed it in in no time like water which is sewed in a dry desert. At the same time, the devil sperm which has finished piling up flows into the hot vagina hole without reserve.


“Hiiiiiii!! Aah, cuuuum! Cuuummiing!!”

Kenichi raises a cry of joy, while Noriko raises a cry of pleasure from the ejaculation inside her womb. They mix in this dusky bedroom. The devil sperm that is full of the magical power of the Inma invades the inside of Inspector Aoyama and enters into the inside of every cell of her body by sinking in.

Afterwards he makes her body twitch timidly, while Noriko drowns in a long ecstasy. The energy that she vomited is sucked up and becomes the bread of the Inma who she should eliminate and Noriko spill tears like rain.

(So…a blackout at such a time….I am really unlucky…)

When it comes to this, her mission failed completely. Now since the oscilloscope has stopped working, she doesn’t have the power to stop this Inma anymore. On the contrary, the energy to revive the Inma, will be squeezed out of her now.

However, it isn’t only misfortune.

(Help…someone…I don’t like this…)

Ejaculate inside of her, Kenichi’s penis is ferocious and occupies her body. The feeling that he has begun to move slowly, lets Noriko’s chest be filled with black despair.

A woman who is branded by the pleasure brought of the Inma can never turn back. Noriko knows it from her conventional knowledge all too well, she knows now how hopeless the situation. When a woman experience the pleasure from the Inma, she cannot be satisfied by another man anymore. Even if there is a dear lover and spouse, she would throw everything away to become a captive of the Inma.

“Higuuuuu!! Aaaaaaa!”

When Kenichi cruelly uses his waist, his huge meat pillar stirs the sensitive vagina. A large wave of ecstasy came at once. It is more intense than a while ago and both the thought in her head and her reason become muddy like butter which is allotted by fire.

(Aaa…forgive me…Yuusuke…. I…I am useless…)

The words of sorrow of parting with her dear lover, Noriko begins to squeeze her tears. But it was also now that Noriko could think rationally. The moment Kenichi catches her rich chest, an exquisite pleasant feeling finished running through her whole body from there. It is more violent than with her lover and the pleasure is deeper than with her lover.

“Aaaaa!! Hiiiiiii!! Like thaaat!! Goooood!!”

After she has intercourse with Kenichi now and removed all limiters, this lady cant keep her reason. Although Noriko received severe training until now, she is still a human being. In existence with the power of the Inma, Noriko has no reason to win without any weapon.

“Higuuuuu!! Iii!!! Iiiguuuu!!”

While shaking her body fearfully, she fell in her 4th time of ecstasy, the 5th time was immediately after it. Further close to the 6 time, Noriko is pushed up to the height continuously afterwards. Every time she feel how her energy recovers the Inma.

Gradually both her hands and feets become pale, from coiling around Kenichi’s body. Just like the sex with her dear sweetheart.

“Iii!! Good!! More, do it more!!!”

While continuing raising the voice of a beast, this beautiful Inspector who is a member of “SHADO ” forgot everything and drowned in the sexual intercourse with Kenichi.

“Is Noriko missing?”

“Shi! your voice is too high!”

At the special section in the Tokyo Police Department inside a small meeting room.

In the place where common staff members of the police station can’t enter, two people are talking and hold their breath. It is the combination of a handsome man and a pretty woman and their expressions are neither anxious nor happy, both have wrinkles on their forehead and a serious expression.

“What do you mean by that? Shouldn’t she investigating an Inma in the M district?”

Inspector Arisa Shinomiya from the Tokyo Police Department special department or also called devil defense organization or shortly SHADO asked thi to her co-worker and close friend Inspector Yuusuke Nagato.

“Yes, it’s so…. I can’t contact her since three days…”

“That’s strange…. If it is so, then the director will inform everyone at the regular meeting…”

The members who are doing an undercover investigation quit contacting with the outside as much as possible. Devils can perceive the member’s true colors with their magic, therefore every one of them needs to prevent the existence of our organization from being known above all.

However, to inform about one’s safety, you perform a extremely short exchange by a special method once a day and contact the headquarter regularly. If the connection breaks off, every members needs to be informed of a serious case outbreak. This topic hasn’t appeared in our daily meeting, in other words, the regular contact has been done properly.

“Yes, I lost contact with her since she fought solo against her target. About the regular contact to the headquarters, I did it instead. It is because I know Noriko’s code…”

“Idiot! Yuusuke, you completely violated the rules. Besides, as for two! If it’s learned about by the director, you get a discipline process!”

As Arisa said, Yuusuke committed two serious rule violations at this point in time.

At first it is forbidden to have personal communication between members. Very much even though they are lovers, contacting by emails, it is prohibited from the viewpoint of preventing of security leaking.

Besides, this man, in order to hide that his lover went missing, he said that he pretended to be Noriko and do the daily communication to the headquarters. It is a simple method even if I say daily communication, if a member knows the personal code he can misuse it.

“I know! I know…. But I don’t want her mistake to be known to everybody yet. Do you understand it? Hey, Arisa”

To Yuusuke who talks so seriously, Arisa felt complicated.

A member who came into contact with a devil disappears. Found out by a devil means the worst situation and that she received some kind of counterattack. However, the low-level devil of the M district was Noriko’s target this time and her only duty was to investigate it thoroughly. If it is only an investigation, it is impossible to become a situation to which she disappears. The living body wave that she emits is nullified if there is a wave motion counterbalance machine and she escapes from the eyes of the devil, so she can take secret actions.

(That child…went to the mission all alone…

However, as far as Arisa sees the behavior of Yuusuke, Noriko seemed to have attacked the Inma alone. Probably Noriko who greatly starts late on earning results would be eager for the success.

“SHADO” is an elite corps and a complete secret section. Only a small amount knows its existence inside the Tokyo Police Department, but they don’t know it is a secret organization. Considering that the targets are devils it is naturally.

All members agreed mutually to not contact each other. Exclusively an person from the headquarters, in other words, they report it to the director directly. Of course there may be a team mission, but only if the opponent is very strong. In other words, every member of “SHADO” is working independently.

If someone doesn’t have individual skills, it will be a dangerous duty. In the sense of the mission if they aren’t allowed to drop out ahead of time, all forces are exposed to the risk.

If Noriko doesn’t achieve some results, she will probably be fired soon. Besides, to maintain our secret, her memories will be sealed by hypnosis. If this happens, she can’t meet Yusuke who is her lover anymore.

In order to avoid it, Noriko attacked the Inma beyond the scope of her duty. Of course, it can’t be asserted to be a bad judgment. Because a low-level devil who is not a real threat is her opponent, she saw the chance to become an assailant attacker and if she removes the devil she will decrease the burden for other members. During her investigations, Arisa also attacked her targeted low-level devils alone with her wisdom and successfully eliminated her target twice.

Noriko saw the chance during the investigation to remove the Inma. If she succeeds it will be big results for her. However, what if she failed in her surprise attack? Besides, against a low-level Inma?

“Well…what are we going to do? Yuusuke…”

“Umm…. Parallel with my duty done now, I intend to investigate the M district. After Noriko is found somehow, unless this mistake is cancelled…”

“Such a foolish idea!! Tell the director quickly, we have to take measures together with the section…”

What Arisa says is right. Even if he violates the rules here, he only increases the risks. If he enters the torrent to help a drowning human, it is certain that a second accident happens.

“First, your mission, aren’t you attacking a low-level devil in the L district! You don’t have the time to search her!!”

But…but, I want to be me with Noriko…I want to help Noriko!”

Yuusuke who cries vomits blood. Arisa can say nothing to this figure.



The meeting room became quiet. The air flow is heavy, so you faintly can hear the sound of the clock.

It was Arisa who remained silent for a while, before standing up.

“…Good, I’ll do it instead…. Because the present duty is to update the list of half devils, my time can be used freely”

Yuusuke’s face brightens suddenly.

(Though I expected it from the beginning…)

“Thank you!! Arisa! I’m very grateful!! Thank…”

“Stop! Two weeks! If I am not found within two weeks, report it to the director obediently!!”

Arisa who flings and goes out of the room had tears in her eyes slightly.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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