Inma no Hado Vol 00 Chp 82

Chapters 82: Bride


Tomomi finally has stopped her hot service, but she isn’t tired. The lust which swirls darkly in her body seeks more intimidation.


The bride who is wearing a purple dress embraces the science teacher again.

“Please…my…my virginity, take it…”

In fact this beautiful bride, before sleeping with her husband tonight, she begs Kenichi to take her virginity.

By the power of the Incubus, this good-looking music teacher repeated an indecent act many times, but her virginity wasn’t taken until this day. In the beginning, it wasn’t because she cried that he didn´t take it away because she asked him not to do it, but now she begs him to take it away from her own will, because only her mouth and back gate have been tasted all the time.

“Please…hey, Kenichi…here, take my virginity…. Otherwise…otherwise, I give it to my husband tonight…”

This beautiful bride whose heart was stolen by Kenichi offers her purity that she should give to her husband to him by herself.

“Please have my first time. My virginity, I want to offer it to you…”

Even when Kenichi hears it, he didn’t change his expression and became silent while turning Tomomi’s body around to the other side. Tomomi who just put both hands at the back of the sofa shows the back of her dress to Kenichi.

“Aaaa…I´m happy!! Happy!!!”

With the feeling that she will be robbed of her virginity by her dearest man, Tomomi utters a cry of joy. She pushes out her hips which are wrapped around by the purple dress and strike a pose so that Kenichi can ram his penis into her. On her bare back, whether it’s the cause of excitement or emotions, she get goose bumps.

(This, I want to do it once…)

However, when Kenichi crouched down laughing thinly, he completely creeped inside her long dress. Her purple dress that extends to the floor has enough space so that one person can completely enter inside. (Tl note: I imagined her dress to be like that )

“No, not good!! Noo…”

Tomomi feels embarrassed, when he slips inside her dress and stands up. The inside of her dress was filled with the smell of the indecent liquid that was put out this morning.

“What is this…it is already sticky”

“No…don’t look at it…”

After her crotch is seen now by her lover, Tomomi feels shy. Because she masturbated a while ago, not only her panty, but even her petticoat becomes muddy.

Kenichi groans and while uttering a cry he grabs between her legs.

“Aaaa!! Iii!! Not there!!”

Infringed with a ferocious tongue between her legs which has finished being in heat, this senhorita who was also accustomed to such an abnormal act voiced her pleasure. Her eyes are enchanted and she seems to have finished being enraptured by the pleasure from her dear master.

Opening her legs lightly, Tomomi enjoys the licking of her intimate place. However, Kenichi stops his movement suddenly.

“…Aah, more…”

Tomomi wanted the pleasure and raised a small complaining voice, when suddenly the door opened and Takada entered.

“Hi!! …A, Akitoshi-san!!”

“Are you okay? Tomomi!”

With Kenichi hiding inside her wedding dress, Tomomi meets Takada bewildered. However, because her appearance wasn’t ruined like her make-up, Takada doesn’t seem to notice. Tomomi was about to panic, because she was intoxicated by pleasure so far, however she tries to keep her peace desperately.

“Are you alright? The banquet has already advanced very much…”

“…I, I’m sorry…. let me rest a, a little longer…”

While looking hot, Tomomi acts desperately. If it comes out here that she has an affair, it will be a serious matter.

“You having a weak body, we all know that. Therefore you don’t need to overdo it, please come as soon as possible…”

“…Ye, yes…”

Her husband was worried about her, because she didn’t returned. The gentleness of her husband is nothing new to her but only her betrayal flashes across her head.

(I’m sorry…I’m sorry…Akitoshi-san…)

Now, in this moment, if her husband notices her affair, it will be her end. The biggest gentleness that she can do now is to keep on telling a lie so that he doesn’t notice.

“Well then, I’ll come immediately…”

“Yes we’re waiting…. I love you, Tomomi”

“…I, I love you too Akitoshi-san…”

Turning around, Takada leaves the room. As having taken careful aim for this moment, Kenichi bit her secret flower lightly.


Covering her mouth with both hands, she suppress her voice desperately. To her husband who turns around and is going to disappear through the door, he must never notice. However, shaking her body shudderingly is the evidence that she indulges in ecstasy clearly. The blood of an masochist who opened the flower of this music teacher taste excitement and shivery at the same time.

After the door completely closed, they wait for Takada to go away. Kenichi´s long tongue is inserted in her vagina, but when her hymen was licked it was her limit.

“Nhiiiiiii!! Guuuuuuuu!!”

A explosive pleasure wells up in an instant. As much as she endured it, it was intense and sharp.

While spitting out a large quantity of love juices, this beautiful bride indulged in an richly colored ecstasy.

“Then, according to the bride and groom first joint work as a married couple, they will cut the wedding cake together. Everyone who has a camera, please come to the front!!”

With the voice of an staff member, men and women place themselves with their cameras before the wedding cake and surround the married couple who have a knife in their hands together. To the flashes which are activated simultaneously, Tomomi and Takada pose while looking happy.

“Tomomi-san is cute…and very beautiful…”

“Yes, she is always a beauty, especially today…”

“After it’ll be an adult completely, It is very sexy…”

The attendants praise the beauty of the bride severally. It is no wonder. Tomomi who is standing in the spotlight now releases a brilliant beauty from her whole body.

If someone had to say, then Tomomi is a beautiful woman, where the word gorgeous can’t describe her well. With her japanese modesty, this young lady is refined with neatness. Everybody had this image o Tomomi until now.

However, it is different now. Like a quiet pupa transforms to a beautiful butterfly or a hard bud becomes a large flower bloom, Kenichi let Tomomi´s beauty as a woman bloom fully. Her beauty keeps being brilliant as well as illuminating and emitting a glaring light from the inside.

All men admire her beauty.

(Ouou, she is very popular…)

While seeing the states of Tomomi and the men in the surrounding, Kenichi grins.

In the ass of this beautiful bride who is today’s guest of honor, if everyone knows that his semen is poured inside, what kind of face would they make.

After making the crotch of the bride wet, he starts to rape Tomomi´s ass, after she got down on all fours. He rolls up her purple dress and petticoat, next he put her white lace panty to the side and after becoming familiar with it he hammered his thing inside.

Their sexual relation was approximately only ten minutes long, but in the meanwhile, the bride who has finished starving in agony madly, waved her buttock wrapped in her wedding dress because of the joy of having anal sex. The hotness that Kenichi did suddenly doesn’t prolong and he pulled the trigger to intense the orgasm of Tomomi.

A large quantity of sperms was poured inside and still remains behind in Tomomi´s body.

(When the wave acts from my body, a woman becomes more beautiful…)

Kenichi who remembers Noriko’s explanation grins.

By obtaining Noriko Aoyama who is a member of “SHADO”, Kenichi was able to gain three things.

One is Noriko’s sweet body. Though she has 102 cm I cups, her body is slender and her small vagiba hole climbs all over his dick and create an exquisite pleasant feeling. She told Kenichi that she has a lover, but her body hasn’t developed really yet, so the pleasure that she tastes seems to be strengthened every day when he violates her and she also indulges into the pleasure personally with aggression recently.

Second is Noriko´s wisdom. The organization called “SHADO” that is his enemy of course and they know that he fused with an Inma. About his wave and the mechanism of his magical power, everything which wasn’t understood so far could be understood now. With this, Kenichi objectively learns about his ability and he knows its usage and limit now.

For example, his sperm gives off a strong wave, too and beautiful women poured with it become his subordinates. After the motor function and abilities of those women improved, the tension of their skin seems to flourish more. After knowing that, even if he has sex with other women, Noriko still let him ejaculate inside her. The beautiful woman who was an enemy until just the other day feels subjected to Kenichi steadily.

(With semen in her ass cutting the wedding cake, even if I search in the world, Tomomi might be the only one…)

While seeing the bride in her wedding dress smiling, Kenichi loosened his cheek to the dark pleasure.

When the banquet was over, the invited guest walk with a present in their hands to the exit. While everybody laughs smilingly, they exchange greetings with the parents of the bridal couple who lined up at the exit in a row and are sent out to the corridor.

Junko who follows behind Kenichi, has a slow pace and her expression is also painful somehow. Of course her aura is eroded by Kenichi’s red tentacles, because he let her be in heat during this whole banquet.

Although she can finally walk somehow, her lewd lust has finished piling up in this few days. Opening her crotch under her dress right now, she only want to receive the stout penis of her master inside her aching bottom. She is only fortune-telling in her head since a little while ago, because thinking straight cannot been done.

Seeing from the outside, she seems to be agonized, because her body condition doesn’t look good either. The men walking in the corridor see her seductively fascination-like figure and their sons erect without exception.

“Emm, we’ll go to another party now, if it is okay, shall we go together?”

Talking to Junko were a group of young men who examined her during the banquet and were guests from the groom side. Probably they work in the same advertising agency, because they are all good-looking men who are all tall and stylish.

Junko’s beauty and attractiveness and her outstanding body let these men talk to her by all means.


“We are working for the same advertising agency as Mr. Takada. Because we’re going to continue the party at a coffee bar near here, please join us”

Ignoring Kenichi who is next to her, they only talk to Junko. They seem happy to have met an exceptional beauty and to approach her at any cost, but their hidden motive is clearly exposed and they only want to have some fun with this woman if things go well.

“Yes, let’s go! Huh? It is fun”

“Because everyone is the same age, I think that the conversation will be lively”

“It is a nice bar, I am sure you will like it”

They probably use such an invitation often. Kenichi is impressed by these men, how they begin to spin flatteries like a machine gun to invite Junko. The best point to persuade a woman is to talk fast and don’t give the woman time to think.


Junko who looks at Kenichi for an instant, hesitates.

“Ah, Yoshikawa-sensei, don’t worry about me. Because I have business a little from now on, The teacher is parting here”


Having a radiant smile on his face, the science teacher tells Junko so plainly. His red shining eyes don’t laugh. It was Junko who sees his eyes, and becomes silent without answering back.

“Then, I go now! Yoshikawa-sensei, see you at school!”

Kenichi passed by Junko who paused with an dumb surprise. This time, something mischievous springs up in his mind suddenly and Kenichi whispers something casually in her ear.

“Does your body ache? Do you want a man? Feel free to do it a lot with these fellows”


Though it was Junko who was looking at the back of Kenichi who makes a parting remark and goes away, Junko is dragged by those good-looking men and left the banquet room.

Inma no Hado

Inma no Hado

Incubus Surge, 淫魔の波動
Score 6.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
One day, a timid science teacher, who works in a prestigious high school, for girls, saw a strange dream. He dreamed that he made a contract with an incubus and obtained a mysterious power. He woke up from his sleep with a black desire within him, that he will prey down every beauty at this high school.



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