Inside the Cave of Obscenity Vol 01 Chp 02


It was early morning in the country.

The families earn their livelihood by dairy farming.

They wake up before the sun rises, taking care of their cattle.

This was their everything and had been repeated for dozens of years. They had nothing to worry about.

And on a day much like any other—everyone believed that it would continue.



As an old man entered the shed his cattle passed time in, he felt a sense of incongruity.

He had spent many years with his herd and was sensitive to even the most minuscule changes regarding them. Were they in a bad mood? Or perhaps they were sick? Maybe some wild dogs frightened them?

As someone with a lot of experience, he could feel it. The moment he had entered the shed, he felt a strong change in the atmosphere.

Did the wild dogs turn up?

That was the first thing he thought of. This particular atmosphere was similar to fright. His cows were frightened by something.

The moment he sensed that, he picked up a hoe from the entrance to the shed.

If it really was wild dogs, he believed that it was important to defend his livestock.

He hadn’t heard about there being anything like bandits or thieves in the area, but it was a possibility.

For people that lived in the frontier, their domestic animals were their life. For them to be stolen meant death.

So he wielded his hoe, lowering his center of gravity slightly as he carefully walked into the shed.

“Who’s there?”

He too was surprised at how firm his voice was. Even so, he continued to steadily advance into the shed.

The number of cattle the old man owned? Forty-four.

How many could he count in front of him? Forty-three.

—One was missing.

As soon as he thought that, the cattle in the shed started to make an uproar.

They sounded as though something scared them, trying to violently escape past the fencing.

Something like that hadn’t happened before. That unexpected event even surprised the old man, frightening him.

But nevertheless, he soon regained his presence of mind.

What in the world is it?

The old man muttered in his heart, moving his feet forward step by step as he advanced even further into the shed.

He moved faster this time. Not because of fright, but because he felt a sense of duty to understand what it was.

Inside the hut, where there should have been a bull fastened to the wall… there was a striking absence.


He was robbed!

His thoughts were dyed red from anger. However, he cooled back down immediately.

How was it taken out?

Although the rope that tied the bull was cut, the hut was locked. Above all, the fence was still secured shut.

It was almost as if it vanished, like it melted away. He thought about it while leaning on his hoe as a walking stick.

However, no answers came to mind.

On that day, nothing else had changed.

On the next day, the animals of a neighboring family two houses away was targeted.

It seemed as though around twenty chickens were stolen.

The next time it was a house on the opposite side of the village. The family was raising cows, sixty of them. However, two went missing.

On the next day, and again the one after that, the villagers’ livestock continued to be plundered.

Once a week had passed, all of the families in the village were ruined.

However, the old men weren’t fools. They had set up traps and kept watch all night, but it was all for naught.

Somehow, some way, their animals were being stolen. It was a mystery.

Speaking of mysteries, the old man that went to the mountain to look for what happened to the wild dogs the other day hadn’t returned.

The wild dogs disappeared, as had their livestock.

Was there a connection between the two?

The village’s elders thought.

At times like this, they could go to the royal capital and request for knights or mages to investigate by paying money, but they didn’t have the money for something like that.

In that case, how would they deal with it themselves?

They felt it was an impossible task. They didn’t know who the person was, but he was strangely resourceful.

He could slip through the traps they placed and stealthily attack their animals.

Everyone racked their brains. And then after another week passed, the number of their remaining livestock reduced to a third of their original.

—At a time like that, a couple of adventurers luckily arrived at the village.

The woman introduced herself as Frederica Rene.

With her golden hair flowing down to her waist, swaying gently, her large almond-shaped eyes the color of jade instilled viewers with the sense of her strong will.

She wore a blue robe with a black undershirt, shouldering a large staff that seemed to be just as tall as her on her back.

Her legs couldn’t be seen due to her thick pair of pants, but just the sight of her thin waist and lavish breasts attracted the gazes of men.

Her well-developed bosom that could be thought of as two melons crammed away reacted slightly with every action she took, swaying affluently.

Packed inside of the undershirt she used as a replacement for underwear, her bust was beyond rich. When she reached her hand into the thick robe characteristic of mages, her cleavage peeked through the top of her undershirt.

If they were still in their youth, the impact of seeing that would have been astounding.

A wonderfully striking beauty being an adventurer. This was the woman named Frederica.

She looked somewhere around twenty years old.

There was a timid young man of around the same age behind her, as well as a strong-willed looking youth that seemed a little older than the other two.

The timid young man was introduced as Carl, the strong-willed man introducing himself as Rig.

They both wore thick clothes under their leather chest, elbow, and knee protectors.

They had simple iron swords at their waists, but their backs were loaded down with large packs, likely packed with their essential luggage.

A mage and two warriors. They could be called a typical adventurer party.

From appearances, they looked around middle class. Their atmosphere felt like they had some composure about them so the villagers felt relieved.

Above all, it was cheaper to ask the mage’s group for help compared to the royal capital’s knights.


The village’s old men spoke to Frederica’s group about what happened to the village before they arrived and requested their help.

On the past several days, they had constantly had their livestock stolen. The culprit was cunning, able to avoid all of their traps. The animals disappeared without so much as a sound, so even if they kept vigil day and knight and kept watch over their shelters, they could not find the criminal.

Hearing that, Frederica’s group realized they could make some money and secretly cheered in their minds.

The culprit—culprits, perhaps—was likely a bandit. Moreover, the three people felt it could be a ruined hunter that grew up in some rural village.

The bear traps and clappers that the elders set up were the kind where rope would surround the target or sound off them tripped. They were things that usually only those that group in rural areas like the villagers would be familiar with.

When they thought about it, things like cattle could be easily stolen. Although they said that they kept watch, it was dark and their eyes were aged, so they might have simply missed the culprit.

Thinking about it like that, believing it to be a bandit that was used to hunting and dealing with livestock was obvious.

“We going to accept it?”

In a house prepared for them by the villagers, while relaxing in a living room on its first floor, Rig spoke.

There was a jug in his hand filled with beer prepared by the villagers as he poured it into a beer glass. Although half was already gone, he wasn’t so weak to alcohol as to already be drunk. He was properly paying attention to that.

Carl tidied up the tableware they used for dinner while Frederica and Rig sat on opposite sides of the table; Rig poured a cup of beer into Frederica’s glass.

“Of course. You don’t want to, Rig?”

“No way. It’s an easy job. Easy money.”


Frederica agreed, inclining her glass. She wasn’t as vigorous in drinking it as Rig, slowly swallowing a single gulp.

She had long since taken off the blue robe she wore during their travel, wearing just the black undershirt on the upper half of her body. She inclined her glass back, taking another drink of the beer. This mere gesture was enough to softly jolt the rich melons on her chest.

Rig, while making sure he could see the sight, drank from his glass as well so that he wouldn’t be noticed.

But for her to put so much effort into her action, it was easy to understand that she herself was simply showing off.

Frederica was confident in her figure, sometimes doing things like this… she had the habit of enjoying the reactions her traveling companions had when she teased them. It wasn’t like they had been together as a party for a long time, but these two traveling companions the beautiful mage traveled with—she understood what kind of people Rid and Carl were.

Rig, a dirty-minded man that left everything to strength, though not enough to be called a savage.

Carl, a thoughtful and prudent man that was so shy he was unable to put what he wanted on the table.

And then the girl herself, Frederica, a woman who understood her beauty enough to use it as a weapon.

The two men as the vanguard with her as the sole rear guard. Each had moderate capability and could cooperate without discord between them. They handled their work as such with a high success rate.

They were a party where their names and faces were well-known despite their youth as adventurers.

“Carl. What about you?”

Rig called out to Carl, who was washing the tableware.

“I don’t mind. But we don’t know what will happen, so it’s better to not relax, right?”

“Seriously. Our target is just some normal bandit ya’know? You’re just worrying too much.”

“I think that Rig isn’t thinking about it enough though… treatment isn’t cheap, injuries would just increase our expenses.”


“That’s also true.”

Carl’s response cut Rig down and Frederica agreed.

Even though the job was simple, medical expenses wouldn’t be cheap if they weren’t careful. Adventurers weren’t philanthropists. They worked, procuring compensation. If their expenses reached the point of outweighing their compensation, there would be no meaning in accepting the job.

Balancing the two was the duty of an independent adventurer.

“Well then. Carl-sensei’s worrying is justified, so how about we get to sleep early?”

“Oi oi, seriously?”

Rig was asking if Frederica’s statement was a joke.

They ate dinner. They drank alcohol. When a man and a woman drink alcohol, what happened after that was decided.

Rig had already thought of a certain thing.

Realizing what was going on in Rig’s mind, Frederica inclined her glass once again and—turned towards Rig with a gaze that contained just a little charm.


“I mean, c’mon. The night’s just started yeah? We’re finally able to sleep with a roof over us, it wouldn’t hurt to drink a bit more.”

Frederica let out a small laugh at Rig’s complaint.

Drinking a bit more, just what would happen after that? She wasn’t so ignorant to the ways of the world.



Forcing himself into the strange atmosphere that sprung up between the two, Carl spoke.

As though he’d forgotten about Carl’s existence from the moment they started talking about sleep, Rig turned towards him.

Carl, now being stared at, started trying to saying something—


“Pfft. Joking, joking.”

Seeing Carl’s reaction of being unable to speak, Frederica laughed, followed by Rig laughing in a loud voice.

Seeing the two’s reaction, Carl looked surprised and looked between the two.

“Stuuupid. We’re climbing a mountain tomorrow yeah? No way we’d use up our strength like that.”

Still laughing cheerfully, Rig spoke.

“We’ll be earning some pocket money by climbing a mountain, well, easy work right?”

Saying that in a lively voice, Frederica, once again clothed in her mage outfit, was walking up a long used animal trail. Carl was in front of her with Rig following up in the back, walking as though to protect her.

Due to their characters, despite Carl being nervous, Frederica and Rig had a carefree feeling about them.

“Nn… it’s a good day. Taking walks like this isn’t so bad.”

Taking a deep breath, Frederica stretched by arching her body back. In doing so, her well-developed breasts swayed slightly.

Carl didn’t notice, but Rig was in the back to peep at her from nearby.

She was obviously showing of to lure him. Although he didn’t mind being backed up from the long journey, he stealthily looked at her puffs.

For that, the woman also felt the same, not minding it. She could feel him staring at her, continuing the walk with her back arched and hands behind her head.

Her lavish breasts waved as though undulating, a pleasant thrill for her. Feeling the man’s gaze pierce her from behind further provoked Frederica’s pride.

Satisfied with the slight stimulation, Frederica’s mouth slackened.

Their goal was the abandoned mithril mine.

First, they would search it, deciding on their course of action afterwards. At any rate, they hadn’t found the person who stole the livestock. Who took them, how many were there, and what kind of weapons did they use?

They would answer those questions and work out countermeasures. Even though the bandit was only good at stealing livestock, he could be a dangerous existence with weapons. If they received heavy injuries in this remote countryside, there wouldn’t be anyone to see.

While thinking about such things as that, Frederica’s lustrous lips curved into a smile.

They just had to climb the mountain and deal with the culprit who stole the livestock and would have enough money to enjoy themselves for several weeks.

They walked through remote regions handling requests from various rural villages, but this time the reward was particularly good in regards to the contents of the request. Even though the usual reward was good as well, she thought about it all while looking up at the cloudless blue sky.

Continuing to walk for a while and considering things like that, the tunnel that was their goal came into view.

Not to mention the wild hares that were missing, they hadn’t seen any wild dogs either.

They didn’t look too closely for it, but they didn’t see many insects either. Of course, they couldn’t hear the sounds of insects even now. They just heard the sound of wind ruffling leaves.

And there were no traces of any fights between animals.

The entrance to the abandoned cave was quiet, there was a calmness to it. Something like that was only possible near the outskirts of the royal capital.

By the amount of monsters decreasing, the number of wild animals kept increasing. Although they weren’t stronger than monsters, the trouble they caused wasn’t any different. Because even if you killed and killed them their numbers wouldn’t abate.

Now that there wasn’t even a single wild animal here, it was somehow odd.

Besides, it weighed on the mind of those elders too.

A person not familiar with the land might fall from the cliff, so the three felt like the person wouldn’t have gone to such a dangerous place, but they didn’t see any traces of a camp outside of the abandoned mine.

“… There are traces that something crawled by.”

Carl took a knee, examining the ground. The wild grass was broken, leaving traces that something was dragged over it.

Traces that an animal was dragged… looking at the traces, it was something big.

“Maybe it’s from the stolen livestock?”

Frederica also looked, seeing the tracks.

Although her well-developed bosom shook in front of Carl’s eyes, causing him to blush, Frederica pretended to not notice.

“It leads into the cave.”

“Then our thief’s in the cave eh?”

Rid smiled happily, placing his hand on the sword hilt at his waist.

His strong-willed appearance was a natural reflection of his vigorous personality.


Meanwhile, Carl was thoughtful.

Frederica also went into thought, placing her finger against her well-shaped jaw.

The reason was simple. Inside of a cave, her strong magic would be restrained.

Abandoned mines came with the danger of suddenly caving in from a single explosion. Although Frederica was a just a moderately strong mage, she understood the effectiveness of her magic.

As well as her party’s. She didn’t understand how many enemies there might be, so she wanted to avoid entering the cave and condemning them by limiting her magic.

However, why weren’t there any wild dogs?

Was their target truly a bandit? If it was a wild animal—a bear for instance—Carl and Rig would have no trouble dealing with it.

They could lure it from the cave and cut it in half with wind magic. Although it wasn’t like the magic that Frederica could use was at the level of causing people to be amazed, she could use several attributes.

Fire, wind, and earth.

The same amount as what the mages employed at the royal palace could use.

However, because she had a small amount of aggregate mana, the amount of force and how many times she could use it was lacking. Therefore, she became an adventurer.


“As ever, you’re just a muscle head.”


When Frederica couldn’t use her magic, this party’s firepower was decidedly average.

That this party could consist of just three people was because of Frederica, the mage.

There were a lot of mages in this country, often called the magic kingdom. However, mages worked at the royal palace. Only low quality ones were adventurers—mages that could only use a single attribute.

That’s why a party of four to five people was the average. If they were hunting large game, ten or more wasn’t unusual either.

But because of that, the individual shares of the reward would also decrease. A party with few people in it was attractive for adventurers.

“But… I don’t think there are many of them.”

As for who spoke, it was the timid Carl. He wasn’t looking at the traces on the ground, but rather towards the entrance of the abandoned mine.

“Oh, why is that?”

“If there were a lot of them, they would definitely leave behind some footprints. We haven’t seen any.”

Frederica thought that was a good deduction.

“I see. But as for there not being any tracks, isn’t it because they dragged something behind them?”

“Then there’s one or two of ’em?”

Rig asked as though irritated.

He just wanted them to hurry up and say how many there were.

“But if you dragged a cow along, I think you’d need a lot of people…”

“Maybe they are incredibly strong?”

“Though just that would be fine…”

“The heck. Stop puttin’ on airs.”

Rig scratched his head as though finding it all troublesome. Looking away from Rig, Frederica looked at Carl, looking surprised.

“In that case, what do you think of the criminal?”

“I think… we should be fine if we’re careful.”

His words had no carelessness or self-conceit in them. Carl was timid. However, being timid was a good thing for an adventurer.

Because he’s timid, he could see everything calmly. He never let down his guard and could stop moving the instant he felt even the tiniest trace of danger, it could even be called a talent.

“You have a sharp perception, don’t you.”

“Haha… I lived the country life for a long time. I wouldn’t be able to track my prey if I couldn’t notice the small details after all.”

Muttering back his response, he averted his gaze in embarrassment.

“So what’ll we do?”

Rig asked Carl.

“It’s simple, but hide at the entrance in safety, I think? I don’t think they noticed us adventurers coming.”

“I wonder.”

Frederica murmured tiredly. She wasn’t particularly tired from walking to the mine, though. If possible, she wanted to finish this before the day was over and go back to sleep at an inn.

“It seems to attack every day, so this will be solved by tonight or tomorrow morning.”

“Sounds good.”

Rig grumbling in optimism, Frederica and Carl moved behind a rock into the blind spot from the cave’s entrance. Rig hid behind a rock on the other side of the entrance.

Placing themselves so that they could cover each other, there were no blind spots. Since there was the possibility that the person would leave from the abandoned mine as well, while staying ever-vigilant of their surroundings, the three waited out the night.

If this place weren’t a mountain where trees grew in abundance, Frederica’s victory very likely would have been all but guaranteed. Of the elements Frederica could use, she had fire magic. Even if she cut it with wind magic or tore it apart or crushed it with a boulder after lifting it up, the slime wouldn’t die. However, it would easily be removed with fire.

At worst… even if she had to burn the entire area, she needed to burn the slime to death. That is what Frederica felt.

Monsters were the enemies of mankind. They had to be defeated, not things that could be left alive. Not bothering to conceal her murderous intent, she filled the magic staff in her hands with mana.


She called for her companion that should have been hiding himself on the other side of the rock. However, there was no answer.

She wondered why, but she had no method to check. While confronting the dark-colored slime, she looked towards the unmoving Carl.

Carl was, little by little, incredibly slowly, being dragged into the slime.

“Carl, what are you doing!?”

“My body, can’t—”

He raised his voice. However, his body started going into convulsions and wouldn’t listen to what he wanted it to do. From the looks of it, he was obviously poisoned. Was it a fatal one, or just something that deprived movement?

While thinking that, she invoked her magic. Without an incantation, she created a simple wind blade and severed the slime’s tentacle.

However, this time it recombined the moment it was cut, so she wasn’t even able to buy time.

Frederica clicked her tongue. The compatibility was bad. The wind magic that was her pride was helpless against the soft-bodied monster called a slime.

Earth magic likely wouldn’t be any more useful than her wind magic and she was obstructed from using fire magic because Carl was there.


Then, she noticed it. She was closer to the slime now than a moment before. In the dark of the night, there was a face in its body, faintly illuminated by the moon. It was a body. A body whose upper and lower halves had divided into two.

“Ri… g…”

Rig had been taken into the black ooze. Noticing that fact this late, Frederica trembled. She had cut its body in two. The first thing she did was shook a wind blade… cutting in half with her magic.

Comprehending what she did, she edged back, forgetting about Carl.

However, after several steps, she stopped.

What was a monster? The world’s enemy. An existence that had to be defeated. The demon king’s vanguard. Now that there was no demon king, it was an existence that should perish. And now, adventurers defeat monsters.

Frederica’s honor supported her.

However, not just Rig but even Carl was captured by the slime’s—the black ooze’s tentacle. Right now, it was trying to swallow him. She tried wind magic once again, along with earth magic, but there was no effect.

Should she test fire magic?

However, she saw that Carl would be in the line of fire. Even though she would just have to move sideways, Frederica was disturbed and didn’t notice that.

Even if she braced herself, it wouldn’t change the fact that she killed a companion. And there was the unidentified poison that the black ooze used. These things froze Frederica’s thoughts.

She glared at it for some time. The paralytic poison circulated through Carl’s body while Frederica was frozen, he was now having trouble speaking. Unable to resist, his feet were finally absorbed by its soft body.


Frederica resolved herself, rushing over to Carl. She would try to save Carl who was being absorbed. Because she couldn’t use magic, it was a bad move to try and drag him out… even knowing that, she wasn’t able to desert her companion.

Like that, Frederica ran up and stumbled along something on the way. Under the cover of night, a part of the slime that was detached seized the woman’s boots.

Taking a posture that would keep her from falling onto her face, she lost sight of the black ooze.

She charged the staff in her right hand with mana, but before she had a chance, a tentacle clad in paralytic poison seized her right hand.

Its concentration was the same amount it used on Carl. Although its effects didn’t appear immediately, it should be able to paralyze the woman while leaving her senses.

It didn’t sense any fear from Frederica’s expression as she stared at it. For this unyielding woman, she felt more angry than afraid.

“Flame Sword!!”

The black ooze didn’t know that that single word was an incantation. Immediately following that, the staff turned scorching hot and burned away the tentacle that captured the woman’s right hand.

However, that was all. Even if she burned off a piece of its body, it would immediately regenerate.

Normally, the best way to kill a slime was to burn it and everything around it, but Frederica didn’t have enough mana to hit it with magic that many times.

Using her wind magic three times and that fire magic, her mana was around halfway drained. To have enough heat to kill the slime in a single hit, she would have to use up all of the rest that she had.

However, if she used magic, not just Carl, but even her own body would be too close for safety. Frederica clicked her tongue, her face dyed in anger.

(Concentrate, concentrate—)

She let out a breath.

Because she approached the black ooze, she was able to see that Carl was still safe. Although what happened to Rig was unfortunate, the first thing that needed to happen was to survive this. To kill this monster, she had to make absolutely certain.

If it was a single part of itself, the slime would regenerate it. To bring forth enough heat to thoroughly burn all of its cells, she would need her remaining mana, as well as absolute concentration.

In truth, incantations would not needed for magic. It was possible to invoke it just by thinking about it. Incantations were nothing but tools to concentrate by. With Frederica’s experience, a dozen or so seconds was enough to concentrate on burning the slime to nothing.

Focusing her concentration on her cane, it was difficult and her breathing came out unnaturally rough. Perhaps due to the fight’s agitation, her motives were also extreme.

She threw the approaching black ooze out of her consciousness, breathing deeply and concentrating.


She felt a sense of incongruity, letting out a voice of surprise.

Her left hand felt strangely dull. She moved it into her line of sight in a panic, but it certainly was still there.

However, her fingers wouldn’t move. When she tried, she would feel sharp pains.

Frederica had experienced this pain before. Numb arms and legs with a pain that made it impossible to forcibly move again. Both her left hand and fingers were definitely still there. However, they had numbed and wouldn’t move when she tried.


While she was confused, the slime drew closer.

In the dark of the night, the only sound that could be made out was the rustling of grass. The sound bringing her a feeling of dread, she closed her eyes and concentrated, her breathing becoming even rougher.

Next she felt something out of place with her right hand as well, but she didn’t have the time to pay attention to that right now. With this, Frederica finally realized why Carl didn’t seem to be able to resist. This poison… was a paralytic poison. Soon, she would be just like Carl, unable to move.

She had to remove the slime as soon as possible. She gave it her all refining her mana to—


Suddenly, she let out an unbecoming voice.

“Nn, hii—”

She felt a heat running along her arm. When she opened her eyes in a panic, the slime had went along her arm to invade her clothing. It went from her wrist, along her upper arm and into her clothing, moreover looping around her shoulder and armpit… although she couldn’t see it directly due to her clothes, the feeling of the slimy liquid going into the undershirt she wore under her clothing was gross.



What should she do?

Her concentration instantly shattering, her thoughts were thrown into disorder.

Frederica knew what that slimes would absorb humans, but she didn’t understand why it would invade her clothing.

While not understanding, she tried to violently free her arm… when she noticed that she couldn’t move it.

(The poison—already!?)

Although her arm couldn’t move, it could be said that it was even more sensitive now. It was something she’d never felt from a simple caress across her arm before.

Naturally, Frederica wasn’t a virgin.

Therefore, she was at a loss.

Just from her arm gently being brushed, her body completely gave out.

“Fuu… nn…”

Feelers that moved up her arm rapidly into her clothes from the opening in her robe. Viscous fluid with a unique stickiness trait soiled her clothes, insistently announcing its existence despite her disliking it.

Now on her hands and knees with her abundant hair draping down towards the ground, she bit her lower lip to endure it. Her long hair clung to the sweat brought upon her from the mental strain on her cheeks, revealing her well-shaped ears from the gaps.

Her ears were, be it from anger or some other feeling, dyed red, asserting their existence through the dark of the night as the moonlight fell upon them.

Her elbows had yet to give out, but that was just a matter of time.


A tentacle that was slowly advancing finally reached one of her breasts that was concealed under her clothing. That overwhelming abundance, hanging down from the pull of gravity despite the support of her undershirt, was squeezed as though to wring it from its base.

With her undershirt and clothing damp from the viscous liquid rubbed all over, wet sounds made their way to Frederica’s ears.

Still unable to move in her current state, her breast was being stimulated as though being caressed. It was even more so than simply being massaged, her breast was being stimulated from its base.


However, it was definitely a moan that escaped from her lips.

“… Haa— nn.”

The constant lewd sound originated from herself.

Frederica, hearing the sound coming from her prided chest, blushed to her ears.

In her shame, she almost stopped thinking.

“Please! Stop it—!!”

However, her pride wouldn’t allow such a thing. She used what little strength she had left to struggle, trying to escape from the slime that bound both of her hands.

The feeling in her elbows were incredibly dull. Although she struggled in attempts to escape, the slime’s viscosity was stronger than her.

If she were in perfect condition, she may have been able to. However, the current her was unable to escape from the slime. Even if she had strength left, her body was numb from being caught by the liquid and wasn’t listening to her demands to run.

As a result, her elbows gave out and her cheek hit the ground. Her abundant chest smashing against the ground, its shape warping.

It was as though her posture was entirely to entreat the slime.

Her thoughts were writhing in disgrace. Even in a state like this, she tried to shake her shoulders to escape.

“Let go of me! You… dirty monster—!!”

Her cheek still against the ground, Frederica resisted by shouting that, her mind unyielding. Although she didn’t understand why the slime hadn’t killed her immediately, she would resist to the end.

She would never surrender to a monster. She would never, absolutely never, do something like that—

“…. Haaah.”

However, ignoring Frederica’s determination, the slime’s tentacle wriggled under her clothes. It never stopped fondling her soft and ample breast despite her chest being crushed against the ground. Her nipple was both numbed and excited, different from when she was with a man or comforting herself—her voice leaked out once again from the unrelenting stimulation.

She only spoke refusals and bit down on her lip strongly, but disarrayed gasps leaked from the corners of her mouth, fallen leaves dancing about the ground.


When she shook her shoulders, she would shake her entire body along with it. When her body shook, her chest pressed against the ground even more roughly, bringing about a new wave of stimulation.

She endured it so as to not speak, but her breathing fell too far out of order and she broke into a sweat. When Frederica’s body reacted to this extent, the black ooze increased the viscosity of the liquid covering her chest.

The tentacles, having covered her chest with the viscous liquid, skillfully coiled around her overflowing chest that had changed shape by being pressed against the ground.

The most apt way to describe the spectacle was that she was being kneaded. Twining around the base of her nipple and slowly squeezing it, pulling as though to extend it, rubbing the breast from all sides like a massage.

Frederica didn’t know it, but these—were hand movements to milk a cow’s udders. This was something that the black ooze had learned from the old man’s knowledge, and even though she didn’t know what her ample chest was being treated as, she wouldn’t tolerate it.

It wasn’t shame, but anger that gave her face an even greater tinge of red, but she had lost her means to resist as time passed.

Stained by the slime’s viscous liquid, the sounds coming from inside her undershirt were obscene.

In order to look away from her chest that was being treated as some sort of plaything, she closed her eyes. Was she angry? Ashamed? Or perhaps… although the person herself would never admit it, in pleasure? Tears spilled from her clouded eyes.

However, that same obscene sound reached her ears when she closed her eyes. Even that sound would provoke and excite her.

“Hah, haaah…”

The voice that leaked from her unintentionally opened mouth was even more passionate than before.

Hearing the voice that didn’t seem to be hers at all, she forcefully shut her eyes.

(No, no no no no no no!!!)

Over and over and over… she cried that in her mind.

However, far from going away, the heat in her chest simply flared up even more. Every time she felt the writhing that kneaded her breast, a sensation that she hadn’t felt until now attacked her.

Usually, her body wouldn’t react to something that she hated.

Although pleasures of the flesh were important, the atmosphere and attitude were also indispensable.

However—Frederica was starved. It couldn’t be said that she was abstemious, but she had traveled with men, of which neither were her lover, for a week. There weren’t any chances for her to release her sexual urges. It wouldn’t have been a problem if it was just a man and a woman traveling together, but it was two men and a single woman.

She wasn’t someone that would allow two men to rampantly use her body at the same time, she wasn’t some virgin that didn’t know anything. As such, her body that had grown sensually stockpiled a suitable amount of desire.

Therefore, she had reached her limit.

Although she was disgusted by the monster, her body hungered for sex. It was in a hopeless state.

Even though she didn’t want to feel it, she felt it.

Despite hating it to the point of wanting to kill it, she couldn’t resist being violated in her current state. The cocksure woman’s mind was violated.

The body of the twenty-two year old woman that hadn’t masturbated in over a week was too fragile.

Closing her eyes and resisting the pleasure, her chest and nipples were sloppily ravished and rubbed across the ground.

“Fu… Nn… n.”

By the time she’d realized it, her lips that should have been firmly closed had opened slightly, passionate breaths passing her lips unhindered.

Her beautiful teeth had given up biting her lip. Her tongue slightly peeked out from the opening, extending out as though requesting something.

Even her eyelids that had been closed tightly until were just feebly shut, her eyebrows knit as though to endure something.

And above all—Frederica herself likely unknowing due to her closed eyes—she had let go of her staff.

Along with pushing out her rear, she slightly waved her hips back and forth. Despite none of her clothes coming off, the woman was entirely ready.

“Sto… p…”

She muttered, all but incoherent.

The slime certainly wouldn’t respond to her words.

Another one of the slime’s tentacles, one that hadn’t been violating one of her ample mounds, entered her clothes. Even if she understood that, Frederica had no path of resistance left to her.

In her current posture of laying down flat with her butt in the air, neither of her arms could move and she couldn’t put any force into her legs. No, her pants that hid her beautiful legs had gotten wet unnoticed.

… Even her legs had gone numb, she couldn’t run. With this, Frederica’s senses were cornered.

The newly added tentacle slipped past her breast—beyond it, to the one on the other side, coiling around it and making its presence known. Dexterously, it thinned into a cord.


Although Frederica herself wouldn’t admit it, her nipples being rubbed across the ground were very sensitive. Originally, they were the areas she would touch the most when pleasuring herself. Their sensitivity were excellent for her.

(H-haaah… t-this feeling…)

At that moment, her waist trembled greatly, but Frederica didn’t notice. However, her waist moved back and forth, synchronizing with her chest being pressed forcibly against the ground.

Stroked by the tentacles, she pressed against the ground. These two kinds of stimulation caused Frederica’s breathing to grow even more rough. The only sound that echoed in that dark night was Frederica’s rough breathing.


A distinct moan escaped her mouth. Her voice seemed so passionate that it would ignite.

Taking it as a signal, the tentacles’ violating movements across her bountiful breasts accelerated. Squeezed from its base, her right breast was violated. Kneaded across its entire voluptuousness, her left breast was violated.

Both at the same time, her nipples being handled by the string-like tentacle ends.

“Nn, haa—aaah!!”

Feeling the extreme excess of pleasure, even her brows rose, her chest rising from the ground. But even so, the tentacles didn’t cease tormenting her breasts.

No, rather, it became easier for them to move by having her off of the ground. They instead accelerated torturing Frederica’s nipples and breasts.

(What’s, this!? What’s this what’s this what’s this!? H-haaaaah!)

Her body that was numb and couldn’t move spasmed, contrary to her feelings. Her mind desperately tried to not break, but her body yielded helplessly.

The sweetest voice she’d ever made came from her open mouth. Drool followed her drooping touch, hanging towards ground and falling on the black ooze.

As though requesting for something passionate, the movements of her waist became even more intense.

(… lie. A lie, lie, lie!! Ah—)

Twenty two years old. How long had it been since she parted with her virginity?

This was the first time—

“Nn, uuu—!!”

Frederica climaxed from nothing but her breasts.

Convulsing several times, her body fell to the ground, once again crushing her chest.

Although an incredibly intense sensation assaulted her sensitive breasts, she somehow endured it through her exhaustion.

However, with her nipples rubbed against the ground during her convulsions, the woman’s internal temperature accumulated once again. Even though she knew that, there was nothing she could do to stop it.

“Ha… ah.”


The woman’s eyes that had shown her strong willpower had grown clouded, wet with tears. Her pupils reflected nothing at all, looking blankly towards the bushes in the dark night.

However, it was only until that moment that the tentacles stopped.


Pressed against the ground, her chest’s shape was distorted. Frederica opened her eyes wide at the stimulation assailing her rich chest.

“Stop!! Please, stop!!”

She couldn’t put any strength into either of her arms, only able to speak. Still, Frederica resisted loudly.

No, it couldn’t be called resistance anymore. She only resisted with her mouth, her body already accepted the stimulation.

Her mouth shouted and let out coquettish sounds, her body giving into the pleasure and going into convulsions.

“Just by my breasts, just by my breasts! Just the breeeasts!!”

While tentacles massaged her nipples during her spasms, she pushed herself against the ground. Frederica hadn’t noticed that her movements had gradually grown more forceful. Just like she had forgotten to close her mouth, even though her body that forgot to endure was handicapped by the paralytic poison, she desperately tried to pleasure herself more.

Her thoughts were hazy. Was it due to the pleasure given from the tentacles, or was it from pleasuring herself by forcing her nipples against the ground herself? She didn’t know.

Her eyes that used to cast a self-assured light were now wet with tears, though was she still determined to run away in the recesses of her mind? There was a calm moment just before the storm, and in that instance, she saw a pair of eyes looking at her miserable appearance.

It was Carl. The freedom of his body deprived by the paralytic poison, he was dragged by the black ooze’s tentacle, submerged to his shoulders.

However, his head was still out in the night air, and his gaze… was towards Frederica. No, it was better to say he was fixated on her.


Frederica’s body spasmed greatly again. Tormented by the slime, she convulsed, gasping. He could see everything… watching all of the details in fear.

“Ple–…. haaah!!”

Her firm nipples were massaged, stroked, and pulled. Just by that, Frederica’s mouth let out a blazingly passionate moan.

Her disgust and what she felt were already unrelated. Her body had become weak to the stimulation.

And there was the reality of her, like that, being seen by her companion. The reality of her being watched.

Now, Frederica wasn’t just experiencing sexual stimulation, but shame as well.

“Plea—please don’t look…”

If one knew what she was usually like, her frail voice would have been unbelievable. Looking away from Carl who was being swallowed by the black ooze, she stared at the ground.

But even so, Frederica still felt Carl’s gaze on her. Even if she suppressed her voice by biting her lip, she couldn’t stop her body from trembling and spasming. Her chest that had been her pride until now had already become her most sensitive erogenous zone.

Convulsing from just her breasts being massaged and her nipples being stroked, Carl saw it all… a human was watching. Just by thinking that, Frederica’s body once again spasmed.

(That’s… not it, not it!)

Two times, three times she convulsed… this time, pushing out her ass the farthest she’s ever done in this posture, she went into countless small convulsions.

She climaxed. Unsightly, she was ravished by this monster, and moreover just by her breasts… twice.

Even if she denied it in her chest, her convulsing body was telling her that it had climaxed. Frederica thought that surely, Carl wouldn’t have noticed.


“Wh… y… whyyy!!”

The tentacles didn’t stop. Because they didn’t stop, over, and over and over an over—Frederica’s breasts were violated.

Unerringly, it ravished her plentiful breasts that had become sensitive, lascivious… her greatest weakness.

She couldn’t do anything to stop it. Even after already peaking out twice, Frederica’s body ignored her will and submitted helplessly.

Convulsing together with her breasts being kneaded and her nipples rubbed against the ground, her hips swayed back and forth as though wishing for a man.

Even though she wore clothes under her mage robe, she was made to climax. Along with the wet and sloppy sound coming from her undershirt, the only sound echoing through the mountain night was Frederica’s heavy breathing.


(Why!! How!!)

Sure, Frederica’s breasts were sensitive. But this was a sexual feeling, something that was a normal physical phenomenon.

Raped by a monster like this, held down against her will, shedding tears in humiliation, shamefully thrusting her ass out like some beast, being watched by someone else, she shouldn’t have felt like this.

While her thoughts were disarrayed from the constant waves of pleasure, why, how? She continued to question herself.

Was she just this obscene?


Did she starve for sex this much?


Somewhere in her heart, did she wish to be pinned down like a beast?


While she repeatedly answered her self-questioning—

“No, don’t, don’t!!”

As time passed, her hips’ movements grew more intense. With her pressing her nipples against the ground and her chest being massaged by the tentacles, the denials coming from her mouth were merely for appearance.

Her purpose was definitely to resist. Supposedly, if she were let go right now, she would use everything she had to roast the slime and burn it to death.

But at the same time, Frederica hadn’t yet realized that her body began to demand for an even greater stimulation now.

As though to invite that, no, as though to demand that, she shook her hips. Since climaxing the second time, her movements had only grown larger. Her waist that had been shaking back and forth, as though to draw a circle, was moving eccentrically to lure a man.

Her eyes that used to be filled with confidence were low clouded with obscenity, tears shedding from the corners of her eyes.

It wasn’t the face of the mage Frederica, it was that of a woman’s.

However, without any mirrors around, Frederica herself didn’t know that.

It was nothing but—

“Stop… already…!”

Miserably letting her tongue hang loose, she begged to be released as the tentacles ravished her breasts.

When her entire body went into convulsions, it wasn’t her mouth that announced what she was feeling. Even so, she said that she wanted the tyranny afflicting her breasts to end.

Even so, it didn’t end.

The tentacles didn’t stop, continuing to massage her ample breasts beneath her robe.

Just how sensitive could she get? Just how many times could she cum? It was as though it wanted to know.

The slime examined the woman’s body. She already no longer had any pride as an adventurer. When the mucus-covered tentacles wriggled… her body trembled, expecting the following surges of pleasure.

Not realizing the changes, Frederica raised her face from looking down.

“He… lp… m—….”

Her voice stopped midway. Carl was watching her since some time ago. Her and that timid youth had traveled together until now.

He had sank into the mucus up to his head, mouth open, eyes wide.

His expression was dyed in agony with his open mouth, never to close again, like he wanted to continue shouting some grudge.

At any rate, Frederica gasped from the pleasure, but he was in agony. Carl had been taken into the mucus, unable to resist because of his numb body, dying due to breathing difficulties.

Just how much pain did he feel?

Just how much did he despair?

Frederica, seeing Carl… seeing Carl’s corpse, while her breasts were being massages, while her entire body shook from the stimulation, could do nothing but stare in blank surprise. Her whole body was covered in the viscous liquid, mud smearing her clothes and cheeks, her face sullied by tears and drool.

And so, with an excessively unsightly appearance—

“Caaaarl, save me…”

She pleaded for the corpse to save her.

As for Frederica, both of her arms had already been freed.

However, since her arms were numb, she wouldn’t be able to do anything for a while. Even so, Frederica wasn’t thinking about anything like that.

“… Nn, haah.”

Her pressed out ass quivered slightly, her body conveying just how much pleasure she felt.

However, the voice coming from her mouth no longer held any strength.

It had been three times after that. Five times in total where she’d came from nothing but her breasts. Her nipples becoming so sensitive that they felt painful—Frederica couldn’t check to see—but her nipples had each enlarged to the size of tootsie rolls. Her nipples had forcibly pushed up against her black undershirt, feeling pain even when covered with the slimy liquid.

Realizing the mage woman’s reactions had dulled, the slime finally stopped playing with her chest. Although it was still restraining her breasts with its tentacles, it seemed to have stopped massaging, kneading, and pulling on them.

With a dull pain leftover, she couldn’t put any strength into her upper body, her waist trembling slightly with her chest still pressed against the ground.

Her appearance could only be called pitiful, like a beast lowering its head to beg a human.

“Haah, haa…. nn…”

(It’s… o… ver…?)

Frederica didn’t know how much time had passed anymore.

Rig died.

Carl died.

Their corpses were drifting about inside the black ooze even now, weighing hard against Frederica’s mind. Soon, she would also—

The moment she thought that, she recalled that she was still sticking her rear out like a dog in heat and tried to lower the rest of her body down to the ground in exhaustion.

She was tired. She didn’t want to think about anything anymore.


Immediately after she tried to lose consciousness, her waist was propped up by the tentacle.

Was she not allowed to rest?

“No… more…”

She could barely speak. However, it had been a while since it happened. Frederica’s mind had broken a long time ago.

Even so, the slime didn’t understand her words.

To begin with, it couldn’t understand human speech.

… Well, when it hadn’t stopped tormenting Frederica’s chest when she pleaded for it to, she probably already knew that.

Put into the posture of her ass sticking out, the slime started removing the belt to her pants. It sounded strangely loud in the dark where only Frederica’s pants could be heard.

(Eh… e-eh!?)

The belt to her pants was removed. The significance for that was—

“St–… p… stooop!”

Encouraging her body that wouldn’t listen no matter what she told it to do, she tried crawling to escape. She didn’t even look like an adventurer anymore.

A person running away in humility, a weak and delicate woman. That is exactly how she appeared.

Her hands were numb and wouldn’t move as she wanted them to, her body not listening to her after cumming so many times. She couldn’t even oppose the tentacles in the least.

But even so, the woman desperately tried to escape. Despite the tentacles holding on to her waist and restricting her breasts, she still tried to crawl to escape.

She was afraid. Frightened even. It was useless, though; Frederica’s body wouldn’t follow her intentions despite the warning bells going off in her mind.

Just by her breasts. Just by her breasts, she had climaxed five times. Even though she glared at her enemy with fear, disgust, and hostility, even so, she came against her will. Even though she’d refused that much, denied it that much, pleaded that much… she continued cumming.

(No way, no way, no way, no way!!!!)

She was raped.

By a monster. By something worse than a beast to this world. By a monster that could satisfy a woman just by her breasts.

Certainly, she had been raped over and over. Despite pleading for release, despite seeking a savior, despite praying for rescue—this slime, taking notice of none of it, continued making this woman cum.

Just by her breasts, just by her breasts… it had brought her that far in cumming.

What if something like that violated her most tender area?

“No! Someone, anyone!! Carl, Rig! Save me, pleeeease!!”

Stimulated by terror, she earnestly wished for saving. With the people she’d pleaded to already dead, no one would hear her screams. Even if she knew that, she would succumb if her tender spot was violated.

And so she shouted.

She was frightened. Even if she knew there was nothing she could do, she still didn’t want it to happen.

Nobody would think that a monster would rape them. Nothing like this had ever happened. Monsters were the enemies of mankind, their only relations being kill or be killed. Something like the loser having to go down the loser’s road shouldn’t have happened.

Therefore, no one knew anything about monsters’ sexual desires.

However—what could be done even if she knew about this monster…?

Even when she shouted for it to stop, it was like a beast that caused her to cum many times.

If someone like that ravished her—

“Haah, nn… S-st—…”

Her womb was burning, throbbing, aching. There was nothing she could do. Her body had learned the taste of the slime’s tentacle.

Even if her determination to kill this monster had already fractured, if she admitted it… she, Frederica, wouldn’t be an adventurer, wouldn’t be a mage… she would fall into being a beast at the same level of a monster.

Therefore, even if her body continued betraying her, even if her determination broke, as someone who studied to be a mage, she didn’t want to part with her humanity. If she could escape now, there would always be a—

Clink. The sound of her belt’s metal fitting falling away reached her ears.

“Noo, no no—please, stop!!”

She cried.

Like a young girl, like a virgin, while crying, hips swung like a prostitute.

In trying to escape from the tentacles, her hips shook like she was inviting it. Just in anticipation of what was about to happen, her body went into a small spasm.

“Why!! Why!! Even though you’re a monster…!!”

Frederica only spoke in absolute refusal.

However, the woman still hadn’t realized.

Her body showed no signs of wanting to run away, her hips still shaking shamefully, waiting for the tentacles.

With her belt unfastened, her thick pants were lowered. Even in this, she seemed like an easy woman. Her breasts were plentiful, her ass plump.

Still wonderfully covering her ass was a plain, yet feminine black pair of panties.

The area between her thighs was already damp, despite not being touched yet. She had climaxed simply by her chest, so her body eagerly anticipated what would come next.

“Please! I’m begging you—please let me goooo.”

Still disregarding her pleas, a tentacle moved the black panties aside.

“Please, please, please, please—”

Like a child, she repeated the same word over and over. Tears overflowed from her eyes, mucus unbecomingly dripping from her nose. She didn’t want this to happen. Not at all… she was afraid.

What was happening to her? What would happen to her from then on? She didn’t know. Fear sprouted from her chest. Her chest pressed against the hard ground, when the cold night wind touched her wet genitals, the only thing she felt was just how much she was twitching down there.

Although Frederica couldn’t see it, it was different from the tentacles that had been massaging her breasts up to this point, it was standing vertical.

And it drew close, as though kissing her vagina.

“Please, don’t…”

Even so, the slime didn’t stop.

There was a moment of resistance. Finally having prey after a week, she tightened as though to bite off the slime’s tentacle. This wasn’t anything like Frederica’s intention, though. This was simply her womanly instinct.


(No, no way, no, no!! It entered!! A monster!! Inside me!!)

Her determination seemed to break.

Her mind seemed to break.

Helpless despair filled her chest—

“Aaah, aah, aaah!!”

(It entered—-)

—Helplessly being pleasured, the woman named Frederica was raped.

(What… is this—)

With an ordinary thrust, she was penetrated to her deepest area.

A place that a human man absolutely couldn’t violate. Gouging against the walls of her long unused vagina, the tentacle drilled deeper as it also increased in girth, heading towards her womb’s entrance.

There was no technique to it. Nothing but going at full force. A violent injection.


Tears of joy overflowed from her eyes.

Her mouth was reduced to a hole that only existed to report how pleasured she was, her dignified expression long since warped.

She was helpless. She knew that. Frederica Rene could no longer win against this monster. Her body as a woman understood that.

The tentacle pulled out. Towards the entrance to her vagina… and again, drilled in at full strength. Being pierced so strongly as this would normally bring pain, but mysteriously, there was none. This was because the tentacle was made from mucus. A normal man would be solid and firm. It was different from the penises that held passion.

In addition to the juices flowing from Frederica herself, because of the slimy black ooze’s tentacle was being used, even her vagina that had firmed up slightly from not being used recently wasn’t damaged.

“Aah, uuun—uuun…”

Definitely, even if she escaped from this place, if she came across this slime, Frederica knew that she would fall to her knees.

Violated to this extent… she had given up her determination just from her breasts.

She just hadn’t admitted it.

No… she might even come back to be defeated on her own. Because, because… this was the first time she had felt that endless pleasure.

“T-there! The—-haaah!! Mueh… s-stooop!!”

As though to match the injection tentacle, the tentacles that restricted her breasts also began moving.

Rolling over and massaging her breasts, stroking and pulling on her nipples, she pressed against the ground of her own volition.

“Stop—stoop! Not so strooong!”

Her tongue sticking out like a dog, her breaths came in gasps. As though to do the exact opposite of what she said, the slime’s movements reflected her unspoken desires. She no longer felt any disgust towards it.

On the contrary, she was shaking her hips feeling something akin to affection.

She ushered the monster’s penis into the lower half of her body, still adorned with her black panties. Her abdomen, strengthened from years of being an adventurer, gripped the tentacle tightly. She banged her hips towards it to feel even a little more pleasure.

Her breasts pushed against the ground even harder in response, the tentacles further ravaged the mage’s beautiful body in pleasure. From the point that the tentacle first pierced her, it hadn’t been that long.

And yet despite that—


Frederica convulsed, exclaiming her climax to the slime.

With her body convulsing over and over, saliva dripped from her open mouth. Her eyes saw nothing, her mouth doing nothing but letting out empty words of pleasure after her climax. In front of her was the black ooze. Inside of it, two corpses.

However, Frederica saw none of it.

“Aah… uuu… nn… aah….”

She twitched. In her whole life up to this moment, that was by far her most intense climax.

A true female climax.

She broke.

Her mind, her determination, her pride as an adventurer, her pride as a mage—as of this moment, she had been completely broken.


She gently shook her waist, the slime’s penis still inside her.

The sound of the slime’s mucus and her own secretions mixing didn’t reach her numbed ears.

“… Let me go… already…”

The moment she said that, the tentacle penis forcefully dug into her.


Her womb’s entrance attacked, her consciousness wavered. Her blank eyes rolling up into her opened eyelids, drool flying from her open mouth.

Deep inside her body… bang. A heat burst forth. At that moment, once again, the tentacle struck against her womb.

After that, she couldn’t even speak. She came from the first thrust, and again with the next one.

The fluids dripping from here was no longer just tears and drool. Her eyes, once so self-assured, were now wide open, her face wiped against the ground in harmony with the tentacle’s movements.

She was no longer just a woman. She was a woman raped by a monster… A woman raped by… and pleased.

“Ple… let…”

Again, it beat into her with its tentacle.

She begged for freedom.

Over, and over, and over—

“Let… plea… se—haaan!!”

Frederica had lost consciousness, her mouth doing nothing but unconsciously repeating the same words. Frederica already had no determination left in her. It was really nothing but repeating the same words from before.

Of course, the slime didn’t stop.

How many times had she cum?

How many hours was she violated?

Even so, Frederica was not freed.

Her beautiful face warped from pleasure, her mouth hanging open and, rather than drooling, foaming.

Her chest was violated, her vagina was violated. When she stopped responding, her ass was violated as well.

But even so, Frederica continued to be violated. The slime’s mucus and Frederica’s sweat and vaginal secretions all mixed together, soaking the ground beneath her.


Inside the Cave of Obscenity

Inside the Cave of Obscenity

ICO, Inbi na Doukutsu no Sono Oku de, 淫靡な洞窟のその奥で
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , , Released: 2013 Native Language: Japanese
A world where the [Demon King] was defeated by a [Hero] that came from another world. People carelessly forgot about their fear of the [Demon King] and of monsters, living in peace. In a forgotten and run-down cave in the mountains, a new monster that should not have been born was given birth. The monster’s name was the [Black Ooze]. It was nothing exceptional other than its black color, an ordinary slime. However, this slime had the special characteristic of being able to take the abilities of the living things it swallowed. It preyed on an insect that had paralytic poison, as well as other animals. Following that, it attacked a human, obtaining his knowledge and [Desire]. Before long, the monster established its target as the female mage that came to explore the cave. This world still wasn’t aware. [A Monster Was Born]…



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