Inside the Cave of Obscenity Vol 02 Chp 01 Part 3

After a few days of being shook around in the wagon, Alfred’s group arrived at the rural village from the commission’s document.

It had around a dozen houses with spacious pastures. Even though the amount of domestic animals grazing the pastures had decreased somewhat due to the black ooze, there were still many cattle slowly walking through the fields.

“Welcome, thank you for coming.”

“Are you the chief of this village?”


As the one to represent their group, Alfred talked with the elderly person.

Alfred and Satia employed three other adventurers. Other than Satia, they were all men. They were trustworthy men than they had done many commissions together with in the past, but since Satia wasn’t very good with men, she hadn’t left Alfred’s side at all during the trip.

Although it was probably more correct to consider her a slave, Alfred and Satia’s relationship was—well, it was easy for the other adventurers to see that Satia was inexperienced with hiding her feelings towards him. She’d smile every time she looked towards him on their trip, calming down.

These three were also acquainted with Frederica. It could be said that that was the reason they accepted this commission.

If Frederica was safe, they might be able to improve their relationships with the beautiful mage by saving her. It could also be said that their actions were out of wicked self-interest.

Alfred asked the chief two or three questions, also answering some of the chief’s.

Satia idly watched Alfred doing so while the three adventurers unloaded their luggage from the wagon in a manner that bespoke of their experience.

She probably should have helped them as well, but the other adventurers were taking care it of. They might have wanted to show off their good points.

Well, either way, she didn’t notice them. Satia was too preoccupied with watching Alfred… With those same drowsy eyes as always.

“We’ll be staying the night in the village and ascend the mountain first thing in the morning.”

Having rented a house that no longer had an owner, Alfred said that as he finished carrying his luggage there.

It was a solidly constructed house with two floors, the one whose owner had become food to the slime in the beginning. It was also the same house Frederica and her party stayed the night in.

They looked around inside the house to find if anything was left that they could gain information with, but in the end they weren’t able to find anything like that.

“Sounds good. I’m tired from moving about recently too, let’s take today slow.”

“Yeah, we were finally able to rent a house.”

“There’s no bath though.”

The three adventurers left the living room while saying whatever came to mind.

By the way, a hero had made baths from another world rather widespread in this world. Although people washed their bodies with river and well water until that point, nowadays people immersed themselves in hot water in a bathtub after thoroughly washing themselves out of the bath.

It was decided that the men would use the large guest room, while Satia, who was the only woman, would use the former owner’s room.

They would climb up the nearby mountain and search through the abandoned mithril mine there the following day. That place was the most suspicious one. Frederica and the others had gone missing when they went to examine that area.

There were five people this time. Even if an unexpected situation occurred, they should be able to cope with it. They didn’t know if the mine had something like a beast that used it as its nest or some kind of bandit group, though.

Whatever it was, since it was enough to cause three adventurers to go missing, they couldn’t afford to be careless here.

“Satia, you should also rest today.”

When Satia returned to the living room after finishing tidying up after their evening meal, Alfred was the only one there. As for the other three adventurers, they had gone out on a patrol of sorts to see if they could see what was attacking the livestock.

It apparently hadn’t appeared near the village recently, so whatever it was might have abandoned the village, or perhaps it might have left the area.

They expected it was something like that, but since they didn’t know what exactly they were dealing with, they went as a group of three for safety. Because of that, Satia and Alfred were currently the only two at the house.

Satia and Alfred were adventurers that acted as a pair. Since it was always just the two of them, they weren’t particularly conscious of that fact. Even so, as for the woman of marriageable age, she may have considered it as being alone with the person that was close to her heart.

Not saying anything, Satia stood close behind Alfred as he nonchalantly sat on a chair. Possibly due to wondering what she was thinking about, Alfred pulled a nearby chair up and lightly clapped its surface. It appeared he wanted her to sit.

“… Thank you very much. Umm, Goshujin-sama?”

Sitting down on that chair, Satia spoke. Something like taking a rest before their master was improper for a slave.

This was because the young man named Alfred looked at Satia not as a slave, but as a companion. Even so, Satia did not realize this.

Alfred saw Satia as a companion, yet Satia thought of Alfred as someone that was a benign master towards slaves.

It was a slight discrepancy. However… that was probably just fine for these two that would clumsily interact with each other.

“I’ve been thinking about something a bit.”

“… That’s… me too.”

“That so.”

Alfred, not looking too deeply into Satia’s response, was immersed in his thoughts. Picturing a map of the nearby area in his head, he wondered where they would search if the abandoned mine wasn’t what they were looking for.

Vacantly staring at Alfred’s profile, despite not showing any particular expression, a warmth spread through Satia’s chest as she watched him.

Even if her expressions were few and far between, that didn’t mean her emotions were as well. Did Satia think her Goshujin-sama noticed this fact?

No, he surely hadn’t noticed.

Even so, that’s fine. That’s what Satia believed. She would travel together with him, as well as stay quiet next to him like this. Just this. With just this much, Satia was satisfied.

“Guess we’re going up that mountain tomorrow huh.”

One of the adventurers they had come with said that. Laying down in his bed that was just a blanket laid out on the floor, he placed his long-cherished sword immediately next to him, leaving his dagger at the bedside.

The other adventurers did the same, they shared the sentiment of not wanting to relax their guards within the village, even if they were inside a house.

“Well then, Satia. If there’s anything—”

“Yes. Alfred-sama too, umm… see you in the morning.”

“Good night, Satia-chan.”

It was still early in the night, but since they needed to save their strength for the next day, they decided to turn in early. There wasn’t much in the way of entertainment in such an out of the way village as this, so there wasn’t anything to do once the sun went down. It wasn’t a bad idea to drink alcohol, but everyone agreed it was better to wait till after they finished their work.

There wasn’t any particular meaning to it, but if forced to say something, they’d probably say it was something like a prayer. Alcohol wasn’t something to be drunk before work. That was something decided by Alfred. Other than that, he was simply a non-drinker, and Satia had a character that would refrain from such things.

Her good night greeting complete, Satia headed to the room allocated to her.

Although they heard it had been a while since the house’s owner disappeared, it wasn’t dirty. There wasn’t any dust either. Frederica or her companions probably used this room.

There was a bed and cabinet to store clothes in inside the room, as well as two windows. There wasn’t much space for anything else; if even Satia with her small frame got out of bed, she’d easily be able to reach the cabinet.

The room’s layout was probably thought out by the former owner—an elderly person—to make moving about in the room less needed.

Leaning the staff she shouldered against the bed, she sat down onto the bed without changing clothes.


She felt a little giddy.

Letting out a small breath, her drowsy eyes slowly drifted shut. She cautioned herself against being indiscreet, but her chest felt warm no matter what she did. Even now, she felt her cheeks heat up and redden.


She muttered his name. Just that was enough to turn the warmth in her chest into a heat.

She wondered if her companions in the other room were asleep. It was completely quiet in the room as she held her breath to try and listen for any noises from them.

Satia listened in for a while without moving or making any sounds—then, slid her beautifully white fingers down her robe.

It wasn’t a high-cost item. It was made of a thick cloth that blocked most light touches, you wouldn’t be able to notice someone placing a finger over the robe without them pressing rather hard.

The stimulation from her fingers wasn’t transmitted to her undeveloped breast, clothed in the robe and unnecessary undergarment as it was, but even so, she rubbed her fingers over it through her robe over and over. Rather than massaging, it was more like she was caressing herself.


As for why Satia felt that amount of stimulation to be unsatisfying… that was due to her being experienced at comforting herself.

As she did this, Satia wondered to herself just when it came to the point where she would comfort herself even on a journey and not in one of the royal capital’s inns. She didn’t have an answer.

She knew it was at one point after she became aware of Alfred’s goodwill towards her, but when was it? When she was bought as a slave? When she was taught magic and how to read and write? Or maybe it was when she was needed as an adventurer, rather than as a slave?

Rolling up her thick black robe, she held it in her mouth. The immature legs below her belly were laid bare.

The door to the room was closed. Because the robe was held in her mouth, her voice would probably be muffled for the most part.

Her minuscule chest, now without its unneeded undergarment, was exposed to the cold night’s air. Her cheeks and ears dyed red from embarrassment, but all the same the girl couldn’t hold out any longer and, on her side, crooked her body forward.

She forcibly closed her lovable drowsy eyes. What she pictured in the darkness was—her master that she held dear. Despite her original intentions of only going so far as to warm her cheeks, the girl’s thin and beautiful fingers moved over her important place with practiced movements.

Her right hand went towards her chest, her left hand on top of her unadorned panties. It was a crude method of masturbation, just pressing down on both with her fingers. But even so, it wasn’t as though she knew nothing about it.

Her body was thin, so her frantic masturbation was accompanied with pain. Satia was a slave. Since it was necessary, she received an education.

A male slave would become the shield of the adventurer who was their master and would be used to satisfy the woman’s desires.

A female slave would become a tool to satisfy the man’s cravings.

Satia’s original appearance was essentially that of this world’s slaves.

However, the young man named Alfred was different from the rest. He didn’t see Satia as a woman, he looked at her as a comrade.

He greeted her hello in the mornings with an genuinely warm voice, thanking Satia in praise for the dishes she cooked. Combing her hair with those hands that had grown rough from swinging a sword, being drawn close by those large hands—


Unlike her own small hands, his were large and brusque.

Her right hand stroked her meager chest up and down. Matching her breast size, her small nipples were excited from the mere thought of the young man, asserting themselves when she began rubbing them. Even though she thought it was shameful, the girl by no means stopped stimulating her erogenous zones.

The stimulation was light at first. After a while, her small nipples gradually grew large enough that they could just barely be pinched with her fingers.

Satia’s body was insensitive to sexual stimulation due to her age, but her mind was already that of a woman’s.

She caressed her nipple, pinching it… as well as stroking her private area from above her white underwear.

In her days as a slave, she wasn’t able to understand just what was so good about it. Everyone knew about masturbation as general knowledge, but for Satia, who held a fastidious dislike towards those shameful acts, she got the impression that people were defiling themselves. When she was first trained in the act, the felt more disgust and pain than pleasure.

She didn’t get even a vague feeling of pleasure from her breasts being rubbed and her dry genitals only felt pain. Her immature sexual feelings didn’t react to the pleasure as pleasure, it simply came across as pain and disgust to her brain.

She was disgusted and rejected it. She rejected the foul act of masturbation, recognizing it as a shameful deed.

However, it was different now.

She thought of the young man, she thought of her Goshujin-sama, she masturbated while thinking of him. For certain, this satisfied Satia both as a slave and as a woman.

“Fuu, u—nnn…”

A muffled voice leaked out through the robe held in her mouth.

The fingers she had been using to caress her nipple now began to grip and work it, as it was now stiff. The nipple was flexible and would change into the shape she kneaded and pulled it into, but would immediately return to its original shape—a delicate protruding hill of flesh.

As for the fingers working her genitals from above her panties, she changed her focus towards an area slightly above the rest, towards her zealous clitoris. Still shrouded in its covering, her clitoris provided her with an intense stimulation; this was her weakest part.

When the girl thought of the young man and masturbated for the first time, she had stimulated her clitoris directly.

At that time, she wasn’t able to hold back her voice. She bit down so hard she’d practically torn through the pillow she was using to muffle her voice and now recalled having to endure the incredible stimulation.

After that experience, the girl even felt something akin to fear towards baring her clitoris. It was similar to pain, but the pain was isolated through the sheer stimulation.

She felt too much. It was beyond obscene. It was with both fear and curiosity towards that more-than-satisfying pleasure that she remembered the experience. She was unsure what she felt about it, changing her approach to leaving the clitoris sheathed and covered by her panties. Without the pain, Satia felt moderate pleasure from it.

She didn’t want to show that youth her current appearance. However, if a night were to arrive where she were talking with her beloved Goshujin-sama and her chest happened to warm… by all costs, she would request this shameful act.

Moving her fingers while thinking of her master, a warmth entered her voice and her waist started to move back and forth slightly. Her fingers were moving faster and faster. Before she’d realized it, tears of joy began to flow from her tightly closed eyes.

(Goshujin-sama… Goshuuujin-samaaaaa…)

Afraid to speak it out loud, she called for her beloved over and over in her heart. Her black robe caught the drool overflowing from her mouth, darkening.

But the girl didn’t notice, stroking her nipple and softly stimulating her clitoris.

Her meager waist went into a small fit, disarranging her bed sheets. The stimulation was more than enough even through her white panties—love fluids began to erupt from her vagina.

One could hear the sounds of ragged breathing and the rustle of clothes. Even the thought of wondering whether Alfred, who was in the room next to her’s, heard her was enough to stimulate Satia’s lust.

Her silver hair clung to her brow covered in sweat. Her hair, usually collected side up style, lay spread out across the sheet.

“Fuuu, f-, uu.. fuu!”

(More, more… please, harder, touch me!)

Pushing against her erect nipple, she kneaded it with her thumb. Only her right nipple was being groped, so the swelling in her left nipple was obviously different. She wouldn’t stop even if someone saw her obscene appearance, the girl continued to single-mindedly torment her right nipple.

The hand that was working on her clitoris slipped into her panties and—despite Satia’s original determination—began to directly caress her clitoris. However, it was still wrapped in its prepuce. Her feet and toes alternated from being curled and being stretched to the max as her waist began to move more intensely.

More forceful, more intense—she violated her nipple, imagining the fingers to be her master’s.

She was being violated by her Goshujin-sama’s large, warm hands. It was just in her heated delusions, but the zealous passion blazed ever fiercer in her body.

“Ha—ah, g-good… so good…!”

Her lips had parted from her robe, unable to endure to pleasure.

“Alfred, sama…. aaa…”

She called her master’s name out with the voice of a woman. Satia knew that it was disrespectful, but this merely served to push her over the top into climaxing.

Both long and intense, her body climaxed. Her waist trembled many, many times.

As though it wouldn’t last long enough, her fingers didn’t stop despite still tasting the climax.

Forcibly strumming her clitoris, she synced up with her waist’s convulsions. She stuck her hips out towards the ceiling, as though aiming towards the waist of a man who wasn’t there.

“Haaah…! Un—ah!”

She flipped over face-down against the bed in panic, trying to subdue her voice. After not being stimulated, her left nipple rubbing up against the bed sent an electric shock of stimulation into her mind.

It felt amazing, so she continued using both her right hand and the sheet to stimulate her nipples.

Her nipples rubbing against the sweat-dampened sheet wasn’t painful or itchy… it produced a slightly unsatisfying pleasure. However, Satia felt the stimulation against her burning body to be just right. Her mind muddied from desire, she shook her body back and forth while panting quickly.

Meanwhile, her bottom that had been thrust into the air like a dog trembled many times over.

When she stimulated her clitoris and the entrance to her genitals that were now dripping licentious fluids, her wet panties bit into her slim bottom. The elastic from her underwear digging into her hips was obscene, appearing as though she was falling from virtue.

Not noticing that either, she wholeheartedly applied herself to provoking her nipples and genitals in want of obtaining even greater pleasure.

“Goshuujin, sa—goshuu—shamaa…”

Pushing her face against the bed, she attempted to muffle her moans so that no one would hear.

Her muffled voice was stopped by the door and wall, so it didn’t carry to anyone else’s ears. Still, if her beloved Goshujin-sama heard… that dreaded thought couldn’t stop her.

She called for the young man countless times. With her voice, with her thoughts… although the person herself didn’t notice it, she hoped that he would see her.

Her fingers accelerated yet again. Imagining her fingers to be his, Satia stuck her waist ever higher into the air.

She moved from her clitoris, into her vagina itself—ravaging herself with two fingers.

Feeling the immature and obscenity of it all, she thrust her doll-like fingers into herself over and over.

Constantly stimulating the shallow area as though to rub it raw, she forced out her sexual pleasure.

She wanted to reach her climax while thinking about the young man. Imagining his fingers, she thought about her Goshujin-sama’s voice, imagining he was there, doing this to her—

“Fuu!? … N, hii… aaau!”

Together with a particularly loud muffled voice, she went into a spasm strong enough to cause her to lose control of her limbs.

Over and over and over did she release her love fluids, her waist quivering as though to show off how her panties stuck to her vagina.

The sheet wet by her tears, her robe rolled up as it was didn’t serve its function as clothing.

Her delicate back exposed to the air, her convulsing body glimmered through the obscenity of its sweat.

After enduring the spasms for some time, Satia’s body was drained of all its strength, her waist dropping feebly down to the bed. She weakly turned over, staring dimly up at the ceiling.

Her robe was rolled up and her panties were wet due to her secretions, yet she just stared dimly at the ceiling.

The two small swollen bulges on her chest rose up and down with her intense breathing. She herself could hear the trailing notes of her previous act in her breaths.

The girl’s fiercely erect nipples told of how intense her masturbation was.

“Haah—… Haah… nn—”

She had to change into her pajamas, and if she didn’t change her underwear…

Vaguely thinking about things like that, she tried to move her obscene body, still suffering the aftermath of her climax.

“Have to, clean…”

Her sweat felt dirty.

Although she herself didn’t notice it, the smell was sure to be lewd.

… For the slave, the only person she didn’t want to be hated by was her Goshujin-sama.

However, her limbs were numb from her climax and wouldn’t listen to her.

She had already completely given herself to the warmth for a while now. Satia, her breasts and panties still exposed—

—closed her eyes.

Inside the Cave of Obscenity

Inside the Cave of Obscenity

ICO, Inbi na Doukutsu no Sono Oku de, 淫靡な洞窟のその奥で
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , , Released: 2013 Native Language: Japanese
A world where the [Demon King] was defeated by a [Hero] that came from another world. People carelessly forgot about their fear of the [Demon King] and of monsters, living in peace. In a forgotten and run-down cave in the mountains, a new monster that should not have been born was given birth. The monster’s name was the [Black Ooze]. It was nothing exceptional other than its black color, an ordinary slime. However, this slime had the special characteristic of being able to take the abilities of the living things it swallowed. It preyed on an insect that had paralytic poison, as well as other animals. Following that, it attacked a human, obtaining his knowledge and [Desire]. Before long, the monster established its target as the female mage that came to explore the cave. This world still wasn’t aware. [A Monster Was Born]…



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