Inside the Cave of Obscenity Vol 02 Chp 02 Part 6


The moment Alfred shouted in surprise and Satia called out to Alfred, the tentacles’ caress began yet again.

Her master was behind her and couldn’t see her exposed chest, but Alfred was able to imagine what was happening by the tentacles’ movements alone. He knew about sex and it wasn’t as though he was without experience in the area.

“Stop it! Son of a bitch!!”

“No, no! —Please, stop! Please!!”

The mage that had been suppressing her voice up till now desperately pleaded with the slime.

Anything was fine. Even if she was killed, even if she were humiliated, even if she were eaten, anything was fine. Just… don’t touch her in front of her Goshujin-sama. That was her only wish.

“Ple—please! St—p, ah…! G-Goshujin-sama, don—!?”

While sucking on her greatly enlarged nipple, one of the other tentacles that was massaging her bottom began stimulating her insides.

Even her speech was cur off by the new sensations, her body going into pleasure-driven convulsions. Normally, stimulation to the anus without prior work would require a long time to relax the area, but the paralytic poison somewhat forcibly influenced her to not hold much of a defense against it.

Satia’s cries for help echoed through the mine, but the slime’s actions did not cease.

“Th—ere!? No… nooo!!”

Even though she was a slave, this wasn’t something that Satia knew about. For her to feel sexual stimulation from such an unclean hole, something that wasn’t her vagina, and even still in front of her beloved man.

She refused, denied, and screamed. Even so, the slime ignored each and every word she said and continued on exploiting Satia, taking no notice of her struggles.

“Stop it—Satia!”

Above everything, the thing that did the most damage to her was Alfred’s voice.

She yearned for him. She desired him. Even if she knew that it would be forever unrequited, she still wanted to stay by his side.

She was being violated right in front of someone she loved, her partner wasn’t even a human. It was humanity’s natural enemy, a monster that should be defeated, destroyed even.

“Uwah—s-stop… it…”

To begin with, neither of even them knew why the slime was doing this. Was it angry at being disturbed?

Either way, Satia’s slender doll-like limbs went into violent convulsions over and over due to the tempestuous stimulation as she climaxed. Her hips shook violently and a fluid seeped its way out of her panties despite her labia still not being touched even now.

“Shit, shit! Oi, Satia, wait for me—I’m coming…”

Although Alfred was trying to force his numbed body into standing, he was unable to stand even while using his sword as a cane.

Just then, the black ooze stopped moving for a moment. It was because Alfred moved. Alfred was also a mage. He could use magic. That’s why the slime took a precaution and used a density of paralytic poison that should have made it that he wouldn’t be able to move.

The slime wondered about it for a moment, but judged that he wasn’t a threat right now.

Continuing as-is, it decided to send a new tentacle towards a particular place it had been preparing.

The destination of the pinky-sized feeler—the white panties soaked in secretions.

“Plea… enough, stop…”

Large tears spilled from Satia’s eyes and sobs began to come from her mouth.

Even just being caressed by the slime was her limit, but now she had been seen in this state by her beloved person and soon it would take her chastity.

Something like that would be hard to bear for anyone. But even so, her spirit hadn’t broken. Her beloved was behind her.

Satia, knowing that Alfred was near her, believed that he might be able to save her if she could just buy them time.

Hazy due to her climax with her thinking clouded by lust, she was able to understand that much.

—But even so, she couldn’t help feeling the fear and despair of her chastity being taken.


The new tentacle pushed inside her panties.

Making its way past her sparse pubic hair, it found its destination and—


The tentacle latched onto Satia’s most secret spot, an area even she herself hesitated to touch when masturbating.

Her clitoris.

Her eyes that had been clouded by despair opened wide as her body reacted by itself from the thundering stimulation coursing through her.

Being guided by the tentacles, her waist pushed forward. The girl’s previously limp and open hands ignored her will and started to grip the tentacles to try and endure the pleasure.

Even with that, it wasn’t enough. Forced into another climax, she was attacked by a sensation so strong that her vision went dark.

Her eyes were opened wide, but she couldn’t see at all. She was having trouble breathing and it felt like her heart was about to explode from its rapid thrumming.

“Satia! Satia!!”

“Do–don’t… —n’t look!!”

She was going to die. Not as a metaphor, she was really going to be killed by the pleasure.

As soon as that thought surfaced in her mind, the girl came again.

And then…

“Hiin!? Ah, hyaaah!?”

The hood to her clitoris, Satia’s final fortress, was quickly demolished and her incredibly sensitive pearl of flesh made its appearance.

This pearl had yet to be defiled by anyone. Even while being covered with the black ooze’s licentious liquid, it looked beautiful. It wasn’t even the size of a pinky toe, but it was by far the mage’s greatest weak spot. The tentacles simply grazing over it caused waves of pleasure to resound throughout Satia’s body.

“—!? —-!!”

Unable to even use her voice, the pleasure so intense that it was more akin to pain caused her to tear up and do nothing but tremble.

The tentacles continued massaging her nipples and clitoris at the same time, ushering on her climaxing body to tremble even more greatly. In the small amount of time it had been since Alfred arrived, this vicious cycle completely turned Satia’s body into that of a woman.

Even before her panties were removed, even though nothing had been put in there at all, even though she was a virgin… a tentacle placed itself against her ever so slightly open vagina.

Dripping secretions, it was an obscene hole that lured in men despite having never known a man. Satia, who’d been stupefied by the pleasure, weakly shook her head to show her unwillingness.


Her voice was extremely weak. It could be understood just how exhausted she was by her voice alone.

It wasn’t like it would grant her her wish either way though… The slime exposed that obscene hole to the human man.

Dexterously manipulating its tentacles, it moved the still-hanging Satia.


Neither Satia nor Alfred could understand its intentions.

Alfred could now see… something… Satia’s obscene blossoming. Glittering from the lantern’s light, a licentious liquid spilled from her vagina, and it wasn’t the slime’s mucus.

“Nooo… Goshjin-shama, pwease, don’ wook…”


Her tongue numbed from the paralytic poison’s effects and her repeated climaxing, she couldn’t even use her small voice properly.

However, the doll-like Satia was, as was appropriate for her age, embarrassed and Alfred quickly averted his gaze. Even so, the image of that lewd liquid dripping from her remained in his mind.

Even he was a man and it had been building up over the course of their journey, so his lower half reacted even in this emergency.

Above all, he knew Satia well; she was someone with a doll-like countenance and didn’t often show her emotions. He saw someone like that climax over and over with her face dyed both in pleasure and embarrassment.

No man wouldn’t react to a sight like that.

“S-stop it—!”

A tentacle moved, flipping Alfred onto his back.

He tried to struggle so that she wouldn’t see his reaction, but his body wouldn’t move properly at all after being affected by the poison.

“Ah, uuu…”

“S-Satia, this is…”

However, that part between his thighs had already swollen and was visible through his thick trousers.

Satia only knew about it second-hand, but she knew what that meant and her heart throbbed from something other than the pleasure.

“Goshu… jin… shama…”


Her lust-clouded eyes blurred from another emotion.

Meanwhile, the slime skillfully took off the man’s—Alfred’s trousers, exposing his penis. This movement felt mechanical, lacking any feeling whatsoever, but that didn’t matter to Satia.

“Big… looks, painful…”


Satia swallowed back her saliva.

Her body and mind were wholeheartedly desiring her beloved man.

She thought that her chastity might be snatched away by the monster’s tentacles, but perhaps—

While the maiden-like thoughts flashed through Satia’s mind, her body was carried over above the man. Her petite body was wet from the slime’s liquid and her perspiration from being played with for so long.

However, that hole that hadn’t been violated by anyone grew ever closer towards her beloved’s… her beloved’s thing that she eagerly awaited.

They touched.

“Alfred… sama, will… it hurt?”

“Satia, sorry…”

Was that apology for being unable to protect her?

Was it for what was about to happen next?

Either way, Satia didn’t mind. She shook her head.

“If it’s Goshujin-sama…”

His ‘head’ plunged into her.

Satia’s holy ground, not yet trespassed by anyone, was small. It wasn’t yet developed enough to swallow the youth’s entirety.

Even though she had loosened up from being forced into climaxing so many times, she and Alfred had greatly different builds.

Ignoring all that, her vagina was pressed on by gravity to forcibly accept the man’s penis all the way to its base.

Alfred felt like he broke through a certain resistance as Satia felt a firm, intense heat plunge into her vagina.

He wasn’t able to endure that supreme pressure and lascivious wetness after accumulating for several days.

He ejaculated deep inside Satia before he even had a chance to begin hardening his will. Satia climaxed as well, and even though she’d loosened up from doing so countless times, tears spilled onto the man’s face from the pain.

However, her tears weren’t only due to the pain. Even though it happened like this, she was able to engrave a joy that she’d always thought she’d never be able to have into her body.

The pain from losing her virginity and the warm semen gushing into her satisfied her heart.

Satia’s vagina was small, so the hot liquid made its way all the way into her womb, fulfilling not just her carnal desires, but her soul as well.

“A-aah… s-so much…”

Happiness bloomed in her chest. Because she knew that this was it, this miracle was—


The next instant, the tentacles moved her away from the youth.

“… Eh?”

Then, the slime took a tentacle even thinner than the man’s thing, the thing she just held inside her, and shoved it inside.

Her mind, filled with happiness just a moment before, froze.


She panicked, struggling to break free.

This time, into that area that held her Goshujin-sama’s, her beloved’s, her Alfred-sama’s future children—that hateful monster… went inside it.

“Nooo!! No, no!! Please, stop! That’s Alfred-sama’s—!!”

Even so, the tentacle kept drilling further inside as though to cork it and didn’t move afterwards.

—However, even without moving, there was something it could do.

“Absorbing!? No, what!? What are you!? Don’t, don’t absorb it!!”

Satia’s fluids, as well as…

“That’s—Alfred-sama’s!? Mine and Alfred-sama’s!!”

It was absorbing the man’s semen.

The black ooze was a mutant that changed things it absorbed into its own abilities. This was something the slime understood.

Because it understood that, it knew that it needed a young and strong male.

Satia’s desires had nothing to do with anything. Satia and the man’s relationship was entirely irrelevant.

Therefore, the slime had gotten what it wanted: semen. Preparing a highly concentrated dosage of paralytic poison, it extended a tentacle towards the unmoving man.

This time, to get the knowledge of magic from this man. Right before Satia’s eyes, Alfred’s head was covered in a viscous liquid. No matter who, any human would need to breathe in order to live.

However, his mouth and nose… his entire head was covered. He couldn’t do something like ‘breathe’. His body was under the effect of the paralytic poison, but it convulsed in death throes.

As for Satia—even while being lifted into the air by tentacles, even while her vagina was being penetrated by a tentacle, even while her entire body was being caressed… she was shown this.

“No, stop, stoooop—-NOOOOOOOO!!”

The doll’s shriek echoed through the mine.

However… something like that was of no concern to the black ooze.

Inside the Cave of Obscenity

Inside the Cave of Obscenity

ICO, Inbi na Doukutsu no Sono Oku de, 淫靡な洞窟のその奥で
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , , Released: 2013 Native Language: Japanese
A world where the [Demon King] was defeated by a [Hero] that came from another world. People carelessly forgot about their fear of the [Demon King] and of monsters, living in peace. In a forgotten and run-down cave in the mountains, a new monster that should not have been born was given birth. The monster’s name was the [Black Ooze]. It was nothing exceptional other than its black color, an ordinary slime. However, this slime had the special characteristic of being able to take the abilities of the living things it swallowed. It preyed on an insect that had paralytic poison, as well as other animals. Following that, it attacked a human, obtaining his knowledge and [Desire]. Before long, the monster established its target as the female mage that came to explore the cave. This world still wasn’t aware. [A Monster Was Born]…



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