Inside the Cave of Obscenity Vol 02 Chp 03 Part 2

After what had happened, it was clear that the pleasure was enough to cause her mind to crumble.

Satia was lying in a bed of mucus at a spot a small distance away from Frederica, who was being raped with a voice strong enough to make one wonder whether it was trying to break her body along with her mind.

She received the exact opposite. She was refined with gentle… ever so gentle caresses.

Without anything to cover her body as she lied on her back, her erect nipples that had already grown into the size of tootsie rolls were smeared with mucus, reflecting the small amount of sunlight that shone into the cave.

Her budding breasts were groped in a manner such that it wouldn’t be painful, gradually turning into a sexual stimulation.

Neither of her hands were restrained as she endured the gentle stimulation by clutching her mucus bedding.

“Hooo… hoo…”

Drool spilling from her tightly closed mouth, Satia’s heavy nasal breathing told the slime that its activities were causing her to pant.

Her smooth stomach rose and fell relentlessly, her thin waist moving left and right.

Despite moving her bottom against the mucus bedding, the sensation was so light that she couldn’t stimulate herself further from it.

Though even so, Satia’s body that could be called unsuited for her age had wound up begging for more extreme excitement in any way possible.

“Goshujin-samaaa… I am, Satia is—”

After the girl’s virginity was given to Alfred, when her beloved had had his sperm stolen away by the slime, Satia’s mind broke completely.

Recognizing the slime that had eaten and digested her beloved as her dear Goshujin-sama, what she saw wasn’t a black ooze, but Alfred.

To her, the slime’s tentacles appeared as Alfred’s hand, finger, or even his penis. Her whole body was licked by the mucus, his tongue. Her whole body was caressed by an infinite number of his hands. She mistook the gentle caresses that took her frail body into consideration for Alfred’s loving touch.

Like this—Satia’s body had avoided the matter of his death. No, it might not be wrong to say that the black ooze was Alfred.

Alfred’s experiences and knowledge truly were alive inside the black ooze. It also knew what kind of mage Satia was, as well as what the man had felt towards her.

The reason behind being so gentle towards her likely wasn’t the slime’s intention… so much as Alfred’s.

However, it hadn’t intended to treat this mage too intensely even if that weren’t the case. Her body was small and was correspondingly fragile.

She would be treated as Frederica was after growing up some more.

“Mmm! … Hah, unnn…”

Quite like a massage, it continued rubbing her small breasts, her soft belly, her tender arms, and her thin legs.

Sliding around due to the mucus, she glided back and forth on the slime bed. Her silvery hair that had been put up into a pony tail on the left side of her head clung to her cheeks and was nibbled by her lips.

Reminiscent of a doll, her beautiful face had its eyes closed tightly as though to withstand something. Despite her heartrending expression appearing as though she was begging for pleasure, the black ooze simply continued on with massaging her without feeling anything in the least.

The tentacles massaging her arms moved to her armpits, the ones massaging her calves to her thighs. The tentacles rubbing her breasts moved as though to be affectionate, the ones stroking her stomach moved as though to poke at her tiny navel.

“… Kuun.”

The stimulation had gotten a little stronger, but it was still absolutely not enough to bring her to climaxing.

But to do it with her own fingers… that was too shameful for the girl. Her white cheeks blushed a bright red, the girl kept her eyes closed as though to show some resistance to her maliciously playful Goshujin-sama.

Her mind lacking information from her eyes, she could hear the sound of the slime’s mucus rubbing over her and feel the tentacles’ soft caress quite clearly.

Moreover, Frederica’s fervently coquettish voice as she was being violated ever more intensely reached Satia’s ears.

She was envious of her.



She tried to close her mouth that had somehow or another made its way open, but she couldn’t find the energy to.

When she bit her left hand’s finger, the saliva that had accumulated in her mouth ended up drizzling out. With a painful looking expression, like she was enduring something, her breathing roughened.

She wasn’t sure of what she ought to do with her right hand, so she moved it back and forth in the area between her crotch and the mucus bedding.

“Hah… Nn, uu.”

She bit her finger strongly enough to leave marks behind on it. Not to the point of feeling pain, but it was just enough stimulation to clear her thoughts a little.

Her small body was being massaged gently, being softened. To Satia, the gentle pleasure felt like she was melting. After biting her finger so hard with her teeth, she’d lost all her strength.

“Goshujin-sama, Goshujin-sama…”

Calling out his name over and over, she continued swallowing back the ever-accumulating saliva in her mouth. Her limbs slowly memorized the sexual stimulation despite the warm, viscous liquid covering her.

Her legs both trembling countless times, she placed a tentacle farther towards her inner thigh in want for a more forceful stimulation.

“Hah, s-sorry—!”

One of the tentacles among those taking care of her thighs continued upwards.

Despite the girl being a virgin until just a few days before, despite not even being touched yet, that area was twitching all on its own.

Anticipating the oncoming stimulation, Satia bit down her finger yet again. Pleasure unobtainable with her fingers, the tentacles had brought her body to climaxing a vast number of times within the mine’s darkness. While sandwiched between her inner thighs, it touched her vagina.


The stimulation strong enough to cause her eyes to open, her tiny body splashed in the mucus.

Her genitals were being stimulated even while it was sandwiched by her thighs. The slow yet steady sexual thrill caused her impatient body to react.

Not listening to her, her waist moved forwards and back, her shoulders quivering each time. She bit down on her finger hard enough to feel pain. Her right hand gripped onto the tentacle that was moving up and down along her crotch, rather than the bedding.

It looked entirely like a cock, but she didn’t realize that due to her eyes being closed once again.

Matching the rhythm of Satia’s waist, it moved forward and back, causing her to get drunk from the pleasure.

“Huuu… huu…”

Her breathing was deep and rough as she endured the sexual bliss.

Unlike Frederica, her body that had still not cummed was broiling in a licentious heat, reddening her whole body.

“Good… so… good…”

Causing ever more obscene sounds to echo through the cave, the girl moved her waist as though to invite the tentacle inside.

However, even so, she wasn’t given a stimulation strong enough to bring her to a climax. Even with Satia in a state such as this, the slime would continue to gently loosen her up so that her body wouldn’t be ruined.

She felt frustrated and impatient, but asking for it herself was just too embarrassing.

Despite her body being small, her obscene actions of requesting further stimulation gave the feeling that she had fallen from grace.

Not reaching a climax, Satia, the doll-like mage, was becoming more and more impatient.

Neither her nipples nor her clitoris has been touched, yet her body was excited. The mage, only knowing the caress of her own fingers and the violent tentacles, she pressed back against the tentacle with her vagina, unable to stand the building heat.

“Aah, goood—!”

Although she herself had only intended to press against it a little, she ended up letting out a lewd voice from the stimulation being stronger than she expected.

Her waist trembling, Satia’s spine arched backwards. Even so, it wasn’t enough. It still wasn’t enough to bring her to climaxing.

After feeling such a strong thrill, her next action was quick.

Her body still curved into an arch, she pushed out her crotch so that the tentacle would press against it even more strongly.

She did it even more forcibly than before, but—

“Ah… wh… y?”

This time, the tentacles stopped moving.

The mucus made sounds as her hips moved back and forth across it, but the girl’s crude movements left her unsatisfied.

However, the tentacles still wouldn’t move. Was it angry from Satia moving on her own accord? Or was it intending for this from the start? Either way, it didn’t move.

Satia’s cheeks were blushing from the embarrassment. Even though it was so embarrassing—

“P-please don’t tease me… Goshujin-sama.”

Casting her eyes down in embarrassment, she ended up caving and begging for it.

That alone was enough to cause the tentacles to resume, but Satia had to hide her face with both of her hands due to the shame.

“H-ah—good, it feels so goood, Goshujin-samaaa!”

The tentacle’s momentum increasing as it moved back and force, it stimulated not only her vagina but her clitoris, still protected by her hood, as well.

Finally receiving her eagerly anticipated stimulation, her shame was instantly blown away as she let out moans filled with pleasure.

She pushed her waist out farther to obtain an even greater pleasure.

Her clitoris being her greatest weak point, Satia had already succumb to the pleasure and was gifted with more than enough of it.

“Uuun—there, there!”

Inside the Cave of Obscenity

Inside the Cave of Obscenity

ICO, Inbi na Doukutsu no Sono Oku de, 淫靡な洞窟のその奥で
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , , Released: 2013 Native Language: Japanese
A world where the [Demon King] was defeated by a [Hero] that came from another world. People carelessly forgot about their fear of the [Demon King] and of monsters, living in peace. In a forgotten and run-down cave in the mountains, a new monster that should not have been born was given birth. The monster’s name was the [Black Ooze]. It was nothing exceptional other than its black color, an ordinary slime. However, this slime had the special characteristic of being able to take the abilities of the living things it swallowed. It preyed on an insect that had paralytic poison, as well as other animals. Following that, it attacked a human, obtaining his knowledge and [Desire]. Before long, the monster established its target as the female mage that came to explore the cave. This world still wasn’t aware. [A Monster Was Born]…



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