Inside the Cave of Obscenity Vol 02 Chp 04 Part 4


Moving her body so that the woman wouldn’t wake up, Satia went to rubbing her ears, rather than her breasts.

“N, uuu—”

Were they her weak spot?

Having displayed a much more obvious reaction than with her breasts, Fiana was a bit interesting.

Satia continued stroking the woman’s ear with her finger, gently stimulating her breast with her other hand. Fiana’s reaction changed visibly.

“Haah… Haa—nn.”

What came from her mouth was no longer sleep breath, it was obviously a pant.

Moreover, a cute tongue slipped out from behind her white teeth just a little.

What kind of dream was she having?

Or maybe it wasn’t a dream. Maybe her body was simply reacting on its own?

Her breasts’ peaks had gotten to the point that they could be fully seen, even through her blouse. Her ear trembled as through to escape being teased by the finger.

Using her tiny hands, Satia placed her palms against the woman’s breasts and squeezed one time. Her breasts so big that Satia’s hands couldn’t contain them.


Satia didn’t know if it was due to pleasure or pain, but just that single time caused Fiana’s body to stiffen.

(… Did she wake up?)

Holding in place for a while, she once again heard the woman return to a heated sleep breathing.

She hadn’t woken up, so Satia decided to use her tongue to lick her long and beautiful ears. Just a little, of course.

She wasn’t able to use her tongue as dexterously as the Black Ooze could its tentacles, but Satia found it very pleasant when her own ears were violated.

Remembering those times, Satia slid her tongue along one of the elf’s long ears. It was immediately covered with saliva and began making a lewd sound as she pressed her tongue down into the woman’s ear.

“… Nnn, uu…”

However, Fiana’s reaction wasn’t satisfying.

She’d moved her body like it was ticklish, but compared to the times she had rubbed her breasts or rubbed her ear with her finger, she hadn’t reacted much at all.

As that was the case, she started rubbing one of her breasts. It wasn’t a gentle massage, but rather a vigorous one that she’d put some strength into her grip for.


When she did that, what was definitely a heating sigh came from the elf.

Satia looked towards the tent’s entrance, but it didn’t look like anyone was coming. She continued on looking at the entrance as she rubbed the elf’s breast powerfully enough to move Fiana’s body somewhat.

This time, what came out wasn’t a sigh.

When she looked back toward’s Fiana’s face, she still appeared to be asleep… but she was enduring it by biting down on her right forefinger.

When she stopped doing anything for a while, Fiana’s finger parted from her lips.

Satia waited for her breathing to settle down, and—

“… What’re you doing?”

Still rubbing the sleepiness from her eyes, Frederica sat up.

When Satia silently looked towards Fiana, what could be seen was a beautiful woman whose lips were partly opened as she let out heated sighs.

“… …”


“Ha, aa—aaah.”

Satia went back to silently rubbing the one of the elf’s giant breasts in vigor. As she did, Fiana’s body shook and she went back to panting.

“She’s pretty sensitive…”

Frederica got that impression from her.

It looked amusing, so Frederica moved her hand over to the breast opposite of Satia.

(… Aren’t these even bigger than mine?)

Entertaining such a carefree thought, Frederica started out by gently stimulating the elf.

Rather than massaging her so carelessly like Satia, she used her forefinger to trace the outer circumference of the breast, sometimes pressing against the soft breast a little more strongly. She lightly stimulated her, to the point that it was uncertain whether or not her finger was actually touching. However, just as one would start to guess that, she would place some pressure on the breast. Just as one would begin to think she only intended on gently caressing her areola with her fingernails, rather than the nipple itself, she would suddenly press her forefinger into the nipple.

It was amusing whenever her finger would sink in, but it was more amusing when she took it back out.

She could see the elf’s nipples more clearly than she was able to just a moment ago.

Her undergarment had likely shifted from Satia’s fierce caresses.

Meanwhile, now that she’d learned that this woman reacted when she was treated roughly, Satia’s massaging was more like crushing.

“—Nnaah! … Haah….”

Then, once Fiana began to show an intense reaction, the two stopped doing anything with their hands.

Despite still being asleep, Fiana twisted her body as though to escape from the pleasure. However, she continued to be played around with by the two’s hands.

Her upper body held in place their hands, her waist moved as she tried to unconsciously escape. The blankets laid out below them had gone into disarray.

The next thing Frederica set her sights one was…

Does it need to be said?

The elf’s ears.

“Hmm… Nom.”

“Ha… aaah!?”

Holding the long ear in her mouth and play-biting it while licking it with her tongue, Fiana’s limbs sprang about amusingly.

(That was a way different reaction from when I did it…)

Satia inclined her head to the side. As if to mimic her, Satia did the same with her small mouth.



Frederica took the ear out of her mouth and whispered into it.

Guided by mana-filled voice, Fiana’s consciousness that had started to awaken sank back down.

Suddenly feeling her eyes droop, Satia, still nibbling on Fiana’s perky ears, sent an upward glance towards Frederica.

“There are various ways to use magic… keep on studying.”


She answered by nodding.

If anything, she probably responded like that so that she’d be able to keep on play-biting Fiana’s ears.

“… Is it tasty?”


To that question, she shook her head. The ear on Satia’s side was covered in saliva, a horrible state. When she slurped so that the saliva wouldn’t drip off, Fiana reacted from just the stimulation.

After enjoying herself by nibbling on Fiana’s lovely ears a few more times and watching her body twitch each time she did so, she took it out of her mouth.

“… Watching her reactions is amusing.”

“Right? I like doing this more though.”

Saying that, Frederica unbuttoned Fiana’s blouse button-by-button.

What appeared was white lace underwear that, as their eyes had gotten used to the darkness, shone somewhat.

Seeing the beauty’s underwear-clad body shine in the near darkness, Frederica squinted.

Her eyes that had gotten so used to the darkness could even see the frills’ design. The female knight was so beautiful that she’d let out a voice of admiration in her mind.

(Well, this isn’t the kind of underwear that belongs on a campaign…)

She thought that as well, though.

“Even Knight-sama’s underwear is first-class.”

“… Pretty.”

“Really, I’m envious…”

All of the buttons on her blouse removed, Fiana’s upper body was entirely revealed. Her beyond-rich breasts lay off towards her sides due to the pull of gravity and her right nipple had even slipped out of her underwear. This wasn’t the sort of underwear that placed functionality over all else and covered the majority of the breasts like the kind Frederica used. This was the kind that pursued beauty in order to dress yourself up and show off to a man.

The fabric was thin and it didn’t cover much area. Even though her nipple was still hidden on the left side, it was still showing off a bit of her areola. If this was what she wore on her upper half, what about her panties? Frederica, suddenly gaining an interest in her lower half, decided to capture the elf’s upper body first.

She started massaging her breasts, now only defended by the thin bra, with both of her hands. She was gentle at first… slowly and steadily becoming more forceful over time.

Even despite being protected by her bra, her giant breasts were so soft that they still undulated, changing shape as if entirely guided by Frederica’s hands.

“Nnn, nnnuunn…”

Satia held back Fiana’s finger that she’d unconsciously tried bringing to her mouth to muffle herself.

And so, rather than her finger—Satia brought her own lips to Fiana’s.

The elf’s lips were parted slightly, her white teeth just barely visible beyond them. Further inside, there was a tongue flicking around just slightly, as though it were desiring something.

Satia pressed her tongue into Fiana’s mouth.

“Huu, aa—aahn.”

She licked around her mouth at first, but she brought Fiana’s tongue outside of her mouth as though she weren’t satisfied with that.

This time, Satia twined her tongue around the elf’s, nibbling it here and there. Meanwhile, Satia used her hands to rub the elf’s ears, pinching them with her nails as they twitched.

Before long, Frederica’s hands were no longer rubbing from above the elf’s bra. She’d moved her hands inside it and was massaging her soft, giant breasts directly.

Her movement was still restricting by the underwear, but now that it felt like she was truly ravishing the woman, Frederica’s heart was being satisfied. While kneading the beyond soft breasts, she held the protrusions that were making themselves known between her forefingers and thumbs.

Different from the breasts’ softness, her nipples were elastic, like little gummy bears. When she used her fingers to knead them, Fiana’s waist unexpectedly lifted up. She didn’t let out a voice, however.

Her mouth was blocked by Satia’s.

Her toes clutched the towels that were being used as substitutes for proper bedding. Her hands, moving about like they were trying to reject something, seized Frederica’s and Satia’s clothing.

“Huu—ha… fuu—”

Her breathing roughened as her waist started twitching. Even so, Frederica ignored it and kept pinching her nipples. Even if she kept on and used all of her strength like she wanted to crush them completely, Fiana wouldn’t wake up due to being forcefully put to sleep through magic.

Satia continued play-biting the woman’s tongue so that it wouldn’t be able to return into her mouth. Saliva made its way out from the space between the two’s mouths.

Her muffled voice wasn’t loud enough to be heard from outside of the tent, so no help arrived.

Although her consciousness attempted to raise itself due to the considerable pleasure, it was hindered through magic, causing her voluptuous body to climax while still slumbering.

Continuing on, Satia used her thin fingers to trace along the inside of the elf’s long ears, causing her body to once again twitch. Her head fixed in place and her breasts grasped firmly, the only part of her body left that was able to struggle was her lower half.

Exhausting herself after thrusting her waist out repeatedly, her toes that were grasping onto the towels laid out over the ground lost their strength.

Tears overflowed from her closed eyes. Even her hands that had been trying to reject the two’s advances let go of their clothing. She’d gotten weaker. However, from the way she looked, it was almost as though she were accepting the two; so that they could embrace her.


However, that stillness only lasted for a moment.

Captured by Satia’s tongue, Fiana’s was unable to feebly retreat back into her mouth. Her exposed breasts were once again massaged both gently and vigorously.

Her waist, exhausted from climaxing, now began to move along the ground in a swaying motion. The towels that had been thrown into disarray by her feet were disturbed further.

Even though the pleasure was that intense, she didn’t regain consciousness. Even though she tried to wake up, something was stopping her.

The only thing that the beautiful elf commander was able to do in that strange situation was to continue on climaxing and let out her mumbled screams. However, the two wouldn’t let her off with just that much.

A place beyond the climax. It was somewhere that they knew of, a place that held true pleasure. No matter how much one were to cry, to refuse, to beg, to collapse, to faint… by being continually ravished even beyond that, there was a place they would arrive at.

Although the lower half of her body hadn’t been touched, the scent of a woman filled the tent.

“Fua—haah… nn.”

Just how much had she climaxed?

Finally satisfied, Frederica let go of the woman’s breasts.

Her breasts, reddened due to the obstinately relentless stimulation as they were, were charming in a pitiful way. Her attractive face was covered with Satia’s drool as well as her own, causing her to be almost unrecognizable. Upon taking a closer look, it wasn’t just tears and saliva, but also the drippings of a runny nose.

With how her hands were thrown ahead of her earlier, it looked exactly like she’d been raped.

This lit a fire in Frederica’s soul.

“… Fuaaah…. that was amazing.”

“I don’t really get it, but we should get some sleep. Goshujin-sama won’t be letting us get any rest.”

“… Un.”

Satia rubbed her thighs against each other.

It wasn’t enough after all. However, it was the same for Frederica.

They’d tried tormenting Fiana, but—


They wanted that pleasant feeling they got when the slime didn’t allow them to rest until it was done, not even if they fainted.

After savoring that extreme pleasure day in, day out, they learned that only that monster could provide them with that.

Frederica straightened Fiana’s clothes, not noticing that her own waist was twitching slightly, like it was expecting something.

Putting her bra that her breasts had spilled out of due to the tempestuous massaging back in place, she did up her blouse’s buttons. With this, it’d be ridiculous for the girl to think that anything had happened.


“—Nn… uu…”

She was sleeping. She probably wouldn’t wake up all night.

When Frederica gently pet the elf’s porcelain white-like face, just that small amount of stimulation was enough to cause her to stir.

Frederica truly thought that she was beautiful. Elves were a species that lived longer lives than humans and were much more beautiful than them. No exception to that, this female elf knight was more beautiful than any woman Frederica had seen before.

Looking at such a woman’s face as she brushed over it with her hands… Frederica smiled a true smile, one from the bottom of her heart.

According to the conversation they had beforehand, this female and the other knights were all heading to the abandoned mine that their Goshujin-sama lived in. Since that was the case, this woman would also become Goshujin-sama’s woman. Just like them, she would become their comrade.

She didn’t feel jealous or begrudging about it at all. She wasn’t exactly happy for it to be happening, but she was interested.

What was a knight? They were a person that valued loyalty, the law, and their faith. Although this was the first time she had met any—she could understand well what they were like after seeing how the knights that had peeped at her and Satia bathing were treated.

What would a knight like this Fiana do?

Would she gasp from the pleasure?

Would she sob from the humiliation?

… And, perhaps most importantly, in what way will she succumb?

Still stroking the elf’s cheek, she imagined it.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

After that, the night grew old.

For Fiana, this night was a great nightmare.

Inside the Cave of Obscenity

Inside the Cave of Obscenity

ICO, Inbi na Doukutsu no Sono Oku de, 淫靡な洞窟のその奥で
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , , Released: 2013 Native Language: Japanese
A world where the [Demon King] was defeated by a [Hero] that came from another world. People carelessly forgot about their fear of the [Demon King] and of monsters, living in peace. In a forgotten and run-down cave in the mountains, a new monster that should not have been born was given birth. The monster’s name was the [Black Ooze]. It was nothing exceptional other than its black color, an ordinary slime. However, this slime had the special characteristic of being able to take the abilities of the living things it swallowed. It preyed on an insect that had paralytic poison, as well as other animals. Following that, it attacked a human, obtaining his knowledge and [Desire]. Before long, the monster established its target as the female mage that came to explore the cave. This world still wasn’t aware. [A Monster Was Born]…



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