Inside the Cave of Obscenity Vol 02 Chp 05 Part 4


“H-hyah… n-no—noooo…”

She realized that the urine in her bladder was decreasing. She realized it—and realized that it wasn’t coming out from the spot it was supposed to come out from.

“N-no—no way…”

Realizing what was happening, Alfira’s face paled. It was being absorbed. Her urine… was being absorbed by the slime.


She screamed. Even so, her voice had already changed into one that sounded more coquettish than anything. Her urine taken into itself, the slime grew a small bit larger tried leaving through her urethra again.

This was frightening—it was frightening because she didn’t feel any pain at all. This was a proper reaction. Normally, a urethra wouldn’t be expanded as large as hers. Developed by the slime, it was expanded without causing her any pain due to the paralytic poison—Alfira’s body was modified.

Unable to close it so long as the slime was there, she was penetrated all the way to the spot where her urine accumulated.

The brilliant female knight was aware of that fact more than anyone else.

“P-please—get out, get ooooout!!!”

Hearing Alfira’s desperate pleas, Fiana’s attention momentarily shifted away from the slime. She’d finally looked away.

The slime would never miss that chance. Its tentacles seized not the sword that was clad in mana, but the hand holding the sword.


Although the magic sword could freeze the mucus tentacles, the thing they latched on to was the female elf’s wrist.

Once she was caught, she couldn’t do anything with her strength as a woman. However, the female knight’s expression still had some composure to it as she tried to drive back the Black Ooze with her mana and overwhelming sword skill.

Protected by her gauntlet, the paralytic poison’s effect hadn’t appeared yet.

She was worried about Alfira’s change in tone, but she would first have to repel the slime before she could do anything.

Preparing her mana with that in mind, the surrounding area’s temperature dropped sharply.

It wasn’t visible due to the abandoned mine’s darkness, but the rock walls began to frost over. The only area that was safe was the area surrounding Fiana.

This was a magic that didn’t take collateral damage into consideration, the kind of magic that one wouldn’t want to use if they had comrades in the area. It would end up freezing the adventurers that were taken into the slime as well.

That fact troubled her somewhat, but she herself didn’t intend to die, nor did she intend to allow the still-living Alfira to die either.

Fiana went with the sole option that could lead to their survival. Even so, there was another existence other than the Black Ooze that had rushed into action before the surrounding area froze completely.

It was the part of the Black Ooze’s body that had adhered itself to Alfira’s armor. Although it had separated itself from the Black Ooze’s main body, its will was the same.

Tearing itself off of Alfia’s armor, it attacked Fiana from behind while she was concentrating on the magic.


The first thing she felt was a disgusting sensation on the nape of her neck.

The slippery foreign substance moved into Fiana’s clothes as though it were falling down her neck.

“Eh, wh—what!?”

Her thoughts were thrown into chaos because of the gross sensation, but she managed to keep up maintaining the magic.

“Kuh—so this was what it was!”

What a disgusting monster!

Cursing the monster in her mind, Fiana tried emitting her mana even faster to freeze the slime even a second sooner.

The composure she’d had squaring off against the Black Ooze had already vanished.

She absolutely had to expel this monster as fast as possible.

The slime slipped down the female elf’s back, stimulated by its sense of purpose. As it moved, it felt to Fiana as though she was being licked.


Her body wound up reacting to it, but it couldn’t be helped. It was a physiological response.

Coming to that clear-cut conclusion, Fiana maintained her magic. Pleased that the woman wasn’t opposing it, the slime licked all over the woman’s back with its whole body, not bothering to even use its paralytic poison.

Pressing against her body with its thin tentacles, the slime followed a rhythm as it teased her back.

Fiana’s body trembled quite a number of times due to the slime’s caresses. Each time she trembles, the magic trying to freeze the Black Ooze weakened just a little. Even so, she endured it through sheer willpower.

The moment she realized that it was moving towards the underwear supporting her breasts that was so popular amongst noble women, it pulled on the bra’s string, causing her breasts to shake. As the bra’s string was pulled to the point that the bra no longer matched the size of her overly voluptuous breasts, she felt more a tightening oppression in her chest more so than pain.

“—Huu… obscene.”

Her breaths growing shallow, she looked quite lustful as she gulped back saliva that tried to overflow from her mouth. She did not feel good. All she felt was disgust.

The willpower within her red eyes as she glared at the Black Ooze was strong. Still grasping the sword that was her proof as a knight, the female elf drove the slime back bit by bit.

Although the momentum behind the wave of cold lessened somewhat, it wasn’t as though it disappeared.

(If I can just keep enduring—)

At the same instant that Fiana thought that, the slime’s movements shifted.

It had only been licking her back up till now, but it moved. It tucked itself inter her bra, heading towards her breasts that were squashed by her armor.


(… What a disgustingly filthy monster!)

Even so, Fiana thought this might happen. She didn’t understand why it would do it, but the monster wanted to pleasure women.

Alfira was definitely surprised by its unexpected actions. She believed that she had let down her guard.

That’s why she was able to predict that this monster would tease her breasts—as well as her lower body.

—This thought process of hers allowed Fiana to still hold the upper hand.


Her abundant breasts that were being crushed by her armor were being kneaded by the slime.

But that wasn’t all, the slime extended its body to tickle her belly as well as lick her armpits.

She wasn’t able to stop it because she was still gripping on to her sword, so she was at its mercy.

Even though she was the one driving their opponent into a corner, she was also the one being tormented. If she gazed down just slightly, she would see her breasts swaying back and forth and undulating by the slime’s movements.


At some point, her once-strained lips opened ever so slightly.

Her breathing was shallow, quick—and heated. Even though she really did feel disgusted by the slime, it was impossible for her to disregard the stimulation given to her breasts.

The mucus kneading her breasts and the obscene squishing sound it gave off also contributed to cornering Fiana. Her breasts were being violated. The sound alone informed her of that.

“H-ah—haah… nn.”

Swallowing back her saliva, she ignored the stimulation welling up from her breasts. She had mostly frozen the slime right in front of her.

Once she freezes it all the way to its core, she would quickly peel off the slime sticking to her body and end it.

That was all.

Keeping that thought in mind, she continued maintaining her magic. However, the slime wouldn’t stay still either.

Not having much experience in the area at all, its actions that exceeded what common sense said human intercourse was were visibly driving Fiana into a corner.

Her breasts were massaged, she was licked, and her nipples were being teased. She knew that her chest was much larger than most and that her nipples would be teased, but this slime’s teasing was beyond her wildest expectations.

Her entire chest was licked at the same time, her breasts themselves wrapped around at their bases and squeezed, all the while her nipples were tickled and rolled around. If she had the presence of mind left to notice, the slime was gently massaging her nipples with tentacles just about the size of a finger. Never repeating the same kind of teasing for too long, it moved so that Fiana wouldn’t become accustomed to it.

“This—nn… even though it’s—aaahn… just a monster…!”

If it weren’t for the Black Ooze’s tentacles, Fiana would very likely have already taken off her armor and rip off the trespassing slime.

At this point, the slime wasn’t simply licking her breasts alone, but also her defenseless navel and the rest of her femininely soft and toned abdomen.

Those spots hadn’t been licked in her entire life. This never-before-experienced pleasure gradually built up, bringing the beautiful elf knight ever closer to a climax.

(Th—this monster…!)

A pleasant throbbing began to fill her entire body.

Matured to maturity, the female elf’s body writhed as though to resist the pleasure. Her hair clung to her forehead due to her perspiration.

However, even so, she could still endure—at least, she should have been able to.

“N, fuah!?”

It stopped being as gentle as it had been. It started violently tormenting her breasts like it was trying to smother them.

The gentle massaging had tenderized her breasts, but now they were being dealt with violently, much like how clay would be kneaded. They were massaged roughly enough to fully change shape under her armor and clothes, but would try and return to their original shape in the next instant.

Fiana couldn’t possibly see it herself, but her cherry pink nipples were so hard that they were painful.

The slime, of course, wouldn’t overlook such a delicious weak spot—

“H-hiii!? —Uhuaa…”

She almost lost her grip on her sword as she desperately endured the assault, keeping her knees from hitting the ground.

However, her stance pigeon-toed while she tried to hold her ground. Her legs trembled and it was difficult for her to support her own weight.

Her scarlet eyes glared at the Black Ooze in tears, she kept her mouth that despised the monster closed and held back her panting.

Her long ears were dyed red in shame, yet even so, Fiana resisted it and kept standing upright.

(Hah—w-what the!?)

The shining light ahead of her tear stained eyes started to go out.

As expected given her current state, she’d already reached her limit at maintaining her magic.

Her legs that had once moved with a dancer’s grace were now trembling, no longer able to perform any of those nimble movements. Even her dignified expression was distorted by pleasure.

“Huu—ah… kuh.”

The slime continued violating Fiana’s breasts, not holding back in the least.

Her kneaded breasts’ tension was increased as they pressed up forcibly against her armor, enough to cause pain.

Yet even more importantly—

(My nipples—nip… n-not so violentlyyy!)

Pulled and tumbled about, they were assaulted so intensely that it was like the slime was trying to rip them off. Even so, her hate-filled body could only feel it as pleasure.

Her body convulsed each time it assaulted her breasts, informing just how intense she was being violated. Her eyes were moist, enough that the Black Ooze before her had blurred.

The flickering lantern light lit the beauty’s bewitching gasps in the darkness, a sight that would cause any man to gulp back their saliva. However, the only thing to see this sight was the slime.

“S-so—i-intense… so, int—”

In a situation where it could be said that her even keeping upright despite her lower half’s trembling was a miracle, she absolutely wouldn’t let go of the sword that was her proof of being a knight.

She refused to surrender her pride as a knight.

It was impossible for that pride to coexist with the pleasure, tormenting the female elf. The pleasure of that torment cut its way into her body.

(T-this—slime, even though… it’s just… a slime!!!)

Her twin hills that held a boastful elasticity warped left and right, bouncing as though they were dancing, distorting her clothes.

Fiana’s breasts, things that should’ve been naught but lumps of fat, dyed her thoughts in pleasure, torturing her.

If it weren’t for the Black Ooze’s tentacles coming at her, she probably would have dropped her sword by that point.

The slime’s torment was skillfully driving the woman mad.

“N-no—stop, please… stop…”

Pleas for it to stop came from her mouth. They were certainly done unconsciously, they weren’t something that Fiana wanted.

Because a knight must never do something so feeble as surrendering to a monster.

Even so, Fiana’s female part disagreed.

It understood that she couldn’t take any more. It sensed that she wouldn’t be able to endure it if it continued further.

Therefore, in order to defend the part of her named Fiana, her female part unconsciously pleaded for it to stop.

“… Stop, please—!”

There was still a strength in her voice. However, the slime wouldn’t listen to her.

Just like milking a cow, it forcibly pulled on her nipples from their bases.

Still licking her navel and armpits, places that hadn’t been stimulated until this day, it sucked up the sweat flooding down into her cleavage.

“That’s… no—”

(This slime…)

It wasn’t as though her vagina was penetrated. It hadn’t even touched the woman’s greatest weakness.

Even so, the convulsions in her body grew ever more intense as her posture slumped forward.

Still holding her sword—her proof as a knight—her butt was pushed out behind her with her feet pigeon-toed inward. Her face was warped in pleasure.

—That was as far as she could last.

(It’s so much—more than I…!)

“I-I’m cummiiiiing—-! A-huuu…”

Fiana fell forward as-is once the temporary paralysis from climaxing ran out.

The cold mana she was preparing scattered.

However, the surface of the Black Ooze was frozen, so it couldn’t move right away.

Behind Fiana, Alfira continued convulsing while her urethra was being penetrated.

Even while fainting, Fiana’s breasts continued to be ravished.

Satia was unconscious due to Fiana’s magic.

And the Black Ooze and the other slimes were turned into lumps of ice.

But no sooner than cracks started appearing on the lumps of ice, mucus began overflowing from the cracks, causing them to instantly return to normal.

To kill the species known as a slime completely, simply freezing it wasn’t enough. After that, it was necessary to burn them until they evaporated.

—And so the Black Ooze obtained new mothers to give birth.

Inside the Cave of Obscenity

Inside the Cave of Obscenity

ICO, Inbi na Doukutsu no Sono Oku de, 淫靡な洞窟のその奥で
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , , Released: 2013 Native Language: Japanese
A world where the [Demon King] was defeated by a [Hero] that came from another world. People carelessly forgot about their fear of the [Demon King] and of monsters, living in peace. In a forgotten and run-down cave in the mountains, a new monster that should not have been born was given birth. The monster’s name was the [Black Ooze]. It was nothing exceptional other than its black color, an ordinary slime. However, this slime had the special characteristic of being able to take the abilities of the living things it swallowed. It preyed on an insect that had paralytic poison, as well as other animals. Following that, it attacked a human, obtaining his knowledge and [Desire]. Before long, the monster established its target as the female mage that came to explore the cave. This world still wasn’t aware. [A Monster Was Born]…



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