Inside the Cave of Obscenity Vol 02 Chp 07 Part 3


It was something of a bizarre sight.

The pure knight’s arms stuck to the bare rock wall… rather, stuck to the black mucus that had increased in volume so much that covered almost all of the rock wall. It was almost like she was being buried by a black mass.

Unconscious, her head was leaning forward limply. However, upon closer inspection, some of that black mucus was clinging to her face. Although her nose was left unblocked so that she could breath, her mouth, ears, and eyes were all completely blocked by the black mucus.

Even her prided silver hair was obscured by the mucus.

She would occasionally twitch. Each time, her mouth moved as though to whisper something, despite the mucus within blocking her voice from reaching anyone’s ears. No, it should instead be said that that mucus transmitted the voice to the Black Ooze.

And for that reason, it caressed Fiana, following her voice to improve the stimulation she was being given.

It made sure that her ears were sucked, her holes ravished, her gums teased, her tongue pressed against, and her breasts massaged beneath her clothes.

Fiana had fallen into a sort of trance-like sleep, allowing herself to be violated while also speaking of exactly what she felt.

One would normally wake up from something like that, but this elven knight didn’t look as though she would awaken at all.

It wasn’t much of a surprise, however, as she’d been forcefully put to sleep through magic.

A Black Ooze was a monster that could consume anything and acquire the abilities of whatever it ate.

By consuming the knights that had recently came to it, it had expanded the possible uses of its magic. It was already to the point that even if you compared it to both Frederica and Satia… no, even with the elven knight it was currently violating, the Black Ooze would very likely be able to use more kinds of magic then the three of them combined.

And proportional to that, its mana capacity had increased as well.

It had consumed several dozens of humans and knights that were excellent magic users, so its mana had grown so large that no average mage could be its equal.

Even so, the Black Ooze’s children did not enjoy that benefit. Its children did not know how to use magic, so even if they acquired some mana, they couldn’t use it.

Because of that, they presented the knights to the Black Ooze—their parent—for it to consume.

It was a very hierarchical relationship, much like what ants had. The Black Ooze was the queen ant with Frederica and Satia being the worker ants as they were even now giving birth to more slimes.

It could easily be said that its current power was much too much for an ordinary slime.

The guardians of the forest, the elves, were owners of a vast mana capacity and could form contracts with spirits. This Black Ooze was using one of those elves just to make a slime subspecies. If the Black Ooze were to have a fight with any of the people nearby once more, it would very likely win in even a fair, head-on fight.

No one there could even begin to think of doing that, however. Frederica and Satia were already the Black Ooze’s things, while the hostile Alfira was too busy suffering from the agonizing pleasure she was being given.

Essentially, the only one here who might be able to resist the Black Ooze was the dream-bound elven girl.

Not holding any deep emotions on the matter—it was a mystery as to whether or not a slime could even have emotions in the first place—the Black Ooze ravished Alfira.

“Guh, gi—uuu…”

The voice coming from the woman’s mouth held not just pleasure, but also pain from being thoroughly penetrated.

This was no wonder, either.

As she’d been a virgin until just a short while ago, she’d never accepted anyone into her vagina before.

Her body’s carnal desires were being satisfied to a great extent, but the pain of her deflowering had also given Alfira back a certain amount of ability to think.


She wasn’t able to speak due to the viscous tentacles weaving about within her mouth, but the pleasure-clouded eyes she’d had up until a moment before had definitely returned to being somewhat aware.

But even this wouldn’t last for long. Alfira, harboring within her mind a sense of anxiety that resembled even conviction, struggled against the mucus that was binding her body.

She failed. Moreover, she’d felt the pleasure even more sensitively and wound up climaxing.

This was something it knew of—a woman’s body, no matter how much hate or disgust it harbored, would feel it all the same.

For this reason, under the thought that Alfira wasn’t feeling pleasant enough, the Black Ooze’s caresses turned gentle.

It was the same kind of caressing it gave Satia. A mother’s body must not feel distress, so its caresses would only give it pleasure.

Although Alfira’s body had grown up similarly to Frederica’s, what it gave her was a sweet pleasure what even a child would recognize as something that felt good.

It also would have been able to use its paralytic poison to dull the pain she felt, but it would also weaken her sensitivity.

That is a fact that the Black Ooze just recently learned. The knights it consumed knew about a few things on that topic.

The knight was the owner of what’s considered perverted knowledge with the contents of it being abnormal to say the least. How should a woman be treated to feel it? How should they be raped? Where are their most intense erogenous zones? The knight had known of various perverted things like that and was a man that constantly wanted to test his knowledge out on Fiana, a beautiful and pure knight.

There was a knight who had vivid delusions of doing violent things to Alfira’s mature body, a body that had never known a man.

There was a knight who had put himself onto this expedition and aroused himself by imagining Fiana’s and Alfira’s breasts sandwiching his face.

There was a knight who imagined himself raping the two of them to the point they cried out his name and eventually craving him.

There was a knight who fantasized over having a chance to charm them through magic on the journey and thought of what they might sound like as they gasped out in the pleasure he could give them.

There was a knight who could picture himself pushing down the doll-like girl that he’d just met and raping her and violently as possible.

Besides them, there were many others that imagined themselves using Fiana, Alfira, Frederica, and Satia as outlets for their lust.

They had both knowledge concerning magic, they had knowledge concerning how to please women. And so, having consumed the lust they once had, the Black Ooze caressed Alfira with that very lust.

As time passed and the knights’ digestion progressed, the Black Ooze’s loving changed to be more tenacious, to make Alfira feel even more, to pleasure women even more.

When her breasts were massaged, she gasped.

When her vagina was drilled into, she gasped.

When her womb was teased…

When the crack of her buttocks was licked…

This worlds’ sexual interactions hadn’t developed too far. The ass hole was only an organ meant for secretion, the breasts were things meant for rearing children, and the womb could even be called a sanctuary.

The erogenous zones would be nipples and the vagina. Although there were some men and women that harbored more abnormal tastes such as desiring a person’s ass hole, there weren’t many and it was even seen as slightly heretical.

Yet compared to what was currently assailing her…

Ears, neck, navel, inner thighs, ankles, feet, the areas between her fingers and toes, the arches of her feet—each and every one was taken as an erogenous zone.

The knowledge the Black Ooze now held told it that there were many secret erogenous zones on a woman.

Therefore, it would put that knowledge to the test. What places did a woman feel pleasure from? What could it do to have them fall further into that pleasure?

The more the pleasure they felt, the better the condition a woman would be at to birth a child. For that reason and that reason alone, it had decided to cause all four of these women to suffer, struggle, and gasp.

“Haah, heeh. Hahi—haaah… aaaaAAAHH!”

And that extreme pleasure now assailed this woman’s body, a body that had only ever known what masturbation felt like, had only ever known what her hand had felt like.

When the Black Ooze ravished her ears, it made her hallucinate that it was her brain that was being ravished.

When her neck was licked, she felt a longing within the titillation.

When her armpits were caressed, either because it was a place that wouldn’t ordinarily be touched or because she was sensitive there, she did feel a certain something.

When her navel was loosened up, she started to feel a heat gather in her abdomen.

And when her ankles, legs, and the spaces between her toes all received attention at the same time—well, is there a woman alive that could endure that?

At the very least…

“Fuu… h-hiii…”

At the very least, Alfira wasn’t one of them. She could only look up at the ceiling, her pupils rolled so far up they almost couldn’t be seen.

Inside the Cave of Obscenity

Inside the Cave of Obscenity

ICO, Inbi na Doukutsu no Sono Oku de, 淫靡な洞窟のその奥で
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , , Released: 2013 Native Language: Japanese
A world where the [Demon King] was defeated by a [Hero] that came from another world. People carelessly forgot about their fear of the [Demon King] and of monsters, living in peace. In a forgotten and run-down cave in the mountains, a new monster that should not have been born was given birth. The monster’s name was the [Black Ooze]. It was nothing exceptional other than its black color, an ordinary slime. However, this slime had the special characteristic of being able to take the abilities of the living things it swallowed. It preyed on an insect that had paralytic poison, as well as other animals. Following that, it attacked a human, obtaining his knowledge and [Desire]. Before long, the monster established its target as the female mage that came to explore the cave. This world still wasn’t aware. [A Monster Was Born]…



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