Inside the Cave of Obscenity Vol 02 Chp 07 Part 5

The mucus-lacquered white vestments forgetting that they should be concealing her ample limbs, her wet robed did properly hide the area it should due to the slime’s weight. Even so, her garter belt and white knee socks could be seen peaking out from under the slits on either side of her robe. As those knee socks were transparent due to the liquid, the color of her skin could be seen from underneath them.

A liquid, squishing sound could be heard coming from her genitals, hidden beneath her robe. As it was concealed, it wasn’t able to be seen. However, that is exactly what made it so obscene.

It wasn’t possible to see exactly what was happening, so it would cause one’s imagination to run wild. Restricted into what looked like a crucifixion, the beautiful elf was being f*cked without any technique whatsoever. Moreover, given that she was asleep, she didn’t utter a word.

She was completely powerless.

The tentacle that had been thrust into her mouth was pulled out.

“H-aah—-haaah, haah…”

Even so, she wasn’t awake. She was simply breathing due to her mouth now being liberated.

The tentacle working on her genitals thrust in vigorously.


Fiana screamed. Even so, she hadn’t yet woken from her slumber. Which means, due to her unconsciousness—that panting gasp was one coming from her deepest emotions.

The elven knight was asleep. At this point in the time, the Black Ooze knew that she was dreaming.

As for what a dream was, however, it had no idea.

Even so, it knew about them from the knowledge it gained.

Dreams were desires. Projections of the current status quo.

In that case, which was this dream Fiana current saw? A desire? Or a projection?

Was it a liberating dream? A desire for pleasure? Or a projection of her truly being raped?

“Ah—ah, ah…”

Her voice leaked out. Gradually growing, it became intense.

Yet even so, Fiana didn’t awaken. The Black Ooze used magic so that that wouldn’t happen.

No matter how much shame she felt, no matter how many times she came, Fiana didn’t wake up. She wasn’t able to.

This was the same as it always had been.

Frederica and Satia.

It was the same as them. The same as with Alfira as well. Be it acceptance, fainting, or sleeping, the slime cared not.

It would give pleasure. It would pleasure the mother bodies… pleasure them to bring them to a more suitable state for its children.

Yes. Even if they were asleep, even if they had fainted, it cared not.

The unconscious Frederica and Satia’s development continued with its caresses as its tentacles driving into their vaginas. Frederica’s intense, Satia’s gentle.

Having just procured Alfira this day, it started out by kneading her hidden nipples, continued peeling back her clitoris’ hood so that it would always stay bare, and kept a ring of mucus around its base. All the while gently caressing her entire body.



She refused its advances. Yet even so, it wouldn’t stop. Alfira’s voice, thoughts, denials, none of them mattered. The Black Ooze would simply provide her with pleasure.

“Please, stop… stop, stop…”

Even if she lost her ambitions and her voice grew weak, it would continue to penetrate her vagina and stimulate her clitoris. By doing so, it would teach her formerly virgin hole that sexual intercourse was something to enjoy.

—It didn’t forget her urethra either, of course. A thin tentacle smaller than a finger tip bored into her bladder.


She let out a passionate sound. But still not satisfied, the Black Ooze continued developing Alfira—her erogenous zones, her pleasures, her thoughts, everything.

So that she couldn’t escape, so that she would beg for it, so that she would understand that the only thing she wanted was this pleasure.


Suddenly, someone other than Alfira shouted.

Not alarmed, the Black Ooze concentrated its attention towards the source of the sound. It was Fiana.

The woman whose both hands and feet were restrained, the female elf that had been stuck inside a dream had woken up.


The Black Ooze’s tentacles were blocking her sight and restraining her limbs. Her mana had been deprived from her with each climax, she had not even a trace left.

Surprised by her sudden awakening, she turned her head from side to side. However, as her vision was sealed by the tentacle, she didn’t stop it with her confused voice.


Alfira cried out. It was her final struggled.

At this time and only this time, she felt as though she might be able to win. She wouldn’t fail, surely. This was her not realizing that she had already been checkmated, that she herself didn’t want to realize it.


A tentacle penetrated into Fiana’s deepest parts. While she was asleep, Fiana had disclosed her most sensitive areas and weaknesses in her delirium.

She liked her ears being licked gently.

Her neck would feel numb if it was stimulated just enough to make it feel like it was just barely being touched.

She loved it when her armpits were pressed into strongly.

She preferred her breasts to be massaged intensely.

She wasn’t able to hold out if her groin was rubbed against something hard, like a shoe.

Let alone her clitoris, her genitals were currently… being obstinately jousted into along with being rubbed with such a force that she seemed like she might hit the ceiling, giving her such a sense of pleasure that she felt numb.

Although her four limbs were restrained for safety, it had still used paralytic poison to disempower her.

While doing that, the Black Ooze drilled into Fiana’s vagina once more. This time, it truly did make her touch the ceiling.

“W-what!? W-why am I—-iiii!?”

She didn’t speak coquettishly, but with astonishment. Moreover, she still shook her head left and right. However, she wasn’t able to undo the tentacle blocking her vision with something as simple as that.

“Fiana-shamaaa, run…!”

Alfira let out a voice that sounded like a scream. She’d been gasping so much that her voice sounded excited.


However, hearing her voice like that, Fiana wasn’t able to understand what was happening.

That would obviously be the case. Her limbs were restrained, she couldn’t see anything, and there was a tentacle plowing into her vagina. There wasn’t a woman alive that could logically react to a situation like that.

Not even this female knight who’d given the Black Ooze a run for its money with her powerful magic could do anything after being forced into her current state.

When the slime took advantage of her confusion and continued forcing its way into her vagina, she let out an interesting-sounding coquettish voice. Her body had been developed and heated during the time she was asleep and easily went into a spasm, forgetting that it should attempt to endure it.

“W-what’s—s-stop…. huuu, stop… stop it!”

Her confusion gradually increased as her tone shifted from a self-assured nature to a more denial-oriented one.

This was Fiana’s true anxiety.

She couldn’t see nor move and the one humiliating her gave no response.

It was obvious, though. The Black Ooze had no mouth to respond with, not would it, as its only intentions were to violate women. The only one who could answer Fiana’s here was Fiana, who only responded to her by pleading for her to escape and get help.

As though she’d forgotten how to say anything else, she simply continued telling her to run away, her responses mixed with intense panting and gasping.

She didn’t understand anything, she couldn’t get anything from her. Rather, it simply increased the level of Fiana’s confusion.

“Hu-ah… kuh, what!? Why, is—this—”

She herself didn’t understand why she was feeling so much pleasure from it.

No, no way, it was doing this to me the entire time I was asleep?

She couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t believe that as she was asleep, she was desiring the Black Ooze’s loving.



Likely due to Fiana’s loud voice, Frederica and Satia woke back up from their state of unconsciousness.

Their vaginas were penetrated and their bodies were caressed while they were out, but the two of them were accustomed to it. Rather, it was more like they only felt like they’d gotten a proper rest if it did so.


Into Frederica’s womb spilled a load of semen. Her hips suddenly shaking back and forth—Frederica intentionally put strength into her vagina, tightening herself around the Black Ooze’s tentacle. By doing so, she could wring out every last drop of semen from the tentacle.

It was already a conditioned reflex. She was naught but a beast that desired sex.

Such a Frederica finally noticed Fiana’s existence.

“Oh? If I recall… Fiana?”

“That voice… Frederica-san!?”


Her voice sounded like she was at wits’ end, so Frederica wound up tilting her head to the side.

Unable to understand why she might sound like that, she looked over to Satia.

“Aaahn, Goshujin-sama, that spot’s—nooooo…!”

As always, she was being stupid.

At that moment, tentacles that had moved over to Frederica wrapped around her. Taking a good hold of her waist and wrapping around her breasts, they also restrained her limbs.

Once she had been lifted up into the air, she looked practically the same as Fiana. Lined up side-by-side to her, all the more so.

“Frederica-san, save me—u-undo these, please!”


She responded with a sound as though she didn’t understand her meaning at all.

Save her?

… Why?

The moment she thought that, a tentacle moved up against her labia. With that, Frederica’s ability to speak disappeared, replaced by her thoughts stained in pleasure.

Again, she would be raped. Raped until she fainted, then continued beyond that. Until she was broken more than she already was—until she couldn’t return, and would become part of Goshujin-sama.

That much coming at her so suddenly brought her to a climax.

“A-ahn. There—please, Goshujin-sama!”

As though natural, she invited the tentacles into her vagina. Her voice rising, the next to follow in speaking was Fiana, immediately beside her.

“Wh-at? What did you… Frederica-san, what’s happening!?”

She couldn’t see. All she had to gain information was her ears.

So all she could do was imagine it. Inside that darkness, what was happening next to her? What was Frederica doing? She was only able to guess.

And so it lead to the worst thing imaginable. She didn’t want to admit it.

What was being used to restrain her? What was entering her vagina? What was violating Frederica? What was violating her?

She didn’t want to admit it.

“No, le—let me go, let me go—!”

She raged about. She tried to invoke magic so that she could escape, but she noticed that her mana was gone.

Her extreme intent to escape drowned out even her surprise at that fact. She didn’t want to accept this reality. She didn’t want to think about it.

“Alfira, Satia-san!!”

She called out their names. She’d already no longer bothered adding Frederica’s name to the list. After all, she was currently letting out joyous sounds next to her.

“Goshujin-sama, my… apologies… Satia is, already…”

Just then, she heard a name spoken by a voice she knew well with her sharp hearing.

Satia was caressing the tentacles with her body now that her waist had given out. She licked them with her tongue, pushing her tiny chest against them and holding on to them with her supple limbs.


Immediately unable to bear it, she herself guided the tentacles back toward her vagina.

She apologized that she wasn’t able to satisfy it, but her true feelings that she herself wanted to feel good as soon as possible.

It’s unknown whether or not the Black Ooze understood her intention, but nevertheless it drove a tentacle into Satia’s small vagina as requested.

“Uu—ah, ah, ah…”

The tentacle was sized to suit Satia’s body, but she suddenly began to shout once it pierced deep into her vagina. Each time, her vagina was loosened by waves of pleasure.

However, this slave that found delight out of being treated with even the tiniest trace of violence eagerly swung her hips so that she could feel just a bit better. Using her hips like a wretched prostitute, she mimicked the way Frederica normally let herself get violated.

“Nn, nnn. Goshuuuji… shama, d-does it, feel gooooood?”

“W-what… S-Satiaa—-Al…. Alfira!?”

She didn’t understand what was happening, nor did she want to.

Her voice filled with fear, she called out for her fellow knight. The proud female knight had spoken to her when she had awoke.

Yet there was no response.

She was defeated by the pleasure, she eyes back into her head and her tongue out of her mouth, accompanied by much snot and saliva.

She was forced into climaxing, into recognizing her defeat, into realizing she would never get away.

She would be forced to cum until her dying day.

It was the same defeat that had been driven into Frederica and Satia many times over.

This was simply Alfira’s first time.

… Alfira knew it. She couldn’t run away any more. The only thing that could provide her with this pleasure was the Black Ooze.

“Alfira! Alfiraaaa!!”

The elven knight continued calling out for the unconscious female knight.


Her genitals that had been hidden by her robe was pierced. Reaching her womb in an instant, it pushed against its entrance.

As though to tell her to just shut up.


She saw nothing. She could only hear coquettish gasps. Her body was restrained and she couldn’t escape.

Fear sprouted in her chest.

“… ah…”

On that day, the number of voices echoing within the abandoned mine increased by two.

Inside the Cave of Obscenity

Inside the Cave of Obscenity

ICO, Inbi na Doukutsu no Sono Oku de, 淫靡な洞窟のその奥で
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , , Released: 2013 Native Language: Japanese
A world where the [Demon King] was defeated by a [Hero] that came from another world. People carelessly forgot about their fear of the [Demon King] and of monsters, living in peace. In a forgotten and run-down cave in the mountains, a new monster that should not have been born was given birth. The monster’s name was the [Black Ooze]. It was nothing exceptional other than its black color, an ordinary slime. However, this slime had the special characteristic of being able to take the abilities of the living things it swallowed. It preyed on an insect that had paralytic poison, as well as other animals. Following that, it attacked a human, obtaining his knowledge and [Desire]. Before long, the monster established its target as the female mage that came to explore the cave. This world still wasn’t aware. [A Monster Was Born]…



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