Inside the Cave of Obscenity Vol 03 Chp 01 Part 11


Her mind was turning completely white. Fiana breaks out of her daze, biting down on the tentacle in her mouth. She spits it out along with the rancid mucus that it had accumulated. The rotten smell still lingers in the back of her throat.

Although it was only one tentacle, Fiana takes heart in her small victory. She then turns her attention to Frederica, glaring into her eyes. “Let me go, Frederica!” she states with conviction in her voice. Despite her current predicament, Fiana was an experienced adventurer and a leading member of the expedition to hunt down the Ooze. Her cheeks are flushed from the sensual assault of the Ooze, but her gaze remains strong.

Her demands fall upon deaf ears as Frederica continues to pleasure herself upon the tentacle. Fiana’s stubborn face is reflected upon Frederica’s glazed over eyes, devoid of any recognition or concern. Frederika continues to thrust her body up and down the tentacle, climaxing again for the umpteenth time.

Despite her stern words, Fiana is still shaking off her stupor. With her mind clearing up, she feels her magic slowly begin to return to her. But before she can utilize any of that, she focuses her mind on getting Frederica off of her-

“Eh!?” At that very moment, she feels a cold and foreign sensation brush against her groin. Fiana’s vision is obstructed by Frederica’s body, but the sensation of cloth brushing against her nether lips causes her to release a faint squeal. It takes her a second to realize that her shorts have been removed, and her underwear pushed aside. Her pussy has been laid bare.

“ST-” Stop.

A slimy tentacle coils against her sopping vaginal lips and slips into her with no resistance. Bombarded by a new wave of sensory assaults, Fiana’s vision begins to blur. Unaware of what is happening to her, Fiana looks to Frederica for answers – but instead of receiving a response, Fiana is met with a trail of saliva dripping out of Frederica’s slackjawed mouth and dribbling onto her face.

“Hiii-!? Wh, what!?” The answer was right in front of her. The Ooze was raping her with the same ferocity as it had violated Frederica. However, her mind refuses to acknowledge the reality unfolding in front of her.

A monster is a foe to humankind. Their only relationship is to kill and be killed, nothing else. It is unimaginable for them to do anything beyond that, let alone for a human to be raped by a monster. Her mind slowly catches up to her body, as Fiana jolts into action and struggles against her assailant.

With her limbs restrained by the tentacles, Fiana’s attempts to free herself are restricted to thrusting her hips in an attempt to throw Frederica off of her. However, her desperate struggle is fruitless, only managing to sway Frederica back and forth. To any onlooker, it would only appear as if Fiana was pleasuring herself against Frederica.

After what felt like an eternity of enduring the violent assault, it abruptly stopped. The tentacle began to slowly exit Fiana’s vagina before gently sliding forward against her front vaginal wall.

“Hii…ya!? Wh-what is this?” she blurts out in confusion. The tentacle ceases its relentless thrusting and gently teases Fiana with shallow nudges. Unconsciously, her body begins to relax, no longer forced to endure against a barrage of unpleasant sensations. The tentacle softly slithers against her labia, which had once been clenched tightly against the foreign intruder.

Among her limited sexual experiences, what she is feeling at this very moment was undeniably the most pleasant. Her body was slowly acclimating to the new sensation, becoming infatuated by the shivers it sent down her spine. She was enjoying herself. The Ooze continues to softly make love to her, allowing her to melt onto its tentacles.

Fiana is perplexed at how the tentacles seem to move exactly where she desired them as if they were reading her mind. The Ooze nearly pulls out before thrusting its tentacle against her vaginal walls. It then retreats while gently scraping the top of her pussy, exactly as she desired. The tentacle continues to pleasure her, following her every whim – with the exception of leaving her wet hole. Slowly, her muscles begin to loosen, accommodating for the thickness of the tentacle as if she were being moulded to its shape.

In stark contrast to Frederica, who was being ravished so forcefully that she constantly drools on herself, Fiana was treated tenderly and with consideration. The gentle caress of the tentacles distracts Fiana from the fact that she is being raped. No matter how tender it was, she was still being violated against her will by a monster.

As Fiana tries to make up her mind, the tentacle begins to shift and turn into shapes that no human penis could match. It stretches wide and thin inside her, rubbing against her sides as it plunges itself deep inside her and begins to rotate.

“A-aaaahn…! W-what!?” Fiana squeals in surprise. She becomes overwhelmed by this startling new sensation, as her eyes become drawn to her lower half. Her vision is obstructed with the sight of Frederica’s breasts pressed against hers. Her hips begin to buckle, as she slowly starts to give in to the pleasure – and yet she feels a creeping anxiety from not knowing what is happening to her nether regions. Her stern resistance begins to melt into resignation and eventually acceptance.

“Uh… Haa… W-why is this…” Fiana mutters between rough pants. Her waist convulses with the rhythm of the tentacles in a series of small climaxes. Her thrashing dies down, her panting grows louder, and her whole body begins to tremble like her hips.

The pleasure. She was turning into Frederica.

Fiana’s hand grips into a fist, clenching so hard her knuckles begin to turn white. She tightens the muscles in her thighs in a desperate attempt to hold back the spasms wracking through her entire body. Her teeth grind against each other, in a desperate attempt to cage the moans that leak from within her. Beads of sweat begin to form all over her body, filling the cave with a sweet perfume unlike the stench of the black Ooze. Fiana closes her eyes, imagining away the situation while thrashing her arms to free herself from her restraints.

“Th-there! It feels so good- SO GOOD!!” Frederica’s moans ring within Fiana’s long elvish ears. No matter how much she tries to deny it, Fiana can not ignore the pleasure of the monster’s caress. Her body continues to grapple against the tentacles as her mind torn between two alternatives. It would be so easy for Fiana to give in, like the woman in front of her.

Within this desperate struggle, Fiana can’t help but notice the stimulation from her nipples. Every time she struggles, she unwittingly rubs her breasts against Frederica, who purposefully matches her movements. Even with several layers of cloth between them, Fiana’s hardened nipples brush against Frederica’s bosom, sending jolts of pleasure between them.

Their lower halves remain sandwiched against each other, partially clad in contrasting white and black garments. Their shorts hang drenched between their legs, their underwear pushed aside for their slimy intruders. Their pussies stretch to accommodate for the thickness of the tentacles, revealing a small glance into their soaked passages. They are laid bare and helpless, swaying their hips invitingly to the Ooze.

However, the monster touches the two beauties indifferently, ignoring their allure. It merely repeats the same behaviour as it has done before: caress the body, enter the vagina, and release its semen.

But its indifference is not important to Fiana as her mind is too preoccupied with the beast’s assault. She continues to struggle against the monster, adamant about escaping the ooze’s grasp. No matter how much willpower she musters, an undercurrent of pleasure continues to pervade through her thoughts. Her body is drenched in a thin layer of sweat and juices, her breath becoming ragged either out of exhaustion or excitement.

Whenever Fiana attempts to struggle against the monster, she reluctantly feels her core tense, her pussy tightening against the intruder as a grim reminder of her current situation. The tentacle changes tactics and begins to swell up inside Fiana, making sure it can’t be knocked loose while retreating to her entrance. It then begins to gently thrust, gradually increasing in depth with each piston-like movement. It was aiming for her cervix.

Fiana feels how deep the tentacle has entered into her and feels a rising panic as it approaches her womb. Slowly but surely, the tentacle continues its onslaught. No matter how much she tightens her core, there is no way to prevent the tentacle from reaching its destination.

It is inevitable.

A drop of semen lands on her cheek, the smell wafting into her mind. This is reality. There is no doubt in her mind what will happen when the tentacle inside her reaches its climax.

“Ha… ha, ha… haaa,” she laughs nervously to herself, attempting to calm down. Her panicked breaths come out fast and short, her eyes beginning to water. Her eyes turn to Frederica, whose vacant euphoric expression is burned into her eyes. Tears begin to roll down Fiana’s cheeks, her heart gripped in terror of becoming like the woman before her.

To avoid losing her humanity – that is the only wish her heart desires.

Gathering what strength she has remaining, Fiana clamps down with her groins to delay the invasion of the tentacle – even if only by a little. She tries to collect her thoughts enough to concentrate on a spell, one that would allow her to blow away the slime restraining her. She bides her time, accumulating just enough magic to finally free herself.

As she starts to utter her incantation, multiple tentacles erupt out of the slime and rush to her pussy. The tentacles around her breasts latch on to her nipples, and another tentacle slithers into her ear. Her focus is shattered, along with any hopes of freeing herself from this never-ending nightmare.

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Inside the Cave of Obscenity

Inside the Cave of Obscenity

ICO, Inbi na Doukutsu no Sono Oku de, 淫靡な洞窟のその奥で
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , , Released: 2013 Native Language: Japanese
A world where the [Demon King] was defeated by a [Hero] that came from another world. People carelessly forgot about their fear of the [Demon King] and of monsters, living in peace. In a forgotten and run-down cave in the mountains, a new monster that should not have been born was given birth. The monster’s name was the [Black Ooze]. It was nothing exceptional other than its black color, an ordinary slime. However, this slime had the special characteristic of being able to take the abilities of the living things it swallowed. It preyed on an insect that had paralytic poison, as well as other animals. Following that, it attacked a human, obtaining his knowledge and [Desire]. Before long, the monster established its target as the female mage that came to explore the cave. This world still wasn’t aware. [A Monster Was Born]…



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