Inside the Cave of Obscenity Vol 03 Chp 01 Part 2


Alfira’s mind was reaching its limit. No matter how much reinforcement it had gone through due to her rigorous training, she was being violated by a monster and made to look as ungainly as possible with no hopes of saving. As a woman, she had no reason to feel safe.

The mental anguish and humiliation of a woman having her body—what she would consider to be a sacred place—raped was something a man would never understand.

It was all about to drive her to her limit.

Engulfed by a rotten odor, Alfira’s body was forced into another set of convulsions. Each and every time she convulsed, saliva flowed down her face, juices from her vagina, and a yellow stream from her urethra. Her entire body was slick from her own sweat and the Black Ooze’s mucus, its tentacles moving across her body as though to lap up her sweat.

Strong thighs, a firm butt, slightly toned abs, a waist with no excess flab, rich breasts, erect nipples, bare armpits, forged arms.

Her eyes opened wide as her body was being caressed by the black mucus, she looked as obscene as an angel falling from grace, a knight who fell from virtue. Bewitching.

And so again, she convulsed, mucus covering her face and slight bubbles forming at her mouth all the while.

“Ss… mm…”

At some point, the tentacles dedicated to pleasuring her genitals started to calm her down.

Her mind fuzzy from the lack of oxygen, she realized that fact. Even though her entire body was being licked by it, Alfira felt that that wasn’t enough to bring her to a climax. Yet in defiance of that, her body ignored her will and went into convulsions again.

According to her crude understanding of sex, this was impossible. Again, all she knew to be erogenous areas in her very narrow understanding were the breasts, clitoris, and vagina proper.

Alfira was deluded in thinking that it was simply a standard breast massage that she was being subjected to. Her inverted nipples were so sensitive that they were certainly capable of being able to bring her to a climax. However, for Alfira, the reality of her doing so through her breasts’ stimulation alone was utterly inexplicable.

Which is why she attempted to deny this truth in her clouded mind—


Once again, she felt an intense stimulation. A numb feeling burst from her chest toward her mind, causing a heated quip to burst past her lips.

Covered by the mucus, Alfira’s beautiful breasts were molded into many different shapes. No sooner were her nipples tugged outward, morphing them into a bell-like shape, were they slammed back inward, causing her plentiful flesh to swell outward, never staying the same shape for more than a moment.

Like a child playing with clay, the Black Ooze fondled her squishy chest.

Heat building within her breasts each and every time, they grew more and more sensitive as though begging Alfira to allow the heat to vent somehow.


A slight pain.

An overwhelming pleasure.

Unable to stop it, spittle flowed from her mouth. Alfira hadn’t even realized she was drooling to start with.

Again, the passionate eddy of heat whirled within her delectable mound of flesh. Ordinarily, that eddy would be within her lower abdomen. It was a sensation that should happen within her womb and vagina, but it was welling up from within her breasts.

“No, no no no… I—I’m scaaaared…!”

Spouting off something like a child, she wriggled her body back and forth in rejection.

She couldn’t believe it. An entirely different sort of climax than what Alfira knew was approaching, and it was approaching fast.

Her head hurt. A lack of oxygen, a surge of pleasure, a tinge of fear… unable to comprehend the whirlpool that was her mind, Alfira could only shake her body in denial. Frightened, unable to do anything, and unable to endure it—Alfira trembled like a child.

A state very unbecoming of a knight.

A knight, a shield that defends the people, a sword that exterminates monsters and all evil… was trembling, was frightened. Because of a monster.


A distinct shiver ran through Alfira’s body. Immediately following the sensation of something sharp penetrating her nipples, her mind blanked and her vision dimmed.

Tears fell from her eyes, covering her cheeks and distorting her vision, but she had no way of wiping them away.

… Not allowing even tears to be wasted, a mucus tentacle wiped over her cheeks.

By then, she didn’t have any energy left to resist.

Her haggard cheeks covered by the wriggling tentacle, Alfira was at its mercy.

Her eyes weren’t simply lacking willpower or energy, oh no, they even seemed to lose their light and dim.

It seemed to think something off about Alfira’s sudden change, so in addition to the tentacles playing with her breasts, it sent another two along her legs.

Their destination was clear to see, but Alfira had no strength left to give, let alone resist it.

Given how her face was hanging forward limply, she should have been able to see the two tentacles crawling their way forward, but she merely continued to breath weakly.

… However, she had only the slightest amount of energy in her hands, still bound together overhead. Her vambraces clinking together, a clear sound echoed out.

By doing that, no matter how small, it was an act of resistance. Yet even so, this wasn’t something Alfira had done on her own. It was nothing but a simple bodily reaction. It was something she’d done countless times in this darkness, a conditioned reflex. At this point, there was no longer any intention behind it in the least. It was just Alfira writhing in pleasure. It might have only been that.


“A-ah… nnnn—-u…”

Her legs were spread wide. When it moved to stimulate her groin, she let out a small sound. Next, when it spread her labia, it was just a tinge, but a sense of consciousness returned to her voice.

And with that tinge was itself a rejection.

A rejection for what would be done from then on. She knew that it would be excessively shameful, repulsive, sickening even. Because of that… because of that, she mustered the last ounce of strength she had to shake her hips.

It was something meant to escape the Black Ooze’s mucus tentacles, but any man would have seen it as an obscene invitation.

The way she moved her hips looked akin to a woman climaxing, a woman begging for further pleasure despite already being at the height of pleasure.

And so—

“… Ah—h, aah.”

The Black Ooze pressed its mucus against her narrow hole, the hole that had been chaste until just a little while ago.

Alfira’s movement had been to try denying this foreign object from entering her.

It wasn’t meant to invite it into her.


Her eyes drooped, as well as the ends of her eyebrows. Her nasal breathing falling into even further disorder, she couldn’t even try opening her mouth to gasp.

Breathing was painful.

Alfira, suffering pain and disgust, had trouble breathing.

It felt disgusting.

That’s all she could think.


“Aah, huuah…”

However, the voice coming from her mouth was a passionate one.

The pain from losing her virginity was virtually gone. All she felt was oppression and fear.

… As a knight, Alfira walked the path of a swordsman, but to a certain extent she did know the path of a woman as well. Virginity was something precious, something to give to your beloved one day… and that losing it would be accompanied by pain.

However, in her reality, her virginity was snatched away from a monster in the depths of an abandoned mine.

She hadn’t felt the pain she’d resolved herself for and felt nothing but pleasure.

Although the sense of oppression and fear were currently winning out, it was just a matter of time.

That was something Alfira herself knew better than anyone.

At any rate, it would caress her body as it did before. She would keep a hold on her feelings of disgust and continue to reject it.

Even so, forced to struggle to breath, forced to climax—even forced to have her urethra, something that shouldn’t be used for sex, developed.

She didn’t even need to wonder how long she’d last.

Not even a day had passed since she fought the Black Ooze. In just that short amount of time, Alfira, a virgin, was brought to feel pleasure, and had even began wanting it.

“Aah—nn, aaah…”

Her weak voice gradually grew louder.

Just by it changing its tentacles into a shape that could more easily stimulate her weak spots to get a reaction out of Alfira, she was unable to hold back and let out her voice.

It was a voice so seductively sweet that it made her self-aware that she was a woman before she was a knight.

Her convulsions growing ever more intense, they weren’t limited to her lower half but traveled up to her chest as well.

The volume of secretions coming from within her vagina might make one wonder where it was all coming from. The Black Ooze’s secretions weren’t the only thing coming from her vagina, however, as all that movement produced an obscene sound as well.

In that quiet, abandoned mine, all that could be heard was Alfira’s breathing and a sticky lapping sound coming from her body.

Which is why she felt so ashamed that she wished she could plug her ears… despite moving her hips back and forth.

(Wh… y…)

She questioned herself. Her whole body was being stimulated, her armpits licked, her breasts massaged, her legs engulfed, her genitals stimulated.

(Why, even though… this should be disgusting…)

She questioned herself, but she had no answer. She didn’t have the presence of mind to think of one, nor was there anyone there who would help her with the quandary. Exhausting her stamina to the point of impossibility to continue rejecting the monster vocally, she could only question herself with her fading consciousness.

Why, why, why, why…

The only things there were Alfira, being forced to feel pleasure, and the monster, forcing that pleasure upon her.



(Feels so gooooood!)

How many times had she climaxed?

The depths of her vagina pressed against by various shaped, Alfira climaxed from the incredibly elastic tentacle moving about within her.

She kept her face looking down, yet the only part of her that moved was her hips, which climaxed over and over.

Her lungs working even more violently in a vain attempt to get more oxygen, she started to black out from the lack of oxygen. Her head feeling as heavy as a lump of iron, she desperately tried to breathe—


What was seized next wasn’t just the insides of her vagina, but the modest fleshy pearl just above it.

In addition to the one ravishing her vagina, a long and slender tentacle twined around the base of her clitoris and moved back and forth like a snake, stimulating the entire thing.

“—! —…st…”

Still, she didn’t raise her face.. no, she didn’t have the energy to raise her face. All she could do was let out a silent scream, causing her throat and lungs to protest with even more pain. But even if she knew that, it wasn’t like she could stop.

Her hips quivering as though they might be broken, they no longer cared anything about Alfira’s say in the matter.

It was much the same for her legs.


Her lower half was shaken. Moreover, it resumed caressing her breasts as though to going with a synchronized assault.

Her abundant breasts massaged and her nipples stroked, she climaxed once more.

Her vaginal wall rubbed against and her clitoris handled roughly, she climaxed once more.

Her love juices that should have been seeping from her swallowed up by the Black Ooze, all that defiled her lower half was its slimy mucus.

Both her trousers and panties soaked through by the mucus, they glittered in the faint light. The same could be said for parts of armor that should have been her pride as a knight… her vambraces and leg guards.

The light didn’t play off just Alfira’s skin as she continued convulsing, but her clothes and her armor, as well.

Unable to breathe, she gradually grew unable to use her voice at all.

Yet even so, the Black Ooze didn’t cease its stimulation of Alfira’s breasts, vagina, and clitoris.

“M—s… s…”

With that, Alfira blacked out.

She’d fainted.

Because of oxygen deprivation. Because of exhaustion. Because of mental anguish. Because of fear.

The various factors overlapped, sinking Alfira’s consciousness far into the dark. Drool slipped from her still-open mouth.

Her drool fell down onto the mucus covering her well-developed bosom, yet even that was taken by the Black Ooze.

This strong woman’s body fluids was a source of nourishment for the Black Ooze.

It was the same for the love juices that overflowed from her due to pleasure. Bringing this mother body to a climax would cause there to be more love juices, as well as make it easier for it to birth a child.

For the Black Ooze, sexual intercourse was very, very convenient.

Inside the Cave of Obscenity

Inside the Cave of Obscenity

ICO, Inbi na Doukutsu no Sono Oku de, 淫靡な洞窟のその奥で
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , , Released: 2013 Native Language: Japanese
A world where the [Demon King] was defeated by a [Hero] that came from another world. People carelessly forgot about their fear of the [Demon King] and of monsters, living in peace. In a forgotten and run-down cave in the mountains, a new monster that should not have been born was given birth. The monster’s name was the [Black Ooze]. It was nothing exceptional other than its black color, an ordinary slime. However, this slime had the special characteristic of being able to take the abilities of the living things it swallowed. It preyed on an insect that had paralytic poison, as well as other animals. Following that, it attacked a human, obtaining his knowledge and [Desire]. Before long, the monster established its target as the female mage that came to explore the cave. This world still wasn’t aware. [A Monster Was Born]…



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