Inside the Cave of Obscenity Vol 03 Chp 01 Part 3


“—, —”

Still unconscious, Alfira’s body shook up and down.

The Black Ooze pushing its tentacle upward from directly below her, it continued to pleasure Alfira’s body. Widening her vagina little by little, it was using a tentacle that was only around two female fingers in diameter, but as time passed, Alfira’s vagina would expand to accommodate the size.

The Black Ooze had no notion of the concept of time, nor did it care that this mother body was unconscious. It would simply mold her into being more proper for its uses.

“… A-, u…”

She’d fainted, but what it would do was no different. The only instinct this monster had was to rape women and impregnate them, nothing else.

So it violated women, produced children, and took the opportunity to absorb any and all bodily fluids it came across: sweat, love juices, drool, snot, anything.

Alfira panted. At this point, she no longer voiced out rejections at all. Even though her body had long since accepted the Black Ooze, up till this point, she’d continued to deny it vocally. Now, however, that too was gone. All that was left was a body that lost to a monster and craved pleasure.

She hadn’t even lost through magic or swordplay, no, it was through sex.

The resplendent knight had been defeated through sheer pleasure. If she were conscious, she might have rejected that fact, as well.

However, the Black Ooze trained this body it was working on almost as though to make sure that wouldn’t happen, either. It trained this knight’s, Alfira’s, body to only know pleasure, climaxes, and that it was a woman’s body.

“—Hah—a, ah…”

Her luscious body shook up and down as her vagina was plunged into and out, and despite the entrance to her womb being stimulated as well, she rarely let out any pained utterance. In this short amount of time, Alfira’s body had simply grown that accustomed to the Black Ooze.

With the pain of losing her virginity dulled through paralytic poison, that pain had slowly turned into pleasure, thoroughly deluding her into interpreting pain as pleasure. As a result, even with her being unconscious, Alfira experienced this rough play as extremely pleasuring. She’d been forced into it.

Could humans normally even be able to have intercourse like this?

Sexual intercourse that forced the female body to suffer, treating them as objects. This was the same thing it had done to Frederica, who had become the Black Ooze’s first target. Not a human, but a tool. A mother body. A nursery. A meat container only meant to produce offspring. That is how it treated her—yet she felt pleasure.

“—, —…”

Still unconscious, the heated and passionate breaths coming from her lips would drive any man wild.

Her bodily responses were remarkable, too. She shook her hips each time the roof of her vagina’s opening was rubbed.

She came right away whenever the area around the opening to her womb was teased rather than forced against.

She had went into violent convulsions when it entered her womb and sucked up the fluids that had collected there, despite still being fainted.

Immediately above her vagina, her urethra twitched as if begging for something, awaiting the tentacles’ caress. Her clitoris had swollen, spasming like it was an animal of its own.

As though to honor her begging, the Black Ooze produced a single tentacle even thinner than a pinky.


The slender tentacle met with her urethra’s mouth, kissing it.


Her reaction this time was more remarkable than any of the others. Even more than when it fondled her breasts, even more than when it plunged into her vagina. He quivered so intensely that it was obvious just how much pleasure she felt from it.

The tentacle slipped into her small, narrow urethra. Slowly, millimeter by millimeter. Gentle, so as to not damage it. Each time it crept forward, Alfira trembled, the tentacle itself moving in sync with her.

Going forward just a bit, then pulling back. Pulling back, then going further forward.


Her voice had come to sound almost spellbound with how lax it was.

Each time the tentacle in her urethra made any move at all, her body showed an obvious reaction. And looking almost as though it were having fun with that, the Black Ooze went forward with stimulating her urethra while pleasuring her.

It was something not normally meant to be used for intercourse.

Which is exactly why Alfira—no, why the mother body showed that reaction. A reaction as a woman. She felt it even while unconscious, showing such an evident reaction through sheer pleasure.

Her entire body was dyed a light pink. Unlike the Black Ooze’s corrupted odor, hers was more of a sweet scent. A sweet voice. A sweet body. Sweet sweat. A sweet, sweet, sweet…

Mother body. Each and every thing about her stimulated the Black Ooze. The men the Black Ooze absorbed merely served to enhance that drive.

The Black Ooze itself didn’t think. What intentions existed within the dark, slimy mass of mucus that made up its form was to impregnate women as mother bodies, gain offspring, and build up more offspring… or not. It merely intended to impregnate and reproduce. No, rather than a true thought, perhaps it should be called instinct?

However, the foreign substances the Black Ooze absorbed, the males, were serving to remold it.

Something it hadn’t felt when it watched Frederica and Satia gasp in pleasure started to emerge. The instinct of wanting Alfira to pant as gasp even more. The instinct of a man, of a male, of a beast.

It had emerged, yet it really was a small one.

Compared to the Black Ooze’s instincts, it was but a speck of dust. Even so, despite how very tiny it was, the instinct, the intention, did exist.

“U—ah… nn…”

Sounds of mucus drowned out Alfira’s weak moans.

Shlick, shlick.

The sound of the Black Ooze’s mucus and Alfira’s love juices mixing echoed through the cave.

Her soft limbs shaking wildly each movement, it was like she was trying to show it how much pleasure she felt despite being unconscious. Along with her limbs shaking up and down, so too did her tender breasts. Even while being supported by tentacles, her large chest shook, the light coming down through the ceiling to illuminate the obscenity.

It wasn’t by much, but it appeared as though her abdomen stuck out slightly in the shape of a tentacle. That’s just how much force the Black Ooze put into the tentacle thrust inside her vagina as it pushed her upward.

Even if this extreme pounding should rightly be accompanied by pain, the current Alfira didn’t feel it. It simply wasn’t enough to wake her back up.

Shlick, shlick.

Each time it drilled into her vagina, her legs opened a little more, making it easier for her to receive pleasure, easier to put her weight on her womb. To feel the tentacle pushing her up even more stronger. Leaning backward, her legs spread, her knees bent. A sticky liquid different from the tentacles’ mucus leaked from her genitals.

It was evidence that this mother body named Alfira was truly experiencing pleasure. As she was unconscious, was unable to speak, and couldn’t speak, she proved it through her body. It dripped from her labia, sliding down the tentacles and dripping to the ground.


Little by little, the moans coming from her mouth grew louder. Her breathing grew faster.

She was about to climax. Judging by her voice, just how potent would this next one be? How profoundly would she feel it?

The Black Ooze didn’t know—couldn’t know. It would just bring her to it.

The sticky sounds coming from her vagina slowly sped up and slowly grew louder.

In sync with those sounds, Alfira’s voice grew louder as well.

Her body’s movements grew more intense as well. Rather than through her whole body, what mostly grew more intense was the rocking of her hips.

“Haah—ah, uuu… aah—”


Her vambraces clinked together.

By instinct, her body had tried to endure the climax that was about to assail her. Clenching her hands with her virtually nonexistent strength, they clanked. Yet in defiance to her own reaction, her waist acted against her instincts and thrust itself up to the skies and shook back and forth in obscenity.

With movements so womanly they were practically shameful, she unconsciously guided the tentacle so that it could penetrate her vagina more easily and crash against her womb, causing the tentacles’ movements to all follow her waist.

It was the same for her breasts.

Massaged gently so that her faint-sleep wouldn’t be disturbed, that gentleness caused her shoulders to tremble.

“Haah—ah, nnn…”

Alfira moaned.

It was entirely because of her unconsciousness that she reacted as such to the Black Ooze’s caressing and pointed out her weak spots.

Her breasts, her armpits, her forearms, her entire upper half was being licked.

She was forced upward, moving her hips back and forth accordingly. Little by little, by little, by little. Entirely opposite of Alfira’s feelings on the subject, her legs continued to open so that she could feel even more pleasure.


Then, finally, Alfira’s body shook. It shook powerlessly, but it was plenty enough for it to show what Alfira felt. It only lasted for a few moments before her entire body collapsed out of exhaustion. If it weren’t for her arms being held up by tentacles, she would have fell to the ground.

All power left her limbs, she even fell silent.

She was entirely like a human that had been hanged. Sweat and mucus-wetted hair covered her face and love juices overflowed from her lower body.

Tentacles crawled across her body, absorbing those juices. At this point, Alfira didn’t even react to anything the Black Ooze did to her outside of pleasuring.

It pulled one of its tentacles out of her unresponsive body, followed by another. They were the ones that had been ravishing her vagina and her urethra. In particular, the tentacle that had been inside her urethra was so long that it was a wonder that it had fit itself entirely into her urethra—and it was thick.

At first, it was around the thickness of a pinky, but now it was a size bigger than when it had started this time. This was because that each time Alfira’s urethra grew accustomed to the size of the Black Ooze’s tentacle, it would grow thicker, just enough so that not even Alfira would realize it. Even so, although it wasn’t the size of a pinky anymore, Alfira’s body and mind had already learned.

Learned that it was a place she could feel pleasure from.

And that the only thing that could ravish her there was the Black Ooze.

Her body, so weak that it hadn’t even reacted when the tentacle removed itself from her urethra, trembled slightly. Immediately following, a beautifully transparent stream of liquid flowed out from her urethra.

For a knight… and for a woman, she had fallen to an extremely shameful state.

Inside the Cave of Obscenity

Inside the Cave of Obscenity

ICO, Inbi na Doukutsu no Sono Oku de, 淫靡な洞窟のその奥で
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: , , Released: 2013 Native Language: Japanese
A world where the [Demon King] was defeated by a [Hero] that came from another world. People carelessly forgot about their fear of the [Demon King] and of monsters, living in peace. In a forgotten and run-down cave in the mountains, a new monster that should not have been born was given birth. The monster’s name was the [Black Ooze]. It was nothing exceptional other than its black color, an ordinary slime. However, this slime had the special characteristic of being able to take the abilities of the living things it swallowed. It preyed on an insect that had paralytic poison, as well as other animals. Following that, it attacked a human, obtaining his knowledge and [Desire]. Before long, the monster established its target as the female mage that came to explore the cave. This world still wasn’t aware. [A Monster Was Born]…



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