Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 02


Leo was careless. He was bitten when a rowdy man ran past him and pushed him back, buying himself time for escape. In the heat of the moment, he was thrown off balance and bitten instead of the rowdy man. It was a light wound, even on a small boy’s body, but a bite nonetheless. While his mind feared for his life, his body reacted otherwise with steady heart beats.

‘Will I turn? Like in the movies? I have not seen any dead people turn yet. Maybe…’ Leo continued to make his way home. It had been a while since he was bitten and he checked himself while making his way towards the Deli. ‘No signs of turning? No adverse reaction? Good.’

He heard a gunshot in the direction of his house. Jogging towards the Deli entrance, he saw his mother holding a gun, pointing at a corpse. The hole in the corpse’s head indicated that a bullet was wasted on a zombie that’s already on the ground, for Sarah was already holding a baseball bat, ready to go if it ever gets up. Another corpse laid at the counters with heavy damage done by a blunt weapon, showed that his sister scored her first blood as well.

“Mom!” As the door opened, the boy was suddenly buried deep within two soft mountains. Leo had already mastered the reflex of holding his breath the moment his face got washed by the tender mounds now covering his head.

“You made it back! You made it…”

“Mom…” Leo was unsure what to say to his mother. It was going to be hard to break the truth, so he decided to just show his mother instead.

“Are you hurt anymore? Please don’t tell me you got…” She stopped as she stared hopelessly at the bite mark around Leo’s shoulder. Tears began to form in her eyes while countless thoughts ran through her mind.

Then Catherine’s expression went blank and she calmly told Leo to head to the basement, she would be down shortly to tend his wound. This change of expression on Catherine was spotted by Sarah and this made her severely worried. After Leo walked away Catherine finally burst out in tears, hugging Sarah. The two pairs of giant marshmallows smashed together, deforming into lewd shape. It was a sight to behold.

“Leo… Leo was bitten.” Sarah got confirmation; but before she could make any remark, her weeping mother continued. “You saw the man turned into one of them. It took hours but it happened. How long since Leo was bitten? He still seems energetic.”

“Mom, there is nothing much we can do. Maybe sanitize his wound with alcohol and get him some food….in case he starts to get hungry.”

“Right! Right.” Catherine hastily replied as she began to prepare food and medicine. Collecting her thoughts she headed to the basement, bringing Sarah with her just in case. The bat, which was deformed by an impact uncharacteristic of the girl’s strength, was still in the sister’s hand.

“Honey! Are you ok?”

“Mom? I don’t know why but I am feeling really hungry, like I have been starving for days. Can you bring me food?”

Catherine was not sure if this is good news or bad news. He seemed to be getting symptoms, but he still retained his sanity. The mother handed the food she prepared and asked, “How long ago was it that you were bit?”

Leo understood the situation from the start and expected such questions. “Almost 2 hours ago. I am feeling wide awake right now and I don’t feel like I am turning. It’s just that I am really hungry right now. Can you make more food? I want meat.”

Leo continued to describe his body condition as he ate. Then moved on to telling what he saw earlier this morning and how he got bit. Meanwhile, Catherine already asked Sarah to grab meat from the Deli. Luckily, the shop has an abundance of meat, an array of other foods and selection everyday supplies.

“I am sorry honey, but you will have to stay in the basement for a while. I will check on you periodically. Mommy still loves you and I hope you can understand.”


Food that normally would have lasted months for a family of three, went into Leo’s bottomless stomach, which shocked his sister and mother. The Deli usually had reserves in stock in case of supply cut. Now, all that was left were comparative meager amounts of junk food and instant noodles that would last the two women barely a week.

As Leo finished filling his stomach, he began to feel surges of heat overwhelming his body. Then it quickly turned into unbearable pain. Unable to withstand the suffering, he fainted; yet his body still twitched sporadically in response to the pain in his body.

Sarah’s senses seemed keener now and thought she heard a faint sound of collapsing from the basement. She peeked through the basement door and saw her little brother had fainted on the ground.

“Mom!! Leo fainted!”

‘Our worries came true!’ Catherine thought and quickly rushed to Leo in the basement. She was willing to take the risk and felt, as his mother, she needed to be at Leo’s side at his last moment. She began to inspect Leo, the first thing she noticed was that his body was extremely hot and he seemed to be in a lot of pain.

Sarah understood what had to be done if it came to the worst, as she was on standby with her bat in hand. The sister held her hand so tight that it left dented marks on the grip.

“Sarah, help me carry your little brother to bed”

Leo was extremely heavy after all the food he’d consumed. Though he remained more or less the same stature, several months worth of food added up to an incredible weight. It was difficult for Sarah, even with her newfound strength, to carry her little brother to his bed.

Leo still convulsed in pain and his body was scorching hot. Leo’s mother decided to remove his bloodstained shirt while Sarah prepared cold water and a towel. Leo was the type that likes to wear loose clothing, yet the shirt was tight on his body. Overlooking this small detail, she was in awe of the toned muscular build of Leo’s body. ‘How many is this? 6 pack?’ She counted and thought to herself.

“Oooh wow, Leo is surpassingly packed. But I know this kid is just a shut-in and I never see him hit the gym.” Sarah came back with water and sounded mockingly.

Both women thought Leo’s build seemed larger, yet as they removed his dirty pants, something more obvious drew away both their attention. It was the obscene bulge of his nether region. ‘It’s too big to be a 12-year-olds.’ Both women’s thoughts were the same.

Catherine continued to remove Leo’s over stretched undies to check. An incredible manly pillar came into the light. The veiny rod stood tall, both its girth and length above spec, while its head bulged from its foreskin.

“Whooooa!” Catherine was honestly surprised at the sight.

“…Whooooa!” Sarah imitated her mother after a short pause in a half-joking, half exaggerated manner. She understood what she was seeing. Leo’s member was gigantic to her eyes, but she still is lacking common sense of what the size of that pillar represents. The current situation was incredibly awkward. Catherine told Sarah to leave the room while giving her a stare.

“What? It’s just my little brother’s dirty thing.” Sarah protested as she obediently moved out of the room.

With Sarah out of the room, Catherine began to wipe Leo down to cool him off, while calmly observing his body. He was still twitching in pain, the suffering was visible, but he showed no signs of awakening. Despite herself, Catherine’s attention kept getting drawn back to the incredible tower that was also twitching excessively, as if asserting its presence.

“It’s larger than Larry’s.” She whispered to herself.

“It’s larger than dads?” A voice came from behind. It was Sarah, she had snuck back into the room. Her mother gave her a threatening death stare.

“What…? I need to be here in case he turns into one of them” Sarah had come back with her deformed baseball bat.

“Right!” Catherine almost forgot the possibility existed! She had no choice but to let her stay and watch her little brother’s oversized member.

After running out of options, Catherine made up her mind about what she could do to relieve her son of his pain. Reaching out her silky-smooth hand attempted to wrap around on Leo’s tower, but was unable to close the gap and did not even cover half of its length. Sarah watched curiously while observing her little brother. Leo’s body continued to twitch while having his nether region touched, it just wasn’t reacting as violently as before.

Despite being in her late thirties, she retained all the body characteristics of a woman in her late twenties. There were barely any visible wrinkles on her face, her skin still maintained its milky texture and her silky long blonde hair only added points to her appearance of youth.

Catherine began to caress her son’s member with one hand while the other hand rested on his abs. Leo’s twitching died down as the rhythm on his meat rod continued. Catherine was still in awe at her son’s size and his member felt so firm and strong in her hand. She was not a size queen or anything; yet she couldn’t help but start fantasizing about the taboo. She was also feeling it, she tried to disregard the moist feeling of her crotch and focus on what was at hand. ‘He is just a boy.’ She tried to tell herself.

Minutes passed, Sarah seemed disinterested at the fact her mother is giving her little brother a hand job. Since she was not having any fun herself, her mind was occupied by something else. She understood that her body was changing, it was apparent from her increased strength and heightened senses. However, she was more interested in the changes happening in her little brother’s body. She can somehow sense it was the same mutation, but on a much larger scale. The constant expanding and contracting throughout Leo’s body was an indication of that.

‘She is enjoying this.’ She sighed with such thought.

Leo still showed no signs of awakening and Catherine had already swapped hands multiple times as they started to feel sore. Finally, her hard work was rewarded. Leo’s member shook violently, with such force that she couldn’t control it in her hand. White fluid began to stream out from the widened tip, they even reached all the way to the ceiling. The white fluid was almost too viscous and thick to be called liquid, as it stuck firmly onto the ceiling and barely any dropped down.

This amazed Sarah, she secretly scooped up a fingerful and brought it to her nose. It smelled funny to her, ‘hehe’. Catherine was also amazed, but her mind was more concerned about how she would clean up this mess right now. She needed to prepare to have it dripping all over her while she scooped the thick jelly off the ceiling.

At least Leo’s body had calmed down, with a relaxed demeanor over his face. The mighty rod, regrettably, was still tall and hard with no signs of fatigue, but Catherine was not about to go through another session of that right away.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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