Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 04

It was late into the night. Leo stripped himself naked and jumped onto the bed. The heat of summer night was unbearable without air conditioning. Unfortunately, the solar panels simply don’t store enough energy to run the AC at night. Fortunately, thanks to the clean energy policy adopted by the city, the majority of homes still can enjoy a civilized life, even in the apocalypse.

While thinking about the ruby-like jelly he ate earlier today, drowsiness quickly overtook him. What came shortly after was the excruciating pain throughout his body. Yet, Leo remained unconscious, due to a protective mechanism in his brain. From the twitching of his body, the intensity, this time around, was visibly more painful.

Catherine came from the direction of Sarah’s room. She was just checking up on her daughter to see if she had any injuries. She only found light bruises that turned red, which gave her a feeling of relief. It was now her son’s turn to be checked on.

Creeping through Leo’s bedroom door, what greeted her again was a raging boner. This was within her expectations; but, she hoped not to see the visible suffering her son was experiencing right now. She rushed to his side and did the only thing she knew from past experience. Wrapping both hands around his member, hoping to accelerate the process, she began to caress it.

‘It feels bigger than before…’ As she had the thought, a bulge traveled through the length of his rod, deforming its shape. To her dismay, this wasn’t the ejaculation the mother was expecting, instead the tower just got bigger by one size between her hands. ‘It is definitely bigger than before!’ She didn’t have to question it anymore. Only if she had also noticed her son’s growth in overall build, then maybe she would have felt a bit better. Right now, she was worried for her son’s future girlfriend when he “grows” up.

Catherine had learned her lesson. This time around she had some condoms she took from the Deli. Yes indeed, Deli’s in the 2040s sold condoms, such was the culture of Anurica. The XL labeled condoms were the largest she had. She stripped the wrapping and carefully placed the condom on her son. It was a tight fit and only covered a portion but this brand of condoms was known to be fairly durable. With the faith she had for the condoms she ordered from the supplier, the mother continued her milking session.

At last, before her hands became numb, she was rewarded with streams of thick viscous fluid stretching the poor condom with every shot. Catherine hoped that the condom could hold, as it would be a major pain in the ass to clean up the mess. Eventually, a bulb shape was formed out of the condom, it had a heavy weight while resting on her hand. Judging from the volume, it must have been almost a liter. The raging boner hadn’t died down, still standing proud and brimming with energy. It would only have to cum for about three or four more times and Leo would have produced a gallon.

Catherine turned her gaze towards the bloated twin orbs beneath Leo’s crotch, wondering how it was humanly possible for him to produce so much cum. The blue veiny orbs were certainly large, their sizes matched the tower that stood above. She could tell they must weigh a hefty amount as she can feel the inertia when stroking the high tower.

Moving on from the orbs. She began to observe the state of her son once again. The twitching has died down, but she could still see her son reacting to the pain sporadically. Looking back at the veiny towering rod, she needed to devise another strategy to relieve her son. She once again shifted her gaze, this time to her bountiful bosom that she prides herself on. Much to her reluctance, it was time to use what Larry’s had taught her.

Catherine unbuttoned her dress, revealing a flowery pattern, custom-made bra that could barely contain the weight on shoulders. The pair of globes jiggled freely in a manner that a physicist would spend a lifetime to answer such an equation. She inserted her son’s hard tower into her bounty, rested her weight on Leo’s abdomen, covering the whole rod with only the tip protruding from her marshmallows.

A new symphony had begun, as wet lewd sounds could be heard from between the bountiful marshmallows and hard rod. Using her breast was only slightly less tiring, but it was super effective. She was able to squeeze out two more liters of thick ooze; yet, failed to soften the rod. She couldn’t quite bring herself to accept the fact that her son can cum a gallon’s worth of heavy cum. She resisted performing a 3rd session and called it a day.

Returning to her room, heart racing, she rinsed her flushed red cheeks with cold water and thought back to the exercise she did just a moment ago. She still can’t believe what she was doing to her son but was starting to realize she might have enjoyed it.

“That thing is just…so manly.” That was all the mother could say due to her lack of vocabulary in a certain department.

Catherine undressed herself in front of the mirror, revealing a curvy ripe figure, slender body with ample front and rear. The markings of age had not appeared on the fair lady. She often gets mistaken for Sarah’s sister as her daughter starts catching up to her height. She then strips down her panties, revealing her plump hairless mound. Clear fluid sticking to the cloth could be seen as the panties slid down the thick thighs and slender legs. After dumping the wet pantie into the laundry, Catherine wipes her body and prepares for bed.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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