Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 08


Leo and Sarah were rewarded generously for their endeavor. The crimson jellies they extracted were all above average size with the jelly from the leader being the biggest one they ever seen. Leo ate the biggest one and Sarah ate the other three. The siblings only save the smaller ones as health potions, all the big jellies were attribute points.

It was only noon, the crimson jellies served as their lunch. The siblings cleaned their hands and started to move towards their next and final destination on campus. If they had talked with the survivors on the campus, they would have warned them to not approach the campus theater at all costs. A monstrosity lives in the theater, luckily, it stays in the theater.

There was a performance at the theater on the day the black mist appeared. The theater building still hung the flag advertising the college concert band. Both Leo and Sarah understood this meant bad news; an ominous feeling grew within them as they got closer to the building. Few zombies roamed the area. When a poor zombie got too close to the entrance, a tentacle shot out from the door, wrapped around the zombie and pulled it back in. Nobody saw the fate of the unfortunate zombie soul.

Despite the ominous feeling, their instincts told them there will be an opportunity for them inside the building, a delicious and nutritious meal that would make what they had earlier seem like a light snack. The siblings began to explore the interior of the building and finally reached the dark theater room. A faint light could be seen from the theater entrance, so they approached to have a closer look. What they saw almost made them puke. A grotesque pile of bodily meats that fused numerous corpses can be seen, under a green capsule made from a semi-transparent membrane. In the near future, the scientists from survivors would call them gore nests.

Within the capsule, a faint humanoid figure in the fetal position can be seen. Around the body of the gore nest were pulsating, tender pink spots that seemed to be the nest’s organs. Just as the siblings were confused on what to do, several tentacles caught Sarah off guard, wrapped around her body and lifted her into the air. The tentacles covered all of her soft spots between her breast and thighs. If there were any hentai enthusiasts around, they would all praise the monster with a thumb up and call it a professional.

Sarah’s movements were sealed, yet that did not prevent her from using her power. Electric shock soon burned and paralyzed the tentacles around her body and she skillfully landed on the ground. The shock also transmitted to the monster’s main body as the nest trembled violently. Leo took this opportunity to throw his axe at a large pink organ. Blood started to gush from the organ as the nest wailed sharply. Having identified the gore nest’s weakness, Leo and Sarah fought through a horde of regenerating tentacles in an uphill battle, destroying the pink organs one by one.

Eventually, the gore nest collapsed and withered, the figure from the capsule dropped onto the ground. The figure was a short female with green hair and 90% human features and body proportions any man would lust for. Yet, just as Leo and Sarah expected a second round of fight, the female figure withered on the spot, leaving a giant crimson ruby at the back of its withered body.

“What the heck was that?” Leo asked as he caught his breath.

“No idea, but we got what we came for,” said Sarah as she picked up the giant ruby. “Seemed like it was feeding this thing over here. God knows what happens if that thing matures. We were just lucky that we got to pick the fruit.”

The giant ruby was hard unlike other crimson jellies. It was the size of an avocado. The siblings decided to split it in half. Surprisingly, the giant ruby melted as they put them in the mouth and easily flowed down their throats. What followed after was the usual rated R scene. Then they called it a day and went back home with puffy red cheeks. The siblings were quite full and needed to rest and digest.


Later during the evening, Sarah and Catherine were in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner. While wiping down the dishes, Catherine asked an unexpected question without notice, “Have you done it with Leo’s yet?”

“Ehh me? You mean this?” Sarah made a hand gesture of a finger and a hole.

Catherine silently nodded with a blank expression.

“No, not yet. It’s very tempting. Could I?” Sarah had been wanting to make the last step, but she treasures her family. She knew that if she was not careful and just did whatever she wanted, the consequences would be irreversible. Her mother could easily tell if her daughter was deflowered.

Hearing this, Catherine could only sigh, “When did you become such a bro-con for your little brother?”

“Hehe, a lot has happened recently,” Sarah showed her feminine side with a sweet smile as she thought about Leo in their adventures.

Catherine could definitely tell the affection between her daughter and son. If this happened a few weeks ago, she would definitely give them a long lecture about social norms. But now, in this kind of world, thinking back on what she had done herself, she has nothing left to say. She could only give a silent agreement.

“I will take that as a yes mother~.”

“Do what you will, I can’t stop you,” Catherine closed her eyes then went back to work. After a moment of silence, she spoke again, “Will you do it tonight? While he’s asleep again?”

“Yeah… I like it this way.” Sarah told her thoughts.

“Yeah, let’s keep it this way.” Catherine agreed with her daughter.


At night, Catherine has gotten more skilled at handling her son’s ever-growing manhood. She is able to take the tip deeper down her throat, creating a bulge at the esophagus. Her increased fortitude greatly contributes to her capability on this front. Leo easily forfeits his load under his mother’s oral massage. She is now able to take the full serving down to her stomach; it is the only way to prevent a mess every time Leo reaches climax. She gracefully wipes her mouth with a napkin after she finishes her meal. Feeling the increased amount of protein in her inflated stomach, she feels Leo is more excited than usual. Catherine then proceeds to take a seat on Leo’s gaming chair and watches Sarah.

“Uh, Mom? You’re gonna stay?”

“It’s my daughter’s first time, so of course I’m going to stay and watch,” Catherine said as she smirked at her daughter.




Sarah got on the bed and placed her rear on the most comfortable seat, her little brother’s face. She always starts the night with a little ritual of worshipping the colossal tower with her lips and tongue, then moves on to deep throat the monster in her favorite position. Before she does the deed, she needs to have her daily intake of protein first. But today, she also noticed the serving exceeded her daily recommended value.

Ignoring the small detail, her flower is now well moisturized and lubricated for her little brother. Sarah then moves to position herself above Leo’s tower and a thick stream of love nectar drops onto the tip. Her hairless mound touches the tip and plays around some more before inserting the first couple inches, stopping with a small gasp.

Virgin blood flowed down the length of the rod as Sarah’s membrane was ripped from sheer thickness alone. Ignoring the mild pain with her superhuman constitution, she summoned her courage and slowly let go of her weight. Her body slid down the widening girth of Leo’s rod, making moist squelching sounds, until she had half of her brother’s length in her body, stopped at a certain point. The monster was now supporting the weight of her upper body and a visible bulge, outlining a portion of the behemoth, can be seen from her soft belly.

Catherine watched in awe, countless absurd thoughts crossed her mind while she murmured “Impossible”. Those thoughts will ruin her character and she will never disclose them.

Sarah was not satisfied with just taking half; she wants the whole thing and likes doing the extreme. She slowly lifted herself up, angled her body and slammed down on the thick rod with her strength. Two popping sounds could be heard, one inside and one out. Little Leo was now deep in Sarah, where it was not supposed to be. The obscene bulge from her stomach and her teary, broken expression were signs of that.

“Sarah!” Catherine came to her daughter’s side and held onto her body while placing her hand on the bulge of her stomach. “Are you ok?”

She can feel the throbbing of Leo’s member within her daughter’s belly and had the weird impression that the monster is now dictating Sarah’s heartbeat with its every pulse.

“Yeaaah….heeek!” as Sarah utter a word, a swelling feeling came from the gargantuan. The rod trembled violently and grew bigger by another size, stretching Sarah’s inner wall even more.

Leo was still a growing boy and he had several extra heavy meals today. The hormones that helped accelerate the sibling’s growth due to mutation will eventually stop, but it will not be any time in the near future.

Sarh lost herself without moving as she rested with the monster inside her honeypot and womb. At one point, her heartbeat synched up with the pulsing inside her. She looked at her little brother’s dumb sleeping face and smiled. She bent down and kissed his lips, then lay down on top of Leo and closed her eyes until she could stop climaxing from just little Leo inside her.

Minutes passed by and as she was savoring every moment. Finally lifted herself up, she started to slowly ride on top of her little brother. Sarah was now immune to electrical shock due to her power, but with every thrust she still felt a shock up her spine to her brain, making her whole body tingle.

Sarah lifted herself all the way to the tip, angling her body. She wanted to take it to the base in one thrust and experience the same ecstasy again. She then pushed down with all her strength, without breaking the bed, and lost it again just like that. Rinse and repeat, Sarah lost count of how many moments of epiphany she had. She thrust down once more, this time it was her little brother’s turn.

She forgot to pull out, letting torrent fill her inner sanctuary. With the thickness and volume of these thick ooze, she doubted any pills would work. Later on, the family would find out it is difficult for awakened humans to have children, especially Leo. For now, Sarah could only caress her bloated stomach as if she was months into pregnancy.

Feeling satisfied, Sarah got off Leo’s tower, letting the thick ooze flow out of her crotch. She’d started her night with an opening ceremony and now she was performing the closing ceremony. It ended with two kisses to the bulging twin orbs beneath the high tower.

“Mother, I made it nice and clean. Is it your turn? …hello? Mom???” Sarah tried to call her mother who’d spaced out.

Suddenly, Catherine stood up from the gaming chair and rushed back to her room without uttering a word, leaving a puddle of clear liquid on the seat.

“Sigh.” Sarah turned to the towering rod. “Mommy is too shy little Leo; your big sister will play with you instead, but big sister is now tired for the night. I will play with you tomorrow,” said Sarah as she gave a good night kiss to little Leo.

Leo woke up the next morning thinking he peed his bed and tried to hide the evidence by any means necessary.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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