Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 09


It is a bright day with a clear sky. The sun drifts high above the clouds and illuminates the city with its usual brilliance. Usually, the city’s mountain range serves as natural barriers to more violent weather. Blocked by the tall mountain ranges, blessings of the elements seldom reached the city. The streams flowing down the mountains formed rivers that ensured the city a natural supply of abundant, clean water. The combination of all these features made the bowl-like landscape a golden spot to build a great city. Yet from afar, beyond the mountains, dark clouds were forming above the ocean surface, heralding the end of summer.

“Is it just me or do you seem different today sis? Did you put on makeup?” Asked Leo the moment he saw Sarah by the dining table humming and eating breakfast.

“Make up? Maybe. You can take a guess,” said Sarah with her usual confidence.

The luster of her fair skin seems to be alive and glimmering with light, hints of feminineness are hidden behind her youthful appearance, and her body is ripe with a sense of maturity.

“Today we will cross the bridge and start following the highway,” Sarah started to discuss her plans as she saw her mother coming back to the table. “Without surprises, we should reach the Great Mall within two or three hours walking.”

“Make sure to be cautious on your way to the Great Mall. Oh, and also grab me a couple sports bras as well, Sarah should know my sizes.”

“No problem mom,” Leo professed confidently, but Sarah shot him down.

“Mom, your sizes are way too big, I doubt we are going to find a sports bra that fits you anywhere. Just find some sturdy cloth and wrap those giant useless weights like I am doing now”

Catherine blushed, she was proud and embarrassed at the same time. With her growing strength, she started to exercise more intensively. Sarah’s suggestion was something that she will actually consider.

The trivial talk lasted until the end of the breakfast. Sarah won’t stop complaining about how heavy her breasts had become and how it affected her balance in high paced fights. Leo listened to two women talking about their oversized breasts with a straight face while eating breakfast and focused his thoughts on how he should hide the wet blanket without mother knowing.


On their way to cross the bridge, the siblings passed by the high school again. Unlike last time, not a trace of a living soul was left in the school anymore. They did not bother checking, as they did not care either way.

Continuing on, they met a group of survivors from the dormitory returning from their scavenging trip. Simple greetings were exchanged. After talking with their leader, the siblings learned that the survivors from the high school have moved into the dormitory with them. They have a super strong guy that can bring tons of food and then about the horror at the college campus theater.

They smiled wryly to the last intel and told the leader that the place was safe when they visited it yesterday. They could explore the ballroom at the back for extra food supplies. The leader gave his gratitude and hastily rushed back to the dormitory to organize another party.

Leo and Sarah traversed through the layers of obstacles made from crashed cars on the bridge and arrived at a broad main street. The highway can be seen from here. The zombies here were undoubtedly more populated on this side of the river, but served little impediment to their getting to the Great Mall.

By now, even some weaker mutated zombies would run away from them due to the overwhelming difference in strength. At one point, Sarah busted down a steel framed door with a kick and found a zombie trembling in fear. It was a comical sight, but it did not stop her from mercilessly cracking its skull for the jelly.

“It feels like we are the bullies now,” Leo meekly laughed.

“It’s better to be the bully than the bullied,” said Sarah as she recalled a friend whom she always had to save from being bullied.

After a few hours of walking, earning six more crimson jellies to their names, Leo and Sarah finally arrived at the Great Mall. The mall is as its name implies; it is great, as in gigantic. So great that the interior of the Great Mall was completely devoid of any signs of life, zombies or even corpses, just bloodstains all over the place.

For a mall that can host tens of thousands of visitors every day, this was not a normal sign. The siblings sighed as they roughly had an idea of the phenomenon. Even if they never encountered the gore nest, there must be a strong monster that made the Great Mall its lair and cleaned up everything. However, from what they had observed, only that thing seemed to consume every bit of meat it finds.

The siblings could not resist the temptation of killing another gore nest, the reward was simply too enticing. Since Sarah’s power seemingly counters the tentacles, it was worth the risk to pick this fight. After searching the whole interior, they were not able to find a trace of the nest or any other sort of monsters.

Instead, they found the shops they came looking for. Milenka’s Secrets, one of the biggest brands in women’s lingerie, opened its headquarters in the Great Mall. Catherine and Sarah bought all their lingerie at this shop. It was the only place that had products that fit their sizes and made custom orders.

Since they could not find a trace of threat, they decided to take a short break and scavenge for supplies. The first stop being Milenka’s Secrets.

“Leo, how do I look?” Sarah stripped herself and tried out a seductive nightgown set to show off her assets to Leo.

Her massive endowment was the centerpiece of the design for this set of lingerie, forming a deep valley that seemed to draw the souls of the living. Beneath the valley were thin cloths revealing her smooth skin, toned stomach and thin waist. The shape of her plump mound was revealed by the panties, followed by a pair of white stockings from her thighs to her toes.

“You look great!” Leo answered honestly without any impure thoughts. Leo swore, his relationship with his sister was pure and innocent. “But isn’t your chest a bit too tight?” Leo continued his feedback by pointing out the only flaw in this lingeries set.

“But I thought this was the best part.” Sarah pouted as pushing her breast together, forming another glamorous sight.

Then she made a small grin, sat next to Leo and extended her foot towards her little brother, as if she was a queen demanding her loyal subject to kiss it. “Hey Leo, my leg is a bit sore, could you help me massage them?”

Leo used to massage their mother frequently; this also was not the first time Sarah asked for a massage from Leo. Without catching the hint, he easily accepted the request.

“Didn’t you just chase down that zombie with ease halfway across the town earlier? You looked like you were playing with it.”

He grabbed Sarah’s right foot and placed the leg on his lap. Sarah was tall even among older women; hence, she had legs to die for like their mother. The white stocking on her long slender leg provided a different kind of texture in Leo’s hand. While he massaged Sarah’s leg, he touched her well-toned thigh.

“Is this what they call the thick thigh that can save lives?”

“Thick thighs save lives?” Sarah corrected Leo.

“Ah yes, that’s what they said when we had cultural exchange with our classmate next room”

“Why is it a cultural exchange with just the next room classmate?” Sarah giggled as she curiously asked.

“Who knows. That’s how they all named it.”

After the short exchange, Leo worked attentively to massage his sister while the sister looked at Leo with dreamy eyes. Moments of pure and innocent relationship between them passed just like that.


The siblings got back to business and were scavenging for new clothing. At this moment, Leo complained.

“All these clothes are going to end up in the attic anyway, why do girls need so much clothing?”

It was at this moment; a realization came to Sarah.

“Attic! The roof! Leo, we haven’t checked the roof here. I think what we’re looking for should be up there!” she shouted excitedly.

The roof of the Great Mall was being renovated into an open-air swimming pool and restaurants. The construction had started last year and was scheduled to open this summer, until it was delayed by a hurricane storm a few months back.

The siblings climbed their way to the roof of the Great Mall. The place was certainly spacious and had a large vantage across the city. But the first thing they saw was a giant gore nest resting on top of the swimming pool. The stench of blood was heavy and the sight alone was draining away their sanity points.

The giant nest must have been at least five times larger than the one they encountered previously. Unlike before, this one was currently dormant and did not attack the sibling like the other one. On top of the nest, a small green capsule, relative to the size of the nest, had a humanoid figure in fetal position resting inside.

The gore nest was in its saturated state. Meaning that it had absorbed all the nutrition it needed to give birth to the occupant. Within the minutes of the sibling’s arrival, the gore nest started to wither and shrunken in size, as if it was being sucked dry. Soon, under Sarah and Leo’s watchful gaze, the occupant was awakened by the sibling’s presence. The humanoid figure inside the capsule was ejected and fell to the ground naked and drenched in unknown fluids.

It was a large and beautiful female with massive feminine features. Standing on her two feet, the female giant was easily over nine feet tall with long black hair that reached her hips. Her watermelon sized breasts were easily the biggest the siblings had ever seen. It was their first time seeing such massive bounties that also defied physics, remaining perky and firm like their mother’s. Lastly, below her slender waist and supported by her long legs, peach shaped rear was equally endowed to perfection.

But they did not have the luxury to enjoy the view in front of them. After quickly getting used to her own body, the female giant let out a roar with enormous killing intent and bloodlust. All the mutated zombies in the one kilometer radius fled in desperation while the weaker zombies simply fainted on the ground. She looked at the sibling’s and directed all that pressure at them. Leo and Sarah had chills running through their backs and felt so close to their death. Yet, they stood their ground and were already on guard.

The female giant made the first move. Crouching her slender yet powerful leg, she dashed forward with wind breaking speed. Leo dodged her charge with pure instinct and Sarh took the opportunity to attack her from the back. The female giant judged the sister’s attack was too weak and wanted to follow up a second strike on Leo. She paid the price heavily as high voltage direct current from the wired club paralyzed her for a few seconds. And a few seconds were all Leo needed to land a deadly strike to the leg with his trusty hatchet.

The round reset as both parties repositioned themselves. Sarah’s club was snapped in half and Leo’s hatchet had its sharp edge slightly chipped by the leg bone of the female giant. The quality of their weapons were doomed to limit their fighting capability. Sarah grabbed the metal pipe as a replacement. Leo purposely aimed at the leg to cripple the enemy’s movement because he knew the fight would not simply end with one strike.

But just as they thought victory was near, the wound on the female giant’s leg was regenerating rapidly with speed on par Leo. They cannot afford to give their enemy the time to let her wound heal. The siblings instantly charged forward together, surrounding the enemy from the front and back and attacked together.

This time, Sarah feinted knowing she will be the target this time around and preemptively dodged the counterattack from the female giant. Despite dodging, she was not left unwounded by the claws that grew from the hands of the enemy. In exchange, Leo managed to land another strike from behind, slowing down the enemy’s regeneration of the leg.

Leo continued to follow up his attacks and managed to occupy the enemy’s attention, while Sarah fished for opportunistic strikes to electrocute the enemy. The situation turned into a stalemate, it was unclear who had the advantage as Leo was also taking more damage than he can regenerate. Minutes of brutal exchange passed; when a loud screeching sound stopped both sides from fighting. Above the withered remains of the gore nest, a bright rift tore through space and black mist started flowing out.

Just like the first time, as the rift completely opened, the black mist quickly covered the city like a wave moving to the perimeter and beyond. If one looked closely at Sarah, Leo and the female giant, one could see the black mist was being absorbed into their bodies, with Leo absorbing the most exaggerated amount.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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