Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 101

On a large campfire above the rocks within the mountain forest, skewer boar meats were planted around the flame, drizzling out juicy grease that polished the golden luster of the ingredient. The smell of spice and meat spread far across the forest, alerting the sense of beasts. However, few presences dared to approach the family, afraid of ending up on the menu as well like their boar colleague.

Leo greedily feasted on the skewer while Catherine and Sarah helped prepare the cutlets and only took a few bites themselves, leaving almost the entirety of the oversized boar to the starving stud. The two women, with serene expressions, watched their little boy joyfully devouring the food into his bottomless stomach, like simple farmers happily feeding their ox, waiting for the beast’s turn to diligently plow their fertile land.

It had been a while since the family spent this kind of relaxing time together. The hours they spent with each other on bed had been too intense compared to the average family; yet, it was also another form of family bonding time unique to Leo’s household. It was a shame that Sharon wasn’t currently present; the adventurous aunt promised another field trip with the group of girls. Catherine could only sigh at her little sister for missing out on the upcoming family bonding.


The family arrived at a vast field of flowers near the road to the dam. It was a place Sarah had wanted to bring mother to see when she found out about this haven. The lush plain of flowers was originally a desolate yard of tree stumps before the black mist, much had been altered drastically due to unknown forces that festered the land. However, Sarah and Catherine would agree this was one of the few things from the apocalypse that has changed for the good, and which of course with Leo being number one on that list.

The flowers looked exotic and vibrant in color, but they are a species new to this land. Other survivors that explored the plain had already confirmed the flowers were harmless; but many visitors expressed the feeling that they were being watched within the marsh and the flowers felt alive. Survivors that took samples of the flower would hear hustling noise from the field as strange sudden gales arrived.

The tranquil breeze over the field brought peace to Leo’s mind, the wind carried a funny scent to Leo carrying over from the flowers. The boy was led into the flowers by the two women; it was a pleasant walk through the tickling of vines.

“The flowers here…smells strange. Are you two feeling a bit funny?” Leo was beginning to feel an inexplicable feeling swelling inside him.

“No? What about you, mom?” Sarah turned to Catherine and the mother shook her head as well.

Then suddenly, in the middle of the path, the boy let out an abrupt light sneeze, followed by an itchy irritation around a certain sensitive region that was starting to accumulate heat. After a small pause, Leo steadily looked down. The already bulging pants was beginning to swell, pulling the belt latched on his waist. The two women’s eyes were also drawn to the same location.

Leo frantically tried to release the beast, but it was too late, the monster simply released itself without mercy to its guardian. Upon hearing the painful tearing sound, Sarah and Catherine licked their lips.

“I guess it is time for our lunch, right? Mom.” Sarah grinned at the mother.

“You really want to do it here?” Catherine said, but her expression was not questioning her desire.

“Why not?” Sarah blankly said.

“Fine, I suppose the flowers will cover us…” Though the sounds of the intense battle clash and cries of war will still reach far and wide.

“Uhm…what about my opinion?” Leo wryly asked.

In response, the two women first piercingly stared down on the raging colossus, then looked back at the boy’s face as if saying like he had a choice. The dragon was not going to lull itself back to sleep. There was no other option, but perhaps it was not difficult to imagine Leo strolling through the woods with his erected manhood exposed.


Several gallons later, the two ladies had been generously nourished. But the feeding this time had been wasteful, as the goal was to quench the heat on the monster instead of just filling their stomach. The surrounding flowers were painted in white, dyeing the flowers in a mix of the exorbitant hue, and the ground was flooded with ultra-thick concentrated fertilizer.

Sarah and Catherine were resting on the rocks with their tunnels stretched wide, more fertilizers were lavishly flowing down to the good soil. However, as expected, the two women were not nearly enough for the stud. Leo still felt the strange feeling inside him, preventing him from calming down the beast through his will.

The boy scratched his head, wondering what he could do; but while he stared down at his own oversized veiny mass and pondered in thoughts, the flowers that were victims of the flood started to fidget and wiggle. Before anyone noticed, Leo’s fertilizer was being absorbed and sunk into the ground. The plants started to grow and flowers began to close and formed into large buds.

Marveled at the wonder before him, Leo poked one of the flowers budding with his finger. The flower shyly wiggled and moved as its own, but that only intrigued the boy even more. Eventually, the flower budding bloomed, and a small fairy-like creature was revealed within. It had a small humanoid shape with wings, even a busty figure according to human female standard, and a large pair of emerald eyes compared to its size.

It was a nymph cladded in petals of flower that looked just as described in fairytales, a personification of innocence and purity. Intrigued by the adorable creature, Leo reached out his finger and attempted to pet the nymph. After a few gentle strokes, it grabbed on the comparatively large finger and kissed on its tip, showing a sign of friendly gesture.

“Hello, little one.” Leo had taken a liking at the creature.

The pair of wings stretched from the nymph’s back, it took off from the flower ovary and excitedly flew around the boy’s head. However, it soon circled down to Leo’s crotch and inspected the veiny gargantuan pillar before landing on the bulky mushroom tip. The two women were surprised by the creature; they got back on their feet and approached the nymph feasting on the protein leaking out of the orifice.

“Awww! How cute!” Sarah squealed.

“It’s like a honey bee harvesting honey.” Catherine remarked.

However, just as the trio examined the adorable nymph enjoying her lunch, numerous flowers in the surroundings began to bloom as well. Lured by the tasty smell, numerous fairies ascended and swarmed the trio in thirst of the thick swelling honey. Leo’s menacing behemoth was quickly covered by the tender bodies of the little creatures, while Sarah and Catherine were being tickled by the small tongues of fairies licking the honey off their bodies.



Under the attack of the fairy swarm, the women cried out in sudden sounds of surprise.

The mischievous little nymphs tried to dig their way into Catherine’s rear garden, harvesting the abundant seeds pumped inside. Within her wide hip, the nymphs gathered to squeeze into the tight tunnel that had already recovered its elasticity, most had their heads stuck inside the rim. However, Catherine didn’t want to crush the little creatures within her rectum and lifted her hip upward to loosen the hole, which allowed the naughty nymphs to dig in even deeper!

Sarah received similar treatments at her sacred garden. The gaping flower that was still stretched due to Leo’s earlier visit laid no defense in front of the adventurous and curious creatures. Many nymphs congregated at the moisty entrance in a race to the abundant honeydews stored inside. The sister giggled at the tingling sensation within her.

The erotic and embarrassed expression of their body and face was a scene to behold. The tickling itch over their whole-body formed laughter and tears to their eyes. But to Leo, it was a simple heartwarming image of his mother and sister indulging in some entertainment.

“Ugh!” This time, it was Leo’s turn.

There was an innocent creature that tried to venture into the orifice at the tip of a great tower. Feeling the head and two arms swirling inside, the boy felt frightened for the first time of his life and quickly pulled the little creature out by her leg. Leo gave the mischievous one a stern look, but he was returned with a sweet smile from the nymph while covered in white ooze over half of her body. However, he had to quickly let the fairy go as another mischievous child was also feeling venturous..

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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