Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 14


Days of sunlight were short-lived. Storm clouds once again returned to New Londo, covering the city in darkness. Rainfall had been going on and off throughout the past several days since the sibling’s return. Mild flooding had accumulated in areas of the city with lower elevation and a few major survivor camps had to be relocated.

Back home at the dinner table, the family of four were having dinner made of an array of meats from beasts in the mountains. Zomi had been regularly seeing Leo and Sarah and brought tributes on every visit. In exchange, Leo would give Zomi a hug and pat on her head, while Sarah would give Zomi a container full of thick yogurt behind Leo’s back.

Catherine had forbidden her children from venturing too far away from home due to the bad weather, she was dubious about how the siblings hunted so many beasts from the mountains. Perhaps a decent number of animals migrated from the mountain to town because of the storm, Catherine convinced herself.

“Sharon, it’s time to finally share your story? Your injuries are almost fully healed,” Catherine demanded Sharon upheld her promise. When Sharon came to her sister all battered and weak, she did not ask questions and only treated her wounds. Sharon instead, promised to tell her everything if she could survive from her injuries.

Sharon had broken bones in her left leg, right arm and several broken ribs. Some of her organs were badly damaged from gun shots and had internal bleeding, while the external bleeding only stopped after she found Catherine. She also had major blood loss and was literally on verge of death as she dragged her ragged body home. If she was a normal human, she would have been dead ten times over. However, very fortunately, she was not a normal human.

“Yeah, yeah, sure sis. When I got here, I thought I was dead for sure. Never would have thought you’d have a bunch of red jellies on hand at the time. They certainly saved my life; I suppose I got to give my thanks to Leo and Sarah for gathering them. Though, it’s certainly shocking that everyone in the family has awakened.”

Sharon made a peace sign at Leo and Sarah and began to fix her posture. She crossed her slender stockinged legs and hugged her chest, revealing a deep cleavage, then continued her story.

“So… where do I begin? On the day of the outbreak, I was awakened and escaped to my apartment. After, the first thing I did was come here to check on you guys of course. But on the way, I got a call from my boyfriend, oh I suppose he is not my boyfriend anymore, oh… the next time I see him he is dead meat. But anyway, he cried for help, then I found him and saved his ass. We ended up living together for a few weeks. I did all the scavenging and exploring while he stayed at the shelter all day. That pussy didn’t dare to fight. Can you believe that? Even though he wasn’t awakened like me, he was still a man. I once again regret choosing someone like him as my boyfriend… “


“Kyle, are you sure there is a camp up ahead?” Sharon looked dubiously at the surroundings.

“Yes ma’am, the survivor that came to our shelter even pointed it out on the map. I saved his life, there is no reason for him to lie to me,” Kyle said in confidence.

“You saved his life with the food and water I gave you. Let me remind you once again, after we arrive at the survivor camp, we will part ways. Our relationship is already done.”

Kyle hid his hateful expression and made a small grin.

The former couple arrived at an office building. Kyle gave them a pass code at the door and a stranger came out to lead them to the basement where they were greeted by several survivors.

Sharon sensed something suspicious in the air and her attention focused on the man in white suit welcoming them. The man was also an awakened human; he seemed to be a little bit weaker and thus she let her guard down a little.

“Welcome, you are finally here,” Just as the man bid his welcome, several gunshots were heard from behind. Sharon instinctively dodged, but a bullet still grazed her thigh.

“Kyle!” Sharon looked at Kyle’s position, he was no longer there. Instead, he hid behind the man in white suit. The betrayed ex-girlfriend finally realized what was happening but failed to understand why they set up a trap for her.

Several more men aimed guns at Sharon. She quickly dashed forward and stabbed one of the men with her knife, then used his body as a shield for bullets. The same tactic worked again as she managed to finish off another enemy. However, she was soon surrounded on all sides and the room did not have enough space for her to maneuver.

Another bullet pierced her waist and she was forced to run. It was at this moment, the man in white suit, who was awaiting the opportunity, followed and landed a kick on Sharon’s stomach. Sharon continued to resist but after a few rounds of exchanging blows, the rest of the men quickly restrained the now disabled Sharon. His men searched through Sharon’s clothing and their naughty hands had a thorough taste of Sharon’s assets. They found the large ruby-like item and handed it to their boss.

“Well, well, well. I think your boyfriend also told me you managed to get one of these things, a rather large one at that too,” the man in white suit held a crimson jelly in his hand.

“Is this what you were after?” Sharon was restrained, but her mouth was not sealed.

“No, certainly not. This is just a bonus,” the boss then turned to his men. “Make sure to keep her alive, we don’t want the food to spoil.”


“Were they planning on eating you?” Leo couldn’t resist interrupting and shouted the question.

“That’s what I thought too, but no,” Sharon shook her head. “They were planning on feeding me to a zombie”.

“What?!?” three voices were heard simultaneously.

“That son of a bitch was nice enough to explain what his organization was all about and what he was promised to get. That fanatic look on his face was a bit disturbing,” Sharon paused for a moment then continued. “But long story short, that organization domestically raises zombies by feeding them other humans, especially awakened humans. Once the zombie has evolved, they butcher the zombies and take their brain jelly. Apparently, I am considered a top-quality animal feed.”

“So how did you escape?” Sarah asked the question everyone wanted to know.

“I was being transported to where they kept their livestock, when black mists started to appear out of nowhere. I was able to regain my strength and my consciousness first, then escaped the restraints with this,” frost started forming on Sharon’s hand. She was able to re-awaken during the 2nd black mist.

Leo was envious of his aunt’s new power. Sarah also demonstrated her power in response to aunt Sharon showing off. However, Catherine was concerned about another matter.

“Did they lose track of you, Sharon? You made the right choice of coming back to us either way, but we need to know if there is a chance that they will find us.”

“Well, that was my concern as well, and there is only one way to end it,” Sharon responded with a sharp expression.

“Don’t tell me you plan to go back?”

“Hell yeah I am, no way I am going to let them get off scot free. I plan to leave in a couple days so I won’t be dragging everyone into this.”

Catherine was very much against this idea but failed to convince Sharon otherwise. Ironically, Leo and Sarah were rather supportive of Sharon and even offered to go with her. Both of them got an angry threatening stare from their mother instead.


Nighttime arrived and Catherine resumed her nightly routine. It had been a while since she last visited Leo at night. Her children were not home for two days and she had been bothered by Sharon’s injuries. Upon a quick glance, she noticed that her son had become bigger again, in every way. She turned her gaze to his upper body. Leo’s build had grown more muscular with a wider frame; he was no longer the frail kid she once knew and had no similarity with his father. Nobody would have believed the boy just turned twelve not too long ago.

Catherine now feasted her eyes on the main dish, Leo’s massive throbbing member. It had been twitching heavily as if it was alerted by her presence. She could not forget the taste of her son and her body was unable to resist the aftermath of ecstasy it brought. She finally removed the pants and brought her hands to the towering rod; her hands now seemed so small compared to the gigantic glans.

It was clear that her hands alone would no longer satisfy the beast. To compensate for that, she let the towering rod slip between her soft bounty. Judging from the extra length that protruded from her breast, she was able to accurately estimate how much Leo had grown. It was tempting; the monstrous throbbing rod was inviting her to savor the tip and she could not resist her body.

Sarah and her Aunt Sharon were peeking through the gap of the door. If Catherine was not so engrossed in Leo’s manhood, she should have been able to sense the two. Yet, she was now performing the taboo in front of her daughter and sister.

Sharon was amazed, shocked and incredulous, her eyes filled with astonishment. No, She was not in shock at what Catherine was doing to her son. If she knew her nephew was so well endowed, she would have ditched her ex-boyfriend weeks ahead of time and went even further with little Leo. Sharon was astounded by the extra-ordinary scale of Leo’s oversized manhood. She could not believe Sarah was not exaggerating, size of that caliber simply does not exist on humans. Sarah gave her a look of “told you so” to her aunty, but Sharon was too occupied as she looked at Leo with fervent eyes.

The two went to hide inside Sarah’s room. Sharon did not want to risk getting caught by her sister. It will only be an hour or two before Catherine finishes her meal and Sarah promised her that they will have a chance to play with little Leo tonight.

“Hehe, I told you even my mother had fallen for little Leo. You can’t believe what she was doing for her son right?”

“Forget about Catherine! Can I do it with your brother tonight?” Sharon kept her volume low but couldn’t hide the excitement in her voice. “I haven’t seen him for a few months, and I can’t believe he has grown so well.”

“Eh… I kind of saw that one coming and also didn’t at the same time. Aunty, you are still a big pervert just like before.”

As it was mentioned before, Sharon had many boyfriends and all of them broke up with her because they could not handle her heat. She had always been stepping on the gas without breaking. Whenever she was alone with Sarah or Leo without their mother, she showed her perverted side and teased the two siblings with rated R stuff. Especially Sarah, ever since she entered high school, Aunt Sharon always told her to find a boyfriend that is tall and muscular; or she would not be able to be satisfied at night. There was a reason why Catherine always said that Sarah and Sharon were very alike.

Of course, Sharon was somewhat conservative with her jokes as she mostly kept her night life out of the conversation. However, there was one incident that fully established the fact that their aunt was a full pledged pervert.

It was Aunt Sharon’s XX birthday. A woman’s age should always remain a secret and it will not be revealed here. Leo and Sarah were asked by their mother to deliver a birthday cake to their aunt to help Sharon celebrate her own birthday. Catherine knew it would be awkward if she went along so she entrusted her children to take care of Sharon. Sharon was frustrated that day and left the apartment door unlocked. When they opened the door and found Sharon in her bedroom, their aunt was masturbating with porn playing on the TV. She was so engrossed with headphones on that she did not notice the sibling’s arrival and orgasmed in front of her niece and nephew. Leo and Sarah promised to keep it a secret from their mother, but she made the same mistake anyway when Catherine tagged along the sibling to visit Sharon one day and the rest was history.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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