Lewd Apocalypse Vol 00 Chp 18

Sharon was inspecting their newly acquired crimson jelly from the mutated zombies they killed; the corpse on the ground had half of its body frozen. Catherine was calming down her nerves and wiping off the bloodstains on her fire axe; it was not the first time she fought close quarter combat with a zombie, but it never had been as intense as this. The mutated zombie was quite strong and bulky, Sharon kited it around and slowly inflicted it with ice while Catherine landed the killing blow.

“You’re not bad. I thought Leo and Sarah did all the fighting.”

“I needed to somehow get some experience and not be a burden when the time comes. There were plenty of opportunities,” Catherine then looked to inspect the corpse. “We are pretty close by the apartment complex. If a zombie like this appeared here it means that the apartment won’t be safe for long.”

“Are you worried about that young mother with a kid?” Sharon tilted her head.

“Somewhat, but Cindy and Mindy have also awakened. So, I am not too worried for the time being.”

“Wow, are superhumans so cheap now? I only saw one other awakened before I came to you and now, they are everywhere.”

“I don’t know the details, but Sarah said Leo somehow helped them to awaken.” Catherine implicitly hinted at the truth but did not want to bring it to the surface.

“Could it be…,” Sharon plucked her eyebrow, she was reminded of what Sarah had told her and what she had experienced from Leo, then took a glance at the fermenting vessel on the ground, “Sarah is one hell of a crazy girl,” she muttered in silence.

Moments later, the two sisters arrived at the apartment complex. Sharon agreed to pay Cindy and Mindy a visit before she checks out her own unit. Cindy had set up a myriad of barricades at different levels of the apartment. All the windows from rooms on the first floors were barred with wood planks to prevent anything from sneaking in. Cindy was a cautious woman and valued her and her daughter’s life above all else.

After climbing through wall after wall, the sisters finally made it to the 3rd floor apartment.

“Catherine! Welcome, what brings you here today?” Cindy wore heavy clothing as she planned to do scavenging today. When her door knocked, Cindy was expecting Sarah and was surprised to see Catherine instead.

“Hi Cindy, it’s been a short while. How is everything?”

“Good! Mindy has been growing fast, thanks to the food Sarah always brings. I was about to head out to get her new clothing. Speaking of which, did Sarah come with you? And who might this be?”

Sharon introduced herself as Catherine’s sister. It was no surprise to Cindy, they had similar faces and both of their figures were abundant in the same areas. The sisters passed the vessel to the young mother and her eyes sparkled for a brief second before giving her thanks.

“Mindy! Could you help mommy carry this to the kitchen? Pour the contents in its usual place,” the small child received the vessel in a slight struggle and carried it to the kitchen.

“It’s too heavy for a kid!” Sharon wanted to warn Cindy, but the young mother shook her head.

“I’ve had her carry even heavier objects before. Mindy had already gotten used to it. Times are different and we all need to adapt.” Mindy was a sturdy child that could endure pain and hardship without complaint. Most of the barricades set up in this apartment building were with her help. The times were desperate and there were no luxuries for children in this world.

Catherine was impressed and agreed with Cindy’s philosophy in her mind. She had witnessed the hardy Mindy carrying heavy wood planks and climbing the apartment stairs. The same philosophy was the reason why Catherine allowed her children to constantly venture outside even when there was danger. Ironically, the mother herself ended up being the most shut in like many other survivors.

The three women started to chat. They often say that three women combined could make up a play. The topic of conversation ranged from their story when the apocalypse happened to their husband/boyfriends before the apocalypse. Halfway through the conversion, Cindy brought up Leo and complimented the boy for being a respectable man. It seemed a bit sudden for the two sisters.

“Does Leo have a girlfriend?” Cindy finally summoned up the courage to ask the question she wanted to ask all along.

“Leo? Why? I don’t think he has a girlfriend,” answered Catherine but thought in her head, ‘Sarah doesn’t count… could it be for Mindy? Their age does match after all.”

“I see, thank you. I am just curious if a handsome man like him is single.”

“Yeah Catherine, I can’t believe it. A man like Leo should have a harem by now.” Sharon made a playful tone and smirked at her sister.

“Leo is just a boy, but he has grown enough to do what he wants. Cindy, if you are interested in Leo, why don’t you move into our place? We have enough space in the basement and Mindy would have some friends closer to her age,” It was the second time Catherine made the offer.

Cindy had been reluctant to move to Catherine’s house. At the beginning, she may have wanted to move for safety, but the path would have been dangerous for her and her daughter. Now that she had her own strength and could settle down by herself for the most part, she would rather not live under someone else’s roof. Yet, she changed her mind once again recently. Due to the migration of the zombie hordes, the zombie king had been rallying stronger zombies under its banner. Cindy can sense the increase in danger around her neighborhood and the apartment complex will no longer be safe for the time being.

“Thank you for asking again, Catherine. I can feel the city has gotten more dangerous recently. I think it is time for me and my daughter to move.”

“Great! Let me know when you are ready, and I will ask Leo and Sarah to escort you!”

Sharon listened to the conversation and a strange thought appeared in her mind, ‘Seems like Leo’s harem will soon increase in size, Hehe.’ The shameless aunt already added her and her sister into Leo’s harem. She planned to take a strong meal tonight and get her revenge ASAP.


At the center of the eastern district of New Londo, the zombie king and its court held a bastion at a square that was once a famous tourist spot. Under its command were countless zombies covering every acre of the streets, forming a horde that shall swallow all its enemies like a tide.

The morning sky was dimmed by the thickening clouds that still covered the whole city. The zombie king had a modest stature hidden within a robe and a hood covering its face. A circle of mutated zombies formed a ring protecting their king with their bodies. The king and its army were waiting for more of their brethren to rally as the clouds of storm gathered above their heads.

Suddenly, a certain presence startled the king and its court. The zombie horde of a hundred thousand strong were on the brink of disarray. The king felt its control over the horde was weakening under the imperceivable pressure of a certain presence and fear was the only feedback from its commands. What the king then saw was a gigantic and bountiful, yet slender figure, at the horizon of its army. The horde of zombies made way and cleared a path as the figure took gradual but steady steps towards the king and its court.

The figure approached the court on the square. The king and its bodyguards were frozen on the spot, shivering and trembling in fear. The air was stiff, suffocating and cold sweats would have been seen on any of them if zombies knew how to sweat.

Ignoring the king, the figure walked past its bodyguards and inspected each of them with discerning eyes. The mutated zombies came in bulk of all shape and size, but none of them were as tall as the figure that towered nine feet above the ground. The figure looked down on each of the zombies as she made a full circle. Finally, her hand pierced through the skull of one of the stronger mutated zombies and snatched out a large, vibrant crimson jelly.

The king and its court stood in silence, too frightened to move, watched the figure murdered one of their own and continued to watch her walk away the street unobstructed. By the time the figure finally disappeared from the horizon, some of the zombies collapsed on the ground while the rest were on their knees.


“Zomi! I am here,” Sarah cheerfully waved at the big girl as Zomi jumped off a roof to greet Sarah. Sarah then handed a full container to Zomi, “Here is your lunch!”

“…” Zomi nodded. She then bent down, took a vibrant crimson jelly out of her breast pocket and handed it to Sarah in exchange for the container.

“Oooh, this one is pretty big. Nice catch big girl!” Sarah tipped her toes and gave a pat on Zomi’s head.

“Your hair is a mess! Turn around. Let me fix it for you.”

Sarah magically took out a comb, also from her breast pocket, and started to fix Zomi’s long silky black hair that reached her rear. The big girl closed her eyes and seemingly enjoyed the service as a brief moment of sunlight shone from above on her sweet innocent face.

Lewd Apocalypse

Lewd Apocalypse

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